Missing From Fairmont, North Carolina: Have You Seen Sara Graham?

Posted by BOC Staff | Missing and Endangered,Robeson County Sheriffs Department,Sara Nicole Graham | Saturday 7 February 2015 10:22 am

Fairmont, NC-  Sarah Nicole Graham, 18, was last seen by family members leaving home for her morning shift at Walmart at 6:30 AM Thursday February 4th.    Graham is the daughter of Robeson county sheriffs deputy.

Sarah Graham

“There were no signs of struggle,” Robeson County Sheriff Kenneth Sealey said Friday. “The vehicle looked like it was just pulled up there and parked, and the vehicle was locked when we arrived.”- Kenneth Sealey
Sarah Graham’s van was found abandoned at approximately noon, 5 hours past the time of the start of her shift with no signs of forced entry and was clearly visible from the road.
Anyone with information about Graham’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office at 910-671-3170.

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  1. Rose says:

    thank god the 2 girls were not home yet, altho that is odd. Maybe there were sports camps.
    The boy looked very sweet. St Albans families are going to make security changes, & DC
    trade & construction businesses may start caring about criminal history checks. Takes a real sociopath to
    get off on torturing a boy in his bed in his parents’ presence. If I were Wint’s family, I’d sleep with a loaded gun.

    Boarding school. Eventually, when I can discern facts, I will cover this case from the angle of what went wrong from a security perspective to allow this punk thug to perpetrate this crime against this family and Ms. Guiterrez. AND of course how he skirted other charges.

  2. Rose says:

    Wint’s previous lawyer is known to be a total nut job whose only accomplishment was his marriage to an ex nun who divorced him (expert head of Child Abuse team at DC hospital), so how’d he duck his priors?

  3. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Are you referring to some person that might be a care giver over a long period of time. It is difficult to determine from the photo of Sara if she truly had a long term health issue although it is not impossible.

  4. Rose says:

    No ATG. It is possible an 18 yo female who chose to live with family and
    work rather than enter college with peers (& TX instate tuition is possible
    very cheaply in many settings to a working 17 yo) did so for health reasons.

  5. Rose says:

    wrt Wint. I suspect a low level criminal gang sought cash to purchase & move some product (drugs or guns). The interesting thing was where & to whom that empty truck was headed. The bad thing is the gang sent the sociopathic psycho into the home for the random piece. Also, he was stalking Sav. at his place of business back to 2010 anyway.
    In my experience, one leaves biarding school for summer hols by now and heads to say Italty, or in the case of Greeks–Greece for the summer. The fire allowed the ATF & Marshalls to come in imo. I stayed in that HoJo when I visited DC too poor for alternatives. It’s on a raggedy commercial strip near U Md. IIRC Eric Holder’s kids were at Sidwell, but he’ll have plenty of longtime kid friend parents on the St Albans Board.

    1. I did not have any intel that was privileged yesterday when I responded to Jack- it was all profile and instinct.
    2. I learned that his cousin was fired from AIW recently, Wint was let go about 10 years ago.
    3. The money orders, cash, box truck, lime green work vests- there is more to this scam and maybe how they got in – in the first place but expect more arrests.

  6. Rose says:

    typo: change to “RanSom piece”

  7. Rose says:

    OT http://www.mediaite.com/tv/megyn-kelly-battles-d-c-quadruple-murder-suspects-lawyer-you-undermine-your-credibility/
    What credibility? Ficker was well-known back to the early 80s as a local (imo mentally ill) gadfly, a perpetual candidate for anything, road rage, sports teams heckler. I think he was once barred from HS level games. Blink, a Md prosecutor would dismiss charges back when just to avoid him imo.

    Lol. I believe you, I am aghast at his reaction.

  8. Rose says:

    See http://board.themat.com/index.php?/topic/27-famous-maryland-heckler-robin-ficker/
    29 Mar 2011
    His lovely daughter looks like her mother, an exNun. Divorced by late 70s, she founded & ran DC’s Child Abuse unit at Childrens’ hospital.

    “FICKER, Robin K.A. – Suspended indefinitely for lack of competence, lack of diligence, failure to communicate, conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice and failure to place an unearned fee in a trust account.”

  9. Native Texan says:

    Understood. I am ok with you posting the issue privately if you choose.
    Welcome to BOC.

  10. Rose says:

    OT Here’s how dumb I think Wint & brother, & the 3 dames lending a party atmosphere, were.
    If they were going to VA from HoJo, they’d go west on the Beltway. If going to MD, east on the Beltway.
    But, taking Rhode Island Ave is what they’d do to go to the heart of DC. That’s either terrorism on the
    Mall with an empty truck, or returning to the site of the crime house at midnite planning to fill the truck
    with loot. Thinking no security would be on a burnt out house with the perp supposedly in NY per
    LE. The turnaround on Rte 1 just before the Beltway? Someone remembered the way to the house in
    NW DC by highway, the GW Pkway, does not permit such trucks.

