Kyron Horman Missing Case: Terri Horman Breaks Her Silence In People Magazine Interview

New York, NY-  For nearly five and a half years Terri Horman has refused to speak publicly about her step-sons case.  Outside of one assertion of her innocence while on the stand in a name change hearing she ultimately was denied, Horman did not speak to any reporters or answer any of their questions regarding Kyron Hormans disappearance. Until Now.

Horman courtesy of People

Horman was interviewed by People Magazines Elaine Aradillas for both the print and online editions,  and will be doing a series of personal interviews over the next week, to include

In the brief online video excerpt , the second part to air on ABC’s Good Morning America Friday morning,  Horman  maintains she is deaf in her left ear, a critical factor in the outcome of her first polygraph.

“… At what point are Kyron’s biological parents going to realize I don’t have the answers, they need to change this thing around…”

“…There is so much the public is not being told about this investigation, that’s why I am doing this- nobody is looking for Kyron…”

Horman’s interview drew sharp reactions from Kaine Horman and Desiree Young, Kyron’s parents.

“…Why is she silent for 5 1/2 years if she is innocent.  I want her to tell me where Kyron is.  If she is innocent she should call Multnomah County Sheriffs Office and sit down for an interview…”-  Desiree Young

“Hi friends. Yes I am well aware of the tabloid journalism piece in the media today. FYI – there will be more of the same coming Friday
We have a HOST of MCSO and FBI investigators STILL standing by with interviews and polygraphs when someone actually wants to cooperate. FEEL FREE TO STOP BY THEY ARE WAITING!! STILL!! Until then we’ll stick with the scores of people with valid/accurate information and the failed polygraphs as the only actual actions taken to-date.  To all of you: how about not linking the article/interview?
REMEMBER KYRON?!?!? This is what we need to be focused on!!
Love you Kyron!!” – Kaine Horman post on his Facebook Page

Christina Stoy, Editor In Chief was able to confirm with Ms. Horman directly that she has been willing to meet with Kyron’s investigators both previously and in the future with the sole provision that it be conducted in the presence of her Attorney,  Portland criminal defense lawyer Stephen Houze.

Horman went on to say that investigators with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office have been well aware of “that” over the last five and a half years and they have never requested an interview.  Um, What?

Horman reveals some shocking details about the subsequent polygraphs examinations referenced by Kaine Horman and Desiree Young and other allegations of improper tactics on behalf of MCSO in the second half of her interview to air tomorrow morning on abc’s GMA and on Nightline.

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  1. Rose says:

    When is Jacquiss going to out the 2010 failed investigation
    of an abduction from a Portland Public School, and its coverup?
    # 1 he might begin with the seizure of the (trampled) crime scene and
    jurisdiction from PPB.

  2. T. Ruth says:

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. (who said that?)

  3. T. Ruth says:

    Kaine Horman says he’s learned from law enforcement officials that more than one circuit judge had found probable cause exists to implicate his estranged wife in Kyron’s disappearance and in a murder-for-hire plot.

    Yes and as I recall, the sitting gj Judge issued an initial order, which expired OCTOBER 29th, 2010 that media could not film any gj witnesses coming in or out of the floor. Emphasis on the “expired” on the days following this filing. I had the date wrong- but same applies.

  4. Rose says:

    @atg, wrt “The Feds are supposed to use Blackberry phones because of the security concerns.”
    Omg, that’s why our Sec of State was using a Blackberry?
    I thot she was just old fashioned & regressed, seriously.

    Many who work at State and are over 50 have no phone clue.
    In fact at work cell phones are verbottten & locked away til egress.

  5. Rose says:

    well maybe I erroneously extrapolated from a few to the many at DoS.

  6. Rose says:

    and @ Gwen
    if I had a buck for each time I was wrong or erred here
    (or was just lazy), I’d have done well.

  7. erose says:

    Thank you ATG, very interesting as always.

    Rose, Above my pay grade, and without the benefit of prior transcripts or a future hearing, I would overturn and side with Apple.

  8. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Your reference to the poor grades given the school superintendent. He thinks by making an issue of the grades, he will make the committee afraid to do it again.

    Your last sentence in that post is that he is still superintendent and she is just a citizen. That is true and she is his ultimate boss. The School Board selects the superintendent, but the citizens elect the Board. The citizens could at any time decide that the superintendent is not fulfilling his job and force the Board to cancel his contract. If the Board does not pay attention, then the citizens have the right to remove the board and replace it with others.

