Missing From UVA : Hannah Elizabeth Graham

Charlottesville, VA-  Second  year University of Virginia student Hannah Graham texted her friends last Saturday morning at approximately 1:20 AM- saying she was lost in the area of Wertland Street.

She has not been heard from since.  According to Charlottesville Police Captain Gary Pleasants,  it is believed Ms. Graham was intoxicated at the time of her disappearance and may have been on her way to a party but did not arrive.

In recently released images of Graham leaving her apartment at approximately 9:30PM Friday evening, she is shown wearing black skinny pants and a gold and black mesh crop-top, beige shoes or sneakers.


Ms. Graham’s disappearance is not related to a 2013 teen runaway from Indiana with the same name.

The disappearance of Ms. Graham comes on the heels of the recently adjudicated murder trial of Alexis Murphy  , the disappearance on the same date as Ms. Graham in 2010 of Samantha Clark and of the course the unsolved murder of Morgan Harrington, who disappeared from John Paul Jones arena in October 2009 and later found murdered in January 2010 on Anchorage Farm in Albemarle County.

In Ms. Harrington’s case, the DNA profile and sketch of the suspect in her murder as well as a rape in Fairfax county in September 2005 was released, but he has not been identified by name or captured.

Harrington Murder Suspect Sketch

Ms. Murphy’s  remains have never been recovered and Ms. Clark is still missing,  also believed to also be a victim of Randy Allen Taylor, currently serving a life sentence for Murphy’s kidnapping and murder.

Hannah Graham is described as 5’11 tall, with light brown hair and blue eyes.  Police are asking anyone with information regarding her disappearance to call the Charlottesville Police Department at 434-970-3280 or CrimeStoppers at 434-977-4000.









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  1. Puzzled says:

    I don’t see my post from Friday afternoon mentioning the empty train box cars that could have been around the UVA area the night Hannah was last seen. I also mentioned the need to search cardboard box compactors that are tighly sealed and located around UVA hospital. In addition the pond behind the South Parking Garage should be searched for weighed objects as I noticed in the video clip out of Texas that his camp fire had blue medical gloves in the ashes. Blue gloves are for medical/surgical use not for sifting through ashes. Lastly, I had stated that the email tip line should be easily located and plastered everywhere for I feel at this point Longo has scared people away from calling in, out of fear of a scolding for not doing so earlier.

  2. Puzzled says:

    I’m curious as to why so little attention is being given to the white man, who was standing at Sals Pizza. Is it possible he could have been “working” with JLM to follow and lead Hannah? It does appear as if he turns his head to the right as if to spot his target before taking his place of watch. JLM appears to look and wait until Sals Man gets into position before he takes off. Could it be that Sals man needed time to go get either his own or JLM’s car thus the need for JLM to take Hannah into Tempo to allow enough time for Sals man to go get car/truck/etc that could have been parked on that end of the mall. Why is there no mention of his car/apartment/house being searched. He said himself that once he saw JLM put his arm around Hannah that he dropped back. I feel he said that only becuase he now knows there is video of him doing such. Perhaps we need to examine video of him in detail. He did give a odd description of what JLM looked like yet was close enough to see them talk and for JLM to place his arm around her. I just find it odd that he has had so little discussion yet seems to be working in conjunction with JLM. However this is just my opinion.

  3. SkepticSleuth says:

    For those that may not know, Coy Barefoot is going to be a guest on the NG show tonight at 8:00pm EST on HLN. Like he says, despite your feelings about NG, having a national platform to keep the focus on finding Hannah is what it is all about.

  4. Rose says:

    If Mathew’s whereabouts were truly unknown until Monday, my own guess is he took a long fast drive, as we
    saw his propensity to do that to an unlikely remote area, when shaken, to TX. I’m thinking he went to E TN,
    most likely, or WV that weekend. I hope they had gas starions both those highway directions check footage.
    Imo if in Albermarle Cty, he could have turned up at grandma’s for Sunday dinner.

