Kyron Horman Missing Case: Terri Horman Breaks Her Silence In People Magazine Interview

New York, NY-  For nearly five and a half years Terri Horman has refused to speak publicly about her step-sons case.  Outside of one assertion of her innocence while on the stand in a name change hearing she ultimately was denied, Horman did not speak to any reporters or answer any of their questions regarding Kyron Hormans disappearance. Until Now.

Horman courtesy of People

Horman was interviewed by People Magazines Elaine Aradillas for both the print and online editions,  and will be doing a series of personal interviews over the next week, to include

In the brief online video excerpt , the second part to air on ABC’s Good Morning America Friday morning,  Horman  maintains she is deaf in her left ear, a critical factor in the outcome of her first polygraph.

“… At what point are Kyron’s biological parents going to realize I don’t have the answers, they need to change this thing around…”

“…There is so much the public is not being told about this investigation, that’s why I am doing this- nobody is looking for Kyron…”

Horman’s interview drew sharp reactions from Kaine Horman and Desiree Young, Kyron’s parents.

“…Why is she silent for 5 1/2 years if she is innocent.  I want her to tell me where Kyron is.  If she is innocent she should call Multnomah County Sheriffs Office and sit down for an interview…”-  Desiree Young

“Hi friends. Yes I am well aware of the tabloid journalism piece in the media today. FYI – there will be more of the same coming Friday
We have a HOST of MCSO and FBI investigators STILL standing by with interviews and polygraphs when someone actually wants to cooperate. FEEL FREE TO STOP BY THEY ARE WAITING!! STILL!! Until then we’ll stick with the scores of people with valid/accurate information and the failed polygraphs as the only actual actions taken to-date.  To all of you: how about not linking the article/interview?
REMEMBER KYRON?!?!? This is what we need to be focused on!!
Love you Kyron!!” – Kaine Horman post on his Facebook Page

Christina Stoy, Editor In Chief was able to confirm with Ms. Horman directly that she has been willing to meet with Kyron’s investigators both previously and in the future with the sole provision that it be conducted in the presence of her Attorney,  Portland criminal defense lawyer Stephen Houze.

Horman went on to say that investigators with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office have been well aware of “that” over the last five and a half years and they have never requested an interview.  Um, What?

Horman reveals some shocking details about the subsequent polygraphs examinations referenced by Kaine Horman and Desiree Young and other allegations of improper tactics on behalf of MCSO in the second half of her interview to air tomorrow morning on abc’s GMA and on Nightline.

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  1. Rose says:

    I like that definition of salty.
    Terri did not present her salty side. Good for her.

    Anyone watching these mcso – cart “investigators,
    and the DA’s cover up for them, should have a whole Morton Salt Mine.

  2. Rose says:

    makes you wonder what prosecutions in MCDAland generated by mcso investigations are credible at all unless there is more than one credible eyewitness and forensic evidence that cannot be manufactored or tampered with.

  3. lyla says:

    “I had never seen this list before, but who uses an email handle “lewd conduct”? This list seems not to be in calendar order. If these are accurate addresses she used, it would be interesting to know why the change from “lewd conduct” back to “red squirrel” after the Horman’s moved to Sheltered Nook. Is it possible they moved because Terri and/or Kaine were trying to leave something behind them when they moved out to the far more isolated Sheltered Nook location? Is it possible at least one of them was running from something/someone way back then? Something that was going on when they lived in Aloha? Was the vampire let in well before Kyron went missing?

    Sorry if I’m behind times here. I hope someone can verifying if these are accurate email addy.”
    I do believe the vampire was let in well before Kyron went missing.

    Im not sure why anyone is assuming lewdconduct is Terri.

  4. Rose says:

    @Tiny. Kiara in Skyline with new mommie as a pta exec (til this year) demonstrated to the community and parents this was a violent act by a stepmother and will not recur.
    So, concern closed.
    thanks for the report.
    imo locals’ greatest concern should not be
    their childrens’ danger but the unprofessionalism and anti-citizen behavior of mcso employees, while larding take home pay, but that’s not new is it? And the bad cases apparently brought by mcda just to get a win by any means–also not new.

  5. Rose says:

    @lyla. might’ve been let in decades ago into a milieu
    where gramps was allegedly molesting sons in Neil’s home, per Kristian.

