Holly Bobo Kidnapped And Murdered: Source Says She May Have Been Informant, Alive For Weeks


On February 28, 2014 The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) Director Mark Gwyn announced the search of 29 year old Zachary Rye Adam’s residence in conjunction with the abduction of Holly Lynn Bobo.  Bobo, a 20 year old nursing student, was abducted from her Darden, TN home nearly 3 years earlier.   Gwyn made it clear during that announcement that they expected to find Holly alive at one of the ensuing searches occurring in multiple counties that day.

"This is a very important time in this investigation," Gwyn told reporters today as the TBI and FBI searched property on Adams Lane in northern Decatur County. "We're not going to say or do anything at this point to interfere with this investigation. Hopefully we'll be able to return Holly home safely to her parents. That's our goal.


Five days later, after a Circuit Judge called the 24th Judicial District Grand Jury back into session, it took them less than three hours to return an indictment for especially aggravated kidnapping and first degree murder.

Zachary Rye Adams and Jason Wayne Autry have been indicted for the especially aggravated kidnapping and first degree felony murder in Holly Bobo’s case.  A third suspect, Shayne Kyle Austin was about to be indicted when his criminal defense attorney, Luke Evans, filed a civil suit against the State of Tennessee to enforce an immunity agreement Austin signed.   John Dylan Adams, Zachary’s brother currently incarcerated and awaiting sentencing on Federal weapons charges will be testifying as a witness in this case.  He says Holly was last seen following her abduction- ALIVE.

The “A-Train” as dubbed by locals who knew them based on the initials of their last names and the frequency for which they were seen together were household names to the residents of the tiny community in Decautur County, TN.  They have various criminal histories dating back to their teens.

They’re creepy and their kooky, … altogether spooky.. The Adams Family

The Adams brothers, Zach and ‘Dylan’ as John is referred to, live in multiple houses perched on the land  bearing the family surname which was passed down to them by their grandfather John and Grandmother Becky who died 12 days before Holly’s abduction.   Tim Adam’s, the boys’ father, died of complications from drug use in 2003.

Donna “Karen” Bobo, Holly Bobo’s Mother and elementary school teacher, had young Zach and Dylan in her class.

Zach Adams, in the lead between the two for the size of his rap sheet, has felony convictions for shooting his Mother Cindy at point blank rang with a 9MM handgun, and within 6 months of his release on that charge wielded a shotgun at his grandparents during a drug binge.  In a pre-sentencing report on his current gun charges, Dylan Adams reports he has had alcohol and substance abuse issues with minor burglary charges since he was a teen, and would like to serve his sentence in a minimum Federal prison in Atlanta, GA.

Zach Adams was out on bond or on probation from three separate criminal incidents to involve booze, drugs, assaulting a Natchez Park Ranger when Bobo was abducted from her home.  On April 4th, Adams was arrested in Natchez Park with the assistance of the Henderson County Sheriff's Office along with his passenger, Robert "Shawn" Moody.

From the Jackson Sun:

Zachary Adams was arrested in Natchez Trace State Park on April 4, 2011, following a traffic stop.

Adams and his passenger Robert S. Moody, seemed nervous, the report says. Adams told the ranger he was bringing Moody to look at the damage and that the two men needed to get to the other side of the park.

"...Hill saw a six-pack of beer bottles in the back floorboard, and two of the bottles appeared to be open.
Hill asked Adams to step out of the truck and asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle. Adams said “no,” and gave Hill permission to search the truck.Rangers also found a pill bottle on Moody containing seven different pills, the report said.
Along with resisting arrest and assaulting the officer, Adams was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, drug possession, tampering with evidence, reckless driving and violation of the open container law.

Moody was charged with drug possession..."

Moody is also a convicted felon and was arrested in Florida in 2005 for failing to register as a sex offender for a statutory rape charge he was convicted of in Decatur.

"Shawn" Moody's wife Stormy Winters Moody was convicted of aggravated burglary in 2013 for stealing the contents of her neighbor's home.   Ms. Moody was wearing some of the clothing from her heist when police arrived, while standing in the front yard of her home.



For several locals and this author, Zach Adams, Jason Autry and Shayne Austin were names associated with the investigation within weeks of Holly’s disappearance.  Prior to Adam’s indictment he was arrested on drug possession charges in Benton County at his girlfriend’s home.  On the day his home and property were searched by investigators he was also charged with aggravated assault against the sister of his girlfriend, Amber Bray.  Charges from the incident which occurred February 6th, 2014 included Adams holding a gun to her head and threatening to “gut her” for speaking with police about his possible involvement.

On February 24th, 4 days before the multiple searches conducted on different counties in the Bobo case,   Ms. Bray’s son Christopher and his girlfriend Toni Craig were operating a van that was pulled over in a traffic stop; the van was registered to Ms. Bray.   The Benton County Sherriff’s Office recovered over $60,000 in cultured pearls in several duffel bags from the van and when investigators went to the Bray home to recover the rest- Adams was standing in the front yard with a handful he said he wanted to “turn over”.    He was arrested on a drug possession charge shortly thereafter, posted bond again and released.

