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Volume II

Courtesy Making A Murderer Avery Cabin

Faced with the prospect that Avery needed criminal defense cash, Avery’s civil attorneys had no choice but to cash him in, and free up his proceeds for criminal representation.  Both civil attorneys were actively trying to locate Steven Avery fearing he was being questioned without representation for several hours (he was) the day of his arrest and said so in several televised interviews.  During questioning, Calumet Detective Mark Wiegert accuses Avery of the murder of Teresa Halbach- whether accidentally or accidentally on-purpose.

Weigert asks Avery, “Then why is her blood all over your trailer?” Avery responds “No It Ain’t”. 

Wiegert asks- “why is your blood all over the inside of her car then?”  Avery responds, “Cops got a lot of my blood, they took blood from me many times, vials.”

 Avery is originally arrested on a felon in possession of a firearm charge, and subsequently upgraded to the first degree murder of Teresa Halbach following DNA confirmations of her remains on the property.  Although all investigative reports provided to Avery’s initial public defender reflect no involvement in the searches  or collection of evidence by Manitowoc deputies in any capacity, presented at Avery’s preliminary,  a Calumet county deputy was asked just the right question, in just the right way, gleans this gem:  although searched six times, on the 7th search following confirmation of Halbachs blood in her own vehicle, Kucharsky admits he was never told to watch the actions of Manitowoc deputies Andrew Colborn and James Lenk – who by the way, just happened to find the valet key to Teresa Halbach’s Rav 4 that Lucharsky also testified was not there in any prior search.

Colborn and Lenk were central figures responsible for the wrongful conviction in 1985 of Steven Avery. The key contained only Avery’s DNA.

Avery’s civil attorney,  Stephen Glynn, calls Avery on February 16, 2006 and recommended his former partner Dean Strang, and if possible, also Jerome Buting as his criminal defense team.  Strang was well known in cases involving allegations of police misconduct and Buting had experience and name recognition for successfully defending high profile cases in Wisconsin.   After paying his civil lawyers, Avery coughed up a joint $240,000 retainer for the duo.  By then, the Avery family had already consented to participation in Making A Murderer.

Dean Strang and Jerome Buting see significant screen time in Making A  Murderer.  While both Wisconsin barristers are masterful to the point if I were a Wisconsite I might consider a victimless crime just to experience their representation- not even they could foresee how the shell game mastery of special prosecutor Ken Kratz.  Kratz was appointed to the case from neighboring Calumet County so as to assuage the very appearance of any impropriety or conflict on behalf of the county who (ostensibly) just funded Avery’s defense.

Kratz, an elected DA with zero supervision in his role was more than ready to demonstrate his Kratz-as- Kratz- can technique .

The Accidental Targeted Defendant

The MAM series does not highlight this connection directly, but following Avery’s retention of Strang and Buting, Investigators begin visting Avery’s fiancé,  Jodi Stachowski,  in prison.  Jodi was locked up  since August on her 5th DUI charge.  It is not known what those visits were about- they were never presented in court,  but shortly thereafter Jodi was released several months early and returned to the Avery compound and Steve’s trailer.  On camera, she appears in a few scenes with multiple family members professing Averys innocence.  She also accuses police of stealing her purse she left behind.   The couple had some domestic skirmishes resulting in a 3 day restraining order against Avery in 2004, but it was believed to be due to an unfounded accusation against Avery by the mother of his niece.   And according to her criminal arrest record it is pretty clear Jodi was drunk more than she was sober- so there’s that.

Calumet investigator Mark Wiegert is now partnered with Wisconsin criminal investigation division special agent Tom Fassbender.

Within days of the announcement Avery has retained the services of Strang and Buting,  Wiegert and Fassbender turn their attention to Brendan Dassey- Avery’s 16 year old nephew.

Dassey had already been interviewed twice passively at his residence (next door to Avery) immediately following Halbach’s disappearance.  Dassey provided a detailed account of his whereabouts to include he and his brother had invited two friends over that night but both cancelled, and Brendan went over to help Avery with a vehicle and a previously planned bonfire.  He did this during the execution of a search warrant for the vehicle he was riding in (which belonged to Avery) in back of the cop car who was now supposed to give them a ride back to the family cabin.   On February 20th Wiegert interviews Dassey’s cousin Kayla in the presence of both her parents with prior permission as well.  Kayla Avery was 14.