  6. Ode says:

    Im not sure why anyone is assuming lewdconduct is Terri.
    I totally agree Blink…anyone could create a screenname and say it is Terri Eckart…which seems to be the search name for the screennames. Joe Blow could enter his info (his or someone else’s)with whatever info they want when creating those screennames I would assume. What generates the info for that search? Is it an IP address?

  7. erose says:

    @Rose, This is the example with which MCSO led the bios with. I agree with you, but the HC originated with this philosophy, IMO. How can they stop it, when they started it? To me, she is a grief stricken woman with a lot of guilt over her custodial situation with her son and some hate against the woman who stole her husband and raised her son. Tony is her white knight, he is a cop and legitimizes her to an extent. The LEO’s in MC are using a strategy of making TH’s life hell, destroying her and DY obliges of course.


    “And they without a doubt told me that ‘We’re going to…make your life hell if you don’t tell us what we want to know. We’re going to destroy you.’ And they sure did,” she said.

  8. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I will give you a hint B regarding the second name. There are twenty-two songs in that show and one of them has the title matching the handle of a poster. I was hoping that others might take up the challenge.

    Tell miss “Sally Who Who” that each person has their own unique scent and you helped create it. She should expect this behavior as long as you have the opportunity to smell. I see she has a new nickname.

    I agree with Malty about the necessity for a more thorough search of the school and the interview and lie detector test. One of the problems is that a number of the staff have moved to other locations. Every one on the staff at the time should be interviewed along with those with service contracts at the time of Kyron’s abduction.

    Intuition is developed from a variety of experiences and the totality of one’s knowledge. Women are usually a lot better at using intuition than men.

    Every time I think of my little Gage, who is now 30 months old and 39″ tall, it reminds me of how physically small Kyron was at the time.

    I cannot believe that MCSO are so stupid as to think that Terri should have been responsible for coming in voluntarily after their poor treatment of her. This tells me that there may be some things they wish to keep hidden that are tangent to the actors in this case.
    It is also the reason for taking the case away from them and giving it to an agency that has people with the proper skills and experience.

    Lol. Sally knows she has every nickname. I really have little faith in LDTs. Most especially with the knowledge I have about how TH’s were administered. It can’t be argued that arrests were made as a result of information she gave LE. Keep in mind when I developed that potential link it was before (years) I interviewed DDS and independently verified Kaine was involved. Those folks were subpoenaed in the dissolution case. I remain baffled why LE remained laser-focused on TH when she had taken steps (lawful) previously to intervene in Kaine’s activity.

    Love to little Gage- no doubt his soul is mighty.


  9. Rose says:

    I found this Quantico BAU thing.
    It says they consult onsite or in their home office to federal, state, & local investigators. So if I were Mama Bear, I’d gun for a Federal investigation (real fbi)!takeover by a different Field Office (this one having a preening media camera whore office director in June 2010 who contributed to the crappy investigation) who upon transfer is tasked with initially & periodically consulting with the BAU at the home site (Skyline & debriefing locaks) and at Hdqtrs, with trimonthly revisits. Envisioning and advocating for this sort of investigatory plan is way out of the Young’s abilities imo; not out of Kaine’s, but he has a strong devotion to status quo.

  10. Rose says:

    If I had questions for Terri, I’d ask all the reasons she set the 6/11 ped appointment
    did she think it possible anyone in any milieu had molested kyron.


  11. Ode says:

    One last thought…Kaine could well be lewdconduct as I am sure he had access to Terri’s electronics and may have been using her profile to hide his use since that would look bad I would think at Intel. I am sorry I brought up the screenname thing…I was focused on Ardillia as a name, not an animal. I am not saying Kaine is lewdconduct but I can not dismiss the phone scam on Terri with Kaine and his buddy. Peppered…hahaha Malty, I am beyond seasoned and darn near burned in the pan. I hate the smell of burnt garlic and I wish people would quit saying they know what happened and so and so did it….they don’t know…they have let media define facts for them and it is so convenient for MCSO, the School, Kaine to just let that continue regardless of the validity of those facts. Was Kyle the reporter that talked to Terri in front of her house on Shelter Nook and made a comment about her “landscape”? It was a Video clip. I have tried to find it and I can not and wonder who was the reporter.

