Missing From UVA : Hannah Elizabeth Graham

Charlottesville, VA-  Second  year University of Virginia student Hannah Graham texted her friends last Saturday morning at approximately 1:20 AM- saying she was lost in the area of Wertland Street.

She has not been heard from since.  According to Charlottesville Police Captain Gary Pleasants,  it is believed Ms. Graham was intoxicated at the time of her disappearance and may have been on her way to a party but did not arrive.

In recently released images of Graham leaving her apartment at approximately 9:30PM Friday evening, she is shown wearing black skinny pants and a gold and black mesh crop-top, beige shoes or sneakers.


Ms. Graham’s disappearance is not related to a 2013 teen runaway from Indiana with the same name.

The disappearance of Ms. Graham comes on the heels of the recently adjudicated murder trial of Alexis Murphy  , the disappearance on the same date as Ms. Graham in 2010 of Samantha Clark and of the course the unsolved murder of Morgan Harrington, who disappeared from John Paul Jones arena in October 2009 and later found murdered in January 2010 on Anchorage Farm in Albemarle County.

In Ms. Harrington’s case, the DNA profile and sketch of the suspect in her murder as well as a rape in Fairfax county in September 2005 was released, but he has not been identified by name or captured.

Harrington Murder Suspect Sketch

Ms. Murphy’s  remains have never been recovered and Ms. Clark is still missing,  also believed to also be a victim of Randy Allen Taylor, currently serving a life sentence for Murphy’s kidnapping and murder.

Hannah Graham is described as 5’11 tall, with light brown hair and blue eyes.  Police are asking anyone with information regarding her disappearance to call the Charlottesville Police Department at 434-970-3280 or CrimeStoppers at 434-977-4000.









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  1. susanm says:

    The high tech imaging system bought during morgans investigation was said to come into play once a suspect was I’d it was said to view angles and movements and would be used in the trail for prosecution. I wonder if that is still on and if that team is on deck, was he parked in the lot, backed in at the fence line? And I think the other item thought to be planted besides the shirt was the purse ,thought to be brought back after.that camera could def. Be useful now.

  2. NaNa says:

    The question I posed last night about whether there was DNA evidence linking him to the rape in Fairfax was answered today…just as I suspected

    Very quickly thereafter, Virginia State Police announced a “forensic link” to another infamous case at the university — the 2009 killing of Morgan Harrington, whose body was found in a hayfield three months after she vanished. That case, in turn has been linked by DNA evidence since 2012 to the rape of a woman in Fairfax, Va., who survived after a passerby startled her attacker, the FBI has said.


  3. NaNa says:

    We all “know” Heather is no longer alive. The police would like to hope there is another person involved who may be holding her hostage, but given the pattern, it’s highly unlikely. Praying for her family. I can’t imagine the horror. God bless you sweet Heather. I hope this evil man is sentenced to death.

  4. Olivia says:

    Speaking of all the local history I noticed immediately that Jesse Mathew’s grandmother’s last name was Carr. Locally, in the 1700s the Carrs and the Lewises were sibling in-laws and cousins through the Jeffersons. Thomas Jefferson’s sister Martha married his very close friend Dabney Carr. His sister Lucy married Charles Lewis, owner of Anchorage Farm property. All were wealthy slave owners and land holders. All were in close contact. In fact, the Carr nephews of Jefferson frequently were pointed to by historians as the most likely men in the family to have had “relations” with Jefferson’s slave Sally Hemings, before the DNA evidence proved TJ’s paternity to her children. Two of the Lewis nephews proved to be monsters (as Blink’s article points out) while the Carr nephews were considered sexual louts who took full advantage of the slave women in the families. Of course, more and more it appears that most white men were having sexual relations (forced or consensual) with slaves. In the south, we wonder about the possible family connections between black and white families with the same sir names. Plenty of Carrs and Jeffersons and Lewises, both black and white, are in the area–and some whites are known (proud) descendants of those slave-holding families of the 1700s. Is there oral history that has come down in black Carr or Lewis or Jefferson families? Not sure if any of this is relevant to JM or to his apparent monstrous violence and choice of AF to leave MH.

    Thanks Olivia. You don’t say.

    I am guessing you may not have read piece on the AF connection from 2011- I am not in a position to link it at the moment from my phone, but maybe someone will be kind enough.

    Yes, there is a legacy statement with Morgan’s placement- I have been adamant about it from the day of her recovery on January 26 2010.

  5. Olivia says:

    Typo: Matthew is the spelling.

  6. Mom3.0 says:

    Here you go Olivia-


    Thank you for posting that info I was unaware of the exact connection

    I was patiently waiting for someone to spell it out for me.

