Eve of Anniversary Of Harrington Murder: Hannah Graham Still Missing, Jesse Matthew Not Talking

“It is heart-breaking for us that the person or persons who know where Hannah is have not come forward with that information, “It is within their power both to end this nightmare for all, and to relieve the searchers of their arduous task.” – John and Sue Graham on October 13,  the one month anniversary of their daughter Hannah’s disappearance.

Hannah Graham Facebook


“…The gentleman with whom I spoke worked as a bouncer at a restaurant and bar where Jesse Matthew was a regular this past summer. And he told me, he said Coy, I had to ban him for about two months because I was concerned about the safety of the young women in the bar…” – Coy Barefoot to Wolf Blitzer, CNN

Jesse Leroy Matthew awaits his first court appearance behind the walls of Albemarle County Regional Jail on charges he abducted 2nd year UVA student Hannah Graham- with the intent to defile.  Matthew’s preliminary hearing is currently scheduled for December.   Matthew is represented by former Commonwealth prosecutor Jim Camblos.   Camblos says that very little evidence against his client has been shared with him.

Matthew was investigated at least twice between 2002 and 2003 for rape allegations involving two female students at Liberty University and Christopher Newport University respectively.  No charges were filed in either case however,  Matthew’s scholarship was revoked to Liberty and he was expelled the same day of the Liberty U incident- October 17, 2002.

Seven years later to the day- Morgan Dana Harrington would come in contact with Matthew outside of the JPJ arena.  It is presumed Harrington made arrangements to secure a ride, or “fare” in Matthew’s gold minivan taxi.   On November 5, 2009  a resident of the apartments at 15th & Grady reported what he recognized as Harrington’s Pantera shirt- the one she was last seen wearing the evening of her disappearance- draped over a bush.    Charlottesville Police retrieved the shirt and forensic testing confirmed that it was indeed the tee belonging to Morgan Harrington- a gift from her bestie Sarah Snead who had positively identified it to Cville detectives from a photo.

Morgan Harrington courtesy of the Harrington Family

Testing also revealed a DNA profile of an African American male suspect of a brutal, unsolved rape that occurred in Fairfax, VA on September 24, 2005.   The victim, whose identity is being withheld as a victim of a sexual assault , was choked unconscious after enduring a vicious beating which was mercifully interrupted by a passerby.

Morgan Dana Harrington’s mostly skeletonized remains were found in a hay-hollow the morning of January 26th, 2010.   Morgan had been pulverized by her attacker- according to Morgan’s Mother, Gilbert (Gil) Harrington- she had also been raped.

By July 2010,  police and the FBI had a face, physical description,  similar victimization pattern and a DNA match-but no name.  That changed on September 25th, 2014.


Following the discovery of Matthew’s old cab located on what police will only disclose as “a farm in Albemarle county” the Virginia State Police phoned the Harrington’s the following Sunday afternoon.   Jesse Leroy Matthew, Jr.  known to friends as just “LJ”, was forensically linked to the murder of Morgan Harrington (translation : he owns the DNA located on her tee shirt found on the bush).   While Fairfax investigators have not confirmed his connection to the DNA recovered in their unsolved rape case, sources inside the investigation who do not have permission to speak officially have confirmed that Matthew’s DNA is a solid match.   Those sources also say that Jessie’s cab has yielded additional direct evidence in the Harrington murder.

A flurry of false reports that Matthew was the target of a 2009 interview regarding the Harrington disappearance caused Corrine Geller,  VSP Public Information Officer to go on the record:

Inaccurate information was released today by certain media outlets citing unnamed “sources” regarding the Morgan Harrington investigation. Jesse L. Matthew Jr. was never interviewed in 2009 by state police in connection with the Morgan Harrington investigation.”

“Right now the disappearance and death of Morgan are the core focus of the Virginia State Police investigation. Release of information from anyone other than the Virginia State Police concerning this case is not official nor factually confirmed. The Harrington family and public deserve accurate representation of the facts of this case. State police will release new information at a time and in a manner that does not jeopardize the integrity of this ongoing, complex criminal investigation.”

A correction as to who interviewed Matthew appeared to claim that Charlottesville Police interviewed him PRIOR to Harrington’s case in an unrelated criminal matter.   How do I already know what that “unrelated criminal matter”   alleged?