    Was not . It was James Pitkin.
    Not Kyle. Kyle was featured in the front garden section- some may refer to it as a lawn ornament.
    This message will self destruct in 5 seconds.

  12. Malty says:

    Lewdconduct sounds like a male who grabs a breast in public for a couple pic with a big grin remember
    That. One

  13. Malty says:

    A male who makes loud sex with no doors and teen girls in the house. L0L

  14. Malty says:

    A woman stops by and hubby wants a three some
    LOL. Lewd conduct

    Uhoh. Salty Malty.

  15. Rose says:

    Stimulated my thinking.
    Bundy was agitated because his belief system says that only the Consti-too-tional Sheriff can authorize any law enforcement action, most especially Federal FBI, in the USofA. I’d read the Harney Sheriff was in that belief system & movement, tho he has spoken against the occupation. Interestingly, another County’s Sheriff met Bundy in his stead.

    So anyhoo, as TRuth says, I remembered Staton has been characterized in print as a subscriber to the Consti-too-tional Sheriffs’ group. Doubtless some mcso folks he supervises are believers, and maybe some Medford policemen. In my opinion, no way Jose any Sheriff or deputy or policeman who believes in the Constitutional Sheriff’s perogatives and responsibilities woukd ever under any circumstances concur with turning their star case over to the FBI unless they were at gunpoint (aka a Bundyites insurrection).
    Took over at 47 & can retire at 50; imo his promotion to FOD was to enable that high 3 last yrs salary on which a fed pension is based. (also had 18 of reqd 20 yrs) Look fir retirement Jan 2017.

  16. Rose says:

    Salty Malty. I concur.

  17. Rose says:

    But he painted her, using Rudy and his high school buddy Mike, as the lascivious lewd one who just couldn’t control herself.

  18. Rose says:

    look at no 37 on the Constitutional Sheriff’s list who will not cooperate with Federal orders:
    iirc his underling Moore was called out for going to an AZ convention at public expense.

    this is about way more than guns, grazing, and illegal immigrants. This is a mindset encompassing
    all aspects of law enforcement, more than that, LE Authority itself. (as Bundy points out).

    We, Blink, may have underestimated the role of an MCSO mgmt
    belief system where hell would freeze over before a case like
    Kyron’s was ceded to Federal control.
    I wonder where Tony & Desiree stand?

  19. Rose says:

    iphone users: free abc appl finally has today’s episode up.

    my tv service provider, on wifi thru my phone, has everything nbc, cnn, fox etc
    but abc.
    for that one gets the appl, but they say no live in yr area.

    So You can get the appl, go to showd, then to GMA, & click today.

    except you have 54 min of political hell (don, ted, hill), and every few minutes you have to watch 5 ads to move forward. abc is a digital looser. During the 5 ads they really have a “go to sponsor’s site” click button. Who would do that. You can’t fast forward (big thumbs down), but Terri is about at 54 min. Unfortunately for me, by 54 min my FF was so aggressive, I got Chang after the interview finished. Next time Terri, Standord/Oxford educated Maddow. I don’t like her, fingernails on a blackboard, but she can see a Constitutional Sheriff Staton’s BS.

  20. Rose says:

    Medford PD has many interesting detectives.
    Here is one.
    My cursory look-see tonite suggests the JC
    Republican Women (not to mention men) IS
    the Tea Party and proud of it.

  21. Malty says:

    As I understand Terri will be on nightlife to night?.. Is that right
    She is doing ok She seems sad but what can anyone expect I plan to be kind
    To her Let the other site say what ever about it I just don’t care I know who I am and what matters
    Kindness matters and compassion
    So if she wants to talk here to Blink And it would be great if she is up to
    It If she just needs rest that’s fine to

    As I understand it- Nightline has been moved to Mon due to the storm.
    I am interviewing Ms. Horman next week.

  22. Malty says:

    Night line bout 11:30 our local 2 Right?

    not on tonight Malty- moved to Monday.

  23. Rose says:

    @ Blink.
    what an ambiguous yes.
    not complaining. you always
    inform at the boundaries you can.