  9. Rose says:
    Roberts’ attorney’s obit p 15.
    While he was Court-appointed for indigent, he seems capable. Probably figured she’d be convicted due to the love triangle & domestic history, so sold the cell evidence to hus client as a gracefull way out of a murder conviction. I notice the local defense bar put Underhill right up there beside Frink for his “talents.”

    Hi, ATG I meant Supt outlasted Purvine. she had been an elected reform and change agent. She failed. The fish head morphed into a sperm whale (largest of the toothed whales). He also survived an ongoing affair with a subordinate. Reminds me of dictatorical pastors who sit on their own elder board and control it.
    Supt Trani himself now is a Board member.
    any email sent to Board members must be cc’d to Trani
    front page left: Trani handles all public communications from the Board.

    I am suggesting she & this committee will be equally ineffectual with doing right by the Office of Sheriff. Takes a kind of leadership citizen volunteers like Purvine do not have. Takes a Ted Wheeler, & he failed in an attempt to make it appointive in 2008.

    With 1,001 comments, Blink, hoping for a new thread this weekend.

    No chance my dearest Rose. If you can find a subject matter and obligation requirement ( me and wee man) floating the shark tank for less time I would be surprised. Diligence re-defined you might say. xo

  10. Rose says:

    @ATG. I wonder if 9th Circ decided this yet (does 4th A protect telephony metadata?)
    covers Apple’s hdqtrs area

  11. Rose says:

    Shrunk’s first year costs.
    Used case as the pretext to increase his budget by one ADA and 1 investigator position.
    Underhill was involved like Frink.
    Demer was involved like Moawad.
    3 investigators.
    All that and no SZ progress or acknowledgement.

  12. Gwen says:

    Rose says:
    February 18, 2016 at 9:05 pm

    Thanks, Rose. I just hate making an error that gets things stirred up. However, we have enjoyed the “man-eyes” and will be using that term more often around here. My hubby appreciates ATG coming to his defense, too!

    Hugs to you all. :)

  13. Rose says:

    Where is Demer now?

  14. Rose says:

    Handles property crimes..theft, fraud. Demer not only looks like Underhill, Ratto & Shrunk (body build), he’s a pit bull for making em pay, like Ratto.

  15. Rose says:

    @erose. I was tracking back that Demer was doing property crimes in 2009-10 (he was, so why was a property ADA paired with Moawad?), & I stumpled on this 2009 list of thebROCN Task Force which does knclude Ratto in 2009 on p 7.
    It also includes Fireman Frank Romanaggi so his relative wasn’t fibbing when he said FR was part of Kyron’s 2010 investigation, tho “led” is stretching it. Verifies this Unit had Kyron in its portfolio in 2010.

  16. Rose says:

    same url Moawad & Underhill were listed p 7
    as working together on Cold Homicides Unit.

  17. Rose says:

    new thread Q meant that Terri interview.
    Sounds like you have a lot to review for context.
    And then there is timing and ripeness.

    Indeed and then the veracity checks and balances, requests for comments, probably some therapy, lol.
    At the end of the day- am I going to be able to progress the investigation to find this child? It is and has always been the compass.

  18. Rose says:

    Very perceptive:

    @MockingbirdSings says:
    February 18, 2016 at 6:05 pm

    “It’s interesting how much more upset and outspoken it seems these parents in the comment section are than the Skyline parents. Students, too. The big issue seems to be “is my child at risk” – I still wonder why Skyline parents never got that. I haven’t seen one face of LE that could convince me my child was safe at Skyline simply by pointing a finger at TH.”

    It is so far out of the norm for independent school parents to comment & call out on a newspaper article airing inhouse”stuff” as to be unheard of. Imo these commenters lack basic private school socialization, or the real leadership situation is so egregious as to be highly provocative.

    I felt this was a good place just to have a happy high school track, forgetabout testing, college admits.

    I can’t think of anything that would cause a Head to resign randomly on Jan 26 (tho given Emeritus and bldg id & fundraising) other than $.

    You see she made the announcement 1 month before the yearly gala fundraiser, which us odd. her longtime finance man, apparently a good man, retired last summer. What if the new CFO found Head expenditure anomalies, and the Board exacted a resignation?