    Filled with cash and travelers checks- and no mention of it yet, but I am going to guess neon greenish-vests. My guess- it was the next con- No wonder for me if they are going to end up indicted. Again- I ask- where is Pres. Obama, Rev Jackson and Rev Sharpton to address this massacre to involve the torture of a 10 year old innocent?

  11. Rose says:

    where is Pres. Obama (Hawaii, prep school holidays….)
    Rev Jackson (visiting his son in prison?)
    and Rev Sharpton (cops did not shoot)
    no looting on H Street or Rhode Island Ave either.
    Kudos to Chief Lanier & US Marshalls for using the doctrine
    of “overwhelming force.”

    I want to know how this guy from guyana got in the country, & stayed here?
    my suspicion is Savoupoulis’ American Iron Works applied for the type of special work
    visa for him & his relatives requiring unique skills with a labor shortage for his welding skills.

  12. Rose says:

    OT the other thing in Downtown DC, besides revisiting the house to loot, was AIW’s commercial construction sites, which fits the vests. But, I don’t see the 3 ladies going there. I see those girls going along to pick out sound systems, TVs, jewelry, and sectional sofas, and wardrobes from the 3 Savoupoulis’ closets. So is a mere plan to loot a house in the company of a felon prosecutable?

  13. Rose says:

    ATG, sending Dry thoughts & well wishes

  14. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thanks Rose

    We got about 13 inches of rain over a three day period. The low water crossings of county and state roads were closed for a few hours until the water passed downstream.

    I am on the top of an 1125 Ft. MSL ridge with a creek to the South at 1005 ft. It will take a rain of epic proportions to flood our property.

    The people at Wimberly who experienced flooding were along the Blanco River and the creek that passed around the town from the North.

    I have not been able to post due to an upgrade to Firefox that changed some important settings that prevented the submit function from working properly. I am running a 64bit Windows 7 operating system and the Firefox upgrades sometimes changes things that are important to being able to post. It took a while to find all the problems and make the corrections.

  15. Renee says:

    Renee- respectfully I cannot publish that without verification. Where did you come across that information?

  16. Inda says:

    Absolutely no.

  17. Renee says:

    Ok why anything hasn’t been realeased yet smh???????

    I don’t know, I have not received a response to my query regarding same.

  18. Vera says:

    Anything new to report at all Blink?
    Nothing but rumor.


  19. Aunt Annie says:


    Two hours from Sara’s car. Either it’s Sara or the notorious Neal Falls has been driving further aloft maybe.
    Or more likely there are just way too many dangerous sickos who aren’t locked up and should be.
    Blink- please post about Neal. He looks like a prolific serial killer & the armchair detectives on your boards
    can help make some connections between him and his tragic victims.

  20. Aunt Annie says:


    This is very
    disturbing too. I read speculation that the Long Island killer was “seasonal” and wonder if this is the same perp and if Neal Falls made it up to New York. Same type of victim and method of disposal. Horrifying.

  21. Inda says:

    Have you inquired recently as to Hubert Graham’s current employment status with Robeson County sheriffs office? There was an article in the paper recently discussing promotions and reassignments within the Office. Thought they might be willing to answer questions about Hubert in light of the published information (which did not mention him.)

  22. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Aunt Annie

    We have two major problems that government and its law enforcement agencies are not able to cope with regarding bad guys.

    We have introduced into our country about forty million third world people via illegals crossing our southern border and those brought in by our federal government for supposed humanitarian reasons.

    The second problem is that most states have closed facilities for the mentally ill to the point that they no longer have beds or space for those that were formally placed there when found to be a danger to themselves and others. These people are on the streets and they often have access to the means for harming others.

    The most recent example is the Kate Steinle murder by an illegal in San Francisco. We have also learned of two recent cases where an illegal took advantage of hiking trails built by communities along old railroad rights-of-way to hide and then attack someone.

    Time after time we have learned of people mostly women who were attacked when they used such facilities by walking or jogging alone.

    Third world nations do not have the same value for human life as this country was founded upon. In Central America, children and young people are at risk for assault and other crimes daily. These same values are still extant in the criminal illegals who cross into our country. They still ply their ugly ways by attacking our population.

    This seems to broach a broader subject, although I have not covered the illegal alien issue to the extent I think would support my overall opinion- but dearest readers and posters- allow me distill this plainly. There is no set of circumstances at a bare minimum, where millions of human beings that are untraceable in multiple interpretations of that word, who know that if discovered will be deported or detained to what could be an almost indefinite amount of time away from their families, their means to survive and ultimately doomed to return to a life they despised is a safe environment for the rest of us. It is true that criminals may not be proven to necessarily arise from such circumstances- HOWEVER, some do, and moreover, we wouldn’t know what amount of that populous was already a criminal threat.