  24. Rose says:

    @erose. You reverberate. Around noon I heard an nor story where the comment was they can’t control what tbey started. It might have been militias. but I don’t think so. Anyway it SO reminded me of Davidsons, Kaine, & the HC. The HC now has a life of its own.

    wrt “erose says:
    January 22, 2016 at 4:47 pm
    To me, she is a grief stricken woman with a lot of guilt over her custodial situation with her son and some hate against the woman who stole her husband and raised her son. Tony is her white knight, he is a cop and legitimizes her to an extent.”
    All of this is true. In current interviews, I myself in my opinion do not see grief controlling. I see some kind of psychotic paranoid thinking controlling, fixation on Terri. Her imagery “the devil” fits. Organizing and beneficial perhaps for her activities of daily living.

  25. Rose says:

    With that IT guy in the house, controlling everything, & unfettered access to her electronics, someone tell Det. Relentless-Aggressive and Desiree any computer or cell “evidence” attributed to Terri is not worth a tinker’s damn at a trial. Kaine on the stand = toast.

  26. Malty says:

    Wrong I just looked Night line is 12:30 after Jimmy Kimmel. Yuck I don’t care for him local 2
    Is this right anyone

  27. Rose says:
    “what sort of conscious-less effer decides the loss of a brother is best met with the loss of her Mother?
    That says way more about Kaine Horman to me than anything.”

    Clap clap clap!!!!

    “The sound of everyone in the neighborhood testing their snowblowers is irritating the chit out of me. I had Mr out there Wednesday night, LOL

    Kudos to Mr B. So you can’t have hyper countertransference with a leading OR misogynist like some of us.

    24″ and counting

  28. Malty says:

    Oh thank you. Monday Yes good. Blink Thanks.

  29. Malty says:

    Blink next week sounds great Terri must be needing a break to rest about now

  30. Rose says:

    Blink Soldier Stacey 1 or 2 says Desiree will be on Nightline tonight!
    What gives, more skyping?
    Why her and not the original interview?
    Frankly, Desiree is starting to strike me as the media w….

    She is REALLY Johnnie on the camera spot.

  31. NelMel says:

    Rose says:
    January 22, 2016 at 7:11 pm


    Wow, never looked at this case with the “consti-too-tional” pov.

    Plus, men who think that way are most likely not impressed with wimmins-folk. I.e., how dare TMH challenge them.

  32. vw says:

    The most encouraging outcome of speaking out:

    TMH states in interview that the MFH is ‘bogus’.

    More importantly she refers to the court document, the Houze deposition of Rudy Sanchez, that negates a plot to KILL Kaine, in Rudy’s own words.

    Without a MFH where does that leave the ‘investigation’? “Ongoing” in that regard?

    I am going to have to double check the timeline, but if I were a betting person, I would suggest it coincides with the FAPA going bye bye.
    So wth?

  33. January says:

    It would be interesting to know the questions LE asked Terri on the polygraph. I was surprised, well, actually disappointed, when Terri said that she might have failed the test because she couldn’t hear the questions due to being deaf in one ear. Common sense tells me that if it were me taking a LDT about something so important, I would make sure I understood the questions before answering. I would make sure they knew I was deaf in one ear. Especially when they had me come back for a second and third test. I would also like to know why Terri became angry and left the third time she went in to be retested. What did they do/say to make her walk out? If I were Terri and I knew I hadn’t lied while taking the test, I would be more apt to think that LE lied to me about failing the poly. Which I believe they can do, right? That is what I would have said on national TV. The ‘I didn’t hear the questions correctly’ doesn’t sit well with me.

    disclosure- I know all the answers to your questions and it is my understanding Ms. Horman goes into this in detail in her interviews. Keep in mind that to fairly assess TH’s position on this- one would need to watch her unedited interview and I do not know if plans are being made to feature it online in its entirety but if I were her, I would most certainly request it.

    It is my understanding that LE was aware that TH was deaf in her left ear and used an amp that did not have a working battery and apparently required some sort of maintenance. It is unclear to me ( and I intend to clarify with Ms. Horman directly) WHEN the 1st polygrapher became aware of it because TH uses lip reading without the benefit of her amp in place and the pre interview would have face to face. I am guessing the first TH realized this would be a problem would be when she was seated facing away from the polygrapher and mentioned frequently that she could not hear the question and asked several of them to be repeated- during the test she brought this to the attention of the polygrapher and was told “its ok we are almost done.”

