Blink On Crime Kyron Horman Investigation EXCLUSIVE: Terri Horman Friend DeDe Spicher Breaks Her Silence After Passing Polygraph- Requests DA Clear Her Publicly

A Blink On Crime Exclusive: DeDe Spicher speaks for the first time about her ordeal in the Kyron Horman investigation.  ©

S. Christina Stoy, Editor In Chief- Blink On Crime

Lea Conner,  Attorney- contributing editor, and, legal analyst


DeDe Spicher


In the days following the disappearance of 7-year-old Kyron Horman from the Skyline School on June 4th, 2010, Terri Horman’s inner circle of friends, family and associates—casual acquaintances, shop clerks, and gym employees—were deluged by law enforcement.

Word spread quickly that law enforcement was after anyone who knew, might have known, or had any dealings with Terri Horman. The term used to describe law enforcement’s behavior toward potential witnesses was “bullying. ”

As the president of her former condominium owner’s association, DeDe Spicher was involved in helping the association with litigation against the condo’s builder. Spicher had a working relationship with the association’s legal team, and one afternoon, she casually mentioned the investigation into Kyron’s disappearance to the association’s legal team. Although DeDe had not been contacted by law enforcement, counsel for her condo association recommended to DeDe that, in light of what DeDe had heard about the investigation, if law enforcement were to contact her, she should agree to interview only with counsel present.   She asked the attorney to sit in if that happened,  to which he agreed.  He quickly referred Spicher to attorney Chad Stavley.

With a search warrant in hand for electronic devices only, to which DeDe directed investigators, law enforcement proceeded to search her entire home. Multnomah County Detective Keith Krafve asked Spicher to answer some questions.

DeDe said she replied, “I would be happy to answer any and all questions you have but I would like to do so in the presence of counsel. ”

Law enforcement, in turn, began a prolonged and highly orchestrated effort to bully DeDe Spicher.

When I first introduced myself to Ms. Spicher, I offered my apologies for what she had been through and told her that in my personal opinion, she had been unfairly maligned, if not persecuted. I thanked her for her trust of me to tell her story. Ms. Spicher paid me some kind compliments on my coverage of Kyron’s case to date.

I found her extremely bright, animated and witty, with a charmingly confident , and self-deprecating sense of expression.

I also found Ms. Spicher to be very naive, even now, as to the standards, protocols and practices utilized by law enforcement.

I can’t say that I blame Ms. Spicher for trusting law enforcement so blindly.  The fact is, she grew up around law enforcement but saw very little about the actual workings of an investigation. Ms. Spicher is the daughter of a well-respected—now retired—deputy with the Klamath Falls Sheriff’s Office.

At times, I found myself questioning if I would be able to exhibit the sort of resilience this woman has. Probably not.

I found DeDe Spicher to be unwavering as to her account of events on June 4th, 2010, and ensuing dates.

It was only a few weeks ago, during a meeting with MCSO detectives Mark Herron and Keith Krafve , investigators  unofficially cleared DeDe Spicher of any involvement in Kyron’s disappearance or of having any knowledge of anyone elses.  She is hopeful that Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill will issue a public statement from his office clearing her officially.

To date, neither the Multnomah County Sheriffs Office nor the DA’s office has publicly declared any persons cleared in the active investigation.

DeDe is adamant that she was not involved, nor did she ever see anything that led her to believe Terri Horman was involved.

DeDe spoke freely and without hesitation as to the relentless harassment she experienced at the hands of law enforcement.

However, DeDe is adamant that she does not want this piece to express any sort of “pity DeDe” perspective. She does not want anyone to feel sorry for her.

DeDe hopes that by speaking publicly, the public’s curiosity will be satisfied, and the focus of the investigation into Kyron’s disappearance can return to an actual investigation.

This is her story.


In Her Own Words

“. . . On a positive note, I have met some really nice people out of all this, so that’s how I choose to look at it. I can’t control other people’s actions or opinions about me…”

“I did not know anything’ I never knew anything ;and I could not get them (law enforcement) to believe me for over three years. ”

“. . . Since the investigation started, I believe they were able to narrow the time I was supposedly missing [never was, never left the property] but they never shared that with me and have not to this day. . ”

“. . . There was no communication between Terri and I since her birthday party in March [2010], and we had only been in touch the December before that [in 2009]. Terri and I were not best buds. I think that was something investigators were really hung up on. They could not understand that I would rush to someone’s aid that on the surface was a more casual friend. They saw that as behavior of someone that had something to hide, or as a motive of some kind…”

What investigators believed that motive was, they certainly never shared with DeDe Spicher.

No Reid School Alum

Investigators pummeled DeDe from the very start: You were missing at the same time that we can’t pin down Terri Horman’s whereabouts. Why did Terri pick you up? Did someone else pick you up and bring you back? We know you left the property, we have proof.

These are questions demanded from DeDe Spicher over and over again, for three straight years. No matter what she did to try to accommodate law enforcement–and she and her attorney Chad Stavely went through extraordinary means by any standards to assist law enforcement–investigators refused to believe she had no knowledge of the circumstances of Kyron’s disappearance. Until now.

DeDe Spicher’s story has never wavered.

DeDe arrived at her job at Westwind Farm Studio–a sprawling and lush forty-plus acre property scheduled to be on the Garden Conservatory Tour the next day. She parked at the main house, left her cell phone which was turned on, and her lunch cooler in her Ford Explorer.

She went inside the main house to check in for her assignment, and for the first time since working there, she was invited to lunch with the others at the house. There was no time set. The invitation was open-ended and she believed based on the timing of her project completions at the opposite end of the property. This was Spicher’s customary daily routine. Her duties in preparation for the garden tour took her to the end of the grounds for the bulk of the morning, near the road. Where she was working, bent over in tall grasses and vegetation is not visible from the main house.

Spicher was not wearing a watch nor carrying her cell phone, and headed to the house for lunch after completing work on one section of the property. When she arrived, she was told that Ms. Hockensmith tried calling DeDe’s name outside when everyone was ready for lunch. When DeDe did not respond and could not be seen from the main house, Ms. Hockensmith also called DeDe’s cell phone. Spicher said she apologized and explained her project’s location and status, and then sat down to eat.  DeDe resumed her work day to completion. Her cell phone records confirm this account.

On  one occasion, at the request of law enforcement , Spicher agreed to walk the property and demonstrate her activities that day. During one reenactment,, a female investigator attempted to mimic Hockensmith’s “lunch call” while Spicher was out near the property line. Spicher heard the investigator’s call.

“I heard that person that day. They never told me where she was standing, I just know I could not see her which is easy to do if you saw the grounds. I don’t know why I never heard the property owner that day except to say I try to be very mindful when I am working, and gardening is a love of mine I tend to immerse in. It was the first time I was invited to lunch and was looking forward to sharing the meal on break. Had I heard her, I would have stopped immediately and headed in. It was a nice treat. ”

It sounded like an innocent explanation. I asked DeDe why investigators did not believe her.