    Blink I know you got alot of flack for sharing that research and for having the audacity to go back such a long way into the history

    Again it is uncanny just how your 30 thousand feet perch allowed you to cover so much that seems to be in discussion now-

    It seems you were circling but were just unable to get in touch with ground control.. back then most taunted you as too far out that long ago history rader wasnt concerned with THAT long ago past This history couldnt possibly be part of the answer to any pertinent questions – Shes crazy

    Thanks to you and your team for your hard work and unwavering determination -

    we never know what is important and what isnt. Narrowing the focus doesnt always produce results thanks for being “out there” cuz sometimes that is exactly where the truth is found

    Praying for Hannah

    AJMO Peace

    Thank you kind lady- most appreciated.

    I want to be clear that I am not speaking with hubris intent.

    But what started out at 30K feet based on Morgan’s recovery site, ended up being in the damn weeds till this is over and I am saddened beyond consolation that it took at least one other woman’s life to glean proper investigation. However, don’t think there was not more victims between Oct 2009 and Hannah Graham- there will be.

    Why no comparable statement from VSP in contrast to Chief Longo’s empassioned pleas to the same jurisdiction that coughed up Morgan Dana Harrington- albeit 3 months later after a 12 alarm fire across the damn street?

    If I sound like I am spilling over the silo it is because I am. There is so much at the end of this day that was provided and not followed up on that will categorically shift LE protocol in these cases and Hannah Graham paid with her life. Yes. I said that.


  7. Olivia says:

    I pointed out your article above.
    My point was that JM’s grandmother is an 82 year old Carr, and perhaps her family has been local for a long time. And the Carrs were close to the Lewis family, as well as the Jeffersons. Your did not mention the Carrs, if memory serves. But I’m not sure how or whether this actually connects to JM’s behavior. Could be a historical/cultural “legacy statement” or could be even a kinship connection.

  8. Rose7 says:

    Blink, is Debra CARR Matthew a clue?

  9. Lurker says:

    I wondered this when I read Coy Barefoot’s timeline re: the girls JM was bothering earlier in the evening; now with the comment about Morgan Harrington — “her boots and socks were missing as well” — makes me wonder about a foot fetish. Important only in that it might provide more clues.

  10. Lurker says:

    What I don’t understand from the surveillance video is how JM was able to see her coming. He crosses over before she’s even in the frame, and she’s walking pretty quickly. How could he have time to see her, assess her vulnerability, then cross over so quickly? He didn’t miss a beat. And how did OWG know she was behind him such that he would stop, step back, wait for her, then step back out and follow? The only thing that makes sense to me is some sort of tag-team stalking.

  11. Rose says:

    @Lurker. Searcher today said they were searching in part for cell & shoes.
    Don’t recall the link, but a news spot linked on Help Find…

  12. Scout says:

    JM was a facebook friend (they unfriended him) of Step Up- a sexual assault awareness group in Charlottesville. How Ted Bundy of him.

    Right- makes me wonder what sort of private provisions were reached on his behalf.

  13. Brenda says:

    Lurker says:
    October 4, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    ….now with the comment about Morgan Harrington — “her boots and socks were missing as well” — makes me wonder about a foot fetish. Important only in that it might provide more clues.

    Makes me wonder what LE found in the apartment he may have kept from his victims. Of course Matthews did ask about seeing the feet of the women he was bothering night Hannah went missing. Bad thing is he had a window of opportunity to remove/dispose of items that would have incriminated him, but maybe not all?

  14. Cadillac says:

    Did LE ever find Morgan’s necklace?

  15. Lurker says:

    Here are some questions and answers to/from Alexis Murphy on Ask.fm. While it’s not clear who they’re from (and they may not all be the same person), I thought they were possibly significant.

    “Saw yu at liberty in dem flower leggins goodness girl” “Lol, word? I was probably pumping gas.”

    “do u lke dreadheads” “Yeah.”

    “But what bout them dreadheads tho?!” “LAWD YES !!!!!!”

    “But them 6ft ^ dreadheadsssss..?!!?” “Omgggg, who are you ? :)

    “would you sell your socks for enough money?” “How much is enough ?”

    “I would suck ya toes” “That’s disgusting.”

  16. Ragdoll says:

    Generational grief? Pay back? Cell memory and DNA can be strong contributors towards the kinds of lives we lead.

    Somehow, I think this has to do with rite of passage, through the generations, where JM is concerned. Most of us are not aware of this and how some things get passed down, and make us who we are today. There may be residual oppression involved. Yes, I’m saying these could be murders based on a spiritual realm or level, if you will.

    Anyone here watch the episode of ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ with Oprah Winfrey. It’s not wonder she is who she is…and that’s not a bad thing. It can be a curse or a blessing.

    JMHO…..peace <3

  17. Brenda says:

    I’m likely not going to be first to post this (and Blink likely already knows) but DANG….


    Apparently some of Matthews coworkers even teased him about how much he looked like the drawing of the suspect. He sometimes shrugged it off and others became “visibly upset”. Says they have impounded the cab used the night Morgan was taken, which Matthews WAS driving. The picture is coming together like a bad movie.