    It is interesting WW published this, & Meeker was on NEA advisory or whatever Board. And Underhill wife is on the Board.

    I tbink the reason NWA parents are more energized is the risk of college admissions. Eled has no similar barrier to compare.

    And imo the wholesale lack of Skyline parental leadership suggests that to the average Skyline parent, Kyron (and his family) was a marginalized, expendable child. To me the lack of Skyline parental cudgels on skyline’s behalf speaks to the lack of Kaine’s school support (pta mtg presence, auction contributor, fundraisers’ attendee) as well as perhaps to K’s social marginalization.

    In your interview Blink, does Terri characterize K socially?

    Kyron? Yes.

  19. Rose says:
    Where’s Nigel been all these years?
    Why now?
    What’s his end game?

    OT awakened by the last 5 min of a candidate’s town hall on
    iphone tv in my ear, he announced he uses an iphone. The country
    will be safe from hacking if he is elected.

    What the?
    I dunno on Jacquiss but didn’t we believe this was way more than a disgruntled. So why is Moore off the org chart now? Did he get the decrepit office next? Is Lamb’s first report available or just the prison-based audit?

  20. erose says:

    Hm, Romanaggi might be generational in MC public service.

    Saturday, November 25th, 1989
    s2e10: Portland, OR 10

    (Armed Robbery Warrant) Columbia Villa District – Deputy Mark Romanaggi has information that a wanted felon is inside one of these apartments.

  21. Rose says:

    looks like the failed Kyron investigation was among the least of Staton’s cover ups.
    How, Blink, can Ritchie file a tort suit if he’s voluntarily retired?
    Riddell may have a steady stream of customers.
    But if others have taken new jobs commensurate with mcso,
    where’s the tort harm? The jail report is a problem for

    Yes, I presume he will seek damages for being forced out due to hostile work conditions and the like.

  22. erose says:

    Why was this task force seemingly dispatched on Kyron’s case?


    Program Purpose
    The Regional Organized Crime Narcotics Team (ROCN) co-houses local, state, and federal investigators under one Task Force to combat drug activity in the Portland area. ROCN works closely with several law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, to identify, target, and remove major narcotics
    traffickers and organizations in the region.

    The Portland area continues to be a major corridor for drug trafficking. Two major thoroughfares intersect in the area allowing for easy travel from Canada to Mexico and to Idaho and beyond. ROCN believes maximum prosecution is necessary to slow down the movement of narcotics, therefore they maintain a Deputy District Attorney to prosecute cases at the federal level whenever applicable.

    The goals of ROCN are to:
    ƒ Target narcotic dealers and distribution networks.
    ƒ Emphasize and promote interagency cooperation among all local, state, and federal agencies.
    ƒ Provide narcotic investigative training to ROCN officers to expand investigative skills and resources.

  23. erose says:

    I found the Hispanic informant comment interesting.


    “The unfortunate problem is that in the Portland metropolitan area you’ve got a (population) base here, and the traffickers are going to (service) it,” said Frank Romanaggi, commander of a Portland-based group of federal, state and local cops called the Regional Organized Crime and Narcotics task force. “So as you take a group out, another group shows up.”

    He said that increasingly, in addition to penetrating a criminal underworld, drug cops also must infiltrate a foreign culture – meaning more time and expense, exacerbated by an unmet need for Hispanic informants. He estimated that cops’ interdiction efforts stop only a small portion of the incoming Mexican meth.

  24. Rose says:

    Staton must’ve let Lamb in the door based on looks, then discovered she had a brain.

    Marshman herself seems to lack clean hands. another tort suit.

    & leaves mcso off her resume

    all these tort suits suggest the HR Director, whose supervisor and colleagues reportedly thot was incapable when promoted by Staton, has been underadvising Staton. The woman who did his profiling of citizens.

    I don’t know how to link a Scribed doc, but the Lamb mcso report was put on Scribed about the same time Jacquiss published for WW:

    google language:
    “Mutlnomah County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Use of Force Audit – Scribd › doc › Mutlnom…
    Mobile-friendly – 3 hours ago – MEMORANDUM … )ROM# &hea Marshman, *irector, +lannin’ , Research -man.a $am!”
    Bernstein’s crime and courts deference to “insider sources” has not served her well imo.