She responded: I was repeatedly questioned, hounded,my home and belongings were taken and searched for some time. Law enforcement kept telling me in interviews I agreed to participate in, by the way, that the only way to clear myself was to take a polygraph, which my attorney advised me not to.  Since I had been told by Terri that she was told she failed when she was adamant that she was being truthful, I had no desire to be set up like that. I do not know to this day if Terri actually failed any polygraphs or law enforcement just told her they did. I know that once she told me that [investigators claimed she failed her polygraph], my advice to her was that she should not speak to anyone without an attorney, but she continued to ignore it, I think for a few more days. As I recall, I don’t think I was the only person or friend telling her that.

Editors Note: has been able to confirm through an independent source which does not wish to be identified publicly, that Terri Horman was referred to her criminal defense attorney Stephen Houze via a family friend and attorney located in Bend, Oregon. Subsequently, Kaine Horman requested a search of the Bend attorney’s property, and indicated that Kyron may have gone there.

It was either completely naive or bold for Spicher to submit to a polygraph under those conditions. She was, by her own account, telling the truth, and then being punished for it.

However, investigators were adamant at “proving” a theory that Spicher left the Westwind Farm. I asked, “Considering there is absolutely no communication between you and anyone else, and you are working on a 40-acre farm on this day, wouldn’t it be true that the theory had to be that. . . ? ”

Spicher interrupted: Yes, that Terri swung by and picked me up for some reason, or some other unknown person. ”

The problem with that theory is that it required another person who was not at the farm to know where Spicher was working that day come meet her, without being seen by anyone else, and without communication with anyone else.

Spicher: “On several occasions,I reminded investigators that there was a witness to where I was working on that property on June 4th 2010, which I surmise would complete whatever timeline holes they thought I had. This has never been released publicly, but there was also an artisan show/market sale on the property the next day. There were a few vendors in and out of the property that day, but I remembered one specifically while I was working near the road that morning. I was there when he dropped off his pots/pottery and whatever else he had to show or sell. ”

The artist/driver who delivered his pottery was in his late twenties to early thirties and drove a red pick up. .

Stoy: So law enforcement knew that there was a witness from day one, that could corroborate your logistics on the property and approximate timing, is that correct?

Spicher: YES!I did not know the man’s name or the name of his creations or anything, and when I asked law enforcement for the information to provide my attorney they refused to even say if they spoke to him, or if they had, if they were now satisfied I was where I said I was and at what time. They declined to provide it to my attorney as well, and by that time Ms. Hockensmith had an attorney as well so I was not permitted to just call and ask her.  I even went to the Saturday market a few times to see if I could locate him myself.

Stoy: Why did Ms. Hockensmith need an attorney if you know?

Spicher: I assume it was because all kinds of people were showing up at her property and pounding on the gates, etc. She was hounded by the media for weeks, and all because she gave me a job. I was horrified for her. All because of me.

Stoy: Was there any connection between Hockensmith and the Hormans?

Spicher: Not that I am aware of, they were on completely different socio-economic levels and their kids went to a French American School, not Skyline. I would not even know where they would bump into each other.

Stoy: Has anyone ever mentioned to you whether Hockensmith hired Rudy Sanchez at any time?

Spicher: No. Did she?

Stoy: I am going to need to check my archives on that one, I thought so but I could be confusing her with a different property owner.

(Editors Note: Hockensmith’s friend and fellow farm-owner Jean Ann Von Krevelen did hire RS Landscaping Maintenence. DeDe Spicher was interning with Ms. Von Krevelen, and was referred to Maryellen Hockensmith to work on her property. It was not to be a paid position as Ms. Spicher was willing to ‘work for her sweat” to learn all she could at the time. Spicher said she has never met Rodolpho (Rudy) Sanchez nor has she observed him on either property. )


Frink or Fink- You Decide

So how does a casual friend such as Spicher become elevated to Terri Horman’s lifeline to the outside world, only to turn into the number two suspect in a de facto criminal investigation of Terri Horman?

Frink-in’ thinkin’.

Norman W. Frink, longtime chief deputy district attorney for Multnomah County, was former District Attorney Mike Schrunk’s right hand man. While no longer in office and the DA assignments to Kyron’s investigations are new,there are strong reverbations from the previous administration.

Stoy: You mentioned that law enforcement accused you of wasting their resources and distracting the investigation. In what way did they mean or how did they explain that to you?

Spicher: First it was Chief ADA Norm Frink who said I was wasting their time and resources by not “cooperating,” by which he meant “take their poly[graph]. ” That was just a couple of days before news first broke about my “involvement,” and was all part of his blackmailing me.

Stoy: How do you mean blackmailing you,the DA? Frink?

Spicher: Yes. We were in a meeting/interview and. .

Stoy: Was your attorney present?

Spicher: Yes. Sitting right there. Frink said that we do not think you had anything to do with this, but we do think you have information about Terri Horman’s involvement, and we do think she is involved. Either you take our polygraph, or provide the information we believe you have, or, I don’t care, we will tell the family that we do think you’re involved.

Stoy: What was your response?

Spicher: I said that I understood the need for them to do what they had to do, but that I was not going to tell them something that was not true.  I did not really expect them to say something they knew to be false. They did. The next day, my name was released to the press by Desiree Young and Kaine Horman.   It was a statement about me not cooperating and I think advising others not to or words to that effect.

Stoy: I am not sure I even know how to respond to that, or if I should during the interview. For me, that is tantamount to telling you that were looking at facing an indictment of your own. I think a reasonable conclusion by someone in your position would have been that you could expect to be arrested for something they knew you did not do, regardless of what it was, to further a case that they seemingly had no evidence in.  Again, I find you courageous to have ever had another meeting with any law enforcement officer or DA in this case. I think it would have been very, very easy to say, “Eff this. They are not going to find Kyron with anything I have to offer because I do not know anything, and they are not going to find him by putting words in my mouth against anyone else. I need to protect myself. ” You never did that. Courageous.

Spicher: Thank you, but I really don’t feel courageous.  To me courage is when one does something for which they have a great deal of fear.  Mostly, I haven’t been afraid, which is what pissed law enforcement off from the very beginning. The one time I was afraid was after the ADA tried to blackmail me and I began to realize I might have to live in a world where the truth didn’t matter. I was not courageous at all in facing that fear.

Stoy: I am not an attorney but based on what you are telling me I don’t see how that is construed as anything but blackmail. He unilaterally gave you 2 choices. Both of which were in contradiction to your 5th amendment rights considering he was ready to make a public criminal allegation about you- does not matter to whom it was.

On the following day, July 22, 2010 Norm Frink made good on his threat to DeDe Spicher.

From The Oregonian, Maxine Bernstein

In a statement late tonight, Kaine Horman and Kyron’s mother, Desiree Young, and Desiree’s husband, Tony Young, said they had been briefed by law enforcement and believe Spicher is hampering the investigation. They implored her to cooperate.

“She has not only been in close communication with Terri but has been providing Terri with support and advice that is not in the best interests of our son,” the statement said. “Additional information provided shows that she is refusing to cooperate with law enforcement, she is also going as far as to suggest to others that may have information regarding Kyron’s disappearance, not to cooperate as well. ”


In one fell swoop DeDe Spicher was the Richard Jewell of Portland, courtesy of Norm Frink.