  5. Mom3.0 says:

    re Tiny-
    Nice to see you on Hannahs thread lending yr help-

    Yes the history of the land is compelling Blink did an article and others have added their research as the years went by Im sure you read up on it thru yr own research.

    Im not a local, but I can offer some insight Im not sure if the history is celebrated but I do know that there are tours of historic places and such especially around Halloween- they have a ghost walk and the like- I do not think that AF was or has ever been part of a historical walk- but it is a historical site with a historical cemetery

    Not sure how on topic this might be either,
    I agree time will tell- I thought all of yr questions were thought provoking I hope a local can answer them for you.

    Maybe Funkemom can- she had lots of local insights..


  6. Mom3.0 says:

    Re Jane and Blink- ? on Tempo

    I agree with Blink ditto great question and I too feel that Hannah was inside at one point although im not sure for how long.

    The door witness said she didnt remember her but she did not rule out that she could have been given access and she just couldnt recall…

    I have read that there might have been some sort of college or frat meet-up there or in another establishment in that area…- Hannah may have wanted to meet up with friends- maybe she got the restaurant/ bar wrong or the time?

    Blink can you confirm or deny this info (on the frat/college meetup) the reason I ask is it brings to mind the frat party that a band said they were playing near 1 university circle IIRC and they thought they saw Morgan at the party and then after…

    Is this in the same area?

    If so it could be a connection to how the perp may have sought out potential victims if hannahs abduction is tied to morgans- could the BG have seen Morgan in the area in a vulnerable state much like hannah and offered a ride?
    Was that Morgan siting ever debunked?


  7. Jane says:

    I was feeling the same about owner of Tempo. I can’t imagine wanting to CYA for anything when we have a child missing. I also can’t believe a restaurant of any caliber wouldn’t have cameras all over. Too many people out there stealing or trying to make a quick buck.

  8. Mom3.0 says:

    Re Nagol

    thank you for your very kind acknowledgement most appreciated-

    I think all of yr thoughts are well grounded and might just be the answer to the whys who knows?
    thanks for sharing them
    I like it here too – we are united in our advocacy

    if not for BOC I would drive myself nuts pondering all the what ifs so I completely understand where you are coming from i too have little notes..
    Hopefully something someone shares here can help LE and the victims.

    Re Ode

    Ode says:
    September 28, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    Interesting Ode- thanks for looking back let us know if something else seems pertinent

    AJMO Peace

  9. Sunshine_4me says:

    A donation site setup for JLM defense fund….

    I will suggest this to any interested sleuthers- please review attorney client trust account rules and regs for VA. Typically only funds from a client, unless POA has been granted, can be deposited into the client account.

    This young man is going to need more than a .com purse. He is going to need a soul. How much for that I wonder?

  10. mosaic says:

    Thanks Blink for the clarification regarding the resolution of surveillance camera footage.

    Adding to the deep urgency to find Hannah is the need to capture evidence of any chemicals/drugs that may have been in her system before nature takes it’s course and that evidence disappears.

    My heart aches for her family.

  11. LuckyBlackPearl says:

    Twinkletoes post about Morgan’s necklace hadn’t been published yet when I posted mine. Apologies for repeating ideas/content, but nice to know we are thinking in the same space/direction.

    Blink, can you expand upon or clarify what you said in response to Twinkletoes’ post about the necklace. Others are welcome to jump in and save Blink the effort if you got what went over my head.

    Blink said: “That is correct” [Morgan's necklace has never been located]. “Because the rest of her jewelry was accounted for, unlike others, I don’t put great stock in the fact that it has not been found and it was kept as some sort of a trophy that might ultimately finger sketch- I think it more likely was removed in some fashion during the attack.”

