Kyron Horman Missing Case: Terri Horman Breaks Her Silence In People Magazine Interview

New York, NY-  For nearly five and a half years Terri Horman has refused to speak publicly about her step-sons case.  Outside of one assertion of her innocence while on the stand in a name change hearing she ultimately was denied, Horman did not speak to any reporters or answer any of their questions regarding Kyron Hormans disappearance. Until Now.

Horman courtesy of People

Horman was interviewed by People Magazines Elaine Aradillas for both the print and online editions,  and will be doing a series of personal interviews over the next week, to include

In the brief online video excerpt , the second part to air on ABC’s Good Morning America Friday morning,  Horman  maintains she is deaf in her left ear, a critical factor in the outcome of her first polygraph.

“… At what point are Kyron’s biological parents going to realize I don’t have the answers, they need to change this thing around…”

“…There is so much the public is not being told about this investigation, that’s why I am doing this- nobody is looking for Kyron…”

Horman’s interview drew sharp reactions from Kaine Horman and Desiree Young, Kyron’s parents.

“…Why is she silent for 5 1/2 years if she is innocent.  I want her to tell me where Kyron is.  If she is innocent she should call Multnomah County Sheriffs Office and sit down for an interview…”-  Desiree Young

“Hi friends. Yes I am well aware of the tabloid journalism piece in the media today. FYI – there will be more of the same coming Friday
We have a HOST of MCSO and FBI investigators STILL standing by with interviews and polygraphs when someone actually wants to cooperate. FEEL FREE TO STOP BY THEY ARE WAITING!! STILL!! Until then we’ll stick with the scores of people with valid/accurate information and the failed polygraphs as the only actual actions taken to-date.  To all of you: how about not linking the article/interview?
REMEMBER KYRON?!?!? This is what we need to be focused on!!
Love you Kyron!!” – Kaine Horman post on his Facebook Page

Christina Stoy, Editor In Chief was able to confirm with Ms. Horman directly that she has been willing to meet with Kyron’s investigators both previously and in the future with the sole provision that it be conducted in the presence of her Attorney,  Portland criminal defense lawyer Stephen Houze.

Horman went on to say that investigators with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office have been well aware of “that” over the last five and a half years and they have never requested an interview.  Um, What?

Horman reveals some shocking details about the subsequent polygraphs examinations referenced by Kaine Horman and Desiree Young and other allegations of improper tactics on behalf of MCSO in the second half of her interview to air tomorrow morning on abc’s GMA and on Nightline.

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  1. erose says:

    Pool ran for sheriff in 2002. She was the most qualified, IMO.

  2. Rose says:

    on 5/13/10, Gossen had reached ACTING Det SGT.
    w/out reading all of this, likely it was the controversial Chasse case w/in PPB.
    2 big investigations then simultaneously for him.

    Looks like he didn’t survive “Acting.”
    iirc River Patrol Sgt or Lt Reisor moved over to head Investigations.
    kick in the teeth for Gossen imo.

  3. Rose says:

    So anyone wanting the skinny, see Gossen.
    Bet he’s retired.

  4. Rose says:

    So is the TMH interview going to
    be an anniversarish publication?

    Ish, yes.

  5. Rose says:

    HR Multnomah can just read back here 6 years to mine for fear, favoritism, & follies
    (promotions/demotions/disappearances/retirements) w/in mcso.

  6. A Texas Grandfather says:

    The Beaverton facility of Intel is one of the older locations. It was originally a board design and fabrication facility. The 1978 Intel SDK (System Design Kit) for the 8086 was built there. I still have one of those in my collection of historic computer hardware. Many of the parts of that board found their way into the main board of the original IBM PC. Intel also designed and built video display generator boards for the PC market. Today the entire video board has been integrated into the main CPU chip.

    If Kaine Horman worked in the architecture division, it is not known just what role he played there. Chip design today is mostly done using software for layout and other software for testing prior to masking and layout for production.

  7. T. Ruth says:

    Oregonian (Foster) 98-03

    MCSO – Lt. Vera Pool’s calendars

    Makes me wonder what this was all about. Criminal investigation in 1998?