Nothing grand about the grand jury

Dede Spicher was called before the first grand jury in July 2010. She was never asked any questions. I asked her if she had any information on that grand juries status and whether or not a true bill was sought, sought and denied, suspended, or dismissed.

Spicher: I don’t know any of that, but I believe that it was an election year and it was all DA strategy. I think they called me to scare Terri Horman and maybe Rudy Sanchez.

Stoy: Why do you say Rudy Sanchez? He testified as well, so that has a layer of at least limited use immunity and for all we know he had a separate agreement for what is called transactional immunity. I have no information on that though, he has never responded to my requests for interview.

Spicher: I don’t know, I just know that he is who Terri felt was involved.  His name never came up until Terri was asked who had been on the property that was not a friend or relative.

DeDe was again subpoenad to appear before the grand jury on July 10, 2013. She felt that it was her impression that law enforcement and the DA were running out of time due to the civil suit and divorce case, and she read that the grand jury was extended for 6 months previously and about to expire.  At the time, the civil case Desiree Young filed against Terri Horman and has since withdrawn was about to resume.  A stay had been granted in November 2012, a month before  a scheduled hearing to compel further deposition of Spicher in that matter.

DeDe assumed that what she did not know might, potentially, help the investigation by potentially shifting focus away from red herrings as to her knowledge of events.   The problem now for Spicher was that the prosecutor had already demonstrated to her that it was not above using almost any means or tactics,  and at the time she had concerns that even her own lawyer believed she was telling the truth.   Stavley advised her to tell the truth, tell everything she knew.  She did, repeatedly.

Stoy: So,  you get a subpoena once again to appear before the grand jury.  Detectives are telling you to your face they do not believe you.  The prosecutor [Frink] has demonstrated he does not believe you.   According to what you have shared with me so far, you question if your own attorney believes you.   How lonely of a place was that?  I think most people would have been completely terrified.  How did you cope with your fear?

Spicher:  You know I was terrified.  It seemed like every time law enforcement would ask me for something,  I would provide it, and it was like a fresh new hell each time.  It was not going away.  I could not even read about the case or discuss it with anyone other than my parents because it was absolutely clear to me that the public now believed I was the obstacle to either solving the case or arresting Terri to solve the case and/or find Kyron and I knew that to be false.   The truth did not matter to anyone.  I was told this so often I began to even question myself.   I won’t forget a conversation I had with a detective about whether or not I was unconsciously suppressing information I did not know I had.  I mean, imagine my response to that.  I said, well if I am suppressing something, then I think that means I have to wait for it to enter my conscious by way of my subconscious and if and when it does, I would certainly let you know.

Stoy: So what were they suggesting?  Hypnosis?

Spicher:  No.  Although I am not sure I would not have preferred that.   My attorney had advised against taking a polygraph.  I believed Terri back in June 2010 when she said she was telling the truth and they told her that the lie detector test was saying she was lying and I also knew that even if I agreed to it, that law enforcement was under no obligation to tell me if I passed or failed and even if they did tell me, that I COULD trust that information to be correct.  For me, it was not going to be an end to this because I knew that I had been telling the truth and that was not what anyone wanted to hear so what was verifying that going to get me?   It was more like the potential beginning of a fresh new hell.

DeDe absolutely believed that her impending grand jury appearance was designed to  result in her facing some sort of charge for something that investigators believed would lead  her to ultimately implicate Terri Horman in Kyron’s disappearance.  In fact,  she was told that what was an honest tax mistake/error on her part after she ended up being paid a nominal amount by Mrs. Hockensmith but never received a 1099, could end up placing her in hot water.  The Capone tactic for a woman that took the job with the understanding that it was not a paid endeavor and when Ms. Hockensmith told Spicher she wanted to compensate her she declined.  Hockensmith insisted.

On this basis, DeDe was advised to and agreed to an immunity deal.   The terms of which are under seal and Spicher nixed discussing citing a verbal agreement she made until such time as it is unsealed.

A source inside the investigation who does not wish to be identified as they are not authorized to speak publicly on the case- has confirmed that Spicher’s agreement includes provisions that she continue to cooperate with law enforcement as needed, be available to testify in any proceedings, and to take a polygraph.

Spicher declined to say to whom she committed to not discuss the agreement but that it also included neither party discussing that she had testified before the grand jury.

It would appear that Ms. Spicher is the only one keeping up her end of the bargain as Attorney Rosenthal announced publicly that DeDe Spicher had testified-  a fact that to this day she has no idea how he came by that information.

Spicher appeared before the grand jury for five and a half hours on July 10, 2013.

Because grand jury proceedings are secret, and the DA, grand jurors, and state court personnel are barred from discussing the goings on, the only person who can speak to a witness’ testimony is the witness.  In this case, the grand jury witness is DeDe Spicher.

Stoy: So before we get into the particulars, could you sum up those hours in the room at all- would you compare it to the civil deposition you endured by Desiree Young’s attorney Mr. Rosenthal?

Spicher: (laughs) No. It was far more comprehensive. I am referring to the civil deposition.

Stoy: When asked about your weight, you were far more reserved and eloquent than I would have been. . . . If someone asked me my weight at a deposition, I would have said I did not know but would be glad to sit on him and let him guess.

Spicher: I know, right? Not me, I am direct, I had nothing to hide, and I was not intimidated in the least.

Stoy: So without telling me what questions you were asked specifically, what would you characterize as your testimony ?

Spicher: They were obsessed with my sexuality. Was I a lesbian,what were my thoughts on homosexuals: Did I ever have a threesome with anyone, with Kaine and Terri, etc. I was thinking if I were a juror, I would be like, what does this have to do with anything? I answered every question respectfully and honestly but my takeaway is that some folks still have a hard time believing that I would rush to a friend’s aid if we had not been in contact, or particularly close in the first place. I responded that when your friend texts “I need you now,” I got in my car and headed over there. There was never a question in my mind. Even if I knew that everything that happened to me over the last 3 years would happen all over again, I would do the same thing today. That’s what friends do. I also testified when it was clear that sentiment was not shared by some, that I certainly was hopeful that they never needed a friend “immediately”.

Because of the travel time ,Spicher requested that since investigators wanted to give her the polygraph in Portland, that they schedule it for the day after the grand jury. It was easier for her to extend her time in Portland than to have to return again. They agreed.

Upon arrival, although Spicher was prepared for, and extended her visit to take the polygraph as committed, she was told that they had decided that because she was on the stand for such a grueling afternoon the day before that they never want to give anyone a polygraph after such an experience- as it might skew the results. She made a mental note that they had told her previously that one’s emotional state and exhaustion level are taken into consideration in a polygraph. In other words, while investigators were telling her Terri Horman previously failed her polygraphs, and she asked them if that could have been due to the fact that she went through hours and hours of interviews just prior to the exams, investigators now had a different story.


Herron Hamster Wheel

Mark Herron and Keith Krafve began the  interview the same exact way they had for years.

“We still can’t seem to put together the right timeline from when you were at the property. ”  And on again it went. Spicher continued the interview as she had agreed to, but informed them that if this was her time use that to perform the polygraph they would need to travel to Klamath Falls on their own dime.