  25. erose says:

    Some quick links about who was on that ’09 Cold Case Unit

    Homicide Cold Case Unit

    Lt. John Brooks,
    2013 – Capt. John Brooks, a 22-year bureau veteran, will be assigned to the police records division.

    Det. Todd Gradwahl,
    2014 – Congratulations to Detective Todd Gradwahl who was awarded the Mark Zylawy Distinguished Service Medal at the 2014 Portland Police Bureau (Portland, Oregon) Awards Ceremony.

    Asst. Crime Analyst Adra Hayward,

    FBI Agent Frank Heckendorn,
    2000 – Joint Terror Task Force

    Det. Cheryl Kanzler,
    2015 – Retired Detective Cheryl Kanzler, who was Weatheroy’s partner in the cold case unit, said he was one of the rare true leaders in the bureau and treated victims and reluctant witnesses with the same compassion.

    Det. Anthony Merrill,
    2015 – active detective

    Deputy DA Heidi Moawad,
    Bio. Left DA’s office in 2013.

    Ofc. Nathan Shropshire,
    Investigative Specialist at Portland General Electric
    Det. Jeanne Stevenson,

    Sgt. Wayne Svilar,
    Corporate Security Manager at Portland General Electric

    DA Investigator Robin Thompson,
    Investigator at Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office

    Chief Deputy DA Rod Underhill,
    Rod joined the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office as a certified law student in 1987. He served as a deputy prosecutor from 1988 to 2007 and as Chief Deputy from 2007 until he took the office of District Attorney on January 1, 2013.

    Ofc.Christopher Watts,
    2015 – Unit Commendation

    Sgt. George Weatheroy,
    2012 – Weatheroy, 55, a Portland native and 25-year police veteran, has volunteered in local schools for many years, mentoring boys and young men.

    Sgt. Paul Weatheroy,
    2015 – They took turns thanking, hugging and wishing Weatheroy well as he retired after 29 years with the Portland Police Bureau. The 52-year-old lieutenant plans to travel and play golf, but then go to work in early July as the lead investigator and a manager in the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office.

    Portland police have hired local resident Elle L. Weatheroy to serve as the bureau’s first equity and diversity manager, responsible for making sure the bureau’s recruiting, hiring and promotional practices serve all people fairly.

    Weatheroy, 39, has close connections to the bureau.

    She’s the sister of two respected veteran Portland officers, Lt. Paul Weatheroy and retired Sgt. George Weatheroy, and is the daughter of the late George Weatheroy Sr., who became one of the bureau’s first African American police officers when he was hired in 1951 and the first black Portland police sergeant.

  26. Rose says:

    scribed doc is here
    apparently Jacquiss publishing at 1 am Sat morning slowed the Oregonian’s copyists, but not kgw’s.

  27. Rose says:

    “This latest report is disturbing and it further solidifies the importance of having the Oregon Attorney General investigate these serious allegations against Sheriff Staton,” said Multnomah County spokesperson Dave Austin”

    Austin = a longtime Cty Comm spokesman
    with WW ties.

    Interesting kgw night duty got a soundbite from Austin at 2 am

  28. A Texas Grandfather says:

    It is beginning to appear that the FBI and Court are not truthful regarding the Apple phone case. The phone in question was not the property of the terrorist, but belonged to his employer, the County.

    Enough information is now getting out to determine that someone had obtained the password which was later changed by LE or the county. The password is a part of the security set-up. It is a very secure system using 256 bits to created the encoding scheme.

    Based on information from several sources, it appears that the FBI is trying to use this case to force Apple to produce a “back door” that would allow LE to get into any phone of that design. The court is being used in this situation. They are either willingly doing the orders or they are being duped into them. Time will tell.

    In regards to Rose’s question about the 9th Circuit addressing the 4th amendment issue protecting against privacy, I don’t know. I do consider the 9th Circuit Court to be the least of the Circuit Courts regarding legal work. Having read several of their cases, I have found them to be very creative in the construction of a decision. If the facts are not supporting, the Court’s position, they simply build a straw-man and then use the straw-man to justify the decision. This is why they are the most overturned Circuit in the Nation.