  8. T. Ruth says:

    Rose says:
    May 11, 2016 at 5:34 pm

    IA sounds like it was treated like a joke to me. I forget whose testimony about Staton said that IA was just ignored, but I remember commenting on that. WTH? IMO we’re looking at an agency, a very well PUBLICLY financed agency that is doing whatever they damn well please, with no accountability whatsoever to the people that pay their salaries.

    I still don’t understand why more citizens of MC are not raising hell at the County Commish’s meetings. Apathy? Good Drugs? IDK. If I lived in that county, I would be so pizzed off that *HIS* settlement for HIS misbehavior came out of taxpayers money, that was earmarked and budgeted for the Sheriff’s Department to protect citizens and enforce law, and not meant for him, personally to shield himself of public scrutiny or accusations of wrongdoings ->->->->…….GRRRRR!

    Oh wait, maybe part of MCSO’s budget is and maybe a huge part of it, is for covering their own butts. Would love to see what they actually set aside for that sort of thing. Whoops….put in a claim to the County’s insurer, because we f’d up again, better up next years budget for f-ups.

  9. Malty says:

    Haven’t really followed all this Staton stuff as I read his Dr told him he would never walk or work again
    Some how he recovered his walk but did he ever have a Dr release to return to work
    Looks like no. From here
    Which was sad for Kyron IMO he should have not been on the case
    But as I said I haven’t followed all your work
    He should have been released by Drs to return to work As it was on the job accident
    I lost interest when I assumed he took it on his own to return. Not up to work
    A Dr release is required in Oregon

  10. Malty says:

    Did Kaine get cut on this last layoff ? Or transferred
    That Intel has a lot lay offs
    Not a very secure long term job IMO

  11. Malty says:

    Hope you are all doing fine
    I went to see what Soldier has been doing today Looks like outside of wishing Terri a bad day
    She is on other cases Maybe she is getting tired of Terri Finally

  12. erose says:

    If so, then the lead on Kyron’s case was taken off due to bureaucratic reasons.

    Rose says:
    May 11, 2016 at 5:17 pm

    Ergo he was on Staton’s shit list back then if deputies’ testimonies re Staton’s behavior are to be believed. Likely he was removed from the investigation in 2010 because he was not a Staton panderer. 

  13. Rose says:

    Here’s the next suit for Riddell:

    “Troutdale Police Chief Scott Anderson would be given the newly created rank of commander to work under the sheriff. The commander would report to the City Council with performance measures such as response times, and Staton promised to keep Anderson after a six-month transition.”
    Anyone see Anderson on this chart?
    He had a prominant Commander job on last summer’s chart.

    This chaotic management product eliminates the Chief Deputy for Administration and weakens the admin job by fragmenting it and pulling the functions directly under Staton. Interestingly, Planning and research is now under the PIO Alexander (Marshman & Lamb’s old role).

  14. Rose says:

    2014 Exec Office has Gossen as Inspections Sgt
    that’s a come down for a longtime detective in Enforcement imo.

  15. Rose says:

    a shame for Fairview to give up what Johnson built:
    (Johnson retired last year)

  16. Rose says:

    Nely Acting Captn Ned Walls was a Lt in 2015– and in 2012 when he supervised case investigators and reported “new avenues.”:

  17. Rose says:
    Surprised to see the deputy in charge of case investigators in 2012 per the O (link above)
    Walls had only been employed in LE & MCSO for 2 years at that time.
    Has a great resume as a youth football coach tho.

  18. Rose says:

    a Trent “finder” shares the name (Roger Carpenter) of this article re search map focus. And the other “finder”, 65+, has a name rhyming with the Sheriff’s name Donnie & Ronnie Lawson). Search focus: within 30 mi and on very remote roads. Imo the downside of Kyron’s case LE leadership was myopic due to being County-focused and controlled. Should’ve turned it over to the OSP immediately to lead the search & investigation. Tho OSP too has tarnished, now retiring, leadership. By contrast, K’s searches are same old and focus on looking for Terri’s “artifacts” to tie her to the abduction.

  19. Rose says:

    def of megalomania:

    Carly has been found. “Your shares work!”
    (Claim to success is from from an obsure FB site.)

