Dr. Phil Show Hosts Missing Portland Child Kyron Horman’s Step Mom Terri Horman Over Two Episodes

I have been covering this case since Kyron Horman disappeared from Skyline School in June, 2010.    Like most missing persons cases I have covered in the past,  I am of the strong opinion that best efforts at the truth are the only way to propel investigations that, similarly to Kyron’s, have gone cold for one reason or another.   This approach has worked in resolving some of my previous cases.    I am proud of that.  I remain steadfast to the integrity involved in those and future cases.

Over the past 10 months (or so) I have been developing an updated series on Kyron’s case to include my multiple interviews with Kyron’s step-mom,  Terri Horman.   Needless to say as she was the subject of at least three simultaneous cases before an Oregon court and remains a person of interest by the agency investigating her sons disappearance, this has been an arduous and sometimes delicate journey.    Ms. Horman’s experiences during the ongoing investigation of the disappearance of Kyron Horman are critically important to propelling his case and with great hope- finding the truth about what happened to this cherubic and innocent child.    There are dozens of sources,  collateral interviews, forensic experts and legal analysts that also contribute to my series and have done so because of their belief that my motivation is to bring to light information and opinions in such a way that would almost “require” a focused review of Kyron’s case and the likely shaking of that proverbial tree everyone talks about.

Set to publish about 6-ish weeks ago I was asked to postpone the first installment of the series, which I did.  I subsequently learned Ms. Horman was participating in the Dr. Phil program after she completed taping.  Dr. Phils producers were well aware that Ms. Horman had interviewed with me extensively, and anticipated my series would be publishing information that was not known to the public previously in the days prior to her scheduled episode.    When Ms. Horman conveyed to me that she feels obligated to speak out about “her son” in any national medium that will have her,   I most certainly respected that.  I still do.

While Dr. Phil seems like a gregarious fellow for sure,   I have zero interest in being associated with his program, nor do I believe his shows content is designed to do any furtherance of investigation or truth.  There is much concern (although I have no affiliation to the show whatsoever) that the timing of the publication of my series on the Kyron Horman matter might be interpreted differently or inadvertently contribute to the programs content or audience reactions.     Not what I signed on for.   A missing 7 year old boy six years running is not a framework for entertaining a target audience.   He is not fodder for online social media bully campaigns- yet it occurs.

I will be publishing my series on Kyron’s case at a later date, in it’s entirety with no editing adjustments as a result of any of the appearances on Dr. Phil.   I appreciate your patience and your understanding.   Feel free to discuss the show below.


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  1. pamomma says:

    Long time reader, not often poster here.
    I believe that I have stayed up to date on all the postings and comments here, but this morning i read Quizzical’s great post with the sightings and for the first time really let this sink in
    “Blink Article: “… he looked at Ms. Matthews for approval and she nodded her head yes in response. They walked out of the South entrance together … “”

    Are you kidding me?? What educator allows a student to exit the school with an unknown person? Was she fired? and how can she live with herself knowing she probably allowed Kyron to be abducted? And why on Earth are the “villagers” going after TMH when it seems very obvious to me Ms. Matthews is much more to blame than Ms. Horman. Though I realize no one is to blame except the perpetrator. But it seems to me that if we believe this unknown person was the abductor, than Ms Matthews holds the key to finding Kyron.

    If this isn’t allowed feel free not to post, I don’t mean to start a “witch hunt” As I said, this just hit a real nerve to me. If I ever learned my child was allowed to exit the school with an unknown person for any reason what so ever there would be he!! to pay!

    I remember you pa- nice to see you.

    Not kidding, I wish proper diligence and emphasis had been afforded to the exchange between Kyron and the unidentified SZ and Mathews. The truth is there were multiple witnesses to this and even Judge Kantor alluded to that in his comments in court. The only reasons I can come up with as to why neither of Kyron’s parents pursued their right to information and remedy directly from those responsible for his care that morning following Terri’s departure was because they both had a “Terri” agenda, and evidence and testimony from that civil preceding would have wholly vindicated her from any possible involvement.

    The obvious response is- if the goal was and should clearly be finding ones child, who the eff cares how one gets there or by what means, right?

    My training kicks in to tell me they can’t possibly understand they really do not wish to face the alternative, although it certainly belies their behavior.

    People can say what they will about Terri Horman- but it took an order and a deposition for the teachers to tell their truth that day- Horman did so without representation, and with unfettered access for the better part of a month.