Pertinent point here- this occurs on the Avery property so there was no effort to cover up the interview or keep it from the many family members who would have been aware of it.

In stark contrast to their interviewing minors procedures a week earlier, on February 27th  Todd Fassbender and Matthew Wiegert yank Dassey out of class for his first interviews following his Uncle’s arrest.  (Disclosure: This author holds advanced certifications in interview and interrogation techniques through Reid since 2012, therefore I am going to provide a brief synopsis only of what occurs between February 27th and March 2, 2006)

On February 27th, 2006 (Read the transcripts here) Brendan Dassey is interviewed for several hours without notification to, or permission of either of, his parents and  is told if he does not confess Avery (and all cops) plan to blame him because he and Avery were the only two in attendance at the fire behind Avery’s garage.  At no time in his accusatory interview is Dassey informed he is a suspect or Mirandized.

After this interview, Fassbender calls  Barb Janda,  requests she to come to the school to speak with investigators.  Her interview has never been submitted as evidence.  Although Janda she drove her own vehicle, she and Brendan , by investigators without the knowledge her 16 year old developmentally and intellectually compromised minor-aged son had just incriminated himself.   Nor does she know Brendan was just told Steve Avery might now get out and they feared for his safety.   Wiegert alerts Kratz and Kratz directs the investigators to take Brendan to Twin Rivers to properly memorialize the interviews and to put Brendan and his Ma up in a Hotel for their safety.  Let’s be real here.  There was never any danger that Steven would be released.  There was however, a concern on behalf of Kratz et al that there were two documentarians with access to the site and the Avery family they did NOT want on film.   In the interest of brevity- additional interviews over four hours on March 1, 2006, which are nearly entirely suggestive of evidence now only known to investigators, they succeed in extracting an involuntary confession from a 16 year old who clearly believes afterwards he is turning in a project in school.

Not in the docuseries, but according to prison logs obtained exclusively by, Steven Avery was put in isolation the afternoon of February 27, 2006,  on suicide watch Feb 28, 2006, and was  not returned to his cell until Dassey was arrested.  What was the need to break jail protocol if they were hiding out Dassey in the first place?

On March 1, 2006 Brendan Dassey is arrested for the rape and murder of Teresa Halbach although the account he gave of his own involvement was never corroborated by a scintilla of evidence.   He asks- is this just like for a day or two?

“Steven, I know your gonna be watching be watching this,  I hate you.  I hate you for what you did to my kid so you can rot in Hell.” – Barb Janda

Not in the series,  but in the last minutes before Brendan is arrested on March 1,   a press conference alert goes out over the ap wire.  You read that correctly.  Ken Kratz along with Calumet Sheriff Pagel were scheduling their first press conference in four months before the cuffs were even on Dassey.    Gets better.  Fassbender takes a call during the Dassey interview about the press conference scheduled the next day, where the details of this suspect who does not so much as have a warrant for their arrest at the time.

Kratz would deliver as promised. It would be the most horrific and vile account of a young woman’s kidnapping, rape, torture, murder and mutilation during a press conference by a prosecutor I have ever heard.  In my view it was also the first of more than a few ethics violations by Ken Kratz.  More on that later.  Not only do I find it impossible to repeat the words in print- but because I know at the time, and since,  Kratz is well aware it’s veracity is in the region of nautical depths of questionable. His goal was to create such chaos within the Avery family that a divide would insure two notches on his belt.  Pretty much- it worked.

Can any of us imagine the ripple effect on a family that was previously conjoined in the elation of the possibility for absolution for Steven Avery in the form of punitive relief, finally?   The series goes into, but does not dwell on the fact that that Steven’s homecoming was what one should probably expect- a situation with someone with untreated psychological issues as a result of being incarcerated for a heinous crime he did not commit.  The Avery junkyard was the backdrop of their lives.  This family of meager means was working and  living in a scrap metal equivalent of a beehive and now that same beehive contained the cremains of a young woman.  The disastrous fallout can be summed up best by Barb Janda’s  spit-laden conversation with her brother Steven after Brendan’s arrest.