In what can only be described as an extremely odd coincidence, the last major theft of pearls or in this case, pearls in shells, involved extended family members and friends of Adams.  Danny Vine and Stella Thornton were brutally murdered in their Camden, Tennessee home on the evening of January 16, 1991.  Danny, an accomplished shell buyer with an assortment of day workers, sold much of his yield to or through the Tennessee Shell Company (TSC).  In 1998 The Tennessee Shell Company agreed to pay a $1,000,000 fine after 18 people were indicted for selling illegally harvested pearls/shells.   While the Tennessee Shell Company no longer has an active business license, members of the Arnold family, associated with the management of TSC are friends of Bray’s.  Two local brother’s, and extended kin, Gerry Lee and Charles Bruce were eventually tried and convicted.

But not before Sheila Kay Bradford, the live-in girlfriend would visit the TBI to turn over information about Bruce after leaving the residence in fear.  She was offered Federal protection but refused when she learned she would have to testify.  Two days later, on September 22, 1992, Bradford’ car was found with the keys in the ignition at a relative’s home.  She has never been seen since and her disappearance has been ruled suspicious.


Kissing  Killing Cousins


Jason Wayne Autry is Holly Bobo’s second cousin.   He has an extensive criminal history which includes, by his own admission, leadership in the Aryan Brotherhood.

He also claims to have converted his past sins and deeds since finding faith after a near fatal infection in prison.   Autry is serving the equivalent of a life sentence in Federal prison.  Indicted on March 28th, Autry, an impeding chum  at 6’ 7” tall, is not likely to be the suspect Holly encountered in her backyard as described by her brother Clint.

Shayne Kyle Austin, whose parent’s property is situated closely to the Bobo property was at one time, close friends with Holly’s Cousin Natalie Bobo.  He also worked for a time for Dana Bobo, Holly’s Father, until he fired him.  It is not known if the incident is related, but this occurs around the time that Natalie’s Father Leonard, and Dana Bobo travel across state lines to bring Natalie home in an effort to intervene and provide an avenue for substance abuse issues she was suffering, as well her choice of activity to fund same.

He has an extensive criminal history and closely resembles a sketch developed by Candace Wood, a friend of Holly’s who attended the Coon hunt with her 4 days before her disappearance of a man who appeared to be fixated on her, and speaking into his phone at the same time.  Austin is approximately 5’10” and wears glasses.

Out of the three suspects to date, he also closely matches the description of the man seen walking into the woods with her, we know now as alleged by the TBI, with a weapon to insure her compliance.   Austin, and Michael Lee Alexander were moved from different county correctional facilities into Decatur jail on March 2, 2014.  Lee lives in the adjacent property to Adam’s on Pughe Rd.

Two days later, on March 4, Zach Alexander “coerces” his brother through one, or both of them.

On March 5th, former Decatur resident and convicted rapist Victor Dinsmore, an associate of all three of the accused claims he passed a polygraph, thus, “clearing his name.”  Sources inside the investigation have confirmed that Dinsmore and his wife Sandy are material witnesses in the case against all three men- but specifically informed investigators that Zach Adams openly bragged about what happened to Holly Bobo while a guest at the Dinsmore residence.

On March 6th, Austin signed an immunity deal a day after Adams indictment.

So- how does a 20 year old nursing student and aspiring singer cross paths with the likes of Adams, Autry and Austin?  The old adage You can’t pick your family may be a factor.

Guilt by Association?

Sources close to the investigation speaking to BOC Editor In Chief, S. Christina Stoy on the condition of anonymity have confirmed her earlier reports that there was a parallel Federal investigation being conducted by the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, FBI and the DEA involving a prescription and illegal drug ring.  A tip from a reader to Ms. Stoy was turned over to the TBI in 2011.  To protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation, BOC has redacted case-sensitive details.


Let me bring you out of the dark.
Holly is alive and safe.
She has been in PC since the night of the 18th
This is all connected to the federal drug investigation involving prescription pain pills.
Holly overheard a conversation at Jackson General and went to authoritiesfederal informant at the time of her abduction. Do you remember the “rumor” about Holly being seen at a drug house in Scotts Hill the weekend prior to her abduction? Not a rumor. She was working with TBI on a sting and wearing a wire. I know this sounds unbelievable but I am coming at you straight up because I respect you and your work on this case. I am not a local but have local kin. If you would like to discuss this more you can email me at  (redacted)

Some things to consider before you discount what Im saying.

-Zach Adams is in federal custody and he is talking. He was arrested a while back and charged with aggravated assualt for beating the piss out of his GF for talking to LE.
-The cousins of Holly that are involved in her abuction are last name (redacted)
-This is also involving fradulent car sales. Burning and turning fake titles, cars coming from KY stolen
-Look into Coy Johnson he was raided recently for drugs (pain pills) and fradulent car sales lives behind Hardee’s. He is connected.

-The family is being blackmailed with pictures of Holly.
-(redacted) are all peanuts compared to who are involved.
-Please go back over the timeline with at least the assumption she was rescued in Nanchez on the 18th the SAME night Sheriff John Edwards was arrested after the final payment was interceded by TBI.
-It is not a concidence that John Edwards was paid a down payment of 15,000 on the 12th and Holly was abducted on the 13th just like its not a concidence that Edwards was arrested on the 18th and Holly was rescued and the next day the reward was topped off to 85,000 the exact amount left owing Edwards minus the range rover.
-There is a Memphis USM staying at cabin 16.