On this eve of the 5 year anniversary of the disappearance and murder of Morgan Harrington one can presume that inquiry will be on the minds of many.    Many wanting to know how “LJ” seemingly ran untethered through various counties of Virginia, PA, NC, and MD eluding multiple charges of rape- and four months prior to Harrington’s abduction and murder grand larceny, assault and battery.

As a felony conviction in VA,  Matthew’s DNA would have been taken and submitted into the database where a hit to the 2005 Fairfax assault was waiting.

P.Erik Wilke,  Charlottesville Attorney, in an interview with Hawes Spencer contends that the prosecutor in the June 2009 incident asked him if he would be ok with dropping those charges and allowing Matthew to plead guilty to trespassing- a misdemeanor.    The 6’2”  260lb “gentle giant” as several friends and classmates have referred to him was able to slip through a hole in the legal fence yet again- after cornering,  stealing the phone and splitting the lip of an Attorney and Director of Rivanna Conservancy.   Wilke claimed Matthew was remorseful and after helping him locate his glasses, drove him to the hospital where he received 2 stiches.   Wilke was located through court records involving the incident and when interviewed claimed he did not even remember Matthew’s name.



Nature Nurture Nowhere

LJ Matthew- a lifelong resident of bordering Virgina counties at one time or another by all accounts had a difficult and impoverished childhood.   LJ and sister Latasha (Nicky) Matthew attended school with some of Albemarle county’s wealthiest and legacy land-owning families.   Matthew attended special education classes  and what he lacked perhaps in learning ability he had State champion athletic ability at first Charlotteville  HS and then Monticello HS.    Matthew won a full scholarship to Liberty University- a NCAA Division 1 football player.  He lasted 3 seasons.  Requests to the NCAA to review Matthew’s eligibility applications to include his GPA,  SAT and ACT scores in compliance with NCAA scholarship and player eligibility verifications were denied citing “student records are Federally exempt from disclosure.”

In short, you can bet that a review of Matthew’s eligibility in light of the PSU debacle,  as well as the recent NFL Ray Rice entanglements is underway.


When Matthew was approached by a Galveston deputy while pitching his blue tent on the same grounds that were near at least one dump site of famed sick and twisted serial killer ,  he told the officer his name was George Carr, and that his date of birth was 12/16/1984.   A review of several of LJ Matthew’s High School sports records show he used the name Matthews.  Court records show some misdemeanor offences for LJ’s father also under the name Matthews- with an s.

Charges for lying to that cop are pending, but what is keenly interesting about what he said is the “Carr” family, specifically descendants before and following George Carr- are connected as far back as the Thomas Jefferson era and are connected to Morgan Harrington’s death knell-  Anchorage Farm.

My article opining a legacy connection to the choice of the offender to leave Harrington on the very historical grounds of Anchorage Farm can be read here.

Matthew has genealogy ties to both the Carr and Cabell families.  In fact,  while on his way to Galveston,  Matthew phoned Conley Greer a “Carr” relative and  a Baton Rouge resident. Ultimately it is how Charlottesville PD- with the help of the FBI ,was able to track him.


Easy Access

From 2005 through 2010  Todd Divers, VA commissioner of revenue says Matthew was licensed to operate a cab.

Matthew worked for a few different cab companies as a contractor, starting with Yellow Cab.  Recently, anonymous former co-workers of Matthew pointed a finger toward Trevis Lynch Poole as “the man Cops should be talking to if they want to know about Jesse”.  Indeed.

Poole, along with a few siblings over the years was convicted in one of Charlottesville’s biggest drug investigations, spawning the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force (JADE) on charges of  cocaine distribution in multiple states.

Upon Poole’s release from prison he partnered with Cynthia Mook Herndon,  owner of Access Taxi at the time- managing the drivers.  Up until 2012 Poole maintained the same address in Palmyra as Herndon.

According to recent financial documents obtained exclusively by www.blinkoncrime.com-  after Poole was indicted and subsequently arrested in 2012 for abduction and battery Herndon sold “Access Taxi” to Yellow Cab owner Mark Brown for a sum of $60,000 to be paid as a receivable to the newly formed “Anytime Taxi” in weekly increments of $1000.   According to Herndon,  she owned three 2005 Mercury vehicles as cabs and all 3 were “junked”.   One was totaled in an accident and the other two- no further explanation.   Poole does have a conviction for selling a vehicle without a title in () and garnishments from his Insurance underwriter.   By 2014,  Herndon claims she has only received just over $3400 for the sale to Brown.