 Janda: “ You got a $100,000 for me, for my son?  “

Avery: For What”

Janda: A lawyer

Avery: He has a lawyer

Janda: I just lost him, hes related to the Halbachs.

Using Brendan’s confession investigators renewed a search, swung by Brendan’s house, with his permission and picked up a pair of his jeans with bleach stains he told investigators he got by helping Avery clean up reddish-brown liquid on the garage floor after Avery told him he accidentally put a hole in something working on his vehicle.   A re-search of the garage where 11 casings of a .22 were found in the open on now gleaned 2 partially intact .22 bullets

According to Mark Weigert, luminol lit up (from the presence of bleach) exactly where Dassey said they cleaned up large stains.  Dassey’s drawing from that interview was used to direct the forensic teams.

Next on the felony public defender rotation is Len Kachinsky.  Len,  a ringer for Alfred E Neuman with glasses gave his first press interview before he ever even met Brendan- an interview clearly indicating guilt on behalf of his juvenile client.

Brendan Dassey’s situation was about to go from bad to worse.

Volume III THE EVIDENCE Publishes Tuesday January 18

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  1. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Malty, I don’t have a clue as to the real motive for attacking Teresa. One would have to talk to Avery at length to get some information.

    People who have been wrongly convicted and released from prison can go one of two ways. They can dedicate themselves to good behavior and actions that benefit society or they may be very bitter and decide that they suffered because of a woman that caused their incarceration and come out hating all women with a desire to make someone pay.

    Some men get a fixation on a woman and when she rejects them, they can’t handle the rejection and attempt to do her harm. Unbalanced minds with low IQ create a dangerous person that may simply go off track at any time.

    I am glad to help you learn about Google Earth. I use the free version which gives you a lot to work with. The big problem is getting familiar with how things look from an aerial view. Looking for shadows and being familiar with the shapes of trees, buildings etc. increase your understanding of what you may be looking for.

    How did I determine the lengths across the property and the size of buildings? By using the measurement tool on the tools drop down box. It is reasonably accurate. I tested it by measuring things that I knew the dimensions for. This tool will also give you the magnetic bearings for a line using a format that is close to what a surveyor finds when running a line. The global positioning co-ordinates located in at the bottom right of the screen will allow you to return to an exact location if they a used in the search box.

    The version of Google that is purchased or by subscription has many more features and is updated more often.

    I began to work with aerial photos of land in the mid 1950′s and was privileged to attend a NASA lecture that used the very first satellite photos from the Landstat satellite in 1969. Landstat was launched in an effort to find fungus infestations on food crops all around the globe.

  2. Ode says:

    For me- when I am analyzing- and I think is a good practice overall- is to bifurcate my investment into whether or not a person is guilty or innocent in my view.

    Thanks Blink, I know that the social scope is the far bigger concern to all and I don’t know how much of the actual crime as opposed to court outcomes you were going to look at. I am interested in the known 3 burn piles and why the murderer would want body parts placed where there would be 3 times the chance of being found on Avery property. I have been reading on sites that are probably not the most reliable but still seem to have information that it is unusual to not have more intact teeth found after cremation. The testimony in court seemed to have both sides present why more bones were found in Avery’s burn pit than in Barb’s burn pit. It looked to me like the biggest bones were found at the gravel pit burn site. Was there any testimony about tire tracks found around the gravel pit burn site?
    I also am concerned about the Afternoon of October 31, 2005’s timeline. On October 30th the time changed. I will bet anything that clocks etc…in Barb’s house were not changed 12 hours earlier. There is a good Chance that Bobby after waking up was off by an hour when he says he saw Teresa before his shower. He also said to check with Scott because he passed him on the road. This makes me go hmmmm.

    I am going to discuss anything we can verify Ode- yes, I am prolly on my second and third review of transcripts myself and I am seeing there is tremendous misinfo out there. I looked at the DST issue and I do believe it is at least possible that it could be a factor in some testimony I am aware of. It is certainly worthy of validation – AND I am not seeing that asked.