  2. Rose says:

    the same?http://www.avondale.org/Archive/ViewFile/Item/732
    looks like a compadre if Marshman.
    knows the ppb case and the Feds.
    One can see why no journalists are writing on Reese before the election.
    = in his corner.
    = don’t want appointive Sheriff to pass.
    A feature story should be his Reorg which was released on paper to public Oct 1 but probably was finanized sometime in Sept.
    –eliminated Chief of Staff (formerly called Undersheriff) as a promotional position and civilianized it. Oh, the possible interview soundbites from the two Unions’ members that should have had a print voice before the public votes.
    –offloaded T Moore (longtime US) and S Alexander PIO.
    –installed 2 specialists in “new directions” Peybyl & Gaidos in exec office
    –no head of River Patrol as yet
    –completely beefed up and revamped Business section
    –kept those Captn promotional positions Staton created across the organization, except head of detectives is two steps down, a lowly Sgt. (grade inflation seems to dominate Corrections)

  3. Rose says:

    Marshall needs to take press training from Houze & zip up.
    especially the I don’t knows.

  4. Rose says:

    Whether Krafve’s Lead or not, he’s supervising the lead (even worse imo).
    Herron’s probably under him or in Enforcement somewhere.
    btw for a detailed Chart, no word of SAR Coord either (Herron’s long time gig).
    Whatever flaws Reese may have, imo they’re completely egosyntonic.

    I know the investigative history of these two by multiple accounts of co workers and direct interviews- with all due respect, it must be MCSO charter to never litigate criminal cases any longer because the second he has to appear in court it is going to be a problem for MC.

  5. Rose says:

    “My training kicks in to tell me they can’t possibly understand
    they really do not wish to face the alternative, although it
    certainly belies their behavior. B”
    imo true of mother, not father.
    Imo father’s overriding motivation consistent with his
    own & his family history is to be sole unfettered parent of kiara.

  6. Rose says:

    BrendainKY. No problem, Both fit. But I see “the investigators” as shadowy shifting figures, looming over the
    investigation but never leading with facts and a plan.

  7. Rose says:

    btw Oct 1 head of mcso business has same name as retired fbi dir of 2009-10 who moved to CA to be near his son of same name. Not on LinkedIn so can’t tell if this is his son. If so, has civilianized that Dept’s leadership.

    I noticed that but had not time to check it out.

  8. Rose says:

    wonder if Balizan Sr & Reese stayed in touch after the former’s retirement.
    O article attributed the political go ahead to rejoining the JTTF was his departure
    (last stumbling block).

  9. Rose says:

    Herron, Pres of Deputy Sheriffs Assn the last few years, was the
    union officer dating back to 2006 anyway:

  10. Rose says:

    the last head of River Patrol Blink, who was there several years, was Lt T Gulberg
    how one promotes from River Patrol to Inspector (Captn) is beyond me.
    keep in mind Reese was once mcso Patrol. He may have some old friends.

  11. A Texas Grandfather says:

    One of the big questions regarding the finding of Kyron is why did the MCSO never have a sketch artist try to assemble a likeness of SZ from the descriptions of witnesses.

    After all this time, the only reason that I can think of is, LE already knew who he was and did not need the help of the public. I think that SZ was a part of another case and by outing him, the other case would be exposed. It was a choice of MCSO to never reveal this to the public.

  12. T. Ruth says:

    TMH says:
    October 17, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    @T. Ruth,
    At one point we walked past the gym and I saw Keefer in there talking to other people. I was going to speak to him just to say hi but he seemed pretty busy. I did not see projects in there because I did not go past the threshold. I had Kiara on my hip and Kyron at my right side.


    Terri says she and Kyron did not go into the gym that morning. This statement by TK confirms that even more people saw Kyron after TMH left the school:

    http://www.katu.com/news/local/98434609.html (link no longer works, but we all remember watching the interview anyway, which may still be out there on YouTube.


    Meanwhile, investigators are re-interviewing people who say they saw Kyron at Skyline School **the day he disappeared**.

    One person who has been asked **again** about what he saw is Skyline seventh-grader Tyler Kessinger, whose science fair project was on antimatter. He said investigators came back to interview him last week at his home.

    “I just saw him (Kyron) in the gym, and I saw the truck out in the parking lot,” he said Wednesday. Kessinger said Kyron was looking at other students’ science fair projects, seemed happy and **was with friends**.

    Kessinger said he hopes it’s all cleared up soon because it’s a frightening situation for him.