    So- right there, I can tell you as a point of fact- this IS AN INVALID TEST from the sole perspective you CANNOT give a LDT to someone with a hearing disability without making an accomodation to INSURE the subject can adequately hear and understand the question. If that cannot be accomplished, then an interpreter (sign) must be provided or the use of flash cards in some cases may be appropriate- bottom line here- the measurements recorded are only as good as the subjects responses to a question they understand- it is paramount. (Reminder- major overall to Polygraphers in OR in 2013) I am going to bet any certified examiner would invalidate a test result for peer review just based on the hearing issue alone. And that is before ANY discussion about whether it is even true or not that she actually failed. I don’t think I have ever heard TH say that she thought she failed any test due to the issue with her hearing- I am not sure she even knew or considered it had an impact on the procedure and result until well after the fact- likely from Houze or his investigators who like me- know immediately know there is no way that result is valid ( not even getting into the argument about LDT validity in the first place, because that is a brief in itself. They are to be used an investigative tool, and there is a reason they are inadmissible for the most part, in any court room. The fact that this woman agreed to take one three times after being told she flunked (showed deception) speaks volumes to me well over anything else.

    And.. she is not the only one who’s first test did not render a truthful response in every question. She is the only one I am aware of that was asked to repeat it. Test occurs in a dimly lit file room/file closet. She was told would be recorded but in retrospect saw no equip to record it and no additional personnel.

    It was the second test she walked out on. Contrary to the stories we have been told, it was not actually during the test. There was no test administered that day. She had been hooked up to the equipment prior to her pre-interview. That is an absolute no-no. I don’t know the motivation for this, but it would render a test invalid anyway- there is no polygraph in the world that can “detect a lie”. It is measuring stress to a stimulai, period. Ms. Horman mentions to the polygrapher ( keep in mind, she was explained the process in her first interview and she was told she failed the first so she is coming at it with that information-) that it was improper to conduct the pre test hooked up to the equipment. polygrapher becomes irritated with her and tells her that it would take to much time and effort to remove the nodes, etc.
    She explains she was told she was there because she failed the first one and she absolutely told the truth so it must have been the test and she DID NOT want the incorrect procedure to affect her result -she was prepared to spend all day there if necessary to make sure this time.

    With this, Mr. Poly II REMOVES HER FROM THE device/equipment, leaves the room and for the next act she is introduced to “baby medical examiner” (NOTE: I know the identity of the individual and I respectfully request we don’t post guesses here) where she is subjected to knowledge of what SAR expects to find of a child Kyron’s age and specifics about the decomposition process and animal predation. (my words, its bad enough). Needless to say, after that exchange, Horman once again is adamant that she has no involvement in her step sons disappearance but it was clear to her that LE must have some reason to believe at that juncture Kyron must be dead. Is this why TH tells DY “she loved her son” as DY states in the past tense?

    Polygraph 3. Mid test- examiner tells TH she has failed (again- what?) by now TH hinky already up about what she may be coming home to- or not, as it were.

    Although LE would accuse her of a murder for hire plot as is deeply memorialized in civil filings and depositions, she was never asked about that. Who the Hell does that make sense to?

    Me. More on that later.

    One thing I wish to be patently clear on ( and many thanks January for your questions and allowing me to expand in response to them) -

    Whether or not TH had anything to do with Kyron’s abduction or other, and I have NEVER seen a scintilla of evidence she was- and if what is being promoted as evidence by DY is failed poly’s and DNA in the back of a pick up that SHOULD BE THERE and was not considered evidence-worthy to impound is the leading argument there is not a person reading this that should not realize- agreeing with the way this investigation was handled, with specificity to TH in particular, is the same as waiving your rights to the presumption of innocence BEFORE one is even accused of a crime.

    If anyone is willing to do that God Bless You. I am definitely not.

    The other downside to this is that it is furthering a perception about LE that is permeating this country and it pisses me off. I work with and/or alongside some of what I consider the best LEA in the country and it is patently unfair to their carers and public perception of their trust.