Consider everything and for what its worth I am dead serious and have the name of who saw her at the cabin. I have the names of who found her (redacted)at Cherokee landing. I even have the burner phone number Holly is in posession of

Jason Autry is protecting Shayne and has threatened to kill quite a few people including his(redacted) The guy that worked at (redacted)is in PC.


The head of this TYPHOEUS has a name.   John Patrick Edwards.

Former Wilson County Detective and member of the Joint Violent Crimes Task Force (JVCTF) and Safe Streets Task Force (SSTF), Edwards was cleaning up the streets of drugs, guns and fake car titles.  In conjunction with the resources of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in an investigation that began in 2009 and was spread across 3 states, Edwards built his own criminal enterprise to include drug dealers turned informant and informants turning into defendants.   The problem with that was that he was stealing most of it under all of their collective noses, apparently.

It was not until Edwards was arrested for a kerfuffle in March 2011 involving stealing from his girlfriend to gift his wife and vice versa that his colleagues found out what he was up to.

Edwards way out of his boiling pot was to sell the information he learned while heading the task forces, specifically, the names of the Federal Agents and informants to the targets of the criminal investigations.

On April 11, 2011, Rodney Settles, Edward’s business partner with Bidmoor Auctions enters the fray.

Edwards summons Settles and tells him he needs money, $100,000 and a Range Rover to be exact, and he needs it the next day.  He tells him (through Settles) something MAJOR is about to go down in the operation in short order.  He tells them there is a new informant that is unknown to him.

Settles, is named by an cooperating source (CS) and interceded by Agents following a meeting with Edwards, in which Edwards asks him to kill his wife- he refuses, and asks him to approach the “target” of the ongoing investigations to prompt payment to him in exchange for providing the names of the Federal agents he is working with, and more importantly, a “new” informant.

Settles remains in Federal custody (FBI) for most of the evening April 11th but agrees to cooperate, agrees to act as an informant for the JVTF; Edwards had been removed without pay weeks earlier.

On April 12, 2011, the day before Holly Bobo’s abduction,   Edwards gets a $15,000 down payment for his proffer of information.    Intentionally planted to track Edward’s efforts- according to documents obtained in his case, he was told there was a new informant that was not identified.  He did however give up the agents names according to the affidavit, and it should be noted that the only evidence of who he told “what” to, is based on the court transcript.  It is certainly feasible that no target devices were ever presented in court as belonging to Edwards, that he had every opportunity to alert others of similar information.    Edwards headed the task force for Wilson County and Lebanon Police Department for years and he did so in a vacuum; at least that is what the supporting documents would like you to believe.  This sentiment includes Former Wilson County Sheriff Terry Ashe, who retired following the fiasco, but not before blaming the FBI for not minding the store- stating John Edwards acted alone.

According to his audit response by Ashe, as conducted by the State of Tennessee Comptroller’s Director Jim Arnett, excerpted in pertinent part:

It was always my understanding that all officers in the Joint Violent Crimes Task Force (JVCTF) with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department, the Lebanon Police Department, and the FBI were being supervised by the FBI. This can be supported again by the copies of the MOU and the MOA. This within itself does not excuse the conduct of a former employee who appears to have acted alone in his efforts to discredit himself, but those who worked around him. It appears that his plans were so well designed that not only did the Lebanon Police Department, the Wilson County Sheriff's Department, the FBI, and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and our local district attorney general’s office did not recognize this activity even though they worked alongside Deputy Edwards on a day-to-day basis.


The audit,   which contains no vehicle identification numbers, no account numbers, no reference to the fact that Edwards was a partner in an auction house with a revoked license or the status of any other parties who had access to evidence or funds- concludes Edwards acted alone.


What is even more curious, is that the report at no time recognizes that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is an agency of record in the investigations.    Edwards and the targets of several investigations to include those he stole from, did not prosecute, his informants and business partner were all arrested on April 18, 2011.

Critically import dates here- April 11th, Settles interceded for several hours and Edwards knew.  April 12th, Settles tells (CS-1) names of interest, secures down payment.  April 18th, everyone is arrested.

Within documents of the sworn affidavit by DEA Special Agent Tanya (insert) it is learned that during the course of the investigation that 3 cell phones have NOT received Judicial tap and trace approval and subsequently there is no further mention of those phones or their collected data.   There are nearly 50 pages missing from this filing.

Was Holly, or someone she associated with, the owner of Target cellphones #6, #7 or #9?

Edwards Is currently serving 18 years for obstruction of an official proceeding and Settles is serving  The 21 arrested in the April 18 corral are still pending in Federal Court with all recent docket submissions under seal.  Edwards plead guilty in April 2013 to an additional 10 counts in State Court,  adding 12 years to the Federal sentence.

What appears to be the primary target of the investigation, Zabeesh Syed, a Pakistani national, has been held in isolation since his plea in 2012.    There is approximately $35K still unaccounted for in Wilson County Sheriff’s Dept. and no accounting of the missing evidence, or cross reference of the VIN numbers of the missing cars is available.