They did just that. DeDe Spicher passed the polygraph administered by the same Gresham sheriff’s deputy who administered the polygraph exam to Terri Horman.  Spicher says in particular, Mark Herron was jubilant. She said it was like a party atmosphere. Spicher was verklempt:

‘Well, I am happy that you are happy, I guess, but the thing is, I have been telling you the same thing for three years so I guess I am just happy you’re happy ”

Herron went on to blame Spicher for the thousands of hours, and dollars that her refusal to take a polygraph cost the investigation. Then, they asked to speak to Spicher’s attorney privately, outside of her presence.  She agreed.

After a few minutes*, they called Spicher back in and asked for her permission to meet with her privately without her attorney. Spicher and her attorney agreed.

Krafve starts by telling her: We are so glad you are on the team finally. This is such a big step in this case and you are really one of us.

Then, the hook.

We asked to speak to you without (your attorney) because we would like you to participate in a sting against Terri. We can’t ask you in front of counsel, and you cannot tell him what we said because he will then be obligated to make some calls as a member of the bar and all that.

Spicher asks if she can at least discuss it with her dad, a retired deputy with the Klamath Falls Sheriff’s Office. Herron said she could, but that he could not discuss it with her attorney, either.

Spicher told them it was 10: 00 PM , and reminded them that she has not had any contact with Terri since July 2010. Spicher told investigators that she was not comfortable with the proposal and would definitely need to sleep on it. They told her they would follow up with her.

Stavley, presumably uncomfortable with law enforcement’s request to meet with this client without him, asked Spicher to tell him what the meeting was about. She told her attorney that it was something they told her she could not tell him and that she wanted to get out of there and discuss it later. Stavley said he was not at all comfortable with that arrangement, and within hours Spicher told him that law enforcement wanted her to participate in a sting operation.

It was not until last week that Detective Krafve contacted Spicher directly to follow up on their request for DeDe Spicher to participate in a surreptitiously recorded sting where she was to call Terri Horman, and at the direction of law enforcement, read from a prepared agenda to include coaching by them.

Spicher declined.

To Be Continued…

* Edit to reflect changing the word twenty to “a few” for accuracy.  9/11/13 4:43 PM EST

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  1. SouthernMom says:

    Great job to Blink & Christina and especially Ms. Spicher!! Whew…thanks so much!!!


    Prayers for Kyron and his family!

    Can’t forget Ms. Conner!

  2. Sunshine says:

    thank you Ms. Spicher for opening up and telling us your experience with this corrupt LE department/DA’s office/Investigation. I am at a loss for words, you are one strong woman. By sharing your experience you have reminded us all how important it is to protect our rights. I know you hope Kyron is found just as much as everyone else on BOC. I hope you are continuing your career in horticulture/gardening :) You seem to be such a hard working person and above all else, a good friend who was there when your friend needed you the most. That says a lot about the person you are. God bless :)

  3. T. Ruth says:

    Hats off to everyone for breaking the silence! Ms. Spicher, may we call you Dede?, there aren’t enough words to express my sympathy for what you’ve been put through. Good friends are a treasure indeed.

  4. SouthernMom says:

    Thanks for reminding me to Thank Ms. Conner as well!!

    I think everyone has fallen through the floor on this one, Blink!

    Well worth the calluses on the F5 finger!

    I hope everyone who reads this is as joyous as I that the TRUTH about false accusations and bullying are coming to light.

    I also encourage all witnesses to please come forward and have your story told in this Safe Haven. Clearly DeDe’s experience shows LE does not “hear” the truth even when told over and over again.

    All everyone wants is to know what happened to Kyron and if at all possible, bring him home.

    It’s the peeling of the onion…of what is true and not true that will help make that happen.

    Thanks in advance to the brave ones who are able to do this. If you have told LE information and believe you’ve not been “heard” or it has not yet been reported, please tell it again. If what you know contradicts what media & LE have been saying all along, please let that truth be known.

    Skyline families should be concerned…this happened in a way that is not being told and the truth of what people saw has been concealed. Thanks to this forum, many of those truths are being revealed. We need more…for Kyron.

    Prayers for Kyron and his family.

  5. patricia says:

    Wow, just wow. Does Stavely know she talked to you? Does she have any kind of “normalcy” in her life now? Lots to think about.

    Did Krafve provide the “sting script” to De De? Now that would be something to see. May give a glimpse into their current mindset.

    Poor Kyron, never found because LE was barking up the wrong tree. And then to blame the waste of time on De De. Despicable.

    Mr. Stavley was made aware by Ms. Spicher, yes. Obviously I was not privy to that conversation.

  6. Harleycolt says:

    Yes, thanks very much for this information. Bless your heart. We bless a lot of hearts here in Texas ! I would be looking into a lawsuit against LE….TJ the cousin who swore DD was involved & everyone else I could think of. This just “ain’t” right. LE should not be able to do this to someone. What a load of crap. So basically LE was so stupid they could find their ass from a hole in the ground & just went with what they did. I am in shock !

  7. Amys Sister says:

    Jaw on floor. I have met corruption in LE, Child Protective Services, and even with attorneys but nothing to this degree. If DeDe’s story is true then may the sun shine on the shoulder of Christina Stoy for her many long days in honor of her dedication to the truth and her courage to put it all on the table.

    Dede, this is a lesson for us all. Thank you for sharing your story.

  8. January says:

    Thank you Ms. Spicher for deciding to come to Blink with your story. Her frustration about LE and the truth not being told has been constant. Blink broke news of witness reports surrounding a SZ taking Kyron out of the building and now you’ve graciously told her your story. Blink’s courage and unwavering perseverance are finally paying off. .BTW, DeDe, you look great in your photo.. happy! Congrats!

    DeDe is definitely brave. Lea and I felt strongly about telling her story. To go through all that and maintain her compassion for Kyron is remarkable.

  9. SouthernMom says:

    I wonder how many would now also agree that Mike Cook was a “plant” intended to surreptitiously “sting” Terri Horman? Recalling cell phone used was one owned by Kaine Horman.

    Wow, as I reread this piece I ponder all the possibilities. I also especially appreciate DeDe for being the person she is.

    Thus far I conclude the only way LE will ever charge Terri is if they can get someone to trick her into confessing? Hmm…and maybe LE wouldn’t care if that were the truth or not as long as they got their “man”!

    The handling of this case by LE is a cluster** of a hot mess, MOO!

    Prayers for Kyron and his family.

  10. first-time says:

    Dearest residents of Multnomah County,
    You have some issues with LE and the DA’s office – BIG F-in issues. The presumption of innocence and civil rights seems to mean little to the powers that be. In addition, a child was spirited away from a public school. You have not been provided the FACTS of that day! A modern-day witch-hunt has been underway for 3 years! Kyron deserves better. Will someone there please grow a pair and start demanding answers! Kyron was seen leaving the school WITH A MAN. Start being the squeeky wheel and ask what is known about this man, before another child disappears! Seriously – had I not followed this so closely, I don’t think I would believe that this can happen in this country. Disgusted.

    Thanks Ms Spicher for speaking out. I hope it prompts others.