    There is no process in place to detect them or that threat until after such time as they are caught. Let’s get something straight- if a person is in this country illegally they are *by choice* committing a criminal act.

  23. Rose says:

    I am glad to see ATG opining.

    The illegal issue is enough to get this solidly to the left of Obama nevertheless voting for that nutcase personality disordered (imo) Trump just to make a statement. At the same time today I heard on npr an extensive report on the issues in the EU and numerous other countries of overwheming illegal country intruders. imo mostly economic. but, there are many developed countries overwhelmed with border invaders.

    About States & the mentally ill, ATG. Old problem. In the early 80s I was the social worker on the Dixon Committee deinstitutionsalising St Elizabeths Federal Hosp, known as Hinkley’s holding tank. That mostly it went well was due to 2 employes departing & estabilishing “Community Connections” with grants. All this deinstitutionslization was Court ordered and monitored, and mostly the City got it righf. The law enforcement flaw was & is what to do if a person is not PRIOR in the inpatient or outpatient mental health system and there are no clues to prevent gun purchase.

  24. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thank you Rose

    I fully understand the problem about the hospitals and institutions for holding disturbed or mentally ill people. My mother was a nurse for ten years in a hospital that had a mental ward. The administration required the nurses to rotate off the main floor to the mental ward. This happened about every twelve weeks. She and all the other regular duty nurses hated the two weeks in the mental ward.
    It takes special people to work in the area of mental health.

    The other thing is we have some judges in our courts that simply should not be on the bench. They cannot think clear enough or have the experience to effectively solve problems in the workings of society.

    I worked with a drilling engineer who knew a lot about drilling holes for oil and gas. We put him on a project to drill holes for developing underground storage. He did very well with getting the holes in place and was able to assist us in developing the leaching techniques to expand the holes drilled in a salt dome into a bottle shape that could hold up to 4 million barrels of LPG. Then came the problem of producing and installing equipment for down-hole measurement of the material stored.

    We located a company that made a sonar device for measuring liquid in ordinary above ground storage tanks. We met with them and they were willing to work with us to produce a variant of their equipment for placing in a large bottle-shaped underground storage area. The first thing was testing and improving their design for accuracy and providing a proper support (cable) for the instrument and its conductors to the surface. We used stainless steel for the support cable and armored the power and control cable.

    Underground storage wells are worked with saturated brine where when empty of product the well is full of the brine and filling the well with product requires enough pressure to displace the brine. A partially full well will have both brine and LPG. Saturated brine is simply water that contains salt to the point that it takes a long time to absorb additional salt.

    There are two ways to produce the liquid state of butane or propane. They are temperature and pressure. Low temperature will hold butane in a liquid state beginning at about 28 degrees F. Propane will will remain a gas down to 0 degrees F and sometimes below depending on the altitude above sea level. At normal temperatures, pressure must be used to create the liquid state.

    With an experienced drilling engineer supervising the field work, I assumed he knew that saturated brine and plain water under pressure
    is often used to remove paint and prepare the surface of metals. Not so. He inserted the instrument in a well through the brine input piping on the wellhead and proceeded to change the elevation of the LPG in the well with brine. The cable was cut in less than five minutes dropping the expensive instrument into the well.

    He telephoned me to let me know about the problem. It was necessary for me to explain how the cable was cut and why there was enough undissolved salt crystals in the brine to act as an abrasive. I designed an insert for the wellhead assembly and it worked to protect the cables.

    Wow! That is a long story to get to the point of some not being able to understand things outside their normal area of knowledge. In the process, most probably learned something about storage and measurement of LPGs.

    If some are curious, use Google earth to look at the above ground facilities at Mont Belvieu,Tx.. That is the worlds largest underground storage facility for LPG and is where this little story originated.

  25. Rose says:

    After cruising thru SC on i95,
    all I can say is it is a rurally scarey place –
    if you need an evening ccs, grocery, or hospital, goodness help you.

    if a community is so fortunate as to have a walmart, imo their employees see & know wveryone in town because there’s nowhere else to go.

  26. Renee says:

    So any updates about Sarah nicole graham

    Unfortunately, none.

  27. Vera Moy says:

    Any updates on Sara, rumor or otherwise Blink?

    I wish. I am very cynical that Sara will ever be found. I believe strongly that both Sara’s Father and her step Mother have knowledge of what happened to her.

    I believe there are ancillary investigations going on, or at the very least, a renewed oversight by the FBI. Sara matters.

  28. Rose says:

    Bet it would differ locally with State Police
    for example if she were caucasian and a
    student member in an “evangelical” church.

    pity she moved to this State from TX.

  29. Vera Moy says:

    I know it’s futile at this point but anything new being whispered in the halls of RCSD?