While it is not known if it is related to anyone at “Access”- there was a rash of cab fires in 2011 in the Cville area.

Of particular interest, would be the flaming cab in the parking lot of Charlottesville Offices of Region 10.’s Board of Directors location on Preston Avenue.  Region 10  CSB is an emergency crisis intervention organization specializing in mental health and addiction crisis.

An employee of Region 10 is also listed as one of LJ’s roommates at the Hessian Hills apartment police searched and recovered evidence following Graham’s disappearance.(link

At least in 2007,  Jesse Matthew was driving a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis bearing the bumper sticker- “Rehab is for Quitters.”


Charlottesville Police are offering a $100,000 reward for the safe return of Hannah Graham.

There is a $150,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Morgan Harrington’s killer or killers.



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  1. A Texas Grandfather says:

    A very good interview with Dana Blink

    The two of you made me laugh regarding the cardboard cut-outs. People who continue to work and learn have to become masters of time management. This also teaches children that mom and dad are persons that have other interests than just taking care of them. In addition, it teaches children that learning is a life-long endeavor with formal education being only a part of it.

    This case is not going to be just what we now know regarding some of the victims. If we go back 14 years in time, that puts JM’s age at eighteen. I think the investigation should begin as early as 14 years of age. When that is done, I think LE will discover more assaults where some include rapes that were never reported.

    There is a case currently in Arizona where a 17 year old is charged with rape of 18 or 19 young women over a period of more than a year. All were teens that he went to school with. Then there is the question of why did JM change schools? Did the family move or was there some other reason such as behavior problems?

    Remember the guy from Knoxville, Tennessee who traveled into North Carolina and Virginia to find his victims. He was imprisoned for some of his crimes, but when he got out he continued them. This included rape and murder of two women and rape of several others.

    The advent of our great interstate highway system has made it possible for one with a good vehicle to travel one hundred miles in an hour and one-half. Even the secondary roads are better than the little two lane roads prior to 1960.

  2. Judi says:

    Thanks B!

    P.S. This article is on cnn today. Cried my eyes out reading it :-)


  3. A Texas Grandfather says:


    In regards to your Christmas gifts for the young lady, I will second Blink’s recommendations. To those I would like for you to investigate the PepperblasterII from Kimber America. This is a lightweight plastic device that will deliver two high pressure shots of pepper spray that travel at 112 mph up to thirty-five feet. The shape of the Pepperblaster is that of a small auto pistol.

    This means you could also give her one of the pencil style lazer pointing devices for learning how to quickly acquiring a target from a carry position. The laser device could be taped to the top of the Pepperblaster for practice or even for use. Most of the time the distance from a defender to an attacker is less than ten feet.

    I would like to see Kimber develop a suitable training product that could be loaded with colored water for practice.

  4. Straight Talker says:

    Good advice Blink…gun handling and safety, and diligent practice is a must when carrying. I also agree that any weapon you choose to carry can possibly be used against you. I hated and feared guns before my assault …but that has all changed. It is a personal choice I believe in regards to carry or not to carry…but I, knowing full well of the risk, would rather take the chance of being shot with my own weapon then endure the horrific nightmare that we can all only imagine that Morgan must have endured based on her Mother’s description upon finding her body. The fear of that event in my life haunts me to this day….almost 30 years later.

  5. GeorgiaDad says:

    @ATG – I learned to drive in a 1961 Dodge Seneca with a slant 6 and “three on the tree”.

    My personal feeling is the JM acted alone.
    We know in the Fairfax case that he acted alone, as the survivor would well have been aware of an accomplice.
    In MH’s case, we know a lot about what happened before her abduction, and know where she ended up, but I know of no reports of JM interacting with MH other than the DNA on the shirt.
    In HG’s case, JM appears to have been out of control on the night of the abduction, a fact which to me suggests against an organized conspiracy.