  3. Malty says:

    3 burn sites. Where can I read about this

  4. Ode says:

    I don’t want to hog your site Blink but I just cannot get my head around this like many others. I have been focused on the call in by Andrew Colborn on November 3rd to run plates that belong to Teresa. I firmly think that he was looking at those plates when he called yet 2 days later when the “volunteer” searcher, second cousin to Teresa and former Private investigator Pam Strum finds the car there are no plates on it. I think he found the car somewhere else and Teresa was already deceased. I do not believe they had a warrant to search the property so they had Earl Avery agree to a volunteer search and directed Ms. Strum with her camera that only she was given by the search co-ordinate leader to where she found the car. Was it better for a civilian to find the car than LE for appearance sake maybe? I then ask myself why they would remove the plates? If someone drove that car back would they switch the plates in transit?

    Not hogging, lol, glad to talk through. Avery allowed his residence to be searched but Avery’s trailer was a rental and NOT located on the property owned and accessed by Avery salvage. I believe they were tipped off, yes.

  5. Sunshine says:

    I still have a lot of questions about the pelvic bones found at the quarry that Eisenberg testified matched the same charred and calcined condition as the bones found in the Janda burn barrel. There was also a stain found at the quarry that tested positive for male blood labeled as CX in exhibit 313 at trial that was ruled out as belonging to SA. And BD. Maybe it’s just a coincidence and was blood from some random person who was at the quarry in the past. Still, it raises many questions for me. Between my county’s handling of Cosby and my need to know everything about this case I am annoying the living daylights out of my husband.

    lol. I am in Cosby-land. Not discussing it. I feel like I have an educational conflict at this point. Annoying my husband however, I am the grand champion- let me know if anyone needs tips :)

    As far as a stain in the quarry. We know it was not TH. Unless there is a nexus to this crime ( or CST) it has no evidentiary value.

  6. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Your link is the opinion of the Court of Appeals denying Avery’s appeal that the trial court did not protect his rights.

    The descriptions of the land appear to be slightly off in the documents. The land is referred to as a “pit”. The quarry’s around the property appear to be limestone that is very soft to work. After another look at the property and spending time reviewing the land elevations, I believe that at one time the land was a part of a quarry operation. For some unknown reason it was not successful. It was then sold and converted into the salvage yard. It is Not a pit any longer and the land elevation drops almost i8 feet between the North fence line and the South end of the area used for the yard.

    The description of the three areas in Ode’s post used for burning of the body and Teresa’s equipment indicate to me the possibility that someone dismembered the body to speed up its destruction.

  7. Malty says:

    I am disappointed not to be able to find trial transcripts of Brandan Dassey trial and more info on him
    After reading I am more concerned about him than Steven Avery Steven has been in prison before and knows
    About the environment. But I really think Brandan even at 26 is at risk
    Also this whole deal must be hard on the family of Teresa H. To have it all over again
    I still haven’t tried to watched Netflix. I kind of don’t like what they started Just me and thinking if this was one of my own Mixed opinions on my part at this time

    Malty- I will make is transcripts available in my next post. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Dana says:

    Or as he testified he was advised by another jurisdiction that she was missing and that was her vehicle and plate to be looking for. Maybe he was just confirming he had the right information ?
    The documentary slides very directly to the defence and much is missing from it.

    Just a thought

    Ode says:

    January 18, 2016 at 11:22 am

    I don’t want to hog your site Blink but I just cannot get my head around this like many others. I have been focused on the call in by Andrew Colborn on November 3rd to run plates that belong to Teresa. I firmly think that he was looking at those plates when he called yet 2 days later when the “volunteer” searcher, second cousin to Teresa and former Private investigator Pam Strum finds the car there are no plates on it. I think he found the car somewhere else and Teresa was already deceased. I do not believe they had a warrant to search the property so they had Earl Avery agree to a volunteer search and directed Ms. Strum with her camera that only she was given by the search co-ordinate leader to where she found the car. Was it better for a civilian to find the car than LE for appearance sake maybe? I then ask myself why they would remove the plates? If someone drove that car back would they switch the plates in transit?

    From Blink: Confirming this is Dana of The Dana Pretzer Show posting in case anyone needed verification

  9. Ode says:

    Thanks Dana, yes he could have been doing that. He could have written the number down and he was confirming he had written it correctly when first given it by another jurisdiction.