While it is undeniable that the tipster points out the date coincidences in the Wilson County/JVTF and the fact that it correctly names the current suspects, do we assume from that Holly was kept alive and held captive in an effort to thwart someone’s prosecution?

Was Holly Bobo, who attempted to intervene in support of assistance to her cousin Natalie targeted as an informant?   Dylan Adams claims to have those answers- he says he last saw her alive.

Director Gwyn, with knowledge of inside information went on record on February 28th believing Holly Bobo was alive.    However, do his statements before the Senators at the State Capital on the day of Zachary Adam’s arraignment tell a different story, OR, Do they tell the real story of what happened to Holly Bobo?

"I've been battling this meth issue for a long time," Gwyn said.

Gwyn then mentioned a name that those like state Sen. John Stevens, R-Huntingdon, didn't expect to hear: Holly Bobo.

"That was surprising to me that that was brought up, but it's relevant," Stevens said.

It's relevant in this hearing because Gwyn said Bobo's case has to do with meth.

"I worked one of the first methamphetamine-related murders back into the 90s, where a guy kidnapped two young men, tortured them for seven days, killed both of them, threw them off into Center Hill Lake," Gwyn said. "Fast-forward to 2014, and I thought in my career that would be the only time I would ever see anything like that."  

"We made an arrest. Lo and behold, the person has several meth-related charges. And the night we arrested him, he was trying to get meth into the jail," Gwyn said.

  "At what point do we stop the murders? I don't want to inconvenience anybody. There is no family in this state that deserves to go through what that family went through for the past three years," Gwyn said.  – TBI Director Mark Gwyn

BOC has uncovered the case that Gwyn is referring to – and it is gruesome.   The parallels to Holly’s case, the tipster accuracy, and the unfolding events to date in the arrests of those responsible are explosive.

Excerpted, in pertinent part:


Appellate C ourt Clerk

STATE OF TENNESSEE,               )     No. 03C01-9707-CR-00299


Appellee                               )

)     Cumberland County

vs.                                                  )

)     Honorable John Turnbull, Judge


)     (Felony Murder, Especially Aggravated

Appellant                              )     Kidnapping)


Phillip Lane Lawrence, James Talbert Hendrixson, Jr., Michael Redmon, Jeffrey Sanders and Kenny Mason were indicted for two counts of premeditated murder, two counts of felony murder, and two counts of especially aggravated kidnapping. Jimmy Anthony Dan was indicted for kidnapping only, and Bruce Edward Rochefort was indicted for kidnapping and aggravated assault.  These men were awaiting trial when Tatrow’s case was tried.

The defense called the other defendants to the stand but each one refused to testify on Fifth Amendment grounds.


The appellate opinion can be read here.  WARNING- IT is graphic and disturbing.  Three years after the murders, Connie Tatrow was indicted and subsequently convicted of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamines.    Another disturbing coincidence to the Bobo case is that in James Tatrow’s initial police interviews, he claimed that the murder victims (insert) had been picked up from the Dry Creek area by someone in a black Camaro.   Shortly after Holly was abducted, pictures surfaced online, by an individual whose residence ended up being searched in the case, Anthony Calabrese of a black Camaro, claiming to have Holly’s flip flops near the door.





With a clear motive from TBI Director Gwyn, which occurs after recorded conversations taking place between alleged suspects in Decatur County jail following which he presumably was briefed and subsequent plea deal for Austin indicating he will provide the location of Holly’s remains the assumption can be drawn that prosecutors and TBI investigators know what happened to Holly Bobo that ultimately ended her life.

The question becomes- Do WE ever really want to know?

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is continuing to interview and investigate possible additional suspects.  The TBI is asking anyone with information to call 1-800 TBI FIND

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  1. TallyHo says:


    New story breaking just a few moments ago – John Dylan Adams, brother of Zach Adams, has been arrested on charges of tampering with evidence in the Bobo case.

    The witness becomes the criminal yet again. What a sack race of miscreants this is.
    There will be new charges, revised charges, etc, until this prosecutorial effort is ready.

    What this child endured should not be on any reasonable person’s conscience and so I pray for a swift and just outcome. I suppose I should end with “God have Mercy on their souls”. I respectfully do not feel compelled to do so.

    Mostly because I do not feel that is forthcoming in any way.


  2. Brenda says:

    Hi. I read that only partial remains of Holly were found (the skull). Do you know if any further remains have been located? If not it certainly leans towards your statement her body had been moved unless these creature actually dismembered her which I hate to even type out. Only other scenario I can think of is if she were buried nearby in a shallow grave and animals removed the rest. From living in a very, remote area myself against 15K acres of national forest I can tell you when a deer or whatever is killed and not found by the hunters, the only part of the carcass that will be found (normally) is the skull. The rest is carried away/long gone most of the time by the next spring.

    Will there be any more updates on this case before it goes to trial? I know not much can be said to avoid messing up the integrity of the investigation….but I truly hope LE can get that video because that would be 100% damning and nothing the perps could say to wiggle out of that evidence.

  3. source says:

    I cannot answer that, sorry.

  4. TallyHo says:

    Quick update – wmctv.com out of Memphis is reporting that John Dylan Adams has admitted to the forcible rape of Holly Bobo. Sorry, I’m on my iPhone and don’t know how to link the story but it is on the front page of wmctv.com if anyone is interested in reading the article.