    Did he have help after the crimes with body disposal? Possibly, but I doubt it. Were there people around him who suspected him of these incidents or similar? Quite likely, but apparently many of his friends had reasons to stay away from the police.

  6. Josie says:

    As this is the fifth anniversary of Morgan’s abduction and murder, I’d just like to say that I think Dan and Gil Harrington are remarkable. After all they’ve been through, a parent’s worst nightmare, the loss of their precious and beautiful daughter, they have remained so gracious and kind. Always thinking of others and offering their support to families in like situations. They never cease to amaze me. A special loving prayer for strength to them today. And a gracious thank you.

  7. leslie says:

    the carr/cabell resentment idea seems preposterous to me…is this guy even reading above the comic book level…much less scouring the records at the albemarle charlottesville historical society…his mother doesn’t sound like a scholar of any stripe…poole was arrested in the mid 80′s, not while he owned the cab company…yeah and how DID this d-head afford the apt? $895 a month?…right the roomates…where the h are they? or his”girlfriend”…why did he leave martha jefferson house…fondling the old people…i really do wonder…when was he possibly in all these other states….there are, on average,85,000 missing person reports filed yearly, according to the fbi….

    Why would he have to scour anything? You don’t think legacy families in that area know their own history?

    There are no reports who abused any patients or residents of MJH. Poole did not own the cab company- he managed it, and HE WAS arrested during his tenure.

  8. Liam says:

    God bless these poor girls and their families. JM is done, it`s over for him. Even now, considering what little known evidence there is against him, it is hugely damaging and points strongly towards him being a murderer. He deserves the death penalty and I hope he gets it and soon.

    He was eventually caught on camera which reminded me of the lack of camera footage from the area of JPJ Arena. This technology is not being utilised to it`s maximum capabilities. It won`t stop animals like JM from murdering, it`ll help identify and catch him quicker.

  9. Rose7 says:

    CNN: Coy Barefoot says searchers are going to start digging in a spot the dogs hit on. Pray for God’s graces for the Graham family. If this is Hannah, I give credit to Longo and his persistence and wisdom to release information that got the whole community involved. If only, if only VSP could have been so dedicated.

    Seems like the release of information that is NOT critical to prosecuting a case is a valuable tool to solving any case. IMHO – VS not only did not release information that would have helped in Morgan’s case, they would never correct incorrect information either. Why? Now Virginia needs to fix that.

  10. Curious says:

    How do we know that there was “solid” evidence that Morgan Harrington was in the cab which belonged to JM??
    I’ve not read that anywhere in any of the C’ville local publications…

  11. Straight Talker says:

    I found the lyrics to this song ironic bearing the title “Rehab” by the band Cephalic Carnage. The lyrics bear the very words on the bumper sticker of the Grand Marquis Cab Matthew was driving in 2007…Rehab Is For Losers. Read the lyrics to the ninth verse…Chilling!


    ST- that is not what the bumper sticker said. It said rehab is for quitters.

  12. sassy says:

    you know in the holly bobo case in tennessee , zach adams {one of the accused the main one} brother has admitted to raping her the day of her disappearence this happen a few days ago, so the alway hope i guess of someone doing the right thing

  13. GraceintheHills says:

    Curious says:
    October 17, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    How do we know that there was “solid” evidence that Morgan Harrington was in the cab which belonged to JM??

    We don’t know. I don’t think LE has released any information about MH getting into anyone’s cab.

  14. Belsma says:

    Was at the kitchen sink cleaning things up this evening and for some reason I had a “calm” feeling that Hannah will be found soon, or something would get resolved with her case. Usually, I am highly anxious and trying to figure out a way to keep my own daughter safe. I am probably just a crazy person making my mind play tricks on me for my mental health! Don’t know if it was from reading Gil Harringtons amazing interview about Morgan being passed for 5 years and how she has carried on and keeps fighting for our girls. I hope during these searches we can recover and bring home all of those that have gone missing in the region.

  15. IBE says:

    I hope for the kind people of Charlottesville that these cases will be solved and more prevented; my kin go back in this area to the Woods and the Wallaces around 1754++. (Wood’s (Jarman’s) Gap et al.) The people, the scenery, the university are just too beautiful to have these negatives.