  10. Sunshine says:

    I still have a lot of concerns about the three different locations that cremains were found. First, it was testified to that what is thought to be two parts of pelvic bones were found in the quarry that had the same burn patterns (calcination and I can’t remember the other word off hand) that matched the conditions of the cremains found in the Janda burn pit. There was also what was believed to be a blood stain from a male at the quarry that was ruled out as being from SA or BD which was also in evidence. Maybe it was a coincidence but it still raises questions for me.

    Does anyone else have thoughts on this? I asked my husband who’s LE and volunteer firefighter and between my constant reading about this case and my county’s handling of the Cosby case my husband just rolls his eyes and tells me to go ask one of my “lawyer friends.”

    Sunshine- what questions do you have we might answer, lol? You are right to question the veracity of all of it.

  11. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Finding the vehicle of Teresa’s in the tree line of the salvage yard with no plates would be harder. It would mean that the VIN number visible through the windshield is the only I.D. available. It was stated that the vehicle was found with a hood of another vehicle over it. Covering the windshield to obscure the VIN number would be my thoughts.

    The giveaway would be that the wheels and tires were still on it and there was no visible body damage. Older cars or even some new ones are salvaged when there is a blown engine or transmission and replacement is more expensive than the entire vehicle is worth.

  12. Malty says:

    well, congrats on them for tea-partying the hell out of a very important issue nobody bothers to seek a legal soundbite on.
    For the record Billary thought it was (Netflix) about blacks abused by the criminal justice system.

  13. lizzy says:

    Part rubbernecking fascination and part indefatigable expose’ in my opinion. The title is brilliant, however, and revealing of perspective.

    (On a side note, Blink is an eternal optimist when it comes to setting installment deadlines–a trait we have in common, lol.)

    How I adore and miss you lizzy!! ( regardless of compliments as you know)

    LOL- you got that right. My only defense is this case- my sources and basis for III (evidence) are subject to my foia and subscription requests and I am not AT ALL COMFORTABLE making some of the statements I am poised to at this point without them. It is fluid in that regard.

  14. Ode says:

    (On a side note, Blink is an eternal optimist when it comes to setting installment deadlines–a trait we have in common, lol.)
    Oh to funny lizzy. I think of it as ‘Blink time” and is totally cool.

    Blink your response to Malty went right over my head.

    Lol. Thanks for that.
    Which comment if it has not been addressed by the time you read this?

  15. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Lizzy beat me to it regarding the timing.

    Since Tuesday January 18th isn’t on my calendar, I thought maybe my calendar had a misprint or was for the wrong year.

    We love you B.

    LOL. Love y’all back and thanks for the flaw acceptance.

  16. Malty says:

    This whole case is over my head is it about LE and so on corruption or about a pretty young girl getting treated like a piece of meat right up to a fire pit

    or a young low IQ kid being used
    I cannot figure out what the point is to this whole case is

  17. Malty says:

    So until Blink writes more or says exactly what this is all about I am going just wait.

    Malty, I am just in receipt of Avery transcripts and trial exhibits so III might be a few, maybe not, just wont know till I prolly have about 8 hours on it.

  18. Malty says:

    Anyway. I do believe there was corruption Both in the LE ,Courts and family
    I pause at the date Oct 31st. Seems a strange time to flip out for Steven
    I would like more details on Brendan before and after and durning
    So I am waiting and I can wait Blink :)

  19. Rose says:

    I’m in Malty’s spot for similar reasons.
    I like Dana’s idea.

  20. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I was reading a piece by A.W. Hawkins regarding the reasons he rejected the slant of the documentary film about this case. He had ten reasons where they left out important information. One of his points was that the Crime Scene Technicians had found a bullet fragment in Avery’s garage that had enough blood to perform DNA testing and the report returned was it matched Teresa’s blood.

    Is that factual information Blink?

    On Mar 1 and 2 ( ahead of III but as you can see it is Horman week) 2 bullet frags were located in the garage of Avery. Although the DNA result (based on the contamination of the neg control sample) should not have been conclusive to Halbach under testing protocols, it was admitted as a positive source of her nucleated cells (non-blood). So… the sample could not be tested by the defense, and the court denied a motion to have a defense expert present at testing. Under today’s Daubert that would have been inadmissible. Wisconsin did not adopt Daubert until 2013 and their relevant evidence means test was one of the weakest in the US.
    At the end of the day you are asking my opinion- and that is I do believe that frag was shot by the gun retrieved from Avery’s wall and contained the DNA of Halbach.