  5. SkepticSleuth says:



    Yes. looks like someone else got their immunity agreement or promise of same, voided.

    I warned everyone what an evil nightmare this case would ultimately depict- and it will.

    2 counts in one day means he forcibly raped her 2x on that day. It would be swell if folks could grasp the concept that as reported, this was a planned and executed maneuver of what was thought to be a CI leak.

    Transparency should be a requirement in the brutal gang rape and murder of a young woman whose only involvement was to intend to help her junky-stripper cousin.


  6. source says:

    Thank you and FWIW I’m glad you posted it all.

    It went where it was supposed to go first- but I never, ever, give up a source.

  7. TallyHo says:


    Latest story – (tampering with evidence, I assume) charges against John Adams and Mark Pearcy have been dropped.

  8. bap says:

    first checking to see if my user name still works. It’s been a year since I posted here.

  9. bap says:

    ok Blink it works. I don’t know if you remember me or not. I first posted the day Holly went missing to protect Clint, which had nothing to do with this awful crime. I am posting tonight because I am so sickened by what was just on wsmv (channel 4 news) in regards to Jason Autry’s attorney’s. By the way Herbison is just coming forth this evening because of charges being dropped against Dylan and Mark. Mark’s day is coming after the gun charges are done with. I can tell you first hand, if you are guilty of a crime in Tennessee, hire John Herbison and/or Fletcher Long. They are the most crooked attorneys in this State. Look at Perry March. He hired Fletcher. Guilty as sin for killing his wife Janet. He (and his Dad) was still convicted WITHOUT a body. I hope that these killers that THINK these lawyers can get them a plea deal or be freed without jail time or hopefully DEATH are dazed and confused on how this will pan out. I am just so pissed off about Herbison’s statements tonight on TV I could not stay silent any longer. What crooked webs they weave. All of the “A” Train have NOT been caught. Just wondering why MA has not been picked up and charged yet. So frustrated beyond words.

  10. Cindy says:

    Blink from No. 5 above: “this was a planned and executed maneuver of what was thought to be a CI leak.

    Transparency should be a requirement in the brutal gang rape and murder of a young woman whose only involvement was to intend to help her junky-stripper cousin.”

    Blink, If Holly was put out there to be an informant, exactly how was that supposed to help her messed-up cousin? I don’t get it. What am I missing? Also, planning and meth heads don’t quite add up….what possessed them other than their evil selves to think up this whole thing and then elude law enforcement for years????

  11. Rose says:

    I’ve looked back to May 9 for “source’s” post (“it all”) and do not
    find it, but appreciate source’s contribution.

    Blink, are there policies & procedures in place wrt recruiting & running CI’s in whatever jurisdiction
    put Holly out there–local field office of DEA, or lical field office of FBI, or lical State police, or County?
    If so, did recruiting/running a young female (to report on a male criminal enterprise meth group) who was
    not involved in any criminal activities herself
    violate that policy?

    My own bet is it did, and BoBo parents should sue to the max
    to ensure history does not repeat in that LEA.

  12. Oneilgirl75 says:


    What do you make of this Ms. B

    I think the shit storm I have been fearing is coming. This is a very big deal- I cant stress that enough.

  13. Ode says:

    I am not even able to process what is going on here. I need help understanding what the heck is up. Does this go directly back to the heading of this article….

    Yes ma’am. It will.

  14. Oneilgirl75 says:



    More like unprecedented. I am aware there are allegations by Stowe of official misconduct by members of TBI. The special prosecutor has since withdrawn via her boss the AG. These officials are pointing fingers at each other in the midst of an active prosecution and how the Bobo’s have managed not to head down there with their arsenal in hand speaks volumes about their character.

    When I think about what this child endured- I want to ask these folks tasked with being her voice to get their professional chit together, and put adjudication first. Keep in mind, this is the third major conflict I have seen between LE and a DA in the state of TN of cases I have personally worked on in 3 years. When I see that, it reinforces what I already knew- that state has a very flawed system that needs some serious oversight.

  15. Oneilgirl75 says:

    I can’t believe that a single guy can shut down the TBI for 4 or more counties. It sounds to me like the guy at the TBI got his feelers hurt and is throwing a big ass fit. As I have been reading about this I kept thinking ” doesn’t this guy have a boss” unless Stowe is accusing Gywn of misconduct that guy needs an attitude adjustment. This can not be good for the case. I would really like to know who the bosses are of all of these guys and why the heck they are letting a spat play out during one of the most heinous crimes to happen in their state!!!! Horrible. Blink maybe you should write an article just about what a chit show this state has been. Scary!

    This is way bigger than a phalic yard-stick contest.
    Everyone knows the suspects were in court yesterday, right?

  16. Ode says:

    I think that this case…a murdered beautiful girl, trying to do the right thing, toss into a ring of thugs that rape, humiliate and murder, let down by those that should protect us but greed to them was more important, others trying to cover what those that are the lowest of lives will do and throw in a relative who makes the poorest of decisions that most likely aided in to the tragedy of what Holly went through may be to horrible for us to know. Are we ready to know that Holly went through days of this abuse. A chit storm for sure and I do not know how you present this and then correct this..This is mind boggling. I want to think somewhere in this mess is a good guy. Who will be the good guy? Is there any chance he is somewhere to right this wrong?

