Kyron Horman Missing Case: Terri Horman Breaks Her Silence In People Magazine Interview

New York, NY-  For nearly five and a half years Terri Horman has refused to speak publicly about her step-sons case.  Outside of one assertion of her innocence while on the stand in a name change hearing she ultimately was denied, Horman did not speak to any reporters or answer any of their questions regarding Kyron Hormans disappearance. Until Now.

Horman courtesy of People

Horman was interviewed by People Magazines Elaine Aradillas for both the print and online editions,  and will be doing a series of personal interviews over the next week, to include

In the brief online video excerpt , the second part to air on ABC’s Good Morning America Friday morning,  Horman  maintains she is deaf in her left ear, a critical factor in the outcome of her first polygraph.

“… At what point are Kyron’s biological parents going to realize I don’t have the answers, they need to change this thing around…”

“…There is so much the public is not being told about this investigation, that’s why I am doing this- nobody is looking for Kyron…”

Horman’s interview drew sharp reactions from Kaine Horman and Desiree Young, Kyron’s parents.

“…Why is she silent for 5 1/2 years if she is innocent.  I want her to tell me where Kyron is.  If she is innocent she should call Multnomah County Sheriffs Office and sit down for an interview…”-  Desiree Young

“Hi friends. Yes I am well aware of the tabloid journalism piece in the media today. FYI – there will be more of the same coming Friday
We have a HOST of MCSO and FBI investigators STILL standing by with interviews and polygraphs when someone actually wants to cooperate. FEEL FREE TO STOP BY THEY ARE WAITING!! STILL!! Until then we’ll stick with the scores of people with valid/accurate information and the failed polygraphs as the only actual actions taken to-date.  To all of you: how about not linking the article/interview?
REMEMBER KYRON?!?!? This is what we need to be focused on!!
Love you Kyron!!” – Kaine Horman post on his Facebook Page

Christina Stoy, Editor In Chief was able to confirm with Ms. Horman directly that she has been willing to meet with Kyron’s investigators both previously and in the future with the sole provision that it be conducted in the presence of her Attorney,  Portland criminal defense lawyer Stephen Houze.

Horman went on to say that investigators with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office have been well aware of “that” over the last five and a half years and they have never requested an interview.  Um, What?

Horman reveals some shocking details about the subsequent polygraphs examinations referenced by Kaine Horman and Desiree Young and other allegations of improper tactics on behalf of MCSO in the second half of her interview to air tomorrow morning on abc’s GMA and on Nightline.

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  1. A Texas Grandfather says:


    I am sorry to learn of your fall. Glad that nothing is broken. I hope the new cane will help to stabilize your walking. This sounds like an inner ear problem that is responsible for your balance.

    My mother had a problem with her inner ear that affected her balance as a child. She could never balance herself on a bicycle. As an adult, from time to time she would become so dizzy as to be unable to stand. There are also some medications that can cause a similar problem.

  2. Rose says:

    Well TKG my first thought on seeing those plastic butterflies and all the stuff is what is Briede afraid of, was he involved even, at letting that stuff be The Public Face of his business enterprise? Minue 500 points on Marketing 101.
    And it’s even Kaine’s gym, not Desiree’s, but ger Soldiers are there while Kaine is silent. Bob and Kaine share some fear imo.

  3. Rose says:

    As far as Soldier goes TKG, imo her site has copious writing she is not capable of by her own written history either grammatically or spelling-wise, nor in terms of detail. So my wonder is who is shooting her her scripts to post?

  4. Rose says:

    @Tiny. The elephant in the room is the people making money.
    ie developers, and lawyers.
    wasn’t kantor in partnership with a developer?
    But there’s gonna be a big new OR corporate
    tax and a lot of businesses will leave. maybe go to Mexico.
    And hide behind The Wall.

  5. Rose says:

    It seems SG is now the media spokesperson for both parents on
    Kyron’s anniversary, as well as the caregiver of their son’s plastic/poster
    ware. At least the leg tats and purple toe polish are masked.
    Imo either Kaine and Briede don’t care, or they are afraid of something.

    Notice eliminations of named accusations. What can either parent do for Kyron? Call the FBI agents who’s cards they have in their possession- whom I will be discussing in my series on the case and ask for the case to be transferred for the purposes of review and escalation/progression. You have a LEA with a significant amount of allegations of corruption and HR issues- they can start there if Kyron’s unresolved disappearance transfer is an objection by MCSO.