    “Just knowing someone took him and not coming out and confessing, and that he’s probably in some other random place,” he said.

    He said when he saw Kyron in the gym he didn’t see Terri Horman with him. He and his family have turned over pictures they took at the science fair to investigators, but they’ve been asked not to disclose the timeframe in which he saw Kyron.

    (my note: TK does not say he saw the truck in the parking lot from the gym. Nor does he say he saw it simultaneously when he saw Kyron in the gym. Two different statements that he combined into one sentence. ‘I saw Kyron in the gym with friends looking at projects’. (Also told reporter,’I did not see TMH with him’.) ‘I saw the Horman truck out in the parking lot.’)

    Was Kyron just running around willy-nilly or was he actually put into a group? And if TK is accurate and saw Kyron in the gym, when did the EM classroom encounter happen? Before or after TK saw him? If we think T. Pumula’s recollection was also accurate, then to me, it sounds as though Kyron went directly to EM’s classroom when passing him in the hall and there was asked by some man to help him and perhaps he did. And perhaps AFTER he did, he went running around by himself. If that is the case, maybe the person who took Kyron had nothing to do with the man who asked for his assistance? Maybe he was taken by someone else entirely. ??

  13. Rose says:

    Sgt Herron was on River Patrol in 07/16.
    “Sgt. Mark Herron of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office River Patrol says he doesn’t believe any laws were broken. “We don’t have a crime at this point,” he says. “We don’t even have somebody who’s complained of a crime.”

  14. thatkewlgirl says:

    So this happened in Oregon… Child sex trafficking bust. :( These are not ‘throwaway’ kids, and someone is missing them too.

    “The FBI said 82 minor sex trafficking victims were recovered across the country. Two hundred and thirty-nine pimps and their associates were arrested during the three day sting. They said 10 prostitutes were arrested in Eugene and another dozen of others in Portland and Salem.”

    More at link


  15. Rose says:

    @kewl. Often the only way to manage runaway teen prostitutes of either sex is adjudication followed by release to a supervised mission-directed housing & support nonprofit. Let’s hope Eugene & Salem have services. Unbelieveable FBI failed to include Portland. Golden boy Marshman might’ve said he was under pressure w/contract & shortstaffed but as soon as he got the big raise contract, he’d hire and take a rain check for next year’s bust.

  16. Rose says:

    @kewl. tired from cleaning & misread.
    see Portland was included.

    I’m blown away by Max and her steno service.
    imo a very inept prosecutor.
    & why try 7 together?
    shoukd’ve tested their case with one.
    and not BOTH Bundys.

    trial cries out for background & analysis
    of OR DOJ office functioning imo.

  17. Rose says:

    good job Blink.

    wrt the Horman case tag on.

    3 words never will pass Chief Reese’
    mouth wrt this case:
    “I (mcso) was wrong.”

    wrt TMH.
    Yes imo she got impatient post-interview wrt your
    undertaking of other interviews & sourcing.
    I gather she was never your sole focus nor lead.
    Her story was a piece of the larger case story.

    So, she understandably bit on Phil, and thank goodness maybe
    survived. with reese-krafve on the job, who knows?

    anyway, Imo you were wise to pullyour series.

    I see now how yr DDS pieces got preyed on
    and Phil used yr publications
    as one source in his Kaine/Desiree drama,
    thus jeopardizing yr sources’ trust.

    There is no way imo you could put yr compilation work out there
    after the Terri Phil show and maintain source trust.

    Terri made a choice. It is what it is.

    Likely your series can be intergrated into a new investigatory work
    after some case progression pops out. file it and patience.

    I myself see how seductive it is to question and learn from TMH here,
    but I do not think it advances the investigation and may in fact distract.

    You know Rose, you truly have a true gift at communication, thank you for that gift you share here.

  18. Gwen says:

    Blink, regarding your rhetorical question about yourself:

    (Rose says:
    October 17, 2016 at 7:06 pm)

    How hard I do try to be subtle, and I think I just suck at it.

    I like to think I “get” your subtlety, which is why I’ve got the words “directly involved” stuck in my head. Part of your quote below is”not directly”, but I’m thinking, “as opposed to ‘possibly indirectly’”? …

    I think until we know who SZ is, who in my view is the only person right now I can say is directly involved, I don’t know.
    I have not seen a scintilla of evidence he could be (Kaine) directly involved, but afaik, he is the only one involved in illegal activity at the time. That activity might be wholly unrelated. I can say some of his “associates” ended up arrested as a result of this investigation so I do believe this angle has been investigated- to what extent I do not know.