    Ode- you are such a kind and loving advocate. You add tremendous insight to every case I have seen you comment on.

  17. Oneilgirl75 says:

    Yes. I saw that they were in court and the judge was none to happy with DA Stowe. I really hope that ones that are supposed to be the voice for this beautiful young lady get their acts together. The next court date was mid January. I’m looking forward to the actual trial starting. And no, I’m not wanting to hear what this sweet innocent girl went through. I do however want justice!!!

    I have serious concerns about the State’s ability to take this to trial and so does Stowe, I presume. Jennifer Thompson has stated that in 9 months she has yet to receive a shred of discovery tying her client to any crime at all.
    If he were not imprisoned on other charges/PV she would have motioned for bond and he would get it, imo.

  18. Rose says:

    I am trying to figure out these comments above.
    First, was Holly an informant (maybe) for TBI or was it for local LE?
    Second, Stowe knows trial requirements to make a case,
    & some TBI shenanigans may have f’ed it?
    (like say Arias when forensic
    evidence proves worth a plug nickel).
    If Stowe is a lonely attorney in a White Hat,
    I hope he hangs in there–
    and radiates backbone to mcda.

    Stowe is prepping for a corruption case investigation he just found out about.

  19. Rose says:

    & OT to Ode.
    Still on The Recipe.

  20. Rose says:

    DA’s failure to comment or appear can only mean he’s on the brink of filing a criminal case.
    imo Gwynn met to go fishing for info as well as to use local LE to apply
    pressure on DA by appealing to their budgets. That’s political behavior on the job imo.

    I don’t think that Gwyn was fishing- I think his knowledge of allegations of misconduct culminated at the meeting- and I think it extends to the Local PD through TBI- but is central to the forensics lab- that said- Gwyn does not have the power he thinks to pull a state agency from a district and I am quite sure he learned that pretty quickly. Stowe ( as long as backed by AG and apparently is) does have the right to make that call temporarily provided he has cause.

    I agree that the only way this ends up is with a criminal investigation or indictment against at least on LEA or Stowe is going to have a very difficult set of meetings with Chiefs of PD’s in the 24th. I seriously hate how this whole mess puts LEA’s at risk in their communities which in my experience in a few cases in this state shows a disjoint between LE and prosecutors as it is.


    I do agree that

  21. Rose says:

    It seems to me this tiff goes back to disgruntlemen some in Counties’ LE and/or TBI felt about Stowe
    ousting McCadam, with the voters surprising to them maybe. And perhaps TBI Lab put evidence processing Stowe
    needs to try cases on the slow boat to make his tenure & reelection rocky in some way, like bad publicity
    with Judges & Defense Bar.

  22. Ode says:


    The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation resumed its services in the 24th Judicial District on Thursday when District Attorney General Matt Stowe requested a special prosecutor to handle the Holly Bobo case, effectively taking himself off the case.
    Verrrry Interesting…Blink

    Stowe is prepping for a corruption case investigation he just found out about.

  23. Rose says:

    @Ode. Blink suggested, I think, that taxpayer-funded TBI is not allowed to
    pick & chose Counties to serve.
    Press said the Gov got involved.
    Since TBI is an Executive agency,
    I suspect Gov. gave
    Gwynn that message.

  24. Ode says:

    @Rose, hope your daughter’s pup has gotten some relief. :)

  25. Ode says:

    Help me here Rose, are you saying that you believe
    Blink suggested it was the TBI that stated they would not serve the 24th district? I am just a lay person but it seems to me that the controversy stems from…Stowe and Gwen saying something like “It was not my idea that the TBI be excluded from the 24th district” I agree the Gov set people straight that the TBI will serve the 24th. My thoughts were that “corruption investigation” may conflict with effective forward movement in Holly’s case in regards to Stowe’s corruption investigation. Is there an overlap of sorts. This kind of situation seems so up your alley…I look towards you for insight.

  26. Rose says:

    @Ode. I can go back & url news articles & re-read for detail
    if it is important, but what I gathered this morning in reading,
    from memory, is after a frank conversation with Stowe,
    Gwynn put out a press release & met with County LE advising the public that
    Stowe had terminated TBI services,
    & local LE needed to work with budget-busting private labs.
    That is, the “firing” of TBI initially came from Gwynn.
    Imo this was an end run around QB Stowe.

    Stowe then said “Did not.”
    Gwynn said “Did so, & others heard you.”
    Gov intervened & told Gwynn to go back to work for the DA.
    Stowe referred Bobo to Spec Pros.
    A member of AG staff has assisted with case but apparently backed out due
    to different procedural visions.
    This is all just my vague memory from earlier today.

    My personal opinion isStowe naively relied on his election victory & his own good intentions, &
    he met an entrenched bureaucracy (judicial, TBI, & County LE chiefs)
    some elements of which have difficulty with transitions and resented his election.
    There may be lab problems with evidence if that is the matter Stowe confronted Gwynn on.
    Or, it may just be (yet, I don’t know what Blink knows), that missing their good ol boy McCadam, and wanting
    to shoot Stowe quasiharmlessly in the foot, the TBI developed a
    case of constipated forensic output in Stowe’s major cases, putting Stowe in a squeeze with
    Judges—embarrassing him for not moving felony cases forward timely. There are many more cases than
    BoBo in the felony pipeline imo.
    Easy enough for constipation of critical evidence to result in riled Judges &
    Defense Bar at Stowe, returning buddy McCadam to Office.
    That’s an alternative scenario to Lab corruption.