    Are you suggesting that if Sketch were keeping mementos from the crime and had taken M’s necklace that he would have likely taken her other jewelry too? But because the rest of the jewelry was accounted for, Sketch probably didn’t take it? When you say “it was more likely removed in some fashion during the attack,” do you mean that it probably just broke in the physical struggle, fell to the ground at that location, and is simply lost?

    Yes, the latter. I am saying that- well, I can now- that I did not feel the necklace was taken ( her boots and socks were missing as well) as a sort of trophy- I don’t see this offender that way- it is incongruent with her placement style and location, imo. Who knows- shirt planter might have been sending JLM a message.

  12. Oneilgirl75 says:



    I hope everyone understands why this could not come from me as requested.

  13. watchful says:

    WCAV CBS19 @CBS19 just tweeted:
    “#Breaking: Morgan Harrington’s mother confirms there is a forensic link between her daughter’s case and the Hannah Graham case.”

  14. dda says:

    Forensic link to Harrington case just announced. I am sitting on Preston Ave right by McGradys and it all feels very surreal…but not a surprise given all the parts that fit together.

    Again wish to apologize to anyone I had to defer on the issue- in cases that I have worked on personally I have certain ethical and professional responsibilities thbat are more closely aligned with LE than scooping- that credibility is crucial to criminal investigative analysis.

  15. Scout says:

    @N. Cahela –
    I thought the same thing- I think he definitely grew the dreads to make him more unrecognizable from Sketch.

  16. Grace says:

    Breaking news here, NBC 12 says JM linked to Morgan Harrington!!!

  17. debbie says:

    Well guys– According to Richmond VA. news– It IS a match !!! Looks like we may have found Morgan’s killer also !!!!!!!!!

  18. susanm says:

    Kathleen, the timing on this, from the RAT column ,freaked me out. Ode says:

    September 13, 2014 at 8:25 pm

    This is totally out there but the terrorist that killed Brendan Tevlin in New Jersey looks so much like the sketch from Morgan’s murder. I wonder if this guy was ever in Virginia.

    Yes My dearest Ode, this one is “out there”- but what a vigilant advocate for Morgan you are. Her case continues to haunt me because it is solvable.


    I don’t want to see it solved after another victim, ftlog.

    I don’t have to tell you that the hair on the back of my neck is still standing five minutes after reading that.

  19. LuckyBlackPearl says:

    Such a mix of emotions at the latest news. Happy. Relieved. Satisfied. Sad. Nervous.

    So glad that they caught him, that he wasn’t able to get away. So appreciative of all the people who played a part–no matter how small– in identifying and apprehending him.

    I began following this blog when Morgan first went missing. It’s been so long. Too long.

    Now I hope for justice to be served on behalf of Morgan, Hannah, and the unnamed victim in Fairfax, and, of course, hope desperately for Hannah to be found and brought home.

  20. ZoesDad says:

    I couldn’t remember my old screen name but I was here years ago when MH first went missing.

    I spent over a year (along with everyone else’s ++ years) trying to get an inkling of wth happened that night to MH, what soulless person could do this, and now we have Hannah missing.

    So many prayers in the hopes that they find her soon!

    I know it’s early yet but I hope that if they can tie him to MH, that they can tie him to several other lost angels in the area.

    Hoping for an end to so much sorrow.

  21. Rose7 says:

    Yes, you knew Blink …. You’ve known all along. Your patience is a virtue.

    Now, please find Hannah.

  22. mosaic says:

    Blink….thank you for maintaining your ethical and professional responsibilities over “scooping” the story. I’ll admit for a while I was a bit confused by what appeared to be your predisposition against this guy as you are always wide open to all credible information regardless of where it leads. But now it makes sense. Thank you.