  11. chefjaredagcc says:

    Way to go Dede. I still remember the KGW “breaking news” story about you. I must admit, I believed every word they said. Think you for sharing your story, sticking to your guns and not allowing these most unprofessional police/DA to bully you any more.

  12. Jay says:

    So, let me get this straight. This site has dragged this womans name through the mud for the past 3 years and now you are buddy buddies? So sickening. What a crap site this is…

    Oh, you again. You must have me confused with some nether cauldron. Never happened nor would I allow it.

  13. Ode says:

    Wow, just wow. OMG another sting? Cone on LE it did not work the first time. Great job Blink and Lea. Thank you Ms. Spicher for trusting in Blink to present your story.

  14. SouthernMom says:

    Blink – I realized I should have provided a link regarding the cell phone mentioned above.

    Prayers for Kyron and his family.

  15. Ode says:

    patricia says:
    September 4, 2013 at 1:27 pm
    Wow, just wow
    To funny patricia that we both started our post off with Wow, just wow. Words left me after reading this piece.

  16. T. Ruth says:

    A comment from Olive, referencing your article Blink:

    LE lied to the bio parents about DeDe’s involvement. They are being called out in an exclusive interview by Christina Stoy. Click this link to read:

    I think heads are going to roll in media circles and a few of the ‘team player journalists’ are going to wonder how they got misled so far off the truth. Will they ask themselves how big of a part they played in misleading the public? Or were they duped too? It’s past time to start asking the hard questions.

    I hope others will come forward now and I hope whomever actually took Kyron is paying attention.

  17. AlbaLass says:

    @Blink – Ma’am, you ROCK !!!

    @DeDe Spicher – Thank you, and I wish you all the best for the future.


  18. T. Ruth says:

    @Jay says:
    September 4, 2013 at 2:13 pm

    Do you ever do anything but make bizarre accusations? You might try asking some questions, doing some research, instead of pointing fingers.

    Why do you think Dede is granting an interview with BOC? Duh.

  19. NY Liz says:

    So, even just a week ago, LE is still focused on Terri and wanted to plan a ‘sting’ operation? With DeDe’s story now out, do you think Terri will see it and it will encourage her to meet with Detectives again? It seems she’s ready to clear her name, and if she sees that it worked for Dede, it may work for her?

    What finally eased Dede’s fears about takeing the poly? Maybe I need to read the article again…

    If I were Terri Horman, I would never sit across from these folks, no way no how. And that, is a major malfunction in the org chart for law enforcement, imo. I cannot tell you how this piece pained me in a personal and professional way.

    The truth is, I would have been glad to not be able to verify DeDe’s account, or find another explanation.

    This was a painful endeavor in that at the end of the day, how much of this nonsense interferes with finding a little boy lost?


  20. T. Ruth says:

    “Krafve starts by telling her: We are so glad you are on the team finally. This is such a big step in this case and you are really one of us.

    Then, the hook.

    We asked to speak to you without (your attorney) because we would like you to participate in a sting against Terri. We can’t ask you in front of counsel, and you cannot tell him what we said because he will then be obligated to make some calls as a member of the bar and all that.”


    Desperate acts for desperate times. For me, this is just an indication on how little they have…3 years later. And if I hear LE or the family use the word “TEAM” or “WIN” again, I think I’ll puke! No one is winning here, especially not Kyron or Kiara.

    Trolls, come by and ask us how we cannot think LE has all their ducks in a row and its focus on Terri is accurate? I ask this of the trolls, how can you think that a suburban housewife has been able to outsmart allllllll of these agencies for 3 years including the FBI, who have looked her up down and in-between, when she couldn’t even play Family Feud without help? Hmmmmm?

    Why, why, why is TMH the ONLY focus of LE? That is the question.

  21. erose says:

    As someone whose thoughts have evolved about this case, I am sure a few years back I bought into DeDe Spicher having something to do with Kyron’s disappearance. We were manipulated by LE through the parents and the media into believing she was an accomplice to a horrific crime. Despicable, that we were used and despicable that I was so naïve. No more. It is not hard to believe the same is being done to TH on a larger scale.

    To DeDe, I am so sorry for anything I might have thought, much less written about you. Thank you for telling the truth. I am so thankful to Blink for putting and keeping me on track. IMO, you made the right choice speaking to her. I feel Blink has single handedly turned the tide on this case and because of her dedication to Kyron and the truth, I believe she will continue to have the truth come to her.

    As for the “new sting”, I cannot believe LE would further this tactic thinking it’s a good idea. Should we hold our breaths for the DA to announce you have been cleared? Would the media even pick it up?

    It probably doesn’t mean that much to you now as your true character has been tested (beyond, beyond) and you know you are a true friend and you know who your true friends are. While I have learned many lessons through this, your story has taught many lessons, sadly I fear at your expense. I know you don’t want sympathy or pity, but I hope this begins to heal your soul and you begin to feel the love. Wishing many blessings to you, and thank you for sharing your story with us.

  22. Cindy says:

    Wow, with everyone else, jaw-dropping intimidation by LE.
    DeDe, I don’t know how you persevered, but I am sure glad you did.
    Blink just outstanding!!!!

  23. Rose says:

    Oh Lordy, Troll Heavy attack on BOC is in offing.
    Not to mention bioparents attack.
    Not to mention DA blowback.

    How tf did Klaaskids get roped into this borderlines’ circus?

    TY for piece.

    I thank goodness if DDS wanted a public voice (not sure I agree)
    her judgment is unfailingly good in coming here, where her interview will not be distorted or media self-serving.

    Both tv and print media in Portland have been DA/mcso/bio source-limited, without doing any real research since Pitkin bit the dust at WW.

    The only other interview I’d give would give in DDS’ shoes would be WW, in tribute to Pitkin’s body of work, if Pitkin were hired back as freelance for that article only.

    Below are free associations as I read article & not necessarily my conclusions by end.
    As I said somewhere early on, DDS so reminded me of women in my mid-30s church (Presby) singles group.

    Of course we’d help, go stay with, arrange parties for, our bare acquaintainces in need; & try out the leftover JWs of the world.

    I too in my Condo (first property) was (despite lack of skills apart from willingness to work) on Condo Exec; I too took up serious gardening late in life. So I had some primary identification with her unintended& lonely position.
    Imo DDS was unwise in taking poly. Glad it turned out well in her mind, but I’ll believe it when I see DA issue a cleared statement.

    If one believes cya Hockensmith (already sponging work & in a rush to the front to disavow Spicher) actually called her for lunch, here’s the Weiner Bridge. I don’t.
    Having progressed further in the story, I see DDS is naive wrt to Hockensmith who threw her over pronto. Isn’t the French-American school Kitzhaber’s son’s? Private parents in certain schools disavow anyone as needed.
    Re “via a family friend and attorney located in Bend, Oregon. Subsequently, Kaine Horman requested a search of the Bend attorney’s property, and indicated that Kyron may have gone there.”

    If Kaine thinks Kyron was secreted on an attorney’s property, willfully, he’s as psychotic in his post-abduction reasoning as Desiree. Not unexpected in parent of missing son–no criticism intended.