  27. Ode says:

    Thank you Rose…yes I see what you are saying. Lab constipation seems exactly what may have happened and the politics of TBI not wanting to work with Stowe. I think what threw me was “corruption case” and what that meant.

  28. Rose says:

    @Ode. if Blink says there is a pending corruption case, my money’s there.
    both scenarios can co-occur affecting the DA-TBI working relationship.

  29. BeenThere says:

    Blink is always a voice of reason to me. I come here to read her assessment of any cases that I follow. Her demand for truth/vetting keeps these tragic cases more grounded for me. When the horrors of these crimes seems beyond my comprehension, I know with Blink’s integrity, teaching, knowledge base, dedication, belief in God etc. that we are getting correct information.

    I know I’m very very quiet on all sites I read but this is the Christmas season and I must say ‘Thank You’to Blink and all here who are focused on finding the truth.

    God’s Richest Blessings wished for all of us always.
    Warm WI Hugs . . .

    Thank you kindly and best Holiday wishes to you and yours as well.

  30. Rose says:

    are all these suspect bozos gang members
    per their social media like Chambers?

    No. I only wish it was more purposeful- and I say that as an analyst because it does not matter to Holly what their agenda was, I am certain.

    However, this is ultimately going to be about a gaggle of meth heads and their ilk.

    To be clear- I have never seen nor heard of a scintilla of evidence Holly was using drugs- however, I have reported on the fact that I am aware that she was helpful for a cousin that was seriously involved in the purchase of drugs for herself.

  31. Kerry says:

    In your opinion, is this case screwed? I’m a local, and from all the rumors and BS between TBI, Decatur Sherriff Dept, lawyers, judges, outsiders, insiders, etc, it seems that we will never find justice for this poor girl and since the state has made no progress to bring this case to trial, the defense is now requesting that charges against JA and ZA be dropped…they have been in custody since early 2014, and as much as I hate to say it, they have a right to a “speedy trial”, do you think this request will be honored? I hope not, but I trust your opinion. Thank you.

    Honestly Kerry- I can’t say with certainty either way right now. I am remaining optimistic for Holly and her family and if it does “tank” I will pursue every available options for inquiry as to who’s at fault and blast my front page.

  32. Dearest blink.
    Do u believe her brother could of had a drug dept? Alot of koala on topix are saying that is the motive behind this. Please tell no. I have always trusted this family from day one. Now I am having second thoughts on her brother. I know topix is all bs but something just smells wrong!
    I look forward to hear from you because, you I believe!

    Ms. Tracy- I am not sure I understand your question, but if you are asking me if I think Clint Bobo was in any way involved with his sister’s death or the impetus for same my response is a very emphatic NO.

    Lastly- for any other rumor mongering that no doubt is occurring on topix ( and please stop reading that drivel) there is a special prosecutor being appointed in Holly’s case and no motions will be heard or argued until at the very least their is a prosecutor assigned to the case- I do expect that to happen next week.
    Defense counsel knows this very well, they were simply responding to recent events and preserving the issue on the record.

    I am on the record I have concerns about the case in chief in general and have for years as you know- I think it is a POSSIBILITY that the State may have no choice but to dismiss and re-file, but I pray that is not the case because I think the Bobo tencil strength is about to give.

  33. Oneilgirl75 says:


    Not much else to say right now that I haven’t already- I am very hopeful that the prosecution of this case commences appropriately and these defendants are afforded due process.

    That’s my professional answer.

    WTF is wrong with Stowe and Gwyn to let it get this far and could they measure each other’s junk privately next time so as to not risk these deviant perv junkies getting away with what happened to Holly?

    That’d be swell.

  34. Oneilgirl75 says:

    I can’t understand how these two let their egos take precedence over justice for this sweet innocent girl. It is just beyond me. Get it together gentlemen. I hope this damage can be undone!! God please let this not interfere. My confidence is is growing weary. As these twos drama plays out. I don’t get it!

  35. Rose says:

    imo Gwyn is the junk owner.
    Stowe is likely complying with his State’s prof ethics rules.
    He wouldn’t risk disbarment.

    Definitely agree. And the defense counsel (Long) has weight in this court anyway with defendants in jail 11 months without proper discovery.

  36. Ode says:

    I feel like I am watching a cable tv show…how effed up is this. Such a beautiful soul and person as Holly was just does not deserve this.

    I am pretty leary about that dude- I believe he is related to Shayne Austin- who may end up being charged in this case and whom I believe personally abducted Holly in the first place.

    No Ode, I should say she does not, nor does her family. As I have said from the beginning, there will be more violence until this is over and I fervently believe that there is a corruption element in play as well. Stowe did the right thing, imo.

  37. A Texas Gramdfather says:

    Looks like Tennessee could use the services of the Texas Rangers to investigate the State Crime Lab and all agencies making up the 24th District.