    (meg says
    October 17, 2016 at 3:04 pm)

    I will say why in my piece- but I am confident Kaine was not directly involved in removing Kyron from the school that day.

  19. erose says:

    Quzzical, Your interpretations make complete sense, (and Rose seems to agree) and so does your assumption of the bathrooms.

    ATG, Yes, I see what you mean about a young person looking older. My link, but it was designed by Quizzical.

    TRuth, Thanks for reminding me that the description was debunked.

  20. T. Ruth says:



    More info on Operation Cross Country that kewl noted above. Operation expanded to Thailand & Phillipines harkens back to the fact that it was mentioned by LE bothered to let us know that D.A.D. wanted to travel there, and of course, Rockett spent lots of time there.

  21. T. Ruth says:


    A Salem strip club was searched Friday as part of an ongoing Beaverton Police Department investigation and an anti-sex trafficking initiative spearheaded by the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

    No one was immediately arrested at the Cheetahs strip club at Silverton Road NE and Hawthorne Avenue NE, but the investigation is still ongoing, Beaverton police Officer Bryan Dalton said.

    The search warrant was related to a sex trafficking investigation involving a female minor that had been contacted by Beaverton detectives during an undercover prostitution sting in July 2016.

    Weird connection: Beaverton and Salem. Maybe not so off topic, where have we heard of people hanging out in strip clubs? Are strip clubs some sort of front or pathway to pedophilia?

  22. T. Ruth says:

    Sting operations took place in various locations, including hotels, truck stops, and street corners. The FBI declined to release specifics on the stings, including their locations, to protect the integrity of future operations.


    I’m not so sure this is prudent. Why not tell the public where this stings went down, so people can keep their eyes open for said activity to be reported in the future, and/or in some cases have the businesses closed down. I suppose though, these creeps will just move to some other location anyway.

  23. Patricia says:

    I still read here every day. I’m wondering if you, Blink, still plan on putting out a new piece anytime soon, or if that has been put on the way way back burner. I was really looking forward to the possibility of new and productive discussions to come from your piece.

    I wish for progress to find out what happened to this little boy Kyron.

    Undecided on timing Patricia.

  24. T. Ruth says:

    From day one of the 2010/2011 Skyline school year, LE (?) had people sitting outside of the school and across the street at the church. I have pics and think I sent them to Klaas, but if I didn’t, I’ll send them to her to confirm. Who were they looking at or what were they looking for?

    From SM post brought over by Quizzical. This has always bothered me. It’s a great question, but how do we even know it WAS LE, note the (?).

    If it was LE, why plain clothes, or unmarked vehicle? Teachers probably would have welcomed their presence. Were they looking at parents dropping off their kids, perhaps trying to match SZ? WTH did they expect to see at the beginning of the following school year? Were they looking for Logan Storm in the bushes? (I’m kidding, but he does match Sassi’s WRONG description.)


    I agree with erose, why wouldn’t a 20-30 year old look like a parent? At that age, there must have been something else that made this person NOT look like a parent to someone. The only thing I can think of is some sort of uniform or tool belt. For that matter why couldn’t a parent be in a uniform that day if they were required to wear one for work and perhaps just stopped by to drop off something for their kid’s talent show performance?

    I keep going back to someone bringing in something for the talent show since all the sci-fair stuff was already there. Do we even know if EM was told by SZ what it was he needed help with getting from his vehicle? Could it be SZ asked for Kyron’s help in taking something TO his vehicle? Something that was there for the 3rd and wasn’t needed after the morning of the 4th?

    I get sooo tired of thinking about this case. Time to go make dinner and stomach another debate (if one wants to call it that).

    It was LE, I can confirm.

  25. T. Ruth says:


    Have you heard from Malty?

    I have not. I hope she is ok, our dear lady.

  26. Rose says:

    the FB posts by Soldier at approx 3:45 pm and
    1 pm west Coast time were read and approved by
    the Davidson half sisters?

  27. T. Ruth says:

    @Rose says:
    October 18, 2016 at 9:18 pm

    “I myself see how seductive it is to question and learn from TMH here,
    but I do not think it advances the investigation and may in fact distract.”


    Can you expand on why you think it “may in fact distract”? I value your opinion, Rose, so I’m having a hard time, after all these years, figuring why any info TMH can give (which we’ve basically, until now, heard none of) would “distract” this investigation? Thanks for your opinion.