  34. Rose says:

    Soldier says the “stinking show” (how grateful is that?)
    will be on Monday. apparently Nightline is giving equal time to
    Desiree. Maybe she pitched a fit she only had a soundbite on GMA?

  35. Rose says:

    Desiree on MK FB
    “I honored Kyron today, by wearing red, his favorite color. I gotta reach for whatever I can hold on to. Terri-you are evil! Kyron will never call you a “mom” you have never earned it! He, now, knows what you are.”
    I hope not with the same thick purple eyeshadow with the red on Wed.
    Since she’s advertising it, must be proud of her Nightline statememt.

  36. T. Ruth says:

    Im not sure why anyone is assuming lewdconduct is Terri.

    I hope you don’t think I was making that assumption. That’s why I asked if they could be verified. I don’t even know if those emails have anything to do with the Hormans, or where that list originated from before it got to Scared Monkeys. Could have well been Mr. Horman’s email addy, or could have been someone who lived at those addresses prior/after. Or someone could have made the dang list up? I was more interested at the time if Rojo Ardillo (Red Squirrel) meant Terri did in fact speak Spanish, as we were discussing whether or not she and RSE understood one another.

    No, was just general. I am aware that Terri suggests that email was used by Kaine and I also believe she used the RojoArdillo as a spam email.
    Not sure how much Spanish she speaks- but I have never understood that she did not understand Rudy Sanchez Estrada, but that RSE spoke very little English and what he did was poor in terms of translations. I am most certainly interested in reviewing his entire deposition. I am not getting past he denied he was “solicited” to murder Kaine in open court, and Engel tried to get HIS deposition forever memorialized without cross, dude gets an immunity deal to my knowledge he (DA) has absolutely no standing to offer ( prolly where ICE comes in) and all of this while the very allegation was used to secure an ex parte FAPA after RSE shows up at her home, and TH calls the cops announcing he is tresspassing after SHE GAVE LE his name and contact info. I mean, how the Hell does this happen and how the Hell could ANYONE justify this? Again, I say the Frinkster will have an opportunity to provide that explanation at some point. There is nobody hiding behind an active mfh allegation anymore.

  37. Rose says:

    How’s the snowblower doing?

    It is slow but “doing”. Driveway snow is deeper than “it”. It will take 2 days to do all of it. I am about to get a lesson as a result, I think, lol. have not seen anything like this since I was a kid.

  38. Rose says:

    If the work of an interview is like taking a poly, get some rest first Blink.
    I began shoveling out one door to open every 3 hours all nite
    long, beginning yesterday afternoon. 6 hours to go.
    Fortunately we lack a driveway & a walkway to speak of.
    poor dog. Your turn next Nelmel?

  39. Rose says:

    My wonder is whether the Youngs support the Jackson County tea party?
    If so, that also explains Desiree’s head in the sand wrt Who investigates best?
    Could be it’s not specialized training, skills, success rate,
    but a lifestyle political belief in a Sheriff’s jurisdiction and omnipotence.
    Which could explain how MCSO caught this crime rather than OPB
    which actually had jurisdiction. Staton and the Youngs coukd’ve had a
    meeting of the minds on 6/4/10.
    minir Q for Terri: did she ever hear the first day how mcso came to be in charge
    rather than PPB? Tony might have remarked on it round the table.

  40. T. Ruth says:

    Looking forward to the interview, B! Stay warm and toasty along with your salty.

    If nothing else, I hope Terri speaking out puts an inkling of doubt in some shepherded Skyline Elementary parents and start a discussion among themselves where the result is demanding some answers form LE, as they realize they’ve had the wool pulled over their eyes.

    Terri’s comment that they immediately took her on as suspect, brings a whole bunch more meaning to this little conversation. (One of the only other reporters to ask pertinent questions of LE.)

    July 2, 2010:

    Jung: “Has there been an effort to look at sexual predators in the area or have you called that off?”

    Staton: “Helen, that’s kind of a ridiculous question.”

    Jung: “Why is that a ridiculous question?

    Staton: “I think you kind of have an answer to that already in your own mind.”

    Jung: “OK, well —”

    Perhaps it wasn’t such a ridiculous question after all. A very testy Sheriff, don’t you think?

    (P.S. nice to see(?) some old familiar quilts back.)

    What is up with that answer. He is a public servant and elected official with a specific duty of public safety and public trust/interest.