    I had a bad feeling from the beginning that the meth gangs had compromised the integrity of some LE and perhaps the courts.

    I wish I had better input of my experiences in case work in that fine state- it is what it is.

  38. Rose says:

    @atg ode Blink. wrt compromises of some le & maybe some Court personnel.
    Imo similar to PA rural counties (Sandusky thread). tho there it is oxy and heroin.
    Same may be true in Oregon. there meth & steroids.

  39. Tara says:

    Stowe is preparing for a corruption case you say?

    PARIS TN: Stowe targeting DUIs, prescription drug abuse


    Stowe would not be handling a corruption case- the AG would.

  40. Rose says:


    Thank you for posting Rose. I have no words this evening that would not echo what I have already feared in Holly’s case.

  41. MandyVZ says:


    This report is from a Mississippi station and has no real details but this surprises me not at all.


    I hate this effin case. I pray for the soul of Ms. Bobo and her family. His lawyer has nerve blaming his death on prosecutors.

  42. Jane says:

    I just read of the suicide, too. So, what’s this do to the case or do they even have one? I can’t imagine the range of emotions the Bobo family must feel each day – grieving and wanting justice.

    I think that remains to be seen. I know there is recorded interviews with him- I just can’t stand it. I would wish to make for damn sure he killed himself as opposed to a homicide.

  43. Rose says:

    To sign an immunity deal and then unilaterally withdraw it when he was deemed not truthful enough is
    likely a used but unfair prosecutorial tactic. It would be like offering same to DeDe or Terri (Kyron) then withdrawing when they said “I know x y or z, but I don’t know where Kyron is or who took him.” Imo the error was defense lawyer who unlike Attorney Stavely did not require a polygraph & a writing of true results acter Austin’s interviews. Per Sfowe the case problems were a work slowdown by TBI Lab that was personal & targeted him.
    If they had evidence Austin was culpable, enough to charge him, imo he would have been indicted.
    He was not.

  44. MandyVZ says:

    Blink said: “I would wish to make for damn sure he killed himself as opposed to a homicide.”

    I return your “ditto”. One of my MS friends who knows how closely I follow this case sent me the link, and before I even read it I said my primary prediction was a homicide, followed (fairly far behind) as a suicide. I am so skeptical of a suicide. This rabbit hole is deep, I cannot imagine any of these boys having (or growing) a conscience subsequent to the enterprise they undertook, and the ONLY reason I could see for suicide is strictly self-serving (ie dead is better than in prison).

  45. Cindy says:

    Not to be gruesome, but this case is. Shayne suicide/murder?
    I haven’t seen any details of his death other than suicide. In a case with so many characters it would not surprise me. Does anyone know what his choice of suicide was?

  46. Jane says:

    I haven’t seen much more about suicide. If it were a suicide, was a note of any kind left behind. Also, will there be an autopsy? I’ve haven’t even seen how he took his life, where and who found him…

    Yes. Under Florida law any unattended death will have an autopsy. Right now, I have no reason to believe it is not a suicide- however, I am hearing he was on the run. http://www.jacksonsun.com/story/news/special-reports/abduction-holly-bobo/2015/02/27/shayne-austin-found-hanged/24115817/

    I am requesting an autopsy protocol to be sure, however.

  47. Jane says:

    If on the run, was he running from law or those trying to silence him. Hope his cell phone was recovered and in room calls checked to see with whom he’d recently spoken. Also, where would he have gotten $$$ to travel?

    All really good questions. On the run may have been a poor choice of words- I prolly should have said intentionally trying not to be found.

  48. Ode says:

    I prolly should have said intentionally trying not to be found.
    If he had enough concern to hide or run it would seem he had concern for his life. He then says oh heck I cant get away so I will just off myself. Jail was probably the least safe place he was headed for.

  49. Cindy says:

    Why do folks from Tennessee go to Florida to “hide”?
    Is it a stretch to ask to Shayne’s visit to Florida had anything remotely to do with Holly’s cousin Natalie’s Florida excursion?

    They are acquainted but that is as much as I know.

  50. GeorgiaDad says:

    The trip to Florida and probable suicide is an unfortunate side-effect of our judicial system.

    It is my belief, and hopefully shared by most, that the guilty should be prosecuted and receive appropriate punishment, but also that innocent people should rarely be taken to trial. Unfortunately, this system at times places a great burden on the prosecution and plea deals and arrangements have become common. In worse case scenarios, innocent people plead guilty to minimize their jail time.

    This system also leads to situations like this. An immunity deal is made, the person of interest making this deal is publicly revealed, the plea deal is then removed and the party realizes he is likely to go to jail where the parties he “ratted out” will most likely abuse and kill him. Even if no-one goes to jail, his days are numbered.

    I doubt this is someone any of us will feel sorry for, however.

    As for as running to Florida, that is probably as good a place as any to go. A large proportion of Florida’s population moved there from somewhere else, so outsiders wouldn’t necessarily stand out. Also, until recently, Florida’s “pill mills” attracted drug seekers from all over the southeast, as far away as Kentucky. Several people could travel together and visit multiple different pill mills and end up with lots of oxycodone and hydrocodone prescriptions. Many people involved in the drug culture would have Florida ties.

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