  20. Rose says:

    OT, re Trent. an interesting Tenn State Police comment was while they had to check out
    the “tips” nationwide, they knew professionally to stay focused on the immediate area.
    Take that perspective related parties, FB tip sites, and the MCSO lone eagle Det. Relentless Aggressive
    who is the mcso tip processor.

  21. Rose says:

    @Malty. I’d be shocked if KH was laid off.
    However, there have been prior layoffs, and some Skyline
    fathers were among them–iirc one in 2010 a Sauvie pumpkin farmer.
    There was stuff on here in 2010 re an online group of poorly
    treated Intel employees, particularly the aged just prior to retirement
    qualification. At the time, there was some outlying thought
    that as a group mgr, KH might’ve given a negative performance review
    leading to someone’s layoff as motive.

  22. A Texas Grandfather says:


    There are few real long term jobs in industry today. Technology creates new jobs while destroying others. Those in management positions are just as much at risk as are engineers and technicians.

    The cycle of long term jobs ended with the 1980′s. Young people today should be learning skills while in high school and college that will allow them to switch careers when necessary.

    Intel began business in silicon valley. Now, they have facilities in almost every country. Their problem is that after fifty years, the market for personal computers has become saturated. The advent of smart phones and tablets has completely changed the way we use technology. Somewhere is an idea that will change all of what we know into something new and a new cycle will become the driver of commerce.

  23. T. Ruth says:

    Hi Malty, nice to hear from you!

    A Texas Grandfather says:
    May 11, 2016 at 9:34 pm

    Your history lessons are appreciated. I can’t remember what year it was back then, but waaaaaay back in Palo Alto, one of my husband’s uncles was working for, I think Intel or probably contracted to through some other company, and was putting together some kind of parts for them in his garage that inevitably made the first chips. No kidding. Just like Microsoft, seems like everything was happening in garages back then, from rock music to computers. LOL

  24. T. Ruth says:

    @Rose says:
    May 12, 2016 at 6:28 pm

    I’m just glad she’s been found, alive and now safe!!!!

  25. T. Ruth says:

    @Rose says:
    May 12, 2016 at 7:35 pm

    Yep, my gut feeling, and it’s only that, certainly not as good as DY’s I’m sure, is that he was not taken far. JMO and just gut. I guess one would have to determine why one would look further than say, local? Unless circumstances, connections, leaned that way, why?

  26. Rose says:

    @TRuth, Pool:
    She was the subject of a criminal investigation back then.

    The back story:
    @Malty. She’s trying to locate where Terri volunteers so she can put a stop to it.
    Sacramento FB just like Eugene, roseburg, Klamath Falls.

  27. Rose says:

    from that url:
    ” In the Letter, Pool implied that the Sheriff’s Office was “very much like a septic tank, the really big chunks always rise to the top.”

    “… allegations by a 27 year employee of a good ole boy atmosphere, as well as a discussion of the importance of, and difficulty in obtaining, diversity in the Sheriff’s Office. While the Letter covers a personnel dispute, it also critiques the Sheriff’s Office policies and operations, as well as the press coverage of these issues. “When a public employee speaks not as a citizen upon matters of public concern, but instead as an employee upon matters only of personal interest, absent the most unusual circumstances, a federal court is not the appropriate forum in which to review the wisdom of a personnel decision taken by a public agency allegedly in reaction to the employee’s behavior.” Connick, 461 U.S. at 147, 103 S. Ct. 1684 (emphasis added). Accordingly, we conclude that Pool was not speaking merely “as an employee upon matters only of personal interest,” but also as a “citizen upon matters of public concern.”
    bottom line: a Sheriff’s need for order & cohesion in his command staff trumps any command employee’s free speech rights about on the job grievances even where those are of public concern. And, the Sheriff could cite several management deficiencies justifying demotion to Lt.

    So this opinion means command staff better not speak out negatively publically about office matters unless it’s exactly how Yankee did it–as part of the factual basis in a lawsuit filing. Perhaps Pool coached her. That also means none can speak publically negatively about the conduct of the Horman investigation.