    Yes, not new. I wish I had better news or information. I strongly believe LE knows the why and the who, just need to locate Sarah. God rest her soul- I believe she was an innocent and kind young woman who had a difficult upbringing.


  30. CharityBear says:

    Do you think that Sarah is way somewhere alone just taking time to herself? I want to think this is true but my heart tells me she is no longer a part of this world. The whole thing breaks my heart.

    CB- I believe Sarah is deceased and I also believe her step Mom is involved. This case breaks my heart indeed.

  31. Rose says:

    If stepmom is involved, imo it was for more than rivalry over dad.
    Perhaps Sara learned stepmother was engaged in criminal activity, and
    she was killed to ensure her silence.

  32. James Williams says:

    Sara’s disappearance has reached it’s 2 year anniversary. I wanted to comment something since there is no new information and some of us, who actually knew Sara personally, are still hoping and praying something will break this case. She graduated high school with my son and she was a very sweet and respectful young lady.

  33. Thank you Mr.Williams. I pray for Sara often, and for her step mom to do the right thing.

  34. Ode says:


    Woman’s body found in Lumberton.

    It does not strike me as Sara- but wth is going on in Lumberton? 3 dead women found may be related?

  35. Ode says:

    I agree it probably is not Sara. I also agree something is rotten Lumberton.

    Yes ma’am. Very.

  36. rose says:

    how could the person “involved” effectively
    dispose of her body so quickly?

    I have no specific information, but I am aware of a family property that has access to a river (intentionally vague). If I were a betting person I would work through a concealed water burial theory. Unfortunately that community suffered terrible flooding and evacuation (first time) last year and the river itself (and contributaries) are very dark and silty. Incredibly difficult to detect anomalies unless/until they are uprooted in that environment.
    This young lady stays with me in particular- she really went out there to get to know her Father.


  37. James Williams says:

    Sara’s disappearance has now reached it’s 3 year anniversary. Sadly there are no new developments but her memory is never forgotten.

    James- thank you so kindly for keeping Sara’s memory in our heart and thoughts. The only comfort I can offer is that it has been my experience that similar cases have solved when it seemed like they would not. I have come to understand that there is our time and there is “God’s” time.

  38. Ode says:

    I am still watching for all our lost children everyday. Sadly this is probably Sara.

    I agree it is very likely- but if it is I also believe there will be a quick arrest. Praying.

  39. Tar Heel Gal says:

    Dear Ms. B—did you by chance hear about this discovery earlier this week in Robeson Co? Here is today’s latest headline. I honestly believe, if I’ve remembered your amazing thoughts correctly, that the person(s) responsible for her disappearance and probable demise, would have made dang sure her body would never be found. But ya never know….

    I still check several times a week on lil Kyron’s Blink page, reading the caring and wise words of you all, who still, like me, think often of that little noodle in Oregon.

    Hugs and happy holidays to all, from N.C.

    Hugs back my THG :)
    I pray it is. You are 100% correct though- I absolutely am on record that I did not believe she would be found. Frequently God has other plans- and I pray that it is. This little lady has a special place in my heart. She was not thin, particularly beautiful outwardly and very social by todays standards for girls her age and as a result her case got zero real media time- that’s wrong, imo.

  40. Mosaic says:

    Unidentified remains were found this week and authorities are checking dental records to see if this might be Sara Nicole Graham.


    I can only add that for rn, it is assumed pending DNA confirmation it is Sara- that is not something anyone should be comfortable with as a positive ID- to my knowledge (apologize for graphic) a partial skull (fully skeletenized) was located, and it is probably better described as a skull fragment, but the dental portion did appear to have braces on the teeth. In my conversations with LE, Sara is the only missing person from that general location that had braces at the time of her disappearance.

    I pray for her, her fam and friends it is her. I truly believed she would never be located.

  41. Tar Heel Gal says:

    It wasn’t Sara, bless her, she’s still out there

    Nope. Thanks for posting THG. Prayers for the family of Varcy Locklear.

    Isn’t it super interesting Mr. Locklear died in the hospital after apparently “losing” his head 100 miles away?
    Seriously. WTF goes on in that area is the stuff of unholy nightmares.


    Seriously? Unresponsive is interchangeable with headless or decapitation? How does the head end up in Rex yet the body ends up on trax 100 mi away?


    THG, as you might have guessed, I am renewing (restating I guess) my firm belief that Sara will not be located unless.. IF and UNTIL God decides it is time. For anyone interested in some pretty outrageous research re Robeson County NC.. Start with Operation Tarnished Badge.


  42. Tar Heel Gal says:

    It wasn’t Sara, bless her, she’s still out there

  43. Tar Heel Gal says:

    Gah, can’t get the whole post to post with link to article about deceased fellow who apparently was beheaded when had an incident with a train!! Check The Robesonian website for info

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