  23. Aunt Annie says:

    Nagol – very interesting point about autism, I also have an autistic nephew through marriage. I humbly think we are dealing with someone very very different though. I think of autistic or aspbergers gentlemen as more shy socially with strangers although some do lash out/ have anger management issues etc.more with those they know when frustrated.
    You may be on to something as his apparent “lack of self control” mirrors some autistic or aspbergers behavior.
    I think that Jesse’s extremely forward and pushy “pick up” behavior which is indeed a form of assault and absolutely crosses any proper boundaries is a product of his macho narcissistic personality. I think he is extremely self-absorbed as witnessed when he angrily drove so recklessly that he endangered his mother’s life and when he stole his sister’s car to flee. No regard that his sister and nephew needed that car. No regard for his mother’s safety.
    He is obviously overtly self-indulgent. He probably feels entitled. He had the voracity to make the moves quickly on some extremely pretty women so he’s not lacking self-confidence.
    I also think that current “hook up” standards need to be clearly understood to explain his aggressive behavior touching Hannah and the other ladies in various bars on September 12th. Sadly, many young women think it’s perfectly ok to “hook up” sexually with a stranger and I am fairly sure that his boorish behavior has worked in scoring consensual “hook ups” from time to time with willing partners.
    I personally find his behavior repulsive and odd as well as forward but sadly think some of our young women have become desensitized to forward and forceful men, allowing themselves to fall victim to their “charms” without realizing their hidden agenda. Others simply agree to “hook up”with strangers. Our young ladies trust a gentleman will stop when asked to. They trust a gentleman will respect their boundaries. Nice guys do stop when asked and respect boundaries but some guys aren’t nice. I think this blind or manipulated trust leads to the majority of acquaintance rape cases. Often a rapist will manipulate/ pretend to be respectful then refuse to stop or respect a young woman’s wishes.
    While the pretty 25 year old cursed at Jesse after telling him several tines to stop touching her, a less forceful or more inebriated young lady like Hannah didn’t have a prayer for losing him. He was an egotistic, self-entitled predator on September 12th. Very likely his being publicly cussed-at/ rebuffed made him embarrassed/angry and all the more intent to score by force or worse. By the grace of God there are videos available that don’t lie.
    Any of Jesse’s friends or family members who are still fully in his court, excusing his behavior and feeling he is being falsely accused are fools. This guy is very plain and simply a narcissist, a predator, and worse. He needs to cooperate with this investigation or he unequivocally admits his own guilt through his silence after fleeing. They need to throw the book at him. He has not an ounce of care for Hannah’s desperate family and friends and it’s despicable. The fools who think he looks confused or scared are simply victims of his to a lesser degree than Hannah. He knows exactly what is going down and he’s smart enough to keep playing everyone in his path to his own narcissistic advantage.
    Personally I think his “about face” during taxi assault with attorney in 2009 was 100% due to the realization that they would have his DNA if attorney pressed charges. I think he is that clever and forward thinking and I don’t think he really has remorse for anyone but himself. His brooding behavior described by a work colleague is IMHO due to fearing for his own ass rather than any remorse for one of his victims.
    Ok, stepping off my soap box for the moment……
    Black Pearl- my thoughts exactly. Did he keep trophies like the necklace? That would be amazing. Fingers crossed.
    Texas Grandfather… you are exactly right about where they need to search well. I hope they do their due diligence in Red Hill / North Garden areas.

  24. Ode says:

    susanm says:
    September 29, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    Kathleen, the timing on this, from the RAT column ,freaked me out. Ode says:

    September 13, 2014 at 8:25 pm
    OMG OMG OMG I am stunned…MORGAN…I I have no words.

  25. Rose7 says:

    Aunt Annie …. KUDOS! My feeling exactly.

  26. Oneilgirl75 says:

    Oneilgirl75 says:
    September 29, 2014 at 11:52 am


    I hope everyone understands why this could not come from me as requested.
    Blink I believe at one point you said this type of thing is what makes you a bad journalist. I would say it is what makes you an excellent advocate and that my friend is why you have EARNED the respect of all of us that read and the families you have supported/helped through the worst tragedy they could ever go through. It’s the reason I come here for the FACTS! Not just a shotty quick need to be first without concern for who or how it affects the case which in reality is the victim. After all the victim is why we all (for the most part) here! Keep doing what you do. I have to say I can tell when you go quiet something is up :-)

    I am SO glad this day is finally here. I pray that we are near the answers that we all have prayed for all of these years along side the families that deserve them!