  28. Malty says:

    @Rose I don’t know a thing about kaine but it is usually older close retirement offered to retire for a nice bonus and months of benefits and unemployment permission
    And middle management offered transfers and bonus or 2 Yr wages plus permit to unemployedment
    Happen to me twice over the yrs 1 situation each
    Depends mostly on company need And the employee choice. And if your wages are high they hire newbies at starting wages. To cut costs
    Not some kind punishment although they can get rid of problems at that time with a offer
    I just wonder about him and Kiara
    Some times when I see a big layoff. But they have hired and laid off as long as I can remember
    One reason I never went there. I had seen some others get a job and then laid off
    Obama care caused the last one for me 20yrs
    The first one they shut down and went to Mexico 23yrs
    Once I get a job I just stay until I get paid to leave LOL
    Retirement is wonderful.
    I do think of Kiara she was such a cute little child. Looked like mommy
    Nothing about Kyron yet I guess sad
    Sure is wonderful they found that little girl and her uncle.

  29. Rose says:

    Looks like Skipper1 fostered that negative internal environment, then Noelle tried to clean up some, especially stiffening Internal Affairs, but someone Noelle fired was a power behind Guisto’s election & personnel choices.

    “Noelle had run for the job against a “good old boys” network that dominated the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office prior to his election. Under Noelle’s predecessor, Bob Skipper, a number of allegations against Walker went nowhere, even when Internal Affairs found evidence to support the allegations (“Above the Law,” WW, Feb. 22, 1995).”

”And, again, Noelle says he saw Walker’s fingerprints.
    For instance, the head of Inverness Jail, Capt. Bobbi Luna, who once accused Walker of sexism, has been demoted by Giusto to be a night-shift lieutenant at the Multnomah County Detention Center. “I know Gary Walker had an intense dislike for Bobbi,” says Noelle. “But she is an outstanding manager.”
    Giusto also has proposed undoing many of the changes Noelle made to the sheriff’s Internal Affairs unit, which oversees discipline. Noelle suspects these changes are being engineered by Walker–who, he says, could be considered “a poster child” for why the reforms were needed.”

    Luna, who survived Walker, Guisto, & Skipper 2, retired after negative interactions with Staton:

  30. Rose says:

    Isn’t Mult Cty HR doing exit interviews from MCSO when command staff retire or quit?
    ie marshman, lamb, luna, yankee etc? Looks like Kafoury should be replacing MC Director of
    HR, not handing the Sheriff investigation to that Dept.

  31. Rose says:

    May 3 MC’s Sheriff Office work session on Budget May 4
    (DA’s was May 4 am)

    Accompanied by “chief deputies Shults & Gates”.
    Assisted by Retired Chief Deputy Drew Brosh.
    latter liked by CCs. Yankee had replaced him.
    I guess Staton had decided Lindstand was not up to
    a Budget Board CC meeting–thus she’s back in her former Captn, Facilities,
    & Brosh is covering.

  32. Rose says:

    url above
    Citizens’ committee male:
    don’t reduce jail beds due to homeless mentally ill. (that was Sheriff’s proposal iirc) (Sounds like Kafoury & Shiprack are on board.)

    brosh c 26:00:
    “for an agency this size, last 2 yrs has seen a signif staff turnover.”
    now 119 more in corrections are eligible to retire.

    Sheriff @ 29:00
    proposes restoring jail bed funding & 1 escort, one operating year only, by pulling 1.4M of the 3.0 M Hanson Bldg replacement Kafoury had previously passed for that replacement.
    and calls it the commissioners’ idea.
    that is, he’s using a devoted capital expenditure (asset) for a one year only operating funds for something he shoukd’ve funded & not cut anyway.

    CCs differ in capability. L Smith responds to Sheriff first & is right on the money. McKeel comes out with a detailed set of budget amendments addressing the underlying issue. and Shiprack follows with what is apparently her hobby horse which advances nothing administratively.
    Silent Jules. Afraid of offending Inions? Emulating Clarence Thomas? Soned? Is he always Silent?

  33. Rose says:

    DA’s budget hearing.
    impression: master bureaucrat.
    (no way he’d clear someone who was never named a suspect & expose any arm of MC to tort suit.)
    interesting he adopts Seattle diversion services but unlike King Cty, excludes prostitutes. (too bad)

    1:11:15 Smith, now & later, quite the detail-oriented budget master and as promotional of public safety (keep jail beds if there’s not a gyaranteed alternative, add positions back to budget–as any red stater.
    Jules stays silent. not engaged. either on cell or nodding off–my screen too small to see which.