  6. Pansy says:

    what are the chances that TMH (when she had the “H”) “SOLD” Kyron?

    I have never heard that accusation nor am I aware of any evidence pointing to that possibility.
    For the record, her legal name includes the “H”.

  7. erose says:

    Kyron has been missing almost as long as he was old. Hard to believe. I obviously never knew Kyron or his family, but the thought of a child disappearing from a school and the school not being held accountable is what first compelled me to dig deeper, or find someone who would.

    Blink, thanks for your persistence and dedication and the venue. I have learned so much from everyone here, so thank you. Rose, great job bringing stuff to the table everyday, no small feat. TRuth, CD, Malty, NelMel, MBS, TKG, ATG, and everyone else writing or reading, so glad we haven’t given up. So many people let Kyron down, and made such a mess. Not sure if coming here gives me hope or just hope for answers, but I’m grateful.


  8. Rose says:

    o/t: I have plenty of contacts for that circulation if you wish.

  9. Rose says:

    spokesperson Gates holding the fort

    Brent Ritchies office, lol- would that mean they settled?

  10. Malty says:

    I have no doubt HRC should drop out on her own But she won’t and hubby will get this thing all figured out for her
    IMO. For one thing her health isn’t great Her record is not great and I think she really thinks a grandma in the
    White House. (Her words) is a neat idea
    Bernie. Is cute Him and wife are a cute couple I hope he takes CA Just because he tries so hard LOL
    But not my choice
    Last Trump I try to love Trump But the way he calls names is such a turn off He just can’t be a good boy LOL
    Every day he is hitting back as he calls it And is it all just a act or for real
    So is what we see what we get. With these people who knows. I have watched and laughed but vote for any of them LOL

  11. Rose says:

    Since Comments on Missing Kyron FB continue to call DDS Terri’s “girlfriend” yesterday, I went to that FB’s About to see who the siteowner is. Amazingly, clicking in About on “Go to Website” takes one right to Desiree’s GoFundMe page.
    So the proscriptions on Davidson’s social media wrt DDS simply haven’t succeeded, in fact the “website” MK FB says is that FB’s own website is the GoFundMe used for their fundraising. Never has anyone needed a PR manager more than this poor mother imo. Imo she has been exploited.

    Completely agree.

  12. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Kiara may at some time learn of the acts that her father did regarding preventing her mother from being in her life. Oregon law may allow a child to make a court filing at age twelve to fourteen so that they may choose the parent they wish to live with.

    IMO Kaine will loose this child at some point when she realizes the he is responsible for the treatment of her mother. She will revile him the rest of her life. Having said that, I don’t think it matters to Kaine. He is all about himself and what he wants at the moment.

    As a Mother to a teenage daughter who lost mine nearly 4 years ago- while I agree with you, I sincerely hope we are both (all) wrong. This child has had nearly EVERYONE she loved and trusted ripped from her life- and then pseudo Mom with her own brand of instability briefly in what I would consider a critical time in her little life.

  13. Jeff says:

    Blessings to all of you Blinksters on this sad anniversary, and may God Bless this little man.

    Bless you too Jeff.

  14. T. Ruth says:

    I was hoping for something new today about Kyron’s disappearance. Anything new at all. With Staton stepping down, I’m afraid there will never be another update on this case. Wasn’t Reese’s in the first place, so I’m thinking he’ll never feel obligated to give an update. I do wonder if Reese might, in an attempt to clean up the MCSO want to wash his hands of the Kyron case and hand the case over to the PPB cold case squad, that would, at least be something.

    The only time we’ll here from LE in this case, is if they stumble across Kyron somewhere, or if there is an arrest of a suspect. So sad. Six long years. Zero new information released.

    I was hoping for an updated poster from DY or KH as well, but nada.

    Still praying he is alive out there somewhere just waiting to be found.

  15. Rose says:

    In Desiree’s anniversary letter she continues to depict herself as in abject suffering. It reads as though a skilled
    psychiatrist’s therapy and a medication combo might have been very useful a few years ago, or now. She still uses psychotic imagery for Terri (“the evil one”).