    I would like to hear from JM’s ex’s. I remember B saying that he more than likely would have a history of domestic violence.
    I also will be curious with this information being released how this will change his families position. Coming from a family with a strong Christian faith I can tell you we would NOT support a family member no matter how much we loved them if we were in this same position. We would love them but not support or aide them in any way other than maybe not want to see them get the death penalty. Is Va a death penalty state? Can that be put on the table to get him to talk?

    Anyhow. Thanks B for giving all of us a place to come to respectfully advocate. We all understand why you make the hard decisions you do. Even when we might not like them.

    Oneilg- I laughed when I read this, and at the end had that familiar lump in my throat. I suppose at some point it would be prudent to write about the very incapacious journey of the work and the need to restrict that public outcome for a time- Matthew was in custody after all.

    Right now, I do not feel Mr. Matthew is in any position to hear or consider any possibilities regarding prosecution. He has not been charged with a capital offense- yet.

    I believe Redrock said it best the other day- this is a watershed case.

  27. jessejane says:

    As for local history, Thomas Jefferson reigns supreme around here and his legacies of Monticello (his home) and UVA (which he founded) are of paramount importance to the area. Also, Ashlawn-Highland, home of President James Monroe, is up the road from Monticello. Also, I believe that James Madison’s home, Montpelier, is in neighboring Orange county.

    So in the big scheme of things, Charlottesville is very very proud of the homes of three presidents and the founding of the University. Also, folks around here are proud to be an hour from Richmond and not much farther from Williamsburg/Jamestown/Yorktown. And they are proud that Meriweather Lewis, half of the Lewis and Clark expedition commissioned by Jefferson, is from Albemarle County.

    Like Mom 3.0 said, there is a historical society that does ghost walks – years ago, at least, this was a walk around the downtown area, concentrating on Court Square and a nearby cemetary. Anchorage Farm is about 17 minutes by car from the downtown area, and the history walk is a walking tour (as the name implies). I have never heard locals allude to the history of Anchorage Farm and the story Blink told about the Lewis brothers. The discussion of slave history versus slave owners in the area has centered completely around Monticello following the familial DNA match in 1998 that proved that Jefferson had children with one of his slaves, Sally Hemmings.

    That’s about to change jj.

  28. Connie says:

    Wow! I had a feeling this might be coming together, but I must say this still shocked me.

  29. Ode says:

    I believe Redrock said it best the other day- this is a watershed case.
    That post has haunted me especially your response. I spent time looking at what was a “watershed”. It could be good or it could be bad. An interesting new way to look at this. That is why you still are the “great and powerful teacher” and your response scared me. I suppose you were not talking about that little creek on Anchorage Farm….Naaaa you weren’t.

  30. mindful says:

    In response to LuckyBlack Pearl at 9/29 11:48, you say that shirt planter may have been trying to send JLM a message. I assume you mean that the person who planted the shirt was NOT JLM. That means you think that at least one other person was involved?

    Very relevant, given the video footage we have all seen in front of Sal’s Pizza.

  31. Tiny says:

    Wow, I hope this continues to be reported on. Watershed indeed.
    Great work, Blink.

  32. Olivia says:

    JM is linked now forensically to Morgan Harrington. 5 years ago he looked very much like the chubby-cheeked, close-cropped Sketch (particularly the original hand-drawn); he dressed in a clean “preppy” manner, AND he drove a taxi. The photo of him standing by his taxi shows all of that. My question is: Did police check all professional drivers in the Charlottesville area? Time and time again that angle came up on this web site–what about professional drivers, taxi drivers, etc. I believe that given JM’s appearance and occupation at the time, they might have narrowed in on him, and then checked his history. Too much to ask of professional investigators?