  21. Malty says:

    Even if we are interested in the Kyron case right now I watched on This case today and saw Steven’s mom showing a nice house she has picked out for him when he comes home also watched Brendan say he read a book some thing like Kissing the girl What I wonder was Brendan born with a low IQ or did he suffer a head injury

  22. A Texas Grandfather says:


    The concept of IQ was developed to help determine the ability of students to learn. At one time, it was thought that IQ was fixed at birth. This was turned on its head by a school teacher in the New York City school system. He was given a class of black students with low IQ. He reasoned that fixed IQ could be false. Rather than struggling with teaching material at the required class level, he restarted the entire learning process beginning at age level two and three. These students were at sixth grade level.

    After two years, most of that class tested at the average for their age level. Some were showing an IQ of 85 when the class began.

    This shows the importance of parents using normal speech rather than baby talk past the age of 18 months. Memory development is an important concept. A child is a little learning machine.

    When one thinks about how we come into the world with the lower brain pre-programmed for the basic functions of life-breathing,heartbeat,a desire for food, elimination of body waste,the ability to cry and not much else, every other thing must be learned and remembered.

    I believe that low IQ is caused by lack of a good memory function which did not develop at the proper age level and was not reinforced by the attention of parents and older children in the home.

    Learning to read by phonics method,not the look-see method allows a child to learn to teach themselves. Those who have low reading skills often are lacking the ability to reason.

    I believe that a blow on the head can cause some memory loss, but once learned the ability to remember and how to build it is not.

  23. Malty says:

    Thanks ATG. I was taken back about the reading a book I came from 3 out of 4 teacher Grandparents and reading was really pushed as they believed it some how developed higher IQ so we all ended up real readers
    When Brendan was talking about reading I thought maybe he was not low IQ but had been some how been dropped or hit in the head so now I am old do I still have the same IQ I had when I was young LOL
    I always wonder but keep reading just in case It is like the grandparents said

  24. Natasha Cahela says:

    Blink, has you seen this?

    ‘Making A Murderer’: This Letter Ken Kratz Sent Steven Avery Will Leave You Dumbfounded

    In the Supreme Court ruling on Ken Kratz’s disciplinary case it is revealed that he has been diagnosed with and sought treatment for ‘Narcissistic Personality Disorder’. See for yourself. It’s at the bottom of page 13 of the following document:

    Not only do I have a copy of that, I also have a copy of the OLR report it is also based on. Unbelievable.

  25. A Texas Grandfather says:

    The letter linked by Natasha is nothing more than a bold request for an opportunity to get a book deal,a documentary or both to put money in his pocket and PR for himself.

    It was not successful, but another group did the slanted documentary raising sympathy for Avery by leaving out many key pieces of evidence showing his involvement in the crime.

    The legal profession is made up of people of all types. Some are very good and do superb work while others of lesser skills do not. They also may have behaviors that border on mental issues just as other people in businesses have.

  26. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Your grandparents were right on target. Your question about IQ slippage is a good one. Some time ago I read about a study that considered that point and had performed some analysis of people who had their IQ tested several times in their lifetime. Some of them did have lower scores in later years.

    That means to me that one must constantly keep learning. Sitting in front of a television set watching nonsense rather than using ones brain to learn things is a good way to slip backwards.

  27. Ode says:

    Blink, I have been reading about Edward Wayne Edwards. Do you have any opinions on him in regards to Teresa’s death.

    There is an investigative term we use that basically describes the way an offender can no longer operate under their fantasy continuum. To my knowledge, these type of fantasy-based offenders do not “dial it back” to fit their physical and/or mental constraints- they simply “age out”.

    It is different for profiles and certainly an individually-based assessment, but on a physical level alone, I don’t see how Edwards could have ever been involved in Halbach.

    Note here- in a recent roundtable where someone referenced a non-updated and still used protocol re empirical data for “aging out”. With my usual doe-eyed enthusiasm I ask- well what studies can I find to show how available technology and or Pharma might impact that data?

    ie: availability of Viagra or like meds, “virtual porn” and a variety of other methods that could affect this offenders active cycle??

    response: That money goes to HSL. ( Homeland Security)

  28. Ode says:
    This is an interview about Edwards and a possible connection. I had to look more at Edwards and darn if his first wife was Marlene Harmon in Portland Oregon. The name sure threw me. What is with Portland and these same sounding names. Anyway back to Avery it is a very interesting perspective especially the Halloween connection, the bones being shattered, that has always bothered me.