  34. Rose says:

    kiara’s world was ripped apart
    in 4 short months.

    daddy got all of her.
    no brother, no mother.
    just his mistress & progeny in and out.

    very sad.

  35. T. Ruth says:

    Rose says:
    May 13, 2016 at 12:56 am

    “So this opinion means command staff better not speak out negatively publically about office matters unless it’s exactly how Yankee did it–as part of the factual basis in a lawsuit filing. Perhaps Pool coached her. That also means none can speak publically negatively about the conduct of the Horman investigation.”

    Well that’s scary. But then, if they’ve already retired, they can publicly say whatever they want, unless of course like Yankee a settlement agreement bars such voice.

    OR is it possible all MCSO retiring employees are required to sign such an agreement upon their exit?

    I see three monkeys with their ears, mouths and eyes covered.

    Luna sure isn’t being quiet:

    But six former staffers, including two who asked not to be named, presented a consistent and opposing theme. Five were women and one was a man. Each described Staton as a vindictive and belittling boss who has run employees out of the 800-employee agency, driving them to resign or retire early.

    One, Bobbi Luna, said the recent scrutiny of Staton is unsurprising and overdue. Luna said she and others remained quiet about their experiences until now because they didn’t believe their speaking up would change anything.

    “He’s a liar, he’s a bully, he’s verbally abusive, he’s emotionally unstable and he has no business being in a position of leadership,” she said.

    We ask this over and over, but with all this new fodder regarding the Sheriff’s mishandling of things, why are Kyron’s parents not demanding that Kyron’s case be handed over to another jurisdiction, i.e, FBI, and/or demand that the FBI be brought in for a full review of its handling? I just don’t get it.

  36. A Texas Grandfather says:

    After doing some research regarding Intel’s position in the markets for IT and Telco devices, (i.e. smart phones and cell tower equipment)it appears that they have decided to put some of their projects on hold and concentrate on markets that have a larger margin. The competition for small handheld devices from ARM was too much.

    In addition, it appears that they will continue the development of large tablet equipment and the design and development of solid state devices such as large capacity solid state drives. They are counting on the development of reliable chips with 14 nanometer line widths in conjunction with 450mm wafers, A nanometer is one billionth of a meter and 450 mm is slightly less than 18 inches in diameter. Wafer sizes have advanced from 21/2 inches to the current 300mm size.

    The larger wafer allows for more efficient production and perhaps a gain in the percentage of working chips vs those that fail testing.

    Intel is Oregon’s largest employer with 59,000 employee in the state. This would explain the large impact on government to treat their employee’s with care and respect.

    If Kaine Horman retains his job, but is transferred to California at Palo Alto, this may be beneficial to TMH in resolving the lopsided court decision in Oregon. Sacramento to Palo Alto is about 55 miles using California Hwy. 50. Even though I think some of the California people have problems with the court system, it would likely be more responsive and even for both parties than those in Portland.

  37. Malty says:

    @ATG yes and iPhone maybe Apple has problems now we buyers can only buy so much the computer -iPhone expected people would buy newer and better every 2 yrs But the eccomeny simply went down where Older model have to be used longer By people or they buy the last model at a big savings my neighbor always buys the last model of iPhone at a big savings and proud of it

    What a hassle I am watching in Texas about bathrooms this week. I had no idea so many students
    Have a transgender Problem does that seem strange to you I don’t remember any thing like that
    When I was in school many yrs ago do you Here we got 3rd choice single locked bathrooms to solve the problem
    At first people were unhappy but now it is accepted That was around 4-5 yrs ago started in Mult co
    Pretty much all over this area now Not so many private business yet All clinics and health care
    Are 3rd choice I think. I don’t know about schools.