  29. Rose says:

    OT I wondered why Brown threw her chief of staff under the bus last fall;
    the public explanation seemed weak given the length of their acquaintance.
    This explains it though:

  30. Rose says:

    @erose. re ROCN Blink always said a parallel investigation was ongoing in 2010.
    Perhaps unknown subjects or informant allies of that investigation cross-appeared in the Horman’s lives.
    say Rudy from Clackamus. Maybe ROCN was using Rudy as an informant or source,
    but this troubkesome dame kept calling 911 on him (ie May) and ratting him out
    as unstable and vindictive wrt Kyron, and the ROCN had to preserve the viability of
    his cover for Clackamus drug stings and set ups they cared about more than Horman.

    Here is a new thread preview Rose- lol. That information I was given about calling 911 was incorrect. Horman called her Mother immediately thereafter and alerted friends to the point when RSE called her she had a friend answer and told him others were aware and he should leave her alone. At no time did TH respond in any way to RSE after the May incident. Nor did she when she heard from him on June 26th…

  31. Rose says:

    @ATG I was wondering about how the fact the phone was gov’t property
    was playing into this. It did not belong to the employee. It seemed to me the County or City could
    give permission to obtain the information to be given to them, the owner, then pass it on to the FBI.
    I think apple capable of retrieving what is sought, or resetting to a new password without writing new software
    to bypass all iphones. So I think both sides are untruthful.

    I woke up to Cruz opining on an msnbc rerun he overuses his iphone per wife, on things
    like Candy Crush. And he likes scotch. Sometimes real life on TV is worse than having a nightmare awaken one.


  32. Rose says:

    one suspects retired Lt Ritchie may have
    some Kyron investigation background to dish
    to Jacquiss if his own suit when letter notice arrives
    at mcso, is not also settled promptly. One supposes
    he too will be barred from return while Staton is in office.

  33. Rose says:

    btw, Ritchie was the Admin Lt seated (along with Yankee)
    at Staton’s side at the Cty Commissioner’s meetings
    selling the Troutdale merger to them.

    Yes and although not a direct supervisor, he definitely outranked him. Mrs. O’Donnell’s shoulder to cry on, and Bobby’s ensuing RO.

  34. Sammy says:

    ATG …
    Yep, I was just reading about this earlier today.
    Some County IT employee re-set the password (acting on his own, without authorization).

    (snip from article @)

    “Here’s a wrinkle, though. Turns out the iPhone in question had its password RESET by AUTHORITIES just hours after they acquired it. Whoopsy-daisy.

    The Justice Department acknowledged in its court filing that the password of Syed Farook’s iCloud account had been reset. The filing states, “the owner [San Bernardino County Department of Public Health], in an attempt to gain access to some information in the hours after the attack, was able to reset the password remotely, but that had the effect of eliminating the possibility of an auto-backup.”

    Apple could have recovered information from the iPhone had the iCloud password not been reset, the company said. If the phone was taken to a location where it recognized the Wi-Fi network, such as the San Bernardino shooters’ home, it could have been backed up to the cloud, Apple suggested.

    The auto reset was executed by a county information technology employee, according to a federal official. Federal investigators only found out about the reset after it had occurred and that the county employee acted on his own, not on the orders of federal authorities, the source said.”

    (snip from article here –

  35. MockingbirdSings says:

    erose says:
    February 20, 2016 at 4:46 am

    @erose -
    OT – George Weatheroy was one of the most helpful, reliable, respected, and smartest men I remember ever helping us with issues at my high school or in the neighborhood. Perfect choice for a cold case unit. (I have great respect for the whole family.)

    Cheryl Kanzler was, I believe, the wife of another PPB officer who retired and became police chief in Milwaukie. He retired again but both still consult, speak, etc., last I heard.

  36. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thanks Sammy

    The big question is why did the phone get to be in the possession of the County IT department when it was evidence in an ongoing investigation? I am assuming that it was located during the search of the home. This is a big “screw-up” by the investigators if that actually happened.

    Someone calculated that to have a very fast computer try all the possible combinations, it would take nearly one hundred years to find the password. We may learn the real truth of what happened someday.

    This is the same type of problem regarding the case of Kyron’s disappearance. Incompetent LE management among other things.

  37. Rose says:

    Yes Ritchie married the former Mrs ODonnell,
    and perhaps he or she got stories about
    O’Donnell’s case mgmt thru the grapevine in 2010ff.

  38. A Texas Grandfather says:


    I think Sammy has answered the reason as to why LE (FBI) and the Court needs the help of Apple.