    But MCSO was unprofessional & inept to let Kaine direct searches in this manner imo.
    “The problem with that theory is that it required another person who was not at the farm to know where Spicher was working that day come meet her, without being seen by anyone else, and without communication with anyone else”

    Comment: Maybe a small written abstract reasoning test could be required for employment by mcso. Tho, even a former longterm Sheriff couldn’t pass a simple written exam, attempted more than once, & had to leave.
    or “we will tell the family that we do think you’re involved” This attorney is a discredit to his Bar. All Judges take note of his willingness to lie in an investigation. One step from there to knowingly perjurous testimony.
    re: “From The Oregonian, Maxine Bernstein
    In a statement late tonight, Kaine Horman and Kyron’s mother, Desiree Young, and Desiree’s husband, Tony Young, said they had been briefed by law enforcement and believe Spicher is hampering the investigation. They implored her to cooperate.”

    Well, we’ve figured out by now MB’s journalistic behaviors are mommy-at-home pablum.

    (Doesn’t need to be that way; Jane Mayer was a mommy-working-from-home during some of her best work.)

    Where was MB’s phone call to DDS for comment on Frink’s storyline?

    Let’s put blame where it belongs. Frink is no more than the prosecutorial culture Schrunk created & trained to, and was responsible to supervise.

    My prediction: The capstone of Shrunk’s career will prove his downfall, due to supervisory failures in an office culture he set.
    ” I just know that he is who Terri felt was involved. His name never came up until Terri was asked who had been on the property that was not a friend or relative”.

    given mcso did not disclose to Terri the Rm 109 incident with a caucasian male, what else was she left to come up with when pressed? Imo RS is innocent as well. (Sorry for departure BJ.)

    Does anyone doubt now someone lied to Court to get that 6 month extension?
    MCSO/DA lies to Kaine have cut his legs out from under him when he needs them to shore up his custody & assets
    My advice to DDS, No More Interviews… Go Hide.

    unless of course WW rehires Pitkin. (But I think where possible WW, due to owner’s synagogue is a Portland Power Tool.)

    re: “honest tax mistake/error on her part after she ended up being paid a nominal amount by Mrs. Hockensmith but never received a 1099, could end up placing her in hot water”

    Hockensmith is a private school dipshit in my opinion only, reminding me of a daughter’s class parent now running for Senate in WY.

    Imo gave DDS a small sum after the fact to CYA.
    “Rosenthal announced publicly that DeDe Spicher had testified- a fact that to this day she has no idea how he came by that information”
    Herron to Rosenthal’s client?
    5.5 hours for a no-info person?
    alas, underhill…
    Ahhhhh. This DA and these grand jurors have been reading the Cauldrons. And do they realize Mary Cheney et al do not go murder kds

    “Spicher: They were obsessed with my sexuality. Was I a lesbian,what were my thoughts on homosexuals: Did I ever have a threesome with anyone, with Kaine and Terri, etc”
    “some folks still have a hard time believing that I would rush to a friend’s aid if we had not been in contact, or particularly close in the first place. I responded that when your friend texts “I need you now,” I got in my car and headed over there”

    Just what I, my church singles group females, my 20 yo daughter, or most age-30 “youth group types” would do, to our detriment. ( I hope my kid marries by 25 and gets off the help others first ratrace.)

    One anti-Terri sting is like a prior anti-terri sting.
    Just as founded.
    Too bad he was less intelligent/literate as DDS, or more fearfil of LE.
    “We can’t ask you in front of counsel, and you cannot tell him what we said because he will then be obligated to make some calls as a member of the bar and all that.”

    X$&x I would hope any attorney would sue these poor excuses of LE employees as well as rat out ethics-violations DA employees.


    I’m gonna theorize this info is just what some member of the Bar (any ethicsl ones left in OR besides Houze & Wife?)
    phoned to Bunch/Houze that emboldened their asses.

    —-Imo Stavely was proactive & an upright member of the Bar. Listen to him. ( imo that woukd mean no further DS comment here.)

    —Hasn’t anyone reading here over time formed the opinion from research online that Kafvre & Herron are thoroughly bankrup wrt to competence, training. and as case investigators?
    In this account, sadly, the bioparents come off as deluded to their detriments– and Kyron’s

    Let us not forget the primary agenda of KH: Kiara custody & assets.

    Imo MCSO employee(s) laid down a yellow brick path that will not lead to OZ.

    Any anyone who donates to “searches” unless specified by fbi after case takeover is deluded imo.

  24. Mom3.0 says:

    Wow just wow is right

    De De must be some kind of lady to drop everything and run to support just a one time casual friend- to stand strong inspite of the scrutiny in spite of the seeming threats of LE and all the rest..

    I hope this piece will aid in bringing Kyron home it certainly will help to keep his name out there.

    I commend De De for speaking here- and I congratulate Blink on the scoop-

    Blink were you able to live up to your hope of being the kind of reporter to ask the hard questions, or was that task harder than expected?

    I wish little Kyron had such a staunch advocate as De De appears to have been for Teri- an advocate who was not steered by bias who seemingly cared little for themselves and put someone in need above all else.

    Sadly it seems kyron is more often left to stand alone, or merely used as a backdrop in the ongoing battle over just who has suffered more in this case… BTW a battle which poor little Kyron never seems to win …and we all know that just cant be-

    So i commend De De for saying she doesnt wish this to be a Pity party for her…

    With that in mind I will begin

    I dont mean to be the fly in the ointment but to me I can not fault LE for centering in on De De in the beginning and wondering where she was or if she were helping Terri-

    De De says she was in a way missing right? She was called and could not hear and worked thru lunch…and has a witness

    Blink did you find the carts/pottery guy and confirm De Des story?

    I hope so, because frankly proof in this case seems lacking & LEs word that they have cleared a person and moved on would not be enough for me, nor are LD

    We all know Lie detectors are useless – unless ofcourse you choose to believe the results based on ones own leanings in a particular case…

    For instance, Those that believe Terri lied will cont to do so & Those that believe DE DE “beat it” will cont to so- much like the WM3 case and the many Lie detector findings there…

    Perhaps DE De should beseech LE much like Nathan McDonald did in the Isabel celis case- just ask them to write a letter on her behalf stating There thanks and that they think she acted in an appropriate way as a good Samaritan and a one time friend and neighbor to a mom in need (Terri)- going further to state they regret any and all scrutiny which befell Ms. Spicher and they do not think she is worthy of any negative commentary whatsoever.

    To be cont.

    Nice job Blink-
    Thanks to Ms Spicher.

    Ajmo Peace

  25. cd says:

    First I would like to say

    Thank you Dede for being brave enough to remain truthful in the face if intimidation by LE and for having the courage to share your story here.

    On another note Dede’s story of how LE attempted to blackmail her into telling them what they wanted to hear makes me wonder what they said to/threatened RS with in order to get him to incriminate TMH and participate in their sting.

  26. T. Ruth says:

    O/T girl missing from Portland not seen since Aug 29:

    Missing endangered girl in SE Portland
    Posted: Sep 04, 2013 7:48 AM PST Updated: Sep 04, 2013 8:09 AM PST
    By Jared Dodson – email

    Ivy Tran Ivy Tran

    Portland Police are asking for the public’s help finding a missing 12-year-old girl.