  28. T. Ruth says:

    Blink, I listened to your Dana/podcast the one thing that stood out to me is this:

    NANCY GRACE IS OFF THE AIR!!!! Whoooohoooo! Holy cow, there could not have been better news to my ears.

    (I hope this doesn’t sound trivial, and yes I did pay attention to the rest of the cast, re JonBonet and Horman similarities. )

  29. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Heart U and Thank you so.

  30. T. Ruth says:




    Terrible gas explosion in Portland. It’s amazing no one died, 8 are injured. My thoughts and prayers go out to them for a full recovery.

  31. T. Ruth says:


    The U.S. Department of Justice has cited the Portland police commissioner’s failure to seek an immediate investigation of former Chief Larry O’Dea’s off-duty shooting as an example of the city’s and Police Bureau’s continuing struggle to hold officers accountable for misconduct.

    The critique is part of the Justice Department’s latest review of how Portland police are carrying out a wide range of reforms stemming from a settlement agreement with the city after a 2012 federal investigation found police used excessive force against people with mental illness.

    “Tragically, conduct by the former PPB Chief illustrated PPB’s accountability failures,” the federal report said.

    (snipped, more @link)

    How does MCSO escape the DOJ I wonder?

  32. T. Ruth says:


    “PPB failed to consistently apply its own policies on the reporting and investigation of off-duty firearm discharges.”

    (snipped, just a teeny portion of the US DOJ report)

    Why is it that people get to keep their jobs (or retire with PERS) when they are not doing their jobs according to their own rules and regulations? What ever happened to the responsibility and accountability requirement of public servants? Any other private company and these clowns would be fired. “Don’t worry chief, we got your back.” WTH?

    Speaking of cover-ups, too bad the Federal DOJ didn’t have some reason to look into Kyron’s case.

    You can see the whole DOJ compliance report here if interested, by clicking on the blue link Maxine gives. The new chief has a whole lot of work to do.


    Could not agree more.

  33. T. Ruth says:


    Estacada….need I say more ?
    22 hours ago

    The cover up…..the hiding the truth…..THE LIES TOLD are the problem……NOT THE ACCIDENT that clearly was an accident. (with liquor “possibly” involved.)… And…….he retires on a FAT PERS pension. Sure, he’s earned his pension BUT…..What “if” under certain circumstances ( Telling a lie to a superior or falsifying a police report for instance )….a person could lose said pension ? Could be a REAL deterrent in regards to future police activity. Simple rule…..Don’t lie…….EVER.

    I like this poster’s idea. Cover-up = no more PERS, bye-bye pension.


  34. Rose says:

    @Truth, I was hoping my wrung out inefficient brin would recharge over the day and I could give a succinct thoughtful answer. Hasn’t happened. So, I will give a blah answer to the distract Q.

    The debate & punditry wrung me out, and tonight Al Smith. not here.

    T Kessinger.
    With all due respect to an older Skyline student not to mention Eagle Scout, his report, standing alone, is imo worthless. First, how does he know Kaine’s truck in or not in the parking lot vis a vis clones, yet he states it was Terri’s transport. She and LE say she was not parked there. Second, the gym? He could conflate Thurs afternoon and Friday am. Who knows. I would not take his statement to validate Kyron toured the gym with classmates, or alone, after Terri left on Fri am. Finally, his father, owner of the now well-established Sauvie family-owned pumpkin patch, was iirc one of the Intel employees separated at an earlier age before retirement (iirc employees’ “hate site”, Intel routinely separated employees about age 50 just before they could draw retirement). Kessinger fit that profile. Was he on the list? If several children and adults verified Kyron was in the gym with class peers after the second bell on 6/4, then I’ll bite.
    TMH is the family expert on Kyron, and she can correct me here. And I am doubtless projecting from my own son, and from similar I have known. I do not see Kyron running around willy nilly. It was said he disappears to the bathroom. Better than wetting one’s pants; wise. It was said he didn’t listen to teachers. Imo that was Porter Porter Porter’s home reports that school year. Could be auditory processing issues. Could be she was unclear as heck, and I wouldn’t be surprised.
    Needn’t been that he was ADD or HD or anything other than way too young physically for a second grade classroom.

    Rather I see Kyron is very compliant. Terri said he was by her side in the hall. I see that Kyron. A very authoritarian father; a very directive “teaching” structuring mother. Imo low motor tone. Imo skittish due to visual disability.