    Best for all, IBE

  16. Kat says:

    After the Showalter girl was abducted from her car, I think this was in the early 90′s, (guys mo was to flag young women down on 29 North to tell them there was something wrong with their cars to make them pull over), I did get a concealed carry permit. I am glad I did it because I lost my fear of guns, and enjoyed years of shotgun sports. However, logically speaking and if you really want to do it right, one needs to be carrying the handgun in a special purse where the gun can be easily accessed fast or on one’s person. Otherwise forget it. Also one need to keep up with one’s skills at s firing range at some regular interval. The glove box routine may give a sense of security but where is it when you need it? And the work place may not allow firearms, so no protection there.

    It gets tiresome to keep up with this tactic all the time. Better yet to learn some self defense moves and or pepper spray as Tex mentioned.

  17. Kat says:

    Also VA state law requires all guns in cases in back of the car. No easy access in emergency.

  18. Kat says:

    Clarification-conceal carry does not require cased in back of car. But if you do not have concealed carry, yes does need to be cased if long gun and no, if handgun. But unloaded and not easy access. Travel to sporting clay ranges I had to case shotgun in back of car.

  19. alexandra says:

    There is a rehab clinic in Fairfax between the grocery store and the apartment complex where the assault took place

  20. Ode says:

    Belsma says:
    October 18, 2014 at 12:10 am
    Really odd, I had that exact same experience while I was at my kitchen sink yesterday. That time must be a moment of reflection of the thoughts for the day…we are on auto pilot then and are mind can work better for us, sort of like meditation but unintended. I did hear a cocky little voice in my mind say things are better, things are getting closer but there is still much work ahead until Morgan can truly rest.

  21. Kat says:

    Above post I meant it would be more effective and realistic for women of all ages to learn self defense moves and much easier to carry pepper spray then a hand gun all the time. I agree with our Tex.

    I think what mrs Harrington and the Nelson County girl’s mother (I forget her name immediately) are trying to get across to us is that we need to improve our defense skills and heighten our awareness to the possibility of danger at any given time to decrease the opportunities for the predator. Take ourselves out of high risk situations. Don’t make yourself vulnerable. Don’t hand these people on a silver platter opportunities. They get better and better at recognizing the opportunities.

    This includes to stop walking down the street with your head down looking at the damn smart phone all absorbed.

    Straight talker I am so sorry you were attacked. No one really knows what this is all about until it happens to you.I hope this has made you stronger and a better person. I bet it has.

  22. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Your Dodge was missing a gear. Well technically not since second gear was also used for reverse, but accessed on the left top of the H pattern. Having fun with you.

    Your points about JM acting alone during the abduction phase are likely to be true. The thing that bothers me is his friends and those he hung out with were either a part of the local criminal element or on the fringe. This makes me think that sometimes JM took these young women to some place of confinement before killing them.

    It is strange that Ronald Taylor who was recently convicted of abduction and murder that his first excuse when confronted by LE was that a black guy with dreadlocks was also involved. Did Taylor know something about JM and his activities? Then we don’t know who placed the Metalica shirt belonging to Morgan Harrington on the shrubs in town.

    Linking all of this together or eliminating certain elements will take some time. I hope Chief Longo will continue to press his people to get it done.

    There are some reports that LE will begin to examine a piece of ground that was found by dogs. It could be Hannah or it could be the location of the Ronald Taylor victim.

  23. Ragdoll says:

    So O/T BUT…

    LMAO @ Mr. Facty-fact. That name IS so going to come in handy :D

  24. Rose says:

    wrt “I definitely believe it deserves further scrutiny with the end goal of transparency.”
    Yes, the plea circumstances merit investigation.
    My own feeling, in the State of VA, it likely was a case of sizing up
    the victim or at the victim’s request, since it’s a he said-he said situation.
    If the victim was willing to testify fully & accurately, and the
    entire story is as he portrayed, then the misdemeanor is
    puzzling. I think there was more to the story.

  25. Marchmallow says:

    re: Curious says October 17, 2014 at 9:40 pm
    NBC29 Charlottesville has an article regarding Matthew being a taxi-cab driver. They have added an update with a statement from VSP.


    “Matthew, who police confirmed is also linked by forensic evidence to the Morgan Harrington case, was working as a cab driver the night Harrington was last seen… Two of Matthew’s former taxi co-workers have told federal and state authorities Matthew was working the night Harrington disappeared. We have learned that authorities have recovered the taxi cab Matthew was driving. It was found two weeks ago on a farm.