  16. A Texas Grandfather says:

    The only one that I see may be able to help Kiara is her brother James. He is old enough to help her if he is allowed to visit.

    She needs a loving parent or parent figure that James could become while time marches on to the place where she is able to think and do for herself.

    Children need both a father and a mother. Those that loose one or the other at an early age loose the balance needed later in life. Some can make it up by other means, but not all are so lucky.

  17. T. Ruth says:

    Geeze, I just realized little K is now the same age as Kyron was when he went missing. This just makes me so sad today.

    Mohammed Ali passing made me sad too. A legend I grew up with. When I was growing up in the 60′s I had never heard the word Muslim, until he became one and dodged the draft. My how times have changed. This world is so much bigger and so much more scary than the little world I grew up in. I pray for all children, and the loved ones of those who are missing. How can we have missing children in this day and age of high-tech with phones that capture pictures, cars with gps, and satellites and drones, seems like everyone knows where everyone is and what everyone is doing these days. How is it still possible for a child to be abducted? This just makes me sad.

  18. T. Ruth says:

    I can’t spell today either. Hear not here. Muhammad, not Mohammad. Sorry.

    Back @ you erose and everyone who’s ever been here contributing or just caring, in a genuine quest for answers that may bring Kyron home.
    I can remember when I first heard there was a little guy missing up north and from a school no less. I was shocked that no one reported this child missing until 7 hours later, and by golly, I still am.


  19. Rose says:

    wrt ” Rose says:
    June 4, 2016 at 7:45 am
    spokesperson Gates holding the fort

    Brent Ritchies office, lol- would that mean they settled?

    I hope ol Sean Riddell sees that pic & realizes its import.

    That is the room in the Hansen Bldg Ritchie was shipped to overnight and is oublic documentary evidence from Gates it’s the worst room in the Hanson Bldg with black mold and a keaking ceiling. If mcso does not settle, this pic is rock solid evidence for Ritchie.

  20. Rose says:

    Terri’s legal name is Horman.
    Soldier and others fought her attempt to change it.
    Posters on Soldier’s HC FB page suggest Terri sold Kyron all the time.
    The almost-man’s name who was changed to Moulton was James.
    Terri, still married then, sent Kaine some signal imo.
    Reese will nit send case to PPB. He was forced into retirement there.
    Reese was formerly a deputy in mcso in the Skipper 1 era (preGuisto).
    The agency was rife with corruption and cronyism then too, per on line, and
    many allege in media that was Reese’s MO as Chief.
    Gates is apparently in charge while Staton is “on vacation,” prior to Reese’s arrival June 20. Gates was
    in command control he bragged to media on site at Skyline
    off and on those few days in early June. He’s also been Command over assigned investigators at tomes.
    What is the chance he would initiate or cooperate with an outside FBI review, much less transfer the case? imo Nil.

  21. Tiny says:

    Nil is right. These Portland yahoo’s have it way too good to cooporate with anything. They are happy to let the public believe TMH is guilty, or sold him or whatever other nonsense because they get off scott free. And think how free they are, no sense of negligence not only for PPS but also for LE.
    Unbelievable. A sacrificed little boy to maintain the status quo. Sicker still, all that nutty World Soldiers crap is complicit in the sacrifice. Harsh words but too bad, I read some comment on OLive that irritates the heck out of me. They might as well say “oh my little sweetheart, we really don’t want to know what happened to you.” Barf.

  22. A Texas Grandfather says:

    T. Ruth

    Regarding Muhammed Ali’s passing. I was on my way back to the office from the old downtowm Post office in Houston the morning he refused to answer his draft call. The reporters were everywhere. He was a great athlete, but made a huge mistake for not accepting the call. He could have served his time giving boxing lessons to the troops and entertaining them with bouts.

    Tough is what he was. I watched him loose a fight when he began his return where his jaw was broken in the second round and he didn’t stop fighting.

  23. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Regarding the link about the old building and its problems. There are many commercial buildings older than that building. It appears that it was not maintained very well. The mold and its lack of remediation is a major problem. Covering up mold with new sheet rock is dangerous.

    The statements about the piping and electrical are generally not true. I have run cables in the walls of buildings built in the same manner. It takes longer to install wiring in those types of walls and longer means more labor and more cost. The easy way is to put them on the surface inside conduit.

