Jodi Arias Trial Verdict IS IN: GUILTY Of MURDER In The Slaying Of Travis Alexander



Image courtesy Arias

Image courtesy Arias

Phoenix, AZ-  In the 4 month long trial of Jodi Ann Arias for the murder of her brief boyfriend Travis Victor Alexander, the jury deliberating since last Friday has arrived at a verdict in her case.   Arias was found guilty of the pre-meditated murder of  Travis Alexander on June 4th, 2008.




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  1. Malty says:

    Blink one more question You may not care to answer
    I had the feeling that the judge allowed to much drama in the court room from everyone it was distracting and some
    Facts got lost
    Did you feel that ?

    I felt overall Judge Stephens was an administrator and had no control over her courtroom. Most specifically over Juan Martinez.

  2. Malty says:

    Also I saw Jody’s mom on TV claiming she and her other daughter saw lots of bruises on Jody and no one would let her testify ???

  3. Ragdoll says:

    Shayna Hubers. jodi Arias copy cat?

    Gave him the nose job he wanted.

  4. Rose says:

    waving to Ragdoll.
    Try 1:40:40 & begin focus at 1:41:47.
    The man has theology chops.

  5. Rose says:

    ot actually Ragdoll 1:40:25

  6. Ragdoll says:

    Waving back at ya Rose! Thanks for the link…2 months later :) . I watched the funeral and was moved by Obama’s eulogy. Didn’t know he could belt out an Amazing Grace like that ;)

    Miss y’all much. xo xo xo

  7. Liam says:

    Hi Blink,

    What valid grounds for guilt phase appeal exist, in your opinion?
    If prosecutorial misconduct, what does this consist of, if you can give some examples?

    I actually found Juan Martinez to be an aggressive prosecutor, somebody I thought was unrelenting in his pursuit of justice.
    You`ve described him as a bully.
    I have great admiration for the way he went about his work and am wondering is this bullying is in reference to Jodi Arias prosecution or just his personality in general….

    1. ineffectiveness of counsel. I lost count of how many times Nurmi tried to withdraw, but I think it was 5. Judge Stephens also refused to let Arias discharge him as well. That relationship was broken to say the least.

    2. Reversible error- by allowing elements of the electronic evidence that it was learned (keep in mind, I called this out before it was discovered ) it was corrupt.

    3. Juan is writing a book, due out Feb- that content will be very interesting.

    4. Likely the change in theory/testimony as offered by the ME- he had zero basis to offer the bullet wound testimony he did. I think Nurmi did well to preserve the appellate issue.

    5. The 9th will hear this, and I am hearing they are starting to hardline structural errors due to prosecution misconduct.

    The single best thing a denial of Arias’s appeal will be is that she could never prove “actual innocence” and everyone absolutely hates her. Is that supposed to matter under the law? No, but when the 9th reads that 12 pager…. jus’ sayin.

    In my view, Juan Martinez is a risk to a prosecutors advocacy, and a ‘win at all costs’ dude with no respect to the rules and ethics of his position.

  8. Rose says:

    Stumbled on Martinez on N Grace the Opportunist tonight.
    much more likeable and rational than his trial face.
    maybe a book to sell does that.
    but he was a sympathetic figure.

    I cant even muster and that girl is as guilty as anything.

  9. I hate to say I told you so, but.. I did.

    He is also facing an additional complaint for writing his book.
    Nurmi just agreed to a 4 year suspension for penning disclosing privilege and work product. Arias will likely sue him, and with a finding of prosecutorial misconduct get that second bite of the apple.

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