    Is he kidding? Multiple people saw Halbach taking pictures to include the bus driver- how is she killed on the side of the road?
    Imo- just an opportunist looking to sell a book. What cheeses my grits more than anything is he is FBI trained- he knows he can’t even present a working theory reliant on evidence.

  29. [...] Cristina Stoy, President of Blink Development Group will be joining me for part two of our interview on the Netflix series “Making a Murderer” [...]

  30. Malty says:

    @ODE So I can’t sleep and came to see what is going on here and watched this video what a story
    I am Speechless Is this guy for real

  31. [...] Cristina Stoy, President of Blink Development Group will be joining me for part two of our interview on the Netflix series “Making a Murderer” [...]

  32. Ode says:

    Malty, I am using Blink as the barometer in how to view this interview. I have however been reading about Edward Wayne Edwards and it is a bizarre piece of history and he was a true convicted Monster. He fooled people and I think that was as much the thrill as the kill. Comparatively to Kyron’s thread we have people calling Terri a monster. These folks should take time to read about Edwards. Anyway I will still keep an open mind on all areas relevant. You just never know.

  33. Malty says:

    I never did sleep I have been reading about Edwards His confessions his videos his endless stories
    Hoffa,the Zodiac and almost every crime in history covered I finally just quit on that site it goes on and on
    About his book and his life crimes of every kind. I know you didn’t want my opinion And I don’t think Blink wants the link posted. His movational disks his advice to women It seems I will have to go another day to get all of it
    So he blew up Hoffa Not a thing left to find Ok LOL.

  34. Malty says:

    Anyway I hope you find the same site Lots pic he was on a game show he had many interviews
    His life wasn’t just killing According to him He had done just about everything This site promos his writing and book.

  35. Malty says:

    @Ode cold case Cameron John A Cameron

  36. Ode says:

    First of all Malty I will always value any opinion you have and always listen to you. I did go to that site, lots of information, his daughter’s letter, wow. It would be interesting to map where he was during the time of her letter. Blink is keeping us so dang busy that I could not verify things or look further…heck my laundry has become a thing of art, the fridge is empty, the dishwasher broke 2 days ago and I did not even call until today. Thanks Blink,

    LOL- I know! The only reason there is food here is because I am from that old school Nationality that cooks for days when it storms
    Fell asleep in my office 2x this week :(

  37. Malty says:

    @Ode I mean I have no opinion. To offer on Edwards My first reaction is BS LOL

  38. Malty says:

    I need a link if this is PNW time I can’t seem to find Dana or you Blink

    Malty, I will post the direct link when the podcast is uploaded, should be within the hour.

  39. Malty says:

    @Ode I wasn’t being a smart A. But I need lots of time to think and to do research on my own about anyone
    That is a book promo site So I will need to go else where to look at Edwards. He sounds just terrible and did not live far from Avery. I am sure the defense is looking at his life I really haven’t set mind opinions on Steven Avery
    Yet Can’t figure why he would throw it all away To kill he would have had a chance of a better life
    I tend toward Avery did it just can’t understand why
    Then this Edwards to me is a unknown. Why in all those years did we never hear about him or I didn’t. And True Crime has been a life time interest. The investigation and evidence and final arrest trial
    He wanted to be known as I read it Famous
    So anyway I am still thinking. And like you said we have no time. Right now my doggys need a bath I need to get food in. But don’t want to miss anything here :)

  40. Malty says:

    @Ode I started my search on Edwards last night it is hard to find something about him not written by Jon A Cameron but I did find one that said in their opinion Cameron is fixed on E

  41. Malty says:

    I hit submit Anyway they thought a lot of his crimes could not be proven to be Edwards and much of is Cameron friendship with Edwards Edwards used to tell some stories to get famous I am not agreeing but it makes some sense to me how ever there is still the fact Edwards lived not far from the Averys

  42. Ragdoll! says:

    Hi. This is me, again.