  18. Malty says:

    Watching HLN It sounds like this Morgan H is almost linked into this JM
    And maybe more girls

  19. leslie says:

    OK….now it comes out…5yrs on that she was seen getting in a cab the night of the concert…just 2wks ago the cab is found. “abandoned”? huh? he was teased about looking like sketch…no one followed up on that…so…what are these sketches for?looks “just like you!”…oh wow….no need to mention that to LE? this case has so much bungling in it…all the weird niggling details…that he had been called out for giving free rides to”attractive girls”…oh…no reason to interview him again…or….take his vehicle in for a look see…I may not be informed about the ability the po have to take action with a suspect…but this guy just stinks…gentle giant my ass…I lived in ville for a long time…the area in question…out in southern albemarle county …whoa…grahams body could be anywhere…I think he spent the last 5years figuring out how to dispose of a body out a trace….I am becoming obsessed with this case

  20. leslie says:

    the link to the 2013teport of a uva student being assaulted in van/taxi…..sm I losing my mind….no charges are filed…nothing….yet it seems Harrington got into a cab at JPJ …..even tho all I have ever read is about her car….hitchhiking….acting wacky….but…a cab? NO…..there has been no mention of her being picked up by a cab….this case is making me dizzy with questions….about the cab company…uva…his coworkers and most of all whatever branch of LE that has screwed this all up so perfectly…
    bet he gets off on the graham charges….also WHY is his sisters blue sentra sitting in Galveston….they have processed this car and found it clean? going to scream and tear my hair out…the Carr family connection conjectures are so weird….having lived there for a very long time….Virginia is an ancestor worshipping culture at heart….Shintoism of the south….

  21. erose says:

    The taxi sat abandoned for 5 years? On a farm? Which farm?

  22. Ragdoll says:

    leslie says:
    October 10, 2014 at 10:24 am

    WRT friends commenting to JM about looking like sketch…this is interesting to me. Same deal with the Boston Marathon Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (the younger terrorist brother who survived). He wasn’t hiding from public view. In fact, he was out and about as if life was normal for him. He got the same comments from his friends….but they saw the ACTUAL photos of him via videos posted by LE. They still didn’t make the connection, despite his image being all over the media! His friends joked about him looking like one of the brothers. The mind cannot conceive where it hasn’t been? Both suspects were well liked, highly thought of by friends, colleagues, etc.

    I’m starting to think that this is not uncommon. ‘You LOOK like him but NO WAY could you BE him’. Perhaps this is why photos don’t receive the ‘hits’ LE hopes to attract. No one wants to believe someone they know is capable of a heinous crime.


    PS. Dog ate our ‘well spiced’ bread for the turkey stuffing. Rescued him 2.5 years ago. He’s a garbage dog. You’d think we’d learn by now…not to leave anything HE considers edible (that includes toilet paper on the roll).

    Happy Thanksgiving Canada

    A blessed and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours FriendLY!
    And give pup a pass, lol, that was his way to show you he is thankful for the rescue :)


  23. Ragdoll says:

    …and if that Taxi is directly linked to Morgan….no riding in one by myself! What woman, in Morgan’s situation, would think a taxi as being something to be wary of? You’d think it was a haven compared to being out in the dark, with no working phone, cold, alone….

    Calibrate your satellites, Blinkers xo xo xo

    Giving thanks. this Thanksgiving, for the lives of Hannah and Morgan…and that their deaths are equated to Saving The Next Girl! 2*4*1* Their suffering is dead but I know they are with their Lord; pure glory and joy. My thoughts and prayers to their families, whom I sure would rather have them here, with them <3 <3 <3

  24. Ragdoll says:

    Bless your heart, friendLY. He IS a big sweetie (chocolate lab) and has brought us so much joy…and laughs. As our son puts it…a big lump of love :D

    Thank you…thankful for y’all..and many blessings <3

  25. Infidel says:

    I have noticed the wicked comments by the suspects friends on YouTube video’s. The videos about Hannah’s disappearance. A common them among them criminal record’s, employment at UVA, gang affiliation, and a hatred for white girls. All found on there Facebook pages,and You tube comments. You can look for yourself by starting with Michael Moore. He has been interviewed by a reporter. he claims to be the suspects friend.

  26. LD says:

    It occurred to me that the best clue where Hannah is located would be on the gas and brake pedals (or right under them on the floor) of the Orange car of Jesse Matthew that the police have impounded.

    Depends on many variables LD- the least of which would be the evidence being exclusive to location.
    That is a Himalayan forensic hurdle, imo.

  27. Courtney says:

    Well, don’t know if JM killed for sure (innocent until proven guilty), but circumstantial evidence suggests so
    If those who suspect he is a descendants of slave owners are correct, their hunch that generational patterns re. crossing boundaries in sexual relations may not be far fetched. Generational patterns can go on in ANY family not necessarily because of genetics but because of patterning in the brain via neural networks as being “the way we do things” in this family. “Boys will be boys” mindset. One also can’t help but wonder if some subliminal level of payback is going on for the “sins of the fathers” (if the speculative comments here carry any weight.) Wow. Mind boggling.

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