  41. Malty says:

    For a long time until about the 5 year point I really liked Desiree but I am really tired of her anymore she just will not even consider any other answers except Terri I read she said Terri was 100% responsible for the care of Kyron
    That day All I can think of is that didn’t have to be the case her whole family and she and Kaine could have been there for Kyron I wonder about her belief in how to treat others in any situation Not just this case Is her whole life a list of unforgiving and unforgotten relationships With others If so the Soldier may wish she stayed out of this one day
    At any rate it makes no difference to me I don’t have to deal with her

  42. Amys Sister says:

    “What the hell comes after Salty- cause I am that.”

    Caramel. Always caramel. :)


  43. Malty says:

    In 1995 I got my first computer and went on my first forum as it was called People picked some pretty raw handles
    As jokes and private messaged behind scenes And met each other in the park on Sunday for food and social
    Most were local The Internet has come a long way people learned the hard way it wasn’t a just a neighborhood
    Get together and some real bad guys were on that first forum Who would send out links You better not click on
    Or invite to get togethers People use to share all their persona info It seems unbelievable now
    The point is old email names could be anybody. Most had many IDs and names. Used each other’s names and ID
    I was there It happened It got ugly and mean and closed down

  44. Malty says:

    @Rose I would like to ask Terri about if anyone was just to friendly to Kyron also but I trust Blink to cover
    What seems best to talk about. I feel really sorry about time lost with Kiara

  45. Rose says:

    this says Yandell is the Detective
    Apparently he worked in LE in Eugene before coming to mcso.

    Yep. He is.

  46. Malty says:

    Last night I started reading on WWS and left Real soon just to much For me so many comments were just so
    More better to watch that silly Trump and Palin duo For laughs. :)

    Classic. Hilarious.

  47. MockingbirdSings says:

    OT – except in the LE sense – maybe somebody can explain what sense this makes –

    I know someone on the Washington County “Most Wanted” list. He’s a (continually failing to register) registered sex offender (underage girls and drugs), parole violations, ID thefts, car chase, etc. for years. Usually finds a girl who will help him out.

    So every few weeks, I google him. He has been in several states and gotten into the same troubles and been arrested. He always gets out within a few months – he’s a relatively happy inmate and full of promises – people, who should know better, believe. Needs drug treatment but never sticks with any programs that let you come and go.

    Anyway – We have sent tips to the “Most Wanted” email and to the local Sheriff whenever he pops up incarcerated somewhere. Once he even gave a street address which was Washington County Corrections! Finally we called his latest “home” in the Midwest and told the sheriff he’s wanted in Oregon. They said, “We know, but unless Oregon decides they want him, there’s nothing we can do.” So, apparently he’s not worth the transportation costs from any of these other states – so why do they put him on the “Most Wanted” list – he was even featured on their FB page.

    I sort of don’t get it. The cost of all these crimes and arrests and prosecutions, and to victims, etc., for years, ought to add up to more than a bus ticket for a deputy and a prisoner, at least. Wonder how many guys like this are out there?

    Seems that to be a successful career criminal you just have to (1) stick with crimes that don’t upset anybody except the victims, (2) “not be worth it” to chase, and (3) be willing to spend 30 to 60 days in a warm jail around the country every so often.

    I am assuming I don’t have enough to render an opinion or course of action. If he has warrants this is a no brainer. Report to his probation as an absconder. Warrants are warrants. If there is a disparity as to what is alleged in one jurisdiction or compliance in another- that is a legal question. Bar none, if this individual is associated with a victim- that individual has standing in any jurisdiction.

  48. T. Ruth says:

    People Mag isn’t at our newstands yet. They say Tuesday.

  49. Rose says:

    one can see WS FB for a series of questions for Ardillas to as Terri followed by an organized list of sources.
    These questions & sources are not the work product of the Admin of WS FB. They lack her typical persistant grammatical errors, tone, and their sentence structure is far too complex. The organization of the sources is not typical either. I suggest the Soldier’s General, or a Campaign Ally, shot this list to Soldier to post as her own. Anyway, it’s silly. There is no educated person in America who would pay the best of attorneys and not comply with hus well-reasoned advice. The Innocence Project exists in OR for good reason.

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