    Just reread both vols. First, I believe the original conversation between BDassey and LE, on Avery’s property, is the best insight into some of the truth. The offered info by the nephew seems genuine, albeit, a little ambiguous. Enough to make you go…hmmmmmm. Proceeding interviews with Dassey come across as LE offering leading questions ans answers. Epic fail by investigators, IMHO.

    Barb Janda….did she say or was she ever asked if she was seling her car, as per SA?

    Thanks for having me! xo

    I have never so much as heard her ask that question. I cannot shake my feeling by the time this is over there will be more arrests in this case.

  43. Ragdoll says:

    Thank you for sharing, FriendLY. Perhaps, God will use this situation, to reveal the truth and put all the lies in an unmarked grave, with Moses. The location only known to Him.

    Always praying The Light to reveal that which hides in the dark. Mark 4:22 (EVS) all over this, for Teresa.

    God bless your weekend…and all my dear BOC friendies.

    For Teresa Indeed. I hope this lesson is clear though. After WMIII- and I am adamant those men murdered Stevie, Chris and Mike- I have asked God to be less obtuse. God Bless.

  44. Ragdoll says:


    “Judgement is His necessity but His nature and essence, His heart, is love” -Jonathan Cahn, The Harbinger

    WMIII have a bigger Judge to fear. God was very much with those precious boys. He didn’t kill them. Free will and 3 evil SOB’s did. He didn’t turn His back on them, as so easy to believe. This case is NOT closed. ;)

    Posted with love and respect xo

    I certainly know God did not kill these cherubs. I certainly know in my soul he was with them when they needed him- as he is today. I have never doubted that. I don’t doubt my faith in general and I believe very strongly it defines my path. I was just expressing my frustration that on occasion, a person working for the”light” might do well to get a memo. It ALWAYS comes eventually and to your point it is not closed. I will work on my resolution and I appreciate your reminder.

    Love to you always FriendLY

  45. Ragdoll says:

    No judgement or condemnation to you, dear heart. I’m learning on my path too. I understand your frustration, and it’s normal! God is all knowing and asks us to not lean on our own understanding. Not a cake walk,

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
    6 in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight. – Proverbs 3:5-6

    He knows your heart, and so do the rest of us. I believe He’s working through you for His highest good. Bless you for allowing Him!!! I’m not here to call you out, FriendLY. I’m too broken for that, which is why I need Jesus. Just want to uplift you on your journey, especially when God is testing our faith.

    The hills, the valleys, blind faith…I agree…it can totally suck. Don’t give up, warrior woman.

    Stay bitchin’!


  46. Rose says:

    Was this well-written article mentioned here?
    It seems the Sheriff’s Dept had 38 million reasons to frame Avery and
    secure a signed confession from the disabled lad who plays the
    role, in a sense, of Berentsen. Theory is made believeable as in
    the prior rape case, the Sheriff Dept acted twice with deliberate malignancy when
    policemen (from a different dept) themselves, and the real perp who confessed, said someone
    else did it, but rather kept Avery imprisoned. I’m kinda wondering who in the
    Sheriff’s Dept wanted Avery’s farm at auction, said facetiously.

    I agree it is well written, but I tweeted to Schulz her fact checking fell short on her characterization on the WM III- She is no Toobin.

  47. Rose says:

    The essay writer pans the film due to its structure and content, and the
    filmmakers’ motivations, but that does not mean the two were guilty as
    alleged and convicted.

  48. Rose says:

    you think this big money tour ticket prices all goes to the rental
    premises rental?

  49. A Texas Grandfather says:

    It has been a long time for any posts on this thread. I just read a piece where a federal court has overturned the conviction of Dassey. The reasons cited were that LE and the DA took advantage of Dassey’s low IQ to trap him into confessing to his deeds and pointing out that the young man was given false information to make the trap.

    It appears that once again a movie has influenced a court to intercede and overturn a murder case. If the state does not appeal the decision, Dassey will be released in 90 days.

    There are no details of the courts actual writings.

    I will post my copy after reading. It is 91 pages. Very, very interesting and impactful opinion indeed.
    The challenge will be for Brendans lawyers to keep him away from his family- historically this has harmed him and I personally believe some know more than they have admitted.

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