    Unless Terri says otherwise, I think he proceeded on into that classroom, was placed in whatever “group” Porter thought she was constituting, which for her would likely be loosey goosey. And he went downstairs with the group. Did Tanner say he was going downstairs alone? the “group” was probably tearing down at an uneven rate. maybe stopped in the gym first, maybe not. He ended up in l09.
    But no way do I think he turned around at Porter’s door before going inside. And no way do I think he tore off and left alone from her room.
    another post for “distraction” comment.

  35. Rose says:

    Stepmother input:
    Several interests:
    l) advance the investigation.
    2) clear her from involvement
    a) unfettered access if not joint custody for Kiara
    b) rehabilitate reputation; allow employment in professional field.

    Our overriding interest is #1, and Blink says it is Terri’s, albeit imo as necessary to her #2. Many of us also favor #2 without any evidence of her direct or indirect involvement, as we should imo.
    We BOC posters have many questions and offer a research and analysis hand, but we are not in any position to advance the investigation.

    Like any dedicated, thorough journalist, Blink is in a position to advance the investigation by a wholistic body of work to include but not limited to interview(s) with TMH who is after all an arms length witness whose attestations must be verified to the extent possible. Even then, Terri’s own story might not be the angle a journalist would chose to move an investigation along.

    If the DOJ, in Court with judicial supervision, cannot move PPB in the right direction, and meets resistance from the Mayor and Chief, wtf can any journalist in Portland do to advance ANY investigation, much less Blink an outsider?
    Now if we see this from TMH’s perspective, her interest in #1 and 2 is simply to get her story out–in an interview with Phil, & by answers to good faith questioners like BOC posters. (Keep in mind, DDS did not engage in the latter and gave her definitve statement only by interview.)

    I question if Terri getting her story out achieves #1, advancing the investigation, and by history has not advanced #2. I do not think it does. Her story is simply part of a larger story of the events at the school that morning. Her story, her every movement, is well known to MCSO and MCDA. As Blink said, she engaged in many hours of questioning, so they know her story and all of its elements. Making it “public” thru this venue makes no difference to #1 or #2.

    What Terri needs is to be “cleared,” and at this point only Underhill can issue that statement. Reese would never issue such a statement. I think Underhill’s failure to do so will in later years, in a review of his tenure, will be a dark blot on his service as a DA. It would be uber easy for Underhill to issue a statement saying no evidence of any kind links TMH directly to the abduction of her step son and all known information to date tends to be exculpatory. Underhill’s regime contributed to costing a mother her child, a woman her job, a woman her home and income. He smacks of opportunistic and callous misogeny. It is outrageous his wife purports to be a legal ethics expert. Maybe she is volunteering for a certain Pres candidate.

    How does she get her story out to achieve ! and 2? Not here imo, although Blink will fit her interview into the whole and try to advance the investigation. Her story can only be gotten out through Houze and his resource network. I do not see Houze making any press statements, AND he has other clients to consider working trials and pleas with the MCDA. But, surely he could recommend an avenue, a PR person, and advocate, to take on the DA, because Terri’s clearance will not come through a crime blog. It must come through MCSO or MCDA. So, like the custodial Kaine and the noncustodial Desiree, it is in Terri’s best interests to do whatever Houze can recommend to do to get this investigation into any other hands than MCSO’s. Her tidbits to we curious via BOC do NOT accomplish this.

    As for distraction, for us, the seduction of hearing bits of this and that from Terri, which you and I want to know, and find credible, distract her from doing what she needs to do with the DA and MCSO to get cleared, and distract us from the fact these odd bits really do not further the investigation.

    Best, TRuth…. I will be better on Nov 9th. Right now my focus is shot…..

    Far from it. Brilliant post.

  36. Rose says:

    typo above

    brin = brain

    don’t have one now.
    crying out for a lockbox.

  37. Rose says:

    A man coming into Skyline at basement level needing help carrying was either
    l) a parent with refreshments, maybe coffee from a Starbucks (we’ve all done those several heavish but manageable carryout containers, with accompanying cups and frills) or donut cartons. Otherwise pot luck muffins etc would be carried in by donors.
    2) a workman with “fixings’ for the boiler or electrical rooms.
    3) cafeteria deliveries (but these are made all the time and workmen do not involve kids) OR picking up pig slops or whatever the green team had got going (but that would be going OUT on a Friday, not carrying in).
    4)Doesn’t fit for the pretty informal “assembly” performances.