  38. Malty says:

    So even volunteer work upsets that bunch of soldier people
    It wouldn’t hurt them to do some charity and good deeds
    I suppose they think they are already by keeping a woman from working
    I hope what goes around comes around is true

  39. Malty says:

    @Truth I agree I think Kyron was not taken far and it is one reason I get upset about them not spending more time at Skyline And with staff then everyone else connected to that school
    I still feel the school is the key to this case
    Kyron was there Kyron went missing from there

  40. Malty says:

    It seems Terri has always done volunteer work or worked except those stay at home days with Kaine
    Then she was helping at school This is a good thing As I see it those other people are just going howl no matter what She does That 1st of the month reminder of child support Drives me nuts. I didn’t see it this month
    LOL but they seem to having a fund raising race maybe they forgot what are these funds for another search?

  41. A Texas Grandfather says:


    You are correct about the Iphone from Apple. The stock is slipping lower because of market saturation. A lot of people choose a smart phone for a group of applications. If those are met by older phones, then they have no incentive to purchase the latest offering. There are developments afoot that will make some of the older phones obsolete and not be operable on the cell networks. This has to do with the LTE extensions in the quest for increased transmission speeds. It will affect the radios in the older phones forcing them into obsolescence.

    Don’t get me started on this transgender sickness. Had this happened when I was in school whoever declared themselves to be transgender would have been driven off campus by both boys and girls and sent to a school for insane people. Texas will not put up with this in the school system. Obama is creating this as a way to divide the people in his quest to destroy our country. Transgenders are about 0.003 percent of the population. This a case of the “tail wagging the dog”.

    This transgender executive order is unconstitutional. Executive orders are applicable to those who work in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government and no others. The states just need to nullify by ignoring it.

    Blackmail is a crime. The threat of loss of government funds for schools, if the executive order is not followed, is blackmail and should be prosecuted as such.

  42. Rose says:

    the car thing is $10 a ticket, 5 of that to Gofundme.
    Might buy one tank of gas RT to Portland.

    I normally try to restrain comments on the crazy cauldron, but an insider and self-proclaimed former “follower” sent me a pic of SG Mom’s Day gift- a Seattle Seahawks jersey with Kyron’s name on the back and the number 4- which in her words symbolizes June 4th, 2010- The day he was definitely kidnapped by some party (regardless of belief of by whom ) or also in her words, the day he was murdered.

    What sociopath memorializes the day they believe a 7 year old innocent child (they have never met) was murdered- on a football jersey?


  43. Rose says:

    @Malty. radio said Lincoln high has had 3.

  44. MockingbirdSings says:

    A Texas Grandfather says:
    May 13, 2016 at 9:23 pm


    @Malty – I wanted to write a real reply to this post, but I don’t have time now and I can tell it would only “stir the pot”. But I wanted to say to you that as a teacher, counselor, mother, grandmother, neighborhood leader, musician, and more, and as a deeply spiritual person, I can find nothing in my world view or my heart that would justify teaching children to drive another child away from school for the way they use a bathroom, or the way they look. I find that picture very disturbing and I am a little surprised that Blink, a dedicated protector of children, did not offer some response on behalf of the proposed victim and the bullies.

    As a professional, I can, in my mind, put names with the labels that others toss out. I know how much they were hurt, how they were treated, and the ugliness they could sense in the hearts of others. They harmed no one. I take very seriously my duty as an educator, a citizen, and a person with the spiritual beliefs I have – my duty to protect children and their rights to an education, and to love my neighbor as myself.

    In my mind, violence and hatred are the biggest enemies we have, and if not checked, they seem to flow with ease from one situation or perceived enemy to another. (We see how harmful and unproductive these are in so many ways in Kyron’s case every day.)

    MBS- sometimes if I dont have all the facts, I like to let the posters guide the discussion as they (you) are more informed on the issue. If I missed something you feel I should have weighed in on – please feel free to bring it to my attention directly. Thank you.


  45. T. Ruth says:


    Geeze Louise.

  46. Rose says:

    Your Jersey story just gave me an aha moment.
    Kelly and Desiree also make liberal use of “4″:
    ie, “Race4Kyron, Justice4Kyron;Tips4Kyron.”
    One wonders if they too, like their Soldier, are memoralizing
    the date of Kyron’s abduction and probable demiss. I do
    agree such a wearable art memorial reflects a PD, just not sure
    you have the right one. I go for Borderline:
    allgood/all bad, splitting, stalking, and so on.

  47. Rose says:


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