    Ivy Marie Tran was last seen on the afternoon of Aug. 29 after running away form her foster home in Southeast Portland. Tran is a ward of the state and may be hiding with family or friends in the area.

    She is described as a female of Asian descent, 4’11,” weighing 70 pounds with brown hair and blonde highlights. She was last seen wearing a leopard-print tank top, multi-colored argyle leggings, and mid-calf, leopard-print boots.

    Anyone who has seen Tran is asked to call 9-1-1. Anyone with any other information related to the case is asked to call Detective Lori Fonken at (503) 823-1081.

  27. Rose says:

    could we have Pt 2, a vital companion piece?

    (Sorry, Chef, to bang my spoon on a tin.)

    I would say that the continuation is critical to the overall 5 course meal, but you know how this goes once something is published.

  28. quizzical says:

    Thank you Ms. Spicher, Ms. Blink and Ms. Conner.

    Ms. Spicher, you have chosen the right place, maybe the only place, to tell your side. You are a strong and resilient woman. I suspect you also have a very strong support base. All the best.

    Seriously, MCSO Herron, delighted to have a key “team player” so now “we” can do another sting. TMH has representation? So what!

    Good grief. Where do they get these guys, randomly off the river?

    I would love to know the details of the latest proposed sting, and if Ms. Spicher was told any specifics, or even generalities, of the sting before she declined to take part.

    By the way, the cauldron is boiling.

  29. Kat says:

    May I add another Wow?! Nice work, interesting info!

  30. Ragdoll says:

    This took great courage. I agree with T. Ruth (September 4, 2013 at 1:06 pm)…and thank you for a speaking up. Declaring your innocence is also a voice for Kyron…a much needed voice.

    God bless, Miss Spicher.

    Love to all my BOC friendies ~hearts~

  31. Ragdoll says:

    LOLOLOLOL!!!!! @ Oh, you again, friendLY. Exactly how I would have opened my post, from your keyboard :D :D :D

    @ Jay says:
    September 4, 2013 at 2:13 pm …

    God is THE beautiful Redeemer. All that we ever wanted was and is the truth, which isn’t an opinion. It is sad that innocents get hurt. This apology comes with no excuses except one….stumblers with huge hearts hang here.

    Welcome to BOC, Jay! :) :) :) We look forward to your contributions and advocacy, if you so choose to share with us.

  32. erose says:

    Lee, Thanks for having Blinks back.

  33. Rose says:

    Yea. Southern Mom. Like RS, Cook was a “Stinger”,
    tho he had lots of drug stuff per ex-wife to need
    immunity wrt charges possible.

  34. Rose says:

    @NY Liz. imo heck no to another TMH poly.
    She ‘s been there, done that. multiple times

    no polys with (imo) lying unethical incompetent mcso.

    keep on keeping on with Houze.
    He only talks for the POI.
    These mcso employees have no training &
    no competence & no ethics, imo.

    it is up to the BIO parents, not noncustodial Teri, to get fbi only on the case.
    Then say a year after fbi is up to snuff, one could interview with Houe present.

  35. wpg says:

    I’m not feeling too chipper after reading certain revelations made here regarding the early weeks and months after Kyron’s disappearance.

    They are basically the same revelations that I read on ScaredMonkeys starting around September 2010 via posts made by “FlyMonkey” and real-time reposting of GLP posts made under the name “Tom Jones” that some Monkeys brought over right after they were originally posted on GLP.

    Here is a link to more or less the start (if I’m recalling correctly) to the GLP “Tom Jones” repostings on ScaredMonkeys:

    I have asked more than once here, how on earth would cousin Tom know certain details unless someone was providing them to him?

    So, DDS was participating in public postings almost 3 years ago, is that correct or no?

    Part of Desiree Young’s Hell on Earth for 3 years has been her frustration regarding beliefs about DDS and her not getting answers which did not allow her to move off that particular DDS road in trying to find the right road to Kyron.

    Compassion for Kyron should mean compassion for Desiree Young, imo.

    Why did DDS choose not to relieve Kyron’s Mother’s angst for 3, very long years in what could have been figured out to be in direct, private and credible communications with Desiree Young and counsel, but instead there is the appearance that she chose to participate in blogging on public sites behind other names, other people?

    I’m at a loss to understand this.

    wpg- what gives? I ask respectfully.

    Are you accusing DDS of posting under her cousin’s name anywhere- I want to make sure I understand your post before commenting?

    At the risk of over-reacting, are you seriously inferring this piece is comparable to that loons rants?


    DDS attended several LE interviews, responded to E V E R Y request of theirs for interview or information

  36. vw says:


    Kudos to you and Lea for believing Dede is who she says she is. An honest and unassuming young woman with apparently no malice or ax to grind, no matter how much BS she was hit with. I knew that when I read her deposition nearly a year ago.

    You have real courage, truly. Don’t underestimate yourself. To come to the aide of a casual friend, at the time, and to stay with your convictions is to be admired by all. And I know you have been dealt a LOT throughout the last 3 years.

    Thank you for coming here. My blog is open, btw, and you can read up on a bunch of documents the last years that were NEVER referred to or put under scrutiny by the media – and they should have been. There are a few communications by Fink there, too.

    That you for talking so candidly to Blink and Lea. Many of us here have the history of the case and doubts
    about LE and what they told the bio parents.

    I am so happy you are safe now. And that you had the courage to doubt and to go back to your lawyer about the new sting.

    @Blink and Lea

    I believe this was the “smoking gun” in November: “investigative doors are opening right now”.

    As some of us said, they were banking on Dede giving them the “nail” to “wrap up the case”. But she didn’t and now Keith is back to his old tricks.

    Might I refer readers and Dede to the Willamette Week article once again….”Swimming with the Sharks”?

    Thank god Dede was not the falsely jailed by Keith to catch TMH…as the victim in this article was.

  37. Eloise says:

    Excellent info Blink & co. Nice to meet you Ms Spicher.

    Thank goodness for the recent turn of events that has lead to the release of this information. The advocacy for Kyron on this thread has been incredible, all of you deserve kudos. I have never been able to keep up. But hopefully with the continuation of real information, and letting go of fake suspects etc, the focus of actually bringing Kyron home to his parents can become a reality. A fresh pair of eyes, looking at what actually happened at the school on June 4 would be a great start.

  38. A Texas Gramdfather says:

    I have suspected some LE were incompetent or had an agenda in regards to this case. This is downright evil. A planned attack to make the public think that DeDe was guilty of helping TH with the abduction of Kyron.

    My hat is off to you Ms. Spicher for your courage to stand firm during this long ordeal.

    I would hope that some top level law firm would agree to take your case and file civil and criminal charges against all these thugs operating under color of law. Your rights have been attacked over and over again.

    The county and the individuals should be sued to the point of pain. The State of Oregon should step in and take over the operation of all LE and the criminal justice system within the county for a period of at least five years. All operating in this case should be facing jail time.

    This is just as bad, if not worse, as Nifong in North Carolina. At least in the Nifong case, there was not a missing child involved.

    Thank you Blink for the work it took to bring this to the attention of the public.