    I lean to #1.

  38. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Cause of the Portland blast was a contractor striking the main with a piece of equipment causing a 3/4″ break. The gas followed the line from the main into the building via the service line. When the gas and air mixed to the proper amount it was the same as bomb or a stick of dynamite when ignited. Ignition from something in the bagel shop, an open flame or the arc from a relay or light switch.

    A contractor that had little experience with natural gas. Where was the gas companies safety engineer? You don’t let people dig around a gas line without proper supervision.

    Oy vey.

  39. Rose says:

    there were no donations in a month to the Ramirez account, and now gofundme has 90 $ in the last day due to

    “Kyron’s family has been diligently working with our Law Enforcement team and our NCMEC representatives to finish a new age progression photo of Kyron with a new flyer. Please keep following up and we will post and share it as soon as it is complete. Thank you so much for your continued support of Kyron and our family.”

    What IS Half-Sis Kelly’s “Law Enforcement team” anyway?

    Why send out a titillating “watch for a
    new pic” heads up, why not just post the flier?
    unless the motive is Fund Me.

    Um, age progression pics are preformed by existing software. It takes 5 minutes and there is no cost to the family. Wth?

  40. Rose says:

    @ATG. my read is the gas co was not contacted to mark the gas line.
    So imo the gas co having no notice is harmless.
    In my Town, when construction occurs the Town office asks the
    gas co to mark lines. part of permitting.
    in any case, if not a govt function in Multnomah
    then it was up to the contactor to call MissUtility
    (water, electric) and Gas for marking with chalk and flags, as is routine.
    Hope contractor was insured to include negligence.

  41. cd says:

    Rose says:
    October 20, 2016 at 10:18 pm
    A man coming into Skyline at basement level needing help carrying was either
    l) a parent with refreshments, maybe coffee from a Starbucks (we’ve all done those several heavish but manageable carryout containers, with accompanying cups and frills) or donut cartons. Otherwise pot luck muffins etc would be carried in by donors.
    I have a hard time believing some guy would ask for help from a 7 year old to help carry things into the school when there were older children and adults around that he could have ask for help.
    if the man who said he needed help carrying something into the school was SZ he probably did not actually need any help with anything he was just lying to get Kyron away from other people so he could snatch him. I could see SZ opening his trunk when Kyron was in the parking lot with him, pushing Kyron into said trunk and driving away. since Kyron only weighed 50 pounds I don’t think he could have put up much of a fight vs an adult male. With all he noise of the SF probably no one would here sounds coming from the trunk before SZ could exit the parking lot with Kyron.

  42. erose says:

    Rose, Your brin is not wrung out at all.

    Rose says:
    October 20, 2016 at 10:06 pm

  43. Rose says:

    maybe the GoFundMe owner’s goal is to clean up Stacey’s poster which misleadingly
    says to send all tips to Kelly (not disclosing that) rather than to mcso.

  44. first-time says:

    Rose says:
    October 20, 2016 at 10:06 pm: If the DOJ, in Court with judicial supervision, cannot move PPB in the right direction, and meets resistance from the Mayor and Chief, wtf can any journalist in Portland do to advance ANY investigation, much less Blink an outsider?
    Rose, In my opinion the value in TMH’s speaking to local media would be in raising the awareness of the local community. Portlanders have been directed to assume the “EVIL Stepmother” did it. The run of the mill Portlander just isn’t aware of the other story, the SZ story. I feel like if there is enough local pressure….maybe LE will be forced to advance the investigation. Think intense investigative journalism that will force the public to question the motives of the investigation, the travesty of THM losing her daughter and the protection of PPS. Yes, furthering the investigation lies with MCSO or MCDA, but applying public pressure can’t hurt. IMO

  45. A Texas Grandfather says:


    The owner of the gas distribution system must mark the line with signage at places where the public can find a telephone number. The signage usually contains the safety admonintion of “Danger do not dig or operate heavy equipment” with a telephone number to call. This is a federal and sometimes a state requirement.

    If the gas distribution system is operated by the city, the building and construction permitting office should have a requirement to have evidence of contacting all affected utility operators prior to issuing the permit. Some permitting offices require a map or drawing showing all utilities in the area where the work is to be accomplished.

    Portland is very lucky that the line breached was a low pressure distribution line. Otherwise, there could have been an enormous fire that would have created much more damage. House pressures are 4 ounces while business pressures are usually limited to a few pounds where downstream regulators control the final pressure.