    The complaint about asbestos piping is just pure ignorance. Asbestos when once placed is no problem. The problem is created when the ignorant ones attempt to remove it. The whole asbestos problem is a scam that destroyed multiple companies and cost billions of dollars to the public.

    More government intervention in an area they knew nothing about. Get the lawyers out of the regulation business and back to doing the work they were trained to do.

    When the new FCC laws were passed in the 1990′s the head of the FCC was a lawyer. He wanted to hire an additional 100 lawyers to handle the changes when what he really needed was ten quality engineers and one lawyer.

  24. Rose says:

    Let’s call this confirmation from Kaine he takes kiara to those car show booths (today Ford) guaranteed to have lotsa male strangers attending, and I bet it’s not a venue barred to sex offenders.
    And, on no Saturday imo should her wee play schedule be at events immersing her in the family tragedy, reinforcing her sib (and functionally mom & grandparents) were kidnapped. Where is the elderly msw B Bell’s head? We know where Kaine’s is. Car shows & similar. And his concern is for all those little kids needing identikits (pic & name) & kiara would doubtless be a lure for little ones to come get that job done. I wonder who snaps pictures of kids for Kaine?

  25. Rose says:

    Let’s call this confirmation from Kaine he takes kiara to those car show booths (today Ford) guaranteed to have lotsa male strangers attending, and I bet it’s not a venue barred to sex offenders.
    And, on no Saturday imo should her wee play schedule be at events immersing her in the family tragedy, reinforcing her sib (and functionally mom & grandparents) were kidnapped. Where is the elderly msw B Bell’s head? We know where Kaine’s is. Car shows

  26. Rose says:

    today I felt sorrier for Soldier than the bios.
    Desiree was in Medford with family as she should be.
    Progress. Kaine was in this heat wave at a
    top of the line air conditioned car show.
    But soldier posted videos made by a little child showing she labored
    in the heat with what appeared to be one women & 2 little girls, one
    entertained by her camera & uploaded. One holding the balloon net.While Soldier blew and blew.
    I hope Young bought her supplies. The “event” had few people, mainly those 2 girls and a Beth.
    That must be the Missing Kyron moderator lady who raises Dollars for Desiree Gofundme on FB.
    Briede’s parking lot seems mighty empty at 5 pm Sat for a going concern.

    It only takes one person to effectually release balloons
    with warm thoughts in memorium, soaring,
    and today there appeared to be that one.

  27. Rose says:
    oh my gosh. There was an in person interview of Kaine at his Ford show.
    He trashes the mother of kiara on camera for all her school friends to see. Where
    is B Bell’s head?
    He wears a muscle shirt, or whatever those small cuts are for men, imo designed to show
    his arm sculpting etc. Idk about a heat wave. If that man called my preteen son over for an
    identikit pic & name, my son’d be gone. He is imo dressed very inappropriately to meet and greet the
    public, heat or not.

    I did not hear anything outside of him stating she plead the 5th in all proceedings- the reporter actually mentions a blip he thinks shes involved or words to that effect. What struck me in particular were his words “thats about all we can do at this point’” and that “Kyron should just do what he needs to do to get by for now”. I can’t tell you how incongruent that commentary is for a missing child a parent is convinced is alive. Almost as incongruent as searching previously searched terrain for a live child who is now 13. That said- its not like any reporter is going to ask them any investigative or relevant questions. On the suns out guns out motif- would not be my choice for representative purposes of course- but my eye goes more to what supplements he is likely using to achieve the “look.”

  28. Rose says:

    whats with the duplicates?

    overburdened server :( They have been working on it all week and are again today

  29. Rose says:

    if Terri has truly never seen kiara, and this guy still calls her
    guilty in the media market, she may as well go for
    broke in your interview and eviscerate Kaine with her
    concerns about his marital and parenting behaviors imo.

    One of the things that has sincerely surprised me in this very lengthy process is that during our interviews I have never experienced TMH behave vindictively toward people that in my view, she certainly had license to. She makes the distinction between info she believes should have received EQUAL or more scrutinization as hers was wrt being able to generate leads or rule someone (or associates) in or out. We discuss non-confidential info re the status of the reunification with her daughter.