    We learned that authorities interviewed Matthew in 2009, following Harrington’s disappearance, along with dozens of other cab drivers working on October 17. Virginia State Police say they did not interview Matthew.”

  26. alexandra says:

    it was a Pantera Tshirt

  27. Olivia says:

    Someone asked:
    Do any locals know if there is lingering resentment throughout the general AA community about the lost history and homesteads of the AA community that was flooded to make the reservoir? Or is the resentment limited to families directly affected? Or is there no lingering resentment about this?

    There is lingering awareness, discussion, and probably anger about the historic Vinegar Hill AA neighborhood being torn down for “downtown renewal” so I imagine the same is true in the county.

    The Carr family is extremely large, both black and white descendants, so I doubt JM is that closely related to Hugh Carr, but he’s likely a 3rd or 4th cousin at the very least, possibly as close as a great nephew. The main thing would be his sense of entitlement to SOMETHING (land, property, wealth) that whites rather than blacks inherited. Of course, many blacks such as the Hugh Carr family and the Greers generated wealth for themselves once they had freedom and opportunity–but still many would have lingering emotions around the history. Whites do too.

    It breaks my heart that, as Blink said above, if Matthew had not been let off in 2009 Morgan and Hannah would be here.

  28. leslie says:

    the only way this guy is going to have the truth exposed is if he has done something stupid or careless evidence wise….he may be dumb but has psychopathic animal/predator cunning…..and years of blithely honing his technique…few serial killers have been caught because of clever LE work…these sub humans slip up and that I’d how justice is served

  29. Olivia says:

    BTW, I spoke to a couple of people who had some “insider” info. JM’s mother is a very kind woman, apparently, and is going through Hell right now. JM once spent time at the hospital while on the job chatting up a young woman (his type) working behind a desk for way, way too long, and it made her extremely uncomfortable; she told a colleague about it. He was known to have two sides, sweet-charming and the other one. He is “family” to some who worked side by side with him, innocent until proven guilty, yet even they acknowledge that he was “not right,” as in mentally odd.

  30. Kat says:

    Texas Grand,

    I am pretty sure I read that according to his Hessian Hills apartment roommates, the accused was gone all that weekend after Hannah went missing on that Friday.

    Where did he go?? And what did he do? He could have temporarily placed her somewhere in a panic state and then took her somewhere else for the weekend when he had more time to think and hide her more effectively. Grabbed his camping gear to hunt out a place and camp overnight while he scouted to conceal her.

    Nurse whom he worked with at UVA was interviewed. She stated he was very quiet and kept to himself that next Monday. Avoided people and ate lunch by himself.

  31. Straight Talker says:

    My mistake…the lyrics do say Rehab is for Quitters. I have no explanation why I typed losers. Must have been thinking about somebody;)

  32. Ode says:


    Belesma, that feeling we had yesterday I think is going to be proven correct. They have found a body and my guess is it is Hannah.

    Its her. Location location location.
    God Bless Hannah, her family and loved ones.

  33. Lisa Smith says:

    There is a 5:30 news conference today by Albemarle Police about Hannah Graham. Walnut Creek Park is closed. Old Lynchburg Rd between Red Hill and Plank is closed. This makes me think of Blinks “LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION” posts. I pray the Graham’s get some closure and she has been found.

  34. Lisa Smith says:

    Texas Grandfather- it’s Randy Taylor not Ronald. I am not trying to be rude just wanted to clarify. I hope if it’s not Hannah that you’re right and it’s Alexis Murphy or Samantha Clarke. But I feel sorry for the families who still will have no closure after it’s announced today assuming they announce who it is.

  35. Olivia says:

    Her body has been found at Walnut Creek!!!

  36. jessejane says:

    Chief Longo is on NBC29 announcing that they found Hannah in Walnut Creek Park.

  37. jessejane says:

    OK I have to clarify that the Cville Police called her parents to notify them that remains of a human female, believed but not yet forensically proven to be, Hannah Graham. This was *near* Walnut Creek Park but technically on an abandoned property off Old Lynchburg Road.