  46. T. Ruth says:

    @Rose says:
    October 20, 2016 at 10:06 pm

    Excellent post Rose, thanks for ‘splaining. There is no way TMH can clear herself, she’s told them what she knows. And neither can the DA, simply because they (LE) have no friggin’ idea what happened to this child. I know DY says they (LE) know the who and have all sorts of evidence, and that LE just needs that final nail in her coffin, or whatever, but I think that is hogwash. The DA/MCSO/FBI, whomever, cannot possibly clear ANYBODY, because they have no idea who took this child, or for that matter, whether or not he was even taken, or just wandered off into bear country. IF they think TMH could hire someone to remove that child, so can any other parent, friend, relative, neighbor, teacher whomever, so IMHO no one can be cleared until they either find Kyron, dead or alive, or find some sort of weapon with his blood on it and the perp’s dna. Unless of course the perp slips up or confesses, or someone who may be covering for him does.

    I like this:

    “It would be uber easy for Underhill to issue a statement saying no evidence of any kind links TMH directly to the abduction of her step son and all known information to date tends to be exculpatory.”

    But I don’t see that ever happening, as that’s admitting they spent a whole lot of money and time for nothin’, and caused many people a whole lot of grief in the process, and not just TMH, DDS & little k. (If there is all this exculpatory evidence the DA’s office has on Terri, then what an injustice was done on DY as well, for them not sharing it with her and why wouldn’t they unless DY or TY were suspect?)

    I don’t find TMH’s posts distracting, as a poster who wants to know how a child disappeared from an Oregon school without a trace. Anyone talking about this child is a good thing, especially those who knew him well. Btw, I don’t recall anyone ever saying Kyron didn’t listen to his teachers, I believe the words KH & DY used were “adults at the school”, which is not necessarily a teacher, and one would certainly think that if it was a teacher(s), KH & DY would have used that term. I wonder who was the adult Kyron was not listening to? Perhaps TMH can clear that up with Blink and what the circumstances were.

    I still think the key to finding Kyron lies within the school and it’s personnel, and they are not talking.

    RE: TK’s witness statements

    I don’t doubt T.K.’s statements at all. I think he was old enough to know which day it was and he seems like an intelligent person, so I see no reason to doubt what he said. Whether or not it was the Horman truck he saw, IDK, there could always have been look-a-likes. He implied in his statement that he knew who TMH was, because he said he did not see her with Kyron. He also did not say where he saw the truck parked within the lot, nor did he say he saw it from the gym. For all we know his family parked next to them in the lot, and that’s the viewpoint he saw it from, who knows? The fact that he said he saw Kyron with friends, also leads me to believe he knew Kyron as well. I suppose TMH can tell us whether the Horman family knew the Kessinger family, perhaps thru KH’s employment, James’ boy scout troop and/or perhaps frequented their pumpkin patch.


    @Blink, Do you think SZ would be getting nervous with TMH talking and pointing away from herself? I wonder if it’s possible he even reads these crime blogs, getting a kick out of his kidnapping success. IDK

    Doubtful he experiences fear as normal reasonable people, T.Ruth. I believe if he is paying attention it is fueling the motivations for the crime in the first place.

  47. T. Ruth says:

    Um, age progression pics are preformed by existing software. It takes 5 minutes and there is no cost to the family. Wth?

    Exactly. & DY said many, many months ago they were working on a new one. I’m thinking it was way back in like January. Yep, here it is:

    Young said she frequently communicates with Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office officials and a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and that authorities are working on releasing a new age-progression photo of Kyron.


    It does not take 10 months to get this done. Blink, do you know if the parents are the one’s who get the final approval on the age progression images? If so, this now makes me wonder if KH & DY cannot agree on an image.

    Yes, I know, and the answer is they have absolutely no input for approval- how would they possibly know what he would like 6 1/2 years later? A software program based on similar facial recog mapping (to my knowledge) is already completed and basically, it is simply putting in a time update. I cannot stress this enough- this is an investigative decision- not parental. I will also say the software is not proprietary.

  48. Red Rose says:

    After all this time and reading here sporadically, I saw this msg and wondered if it’s possible that whoever took Kyron is somehow connected directly to Kaine. Did anybody else consider that? It makes the most sense.

    cd says: October 21, 2016 at 12:25 am
    Rose says:October 20, 2016 at 10:18 pm
    I have a hard time believing some guy would ask for help from a 7 year old to help carry things into the school when there were older children and adults around that he could have ask for help.

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