  30. Rose says:

    sorry to keep posting (what’s new?), but in between the Crossword, the book, TV, cooking (yes NelMel I did the pasta), etc, thoughts come. It is very interesting Kaine continues to adroitly accuse Terri 6 years later when MCDA/SO have not done so publically even indirectly since 2010. That PR of Kaine’s ergo goes way beyond a kiara custody or $ motivation (as both are settled). What are his motivationsl possibilities then? Fear? Hatred? Disabling her so her own marital tales lack credibility? Instability? Involvement? idk, but there is a behavioral motivation. It seems now Houze’ target, were he still focusing on Terri’s defense, is not concern with mcso/da but Kaine, who seems determined to keep Terri on the hook. Houze might consider the offensive.

  31. cd says:

    I noticed DY was not at the wall of hope balloon releasing for Kyron on the anniversary of his disappearance.
    DY and TY were both there last year.I know DY may have gotten in trouble for some of the things she said about DDS last year but she could at least have been there this year to say a few words about not giving up on Kyron and helped to release some balloons.

    Does anyone know why she did not attend?

    Was she there there and I missed it?

    No. 3 people from the crater.

  32. erose says:

    I missed the name change on the gym.


    The Wall of Hope is outside International Fitness, formerly Xtreme Edge Gym, just off Cornell Road in Beaverton.

    Read more:

  33. Rose says:

    local media are total losers.
    No anatomy of Staton’s investigation, ever,
    with every apparent reason to look as closely at
    that wrt Dan’s and Carole’s coverups as to
    the lead and radon and OT/Yankee/black incarcerations/Brent
    shiws–and probably more meat on the bones.

  34. Rose says:

    OT re your comment VWoolf, Are you telling us that Gov Brown hired for the new Statewide schools improvement job (for which she plans to spend from that billions the new Corporations tax will raise, a person who was a Union lobbyist with no work experience in schools? That does make sense because iirc what she plans to spend the tax $ on is industrial voc ed skills training per a WW article I barely skimmed as her plan was so stupid. Your legislature will tax Corps to train a cheap Oregon labor force for corps, and call that improving education and graduation rates. The Corps will be on the other side of The Wall as a result.

  35. Rose says:

    “And the amazing thing is that the more that we are out here, the more people become involved.
    “The longer this journey goes, the more people who seem to be coming along with us.”

    My opinion is, employing kiara as a Saturday aide in HIS chosen volunteer enterprises, ie Ford car shows, and therefore exposing her to the “more (transient) people there, is just more emotional abuse. And I have to wonder hiw much she’s an indirect lure to draw kids of her age to his table. She shoukd be doing age appropriate community service events with peers from her school while his role is parent chaperone. Iirc he never did the latter (school field trip or volunteerism parent chaperone) with Kyron, so why would he make her volunteerism all about her either though.

  36. Malty says:

    Blink I really cannot get on often
    It says error establishing a database connection most of the time
    You have my email If there is a problem let me know

    Issue seems to be resolved Malty, thank you.

  37. Rose says:

    I guess the bios are saving their interviews to respond to Terri’s interview, which in the past has been 1) we stand behind the investigation, 2) she is the evil one, 3) she needs to go talk to mcso.

    Otherwise, they handle their grief by gardening and hanging out with Ford Wranglers

    Poor Kyron.

    Pity Terri can’t talk about everything she personally know from their pasts that contributes to their insistence on investigatory misdirection, misteps–actually lies– and constipation equals progress.

    And not requesting investigative escalation from the DA or MCSO or the FBI. It’s 6 years, 2 gj’s and an imploded corrupt LEA later- not to mention an expiration of statute of limitations for the bogus mfh charge in the first place. DA Underhill certainly could have filed a John Doe criminal indictment to preserve any evidence and the ability to charge for that offense…

  38. Rose says:

    sharp eye erose.
    at some point in the last year there was press he’d opened a second lication in Clackamus County owned and run by a former manager of his Beaverton shop.
    Maybe he sold home base?

  39. cd says:

    This is an interview of Kaine where he just talks about living his life and waiting for Kyron to return. He talks a little bit about Kiara but there is no trash talk about Terri. Its interesting to read Kaine’s perspective on the memorials being like funerals when he does not believe his son is deceased. He also hints about things he will eventually have to explain to Kiara.