    DeDe please know that there are people all across the country who stand for truth and goodness. We send you our love and courage to continue to stand firm in the face of this evil.

  39. Ode says:

    How is the Oregon Media going to react to Blinks most current piece. Will they ignore it. A little gal from Jersey got more information from someone that has been so connected to the disappearance of this little frog man, Kyron. Blink treated DeDe with respect, which is one of the reasons we love Blink so much, and she got the story of a woman who has been thrown into this tangled mess. Do you think Dede was telling a made up story, I certainly do not. DeDe stood up for her rights, the legal way. If she spent 3 years not talking does anyone think she would now decide to spread lies. I do not know what the fallout from this story will be but one thing I do hope is that the Skyline Community will finally start to realize that a predator was stalking their elementary school and their dear children were at risk…not just Kyron. Lightning can strike twice.

  40. amychika says:

    @Blink, great story!

    @et all, this is a great reminder that anyone could have found themselves in similar situation! This is sad but not totally unfathomable.

  41. amychika says:

    @DeDe Spicher
    Thank you for coming forward and sharing your painful experience.

  42. hervness says:

    I think I echo when I say “wow.” First I read with astonishment, then I read with anger. I’m not sure I can even convey my anger at the way the people involved in this have been treated from the outset.
    So I ask, what is the motive? What’s the reason for the railroad? Public fear? Lack of preparedness? Something/one more? Why the single focus? Something happened to create this narrow viewpoint.

  43. Mags says:

    Thanks DD and Blink. I am impressed by the courage of you both to bring the truth out.

    We have known that there was omission of truth by LE and that was discouraging, but the outright lies and strong-arming is despicable.
    And what about overstepping the warrant … Wow. That was not only an infringement on DDs liberty, but stupid … wouldn’t any evidence collected in that manner be thrown out? Or is the place so corrupt that some judge would allow it?

    So much more on my mind but there is a family that wants to eat here ….

  44. T. Ruth says:

    @erose, your words are perfect and thanks for reminding me that I too should apologize to Dede, I did once think Dede may have had an affair with KH, because it was the only reason I could think of that LE would be looking at her, nothing else made any sense to me whatsoever. Sorry, Dede. Long, long ago on another forum, I remember saying that maybe Dede was just coming to the aid of a friend and who are we to accuse her; needless to say, after the responses I received, I left there.

    I can honestly say, if it were my friend being accused of something that in my opinion, I was sure she was incapable of, I’d have done the same thing, only I probably wouldn’t have slept with just a fire extinguisher at my side.

  45. SouthernMom says:

    Can you say when DeDe’s polygraph was administered? Wondering how soon after DY cancelled the lawsuit…

    Prayers for Kyron and his family.

    I can say that her polygraph occurred after the lawsuit was dismissed.

  46. wpg says:



    I don’t fault DDS for not agreeing to this recent undercover request by LE. Not at all.

    Here’s what’s bothering me, though.

    Unless DDS is 100% certain that TMH had no involvement whatsoever in the
    disappearance of Kyron and 100% certain that TMH is not holding back information that may lead to the rescue or recovery of little Kyron,
    and that you, Blink, are 100% certain of the same,
    why publicly reveal this investigative request in an on-going criminal investigation?

    Huh? Why reveal an illegal request, relayed with the instruction to not notify one’s counsel five minutes after fulfilling her end of an immunity deal *WITH A POLYGRAPH* to entrap a person who was the tangenital target the aforementioned “non information” was supposed to snare in the first place?

    Let’s say for the sake of argument Spicher falls on her head during a bathroom break and due to her concussion agreed to participate. Ok, that was a bit snarky, let’s go with scenario B, no concussion.

    So, say TH utters something incriminating. Given the chain of custody here and and the ex parte relationship- you really think that ever sees the inside of a courtoom?

    wpg- this is not on the job training. Why release it? In the hopes that one of these barge busters wakes the eff up, looks over their kids American History book with a super-font page of our constitution and accidentally reads it with the ensuing light bulb over his head.

    I am not understanding how the anger is not on the folks who threatened a witness or non-witness to the point she was terrified to clear herself. Which, btw, is not her burden, but I can tell you she thought it was because a child was and is missing.
    She was threatened and the threat was carried out. THAT IS THE ISSUE here. LE spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of investigative hours on a person that told the truth for over 3 years, and was the lynchpin of hope for a case against their immediate suspect, TMH.

    When that fell through by Spicher being cleared, the first order of biz is to go after TMH again?

    Seriously? The imagery of these people blindfolded smacking at a pinata in the air that has long since fallen on the ground comes to mind. Isn’t over three years of non-traction worthy of “outing” for a little boy whose worst crime was to be born into this through no fault of his own?

    In my view, this declaration in an open investigation is the best chance of trying to avoid the iceburg to the hull where we all know how that ends. You know I am the analogy queen- does anyone really want me coming up with gazillions of these- cause you know I got that.

    Clear duct tape people. Buy it. The world needs clear duct tape. Transparent, strong, binding.

    Have TMH and/or her attorneys been apprised of this LE request to DDS via DDS or her attorney(s) or another source . . . or are they learning of this by reading it here at BOC?

    Public declaration of her innocence in the disappearance of Kyron Horman, sharing her taking of the polygraph and passing the polygraph is one thing. Public disclosure of the other (LE request to participate in an undercover venture) is for what purpose/motivation, please?

    Thank you.

    wpg- Me in bold.

  47. Rose says:

    @Blink. In PRt 2, can you possibly do a chart wrt who was line level detective with vague dates ((O’Donnell, then Herron–latter the Ne Plus Ultra atv trainer, sar co-coord & BeFriender of DY), and who was Supv–Kafvre all along?

    A month or so ago I brought forward a
    ragtag collection of past posts re same,
    but it would be so helpful to have a succinct reference.

    A caution to DDS coupled with thanks for what I hope will be your only
    interview, because:
    —all those folks who go to jail in DC are convicted not of an underlying crime but
    perjury under oath–to Congress or a grand jury.
    all Mr Underhill has to do to charge (& “get”)
    you is find a printed word of yours at variance with the 5.5
    hours of g j testimony. You think Underhill will clear you?
    Here’s a Weiner Bridge.
    —about Mutt & Jeff (Kafvre & Herron). You think they unofficially cleared
    you based on a poly? Have they lied about their “take” on polys before to anyone?
    Have they lied before? Don’t believe them. Believe your attorney. Good luck; rebuild your
    life; and mum’s the word going forward.

  48. Maggie M says:

    You made the local news here in Portland Blink. The video is not up on the website yet but the story is.

  49. Rose says:

    You know, Blink, the mcso here who would use the gullible (which DDS was not by the grace of her quick wits)
    to “sting” TMH makes the statement of Rackner–I just wanted to help LE–that much more fishy. Imo she was part of an entrapment scheme which lacked a credible foundation. Wonder where Meisenheimer stands in his role of “police pressure” tool now?

  50. Paul Brennan says:

    Anyone who knows DeDe, knows she is one of the most honorable and honest people on this planet! If she says she didn’t have anything to do with this, she didn’t. I’ve known her most of my life, and I consider her a close, personal friend. Good for you, Red!!!

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