  33. Olivia says:

    BY the way, I wonder what he was driving the night of Morgan’s disappearance and will cabs be forensically examined?

    I am in shock that we have answers finally.
    To all families involved in this, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  34. tarheellvr says:

    I, like many of you, am sitting here totally numb. I expected this….I really, really did, but to finally hear it spoken and to know what I thought all along is true…..wow, just wow!!

    Flooding back right now are all the posts/comments since Morgan went missing. So many of us talking about a cab co……Morgan feeling safe getting a ride that way. All the conversationa about Anchorage Farm and surrounding area…how he got there, how he found the place he put Morgan.
    Gil’s comments about Morgan’s bones…I’ve relived her saying this hundreds of times in my brain, I will never, ever foget her words about the daughter she loved more than life.
    Then seeing Sketch and DNA news…..then the t-shirt found with sketch’s dna. We surmised many, many situations/circumstances.
    All these years we’ve been here on this forum…..all for Morgan and her family. All the while believing someday we would finally know who was responsible
    Now, to finally know what we knew in our heart is true……I’m just numb, happy and relieved yes for the Harringtons, but just numb. I looked at his picture and all I could see was Morgan.
    My heart is so full right now…..I can’t even fathom what Dan and Gil are feeling.
    Thank God he is in custody…..just than God……

  35. Lyndsay says:

    Blink, a profile/behsvior analysis question here. We know that serial killers often start at places they know, in looking for victims, but then venture further and further out, Why do you think JLM stayed in this area so long? Was it because he wanted to get caught? Or did he brazen and sloppy after Morgan’s murder, thinking he’d never be caught? Was there also something about the way Morgan’s body was placed that suggested shame/penance? And why pick vics that were going to be searched for aka Missing White College Women, when, for example, Gary Ridgeway said he chose prostitutes b/c he knew no one would look for them. This guy lives in the DC/MD/VA area and knows theres VA state resources and a number of fed resources right down the street. Just curious as to your analysis of some of the choices this perp made, as opposed to the typical sociopathic/sexual serial murderer (I just moved to Los Angeles – Long Beach to be exact – and oh my GOD were there a buttload of serial killers operating in L.A. undetected here in the 80s!!)

    I think it would be a mistake to categorize or profile him this early. We are going to learn the most from the ones that got away with their lives, live in girlfriends, etc.

  36. alexandra says:

    O dear lord, I am crying for all the girls. We knew they would catch him, at the expense of the next girl. I am so sorry Hannah.

  37. questioner says:

    I just need to say WOW! That’s about the only thing that I’m able to get out. Other than, Sketch does indeed look like Mathews, 5 years later.

  38. kfb221 says:

    Yes, the latter. I am saying that- well, I can now- that I did not feel the necklace was taken ( her boots and socks were missing as well) as a sort of trophy- I don’t see this offender that way- it is incongruent with her placement style and location, imo. Who knows- shirt planter might have been sending JLM a message.


    I read in Coy’s article that on the night Hannah was taken, JM asked a woman at Tempo to remove her shoes so he could see her feet. Do you think he kept the boots as a souvenir?

    Continuing to lift up Hannah, the Harringtons, and the Grahams…

  39. erose says:

    Is it possible that the first charges will come from the MH case since there is a forensic link to that? If the prosecutor does that will it shut him up on any potential knowledge he has on HG? I would imagine they are in a very tricky position wrt finding HG.

    Right now, I would say both are active and ongoing investigations linked to the same suspect- Matthew has already been charged in the abduction with intent to defile and the reason he is being held without bond. Fairfax victim 2005 may be tough to find, but unfortunately it is my understanding LE is working from a list- if you can believe that.