  38. Lisa Smith says:

    Blink- I don’t know anything about decomposition. Would they be able to tell right away if it’s Hannah or at least looks like her? If so why won’t police say that it’s probably her? I cannot even imagine what the Graham’s are feeling right now. :-( Also do you think someone moved her so she would be found during the 5 year anniversary of Morgans disappearance?

  39. GraceintheHills says:

    Locations in which bodies are found are usually areas that are fairly well known to the perps. I hear that the remains, which are presumed to be Hannah’s, were supposedly found in an abandoned structure on a property close to where his mother lives or lived.

  40. Lisa Smith says:

    Jessejane- thank you for your comment. I missed part of the news conference so I didn’t realize they had said it was believed to be her. I find the timing EERIE! As well as the fact she was found near where they had a planned search tomorrow. So sad! (Sorry everyone for my typos. I’m using my phone at the moment and it has a mind of it’s own no matter how many times I correct it)

  41. erose says:

    Five years and one day, and if we knew the truth is was probably five years exactly. No mistake in my mind those two girls are together. Well done ladies.

  42. Belsma says:

    @ Ode….I have chills. I walked in the room and there was breaking news on and Longo was speaking. For some reason I walked out, and put some laundry in. Local Richmond channel is not confirming identity and that remains are on way here to CMEO. If not Hannah, someones loved one has been found.

  43. Lisa Smith says:

    Blink I just remembered you said she would be found in Albemarle County so they’d take the lead investigation. Once again you were correct. I don’t see why people doubt you. You admit when you’re wrong yet most the time you’re correct or at least so close to the truth it’s amazing!

    Thanks Lisa- there was never any doubt for me where she would be found in Albemarle. Conversation for another day.

  44. GraceintheHills says:

    @ATG, that was a different AA male with dreadlocks, not JLM.

  45. GraceintheHills says:

    Jessejane, you are correct. No positive identification yet, but LE seems confident it is her. My understanding is that JLM’s mother used to live in that area so it would be an area he very familiar and comfortable with.

  46. jessejane says:

    They’ve canceled tomorrow’s searches. I think the feeling is it’s definitely her but they want the lab to verify for legal reasons or whatever.

    I did want to go back to the “Rehab is for Quitters” slogan on the back of the Yellow Cab. Yellow Cab used to put slogans – quips and puns – on the backs of their cars like that. I think that’s all that one is, not lyrics or anything. They had stuff like “Old folks tell it like it was.” Here’s an old story from 2002 in The Hook about it. It was just a Yellow Cab thing. http://www.readthehook.com/92351/people-drive-wording-man-behind-maxims

  47. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Unfortunately the 2009 date is the third time LE had an opportunity to put JM away. The first was at liberty University for the rape. Another was another assault and rape at his second college.

    If a university or college decides to protect their reputation when a rape occurs on their campus, LE is hampered in getting the cretin off the streets to protect the public. When that happens, the enablers should be charged as an accessory and do time for their acts.

  48. Lisa Smith says:

    I am sorry to post so many comments tonight, but my head was spinning from the news of a body being found today as well as reading Blink’s very informative article about JLM above. After reading comments of people doubting JLM’s ability to know or understand his roots or make a legacy statement I would like to say this…again I’m from Lynchburg which is an hour from Charlottesville. We can pretty much tell you the history of anyone we talk about. For example, if my Mom is talking about Jane Doe she will trace back Jane Doe’s ancestry before the story even starts. I will know everyone she is related to as far back as at least her Great Grandparents, most of the time even further, and even her dogs name. If Jane Doe is married or dating I will hear the roots of the family she married into as well. This is just how the South is and how we do things. I believe Blink is correct about the “legacy statement”. You don’t have to be book smart to know your roots. It’s a way of life here especially if you are from a prominent family in Va. I grew up with random people from Lynchburg telling me stories about my Great Grandfather or asking if I was related to certain people just because of my last name (which is not Smith ). This is another way we learn our history in Va. Just wanted to share that since I know this site reaches so many. Thanks for listening. :-)

  49. Kat says:

    Chief Lomgo is a very very determined man.

    Very. I am super proud of his leadership. I also believe that behind the scenes there are some difficult conversations he has had with his own investigators- when appropriate, I am going to want answers about how Matthew stayed under the radar for over 14 years.

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