    Cruz has good taste regarding whiskey. Sour mash Scotch and a water chaser. A lot less sugar for the body to deal with.

    In The words of Jimmy Fallon- “EW”.

  39. Rose says:

    February 20, 2016 at 10:57 am
    Blink says “Horman called her Mother immediately thereafter and alerted friends to the point when RSE called her she had a friend answer and told him others were aware and he should leave her alone. ”

    So it seems he was loco–persistantly calling her on the phone at some point after mother’s day despite having been rebuffed. Perhaps that friend saying others knew of his stalking activity of Terri led him to take revenge via Kyron. And mcso/da turned the bad guy into the good guy.
    erose says:
    February 20, 2016 at 3:56 am
    “….and unmet need for Hispanic informants… “on the part of the
    ROCN task force. So someone like Rudy from Clacisran could market himself easily to ROCN as an informant after his visa issues became known, or before.

    I would say he does not meet the description personally, but the truth is I have no faith he could have been eliminated in 4 days to include the infamous sting. That said- he certainly did not get a flyer with his pic and vehicle on it, did he?

  40. T. Ruth says:

    Sgt. Ritchie was the one that was the guy involved with O’Donnell’s ex.
    (Small world.)

  41. erose says:

    @Rose, IDK that we/I ever establish Romanaggi was the officer whose relative the poster was speaking of.

  42. T. Ruth says:

    erose, is the PPB’s cold case squad involved with Kyron’s *uncold* case? I didn’t think PPB had anything to do with Kyron’s case? IIRC, DY herself said she was happy it had stayed with MCSO instead. Makes me wonder if she still feels that way.

  43. Rose says:

    didn’t the poster say his relative was “in charge” .
    Frank R was indeed Chief of the ROCN in a link cited above today.
    To me that verifies the ROCN was involved in the investigation,
    probably up til Staton reorganized in fall 2010 wasn’t it and got rid
    of those interfering busybodies with his OWN Task Force.

    @TRuth. While PPB detectives were on the involved ROCN Task Force,
    PPB itself did not work the case. ROCN was a different entity and command structure.

    I was just theorizing how Moawad got pulled in by Underhill–she’d already been his working
    junior ADA on the Cold Case Unit. How Demer property crimes got to be the 2nd detailee eludes
    me except he looks like Underhill, Rees, Ratto. Ratto was on the ROCN.

  44. Rose says:

    @ATG I assumed the local PD took possession
    and turned it over to the person in County IT who mirror images
    for criminal cases. Bet there was a turf war wrt evidence between the fbi and local
    (or county) pd. Maybe this city was not a signatory to a
    joint terrorism task force.

  45. Rose says:

    If RSE stalked Terri at her home & by phone in May 2010, I doubt he dropped it just because some stranger on the phone told him to leave her alone. Imo coukd as easiky whet his appetite. What better time to follow and isolate Terri than upon her driving away from school after the Fair — the streetside well-advertised fair.She’s not home; Kaine’s at work. However he probably didn’t know Kaine’s truck, and she was not in the expected red car. So what was left after he missed her but Kyron? By he I refer to RSE or any associate he asked to assist him. Were you able to establish if Elsy was related?

  46. Rose says:

    “Nor did she when she heard from him on June 26th…

    What did those DEA sting idiots (I assume supervised by the command structure of the ROCN) think
    she’d do, based on her self report of her history with RSE?
    That’s what happens when a Fire Chief had likely rotated to lead the ROCN that year.
    I bet that sting was Underhill-DEA designed, a reason he’s had to cover up ever since.

    We know WW will never take on Underhill. Meeker’s on same private school’s Board(s) as Underhill’s wife.

  47. Ode says:

    I look forward to it :)

  48. Malty says:

    O/T I have been so into this President campaigne I reallly enjoy it

    I am a a devoted iPhone Apple Fan. They will help but at their own speed Who ever had that iPhone really
    Messed up. And you only have 10 trys on passcode before it cleans everything. No iCloud backup
    I read Apple has until the 26th And they will probably will take it
    Anyone who has a iPhone and read the user manual Knows this stuff

    Lots of interesting research for Kyron. All of you thanks

  49. Rose says:

    Joanne R at Skyline isSr in kaw to Frank, then Chief of ROCN.
    For all one knows, some cartel wanted payback on Frank.
    can you repeat that Rom. comment, erose?

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