  40. BlackPearl says:

    Mindful– It’s always been part of the discussion that someone other than JLM could have placed Morgan’s t-shirt on that bush. The idea being that JLM might have kept it and someone close to him found it and placed it in plain view in an effort to make evidence available, to link him to the crime, to make LE aware of JLM without actually turning him in themselves. But it’s also entirely possible that JLM placed the shirt on the bush himself in an effort to mislead and distract investigators; to throw them off of the southerly path he took to place Morgan on Anchorage Farms. Maybe when the case goes to trial we’ll find out which scenario it was, maybe not.

  41. Formerbarista says:

    Hello, Blink,
    My September 28, 2014, 8:28pm comment is holding. Not sure if that topic has already been covered or not, or if you just haven’t gotten to it.

    I returned to bring a little bit of solace and hope, and some push for uniting to find Hannah. My also be off topic or not okay, but I hope it helps.


  42. Aunt Annie says:

    Blink- thank you for providing this amazing web page. You have gifted so many of us with refuge and a place to speak our piece after we have been traumatized by monsters.
    Rose7 – thank you for your kind words. I’m honored.
    Tarheellvr- well written. I’m touched and echo your sentiments entirely.
    It’s been a long long road and a roller-coaster ride emotionally for the devoted & long-time followers of Morgan’s story and now Hannah’s (and others between.)
    So many of us, including me, follow dear Blink’s blog in order to honor the memory of a loved one who lost their life to a serial rapist/ killer, making this victory no less than one we can personally own.
    It is a very sweet victory to know heart and soul that a serial rapist/ killer is locked away and God-willing will not be able to hurt other innocents ever again.
    I’m feeling enormous relief for Gil Harrington and family and enormous sadness/empathy for Hannah’s mama and other loved ones, Jesse’s mama and all family/friends.
    So many lives that will never, ever be whole again.
    Also feeling great empathy for beautiful Alexis Murphy’s family members who are re-living their own nightmare with Hannah’s story. I only recently read how they decided to forgo a plea deal with Randy Taylor which possibly would have disclosed the location of Alexis’ body in order to keep Taylor locked up longer. God bless their fortitude and selflessness. What a testament to grace and conscience about “saving the next girl” under enormous pressure.
    I can’t help but feel that Morgan and our other angels are looking down from Heaven and smiling today.
    God bless our courageous and thoughtful law-enforcement officers- most especially the FBI, Virginia State Police and Charlottesville Police officers who are working tirelessly and thoughtfully to see this case through.

    In memory of my sweet, brilliant friend and sorority sister Angie Samota (1964-1984) and in thanks for Dallas,TX Police detective Linda Crum, officer Janice Crowther and all the amazing living angels who knew to save DNA and who matched DNA from Angie’s cold case so many years later. You are my heroes!

  43. Eloise says:

    tarheellvr says:
    September 29, 2014 at 5:24 pm

    I feel you tarheel- my thoughts exactly.

  44. Funkemom says:

    Being local & a mom, I am beyond relieved to hear of the connection of these two cases. My prayers remain, strongly for Hannah’s family and for her to be found, and I will hope with all I have that she is alive. My prayers extend as well to all the families – seeing The Harrington’s on the Today Show, brought me to tears. Yet there is still this great fear within me that Jesse was not in on any of this alone. I stated earlier that a close family member grew up playing football with him. His fears remain, for his neices living in the area, that there are others out there who were involved. I pray dearly that he was alone on this, but if he wasn’t, I pray Jesse will tell it all. Maybe he is smarter than everyone thinks he is, after all he got away for years with many thinking of hoping as a “gentle giant”. I continue my prayers and will be teacher no my children to never walk alone. There is an invincibility felt by teens and young twenty somethings, they think it can’t happen to them. I remember feeling just that way many years ago. I pray this opens up many of our young adult’s eyes.

  45. NaNa says:

    I wonder if police also have forensic evidence to link JM to the 2005 sex assault in Fairfax? Nothing is mentioned in any articles to suggest that they do. What do you think, Blink?
    I can’t address that NaNa.

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