    At least in this interview the the interviewer does not try to put words in Kaines mouth but just listens to Kaines opinions.

  40. T. Ruth says:

    It’s still the Xtreme Edge gym, apparently is joined the International Fitness organization, along with these other gyms:

    No idea what the heck that means.

  41. T. Ruth says:


    Those are the words that struck me as weird too. Who says that? One thing about KH, he is consistently strange and continues to say some of the most bizarre things.

    No parent of a missing child or person I have ever worked with or heard of.

  42. Rose says:

    This is indeed a very bizarre statement.
    “Kyron should just do what he needs to do to get by for now”
    It attributes to a young boy powers he does not have.
    Particularly when kidnapped and confined.
    It attributes to Kyron adult male qualities and reasoning.
    Did he always treat Kyron like he was a “Little Man.”?
    Rose I edited your question only because I do not want to provide a heads up before I publish and some subject matter must be quotes (direct) only- I hope thats ok.

  43. Malty says:

    Thanks Blink it worked this time
    Yesterday I was on the Soldier site waiting for the 5:30 interview with Kaine she posted about but never saw it
    One thing is we have extreme heat here and warning to drink water and stay indoors So that is probably why the slow turn out at the wall of hope.
    That pic of Kaine in the shirt looks like he still works out regularly
    I have hope after Staton retires Some new eyes will look at this case
    The Soldier posted Kaine thought some one was holding Kyron Interview at 5:30 Maybe she meant the news
    I saw all the red balloons Looks like Wednesday the weather will cool down
    Did anyone see Kaine say he thought some one was holding Kyron

  44. Malty says:

    @ATG Those Texas floods look really bad. Are you any where near

  45. cd says:

    Pansy says:
    June 4, 2016 at 12:25 am
    what are the chances that TMH (when she had the “H”) “SOLD” Kyron?
    Kyron was to old the have been adopted by a legitimate couple looking to adopt a child since he was old enough to remember his parents, home and who he was and in a situation like that there are Lawyers involved who make the adoption seem legitimate so they would not be interested in a 7 year old who’s parents and relative would launch a criminal investigation to get him back.

    I think the illegal selling of children is mostly done through criminals in third world countries where abject poverty forces some parents to make horrible choices for their children. These sales often go unnoticed because parents and relatives are not searching for these children. I don’t think anyone willing to pay for a child would take a chance buying a child from a suburban housewife where said child would become the focus of an intense criminal investigation.


  46. Malty says:

    Not only is it hot here in Portland but where I am it is hard to breathe. So any blowing up all those red balloons
    Would not have been easy The Soldier did good I guess She is devoted in her own way. I miss it sometimes

    Thanks for the credit Erose You have been very helpful with research We all appreciate you
    Has that case of the little girl in WA. Gone cold. I can’t recall her name a senior moment But it is the case that is turning 7 yrs missing

  47. cd says:

    cd says:
    June 5, 2016 at 1:22 am
    I noticed DY was not at the wall of hope balloon releasing for Kyron on the anniversary of his disappearance.
    DY and TY were both there last year.I know DY may have gotten in trouble for some of the things she said about DDS last year but she could at least have been there this year to say a few words about not giving up on Kyron and helped to release some balloons.
    Also there has been no talk by SG about car washes collecting names of volunteers for searches this fall. Last year I believe that SG ran 3 car washes that were advertised on Kelley’s gofundme site. Could DY be trying to dissociate from the World Soldiers Facebook page. But why would DY do that SG gets the word out for Desiree about tip lines, events(Race4Kyron), television appearances, searches and potential whereabouts of Terri. We already know they are friends there were pictures of them together at the Race for Kyron last year.

    DY’s family also occasionally posts on SG’s World Soldier

    It’s probably nothing but I think it’s weird.

  48. Rose says:

    @malty that was the interview I posted above
    it was on at 5:30 iirc

  49. Rose says:

    Salazar, the operating partner and VP of Briede’s Vantage Point Fitness co-announced last Jan he’d be openkng this Wilsonville site (his) under the Vantage Pt aegis. I think it opens thus June. I don’t see Wilsonville in that Int’l Fitness list, so perhaps he and Briede separated their operations.

  50. Rose says:

    @Blink. always appreciate your moderation which includes timing
    your answers and their structure/content.

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