Dr. Phil Show Hosts Missing Portland Child Kyron Horman’s Step Mom Terri Horman Over Two Episodes

I have been covering this case since Kyron Horman disappeared from Skyline School in June, 2010.    Like most missing persons cases I have covered in the past,  I am of the strong opinion that best efforts at the truth are the only way to propel investigations that, similarly to Kyron’s, have gone cold for one reason or another.   This approach has worked in resolving some of my previous cases.    I am proud of that.  I remain steadfast to the integrity involved in those and future cases.

Over the past 10 months (or so) I have been developing an updated series on Kyron’s case to include my multiple interviews with Kyron’s step-mom,  Terri Horman.   Needless to say as she was the subject of at least three simultaneous cases before an Oregon court and remains a person of interest by the agency investigating her sons disappearance, this has been an arduous and sometimes delicate journey.    Ms. Horman’s experiences during the ongoing investigation of the disappearance of Kyron Horman are critically important to propelling his case and with great hope- finding the truth about what happened to this cherubic and innocent child.    There are dozens of sources,  collateral interviews, forensic experts and legal analysts that also contribute to my series and have done so because of their belief that my motivation is to bring to light information and opinions in such a way that would almost “require” a focused review of Kyron’s case and the likely shaking of that proverbial tree everyone talks about.

Set to publish about 6-ish weeks ago I was asked to postpone the first installment of the series, which I did.  I subsequently learned Ms. Horman was participating in the Dr. Phil program after she completed taping.  Dr. Phils producers were well aware that Ms. Horman had interviewed with me extensively, and anticipated my series would be publishing information that was not known to the public previously in the days prior to her scheduled episode.    When Ms. Horman conveyed to me that she feels obligated to speak out about “her son” in any national medium that will have her,   I most certainly respected that.  I still do.

While Dr. Phil seems like a gregarious fellow for sure,   I have zero interest in being associated with his program, nor do I believe his shows content is designed to do any furtherance of investigation or truth.  There is much concern (although I have no affiliation to the show whatsoever) that the timing of the publication of my series on the Kyron Horman matter might be interpreted differently or inadvertently contribute to the programs content or audience reactions.     Not what I signed on for.   A missing 7 year old boy six years running is not a framework for entertaining a target audience.   He is not fodder for online social media bully campaigns- yet it occurs.

I will be publishing my series on Kyron’s case at a later date, in it’s entirety with no editing adjustments as a result of any of the appearances on Dr. Phil.   I appreciate your patience and your understanding.   Feel free to discuss the show below.


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  1. Rose says:

    @erose. imo KH has always said on interview what would paint himself in the best possible light. concerned father. involved father. hands on father. loving father ie, collecting all those clothes & school supplies for K every year. serving as efucator/savior for other kids (the Identikit man tho it is freely available elsewhere). If he’s married now, the sympathy card is no longer as needed to market himself to sympathetic potential servants, tho kiara was chick bait too imo. partly a custody gambit but imo mostly narcissism.

  2. T. Ruth says:


    “Nervous” came later.

    T. Ruth says:
    November 19, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    Thanks for the link of Kyron’s talent show partner. I knew it was out there somewhere.

    @mbs Thanks for the court links.

    So no court this Friday, wonder if something will be filed on Wednesday or if they’ll wait til Monday. Does anyone know what one would need to do if the abatement has already been two years? Can they abate for another two years? Can this go on forever?


    @Blink replies:
    “I always found KH description of Ky that morning ( I can’t recall but it was something like nervous or antsy) odd.”

    Glad I’m not the only one. When I first heard him talk about his morning, it sounded……well, rehearsed. JMO of course. But when my ears really perked up was later on. He was telling the same story, only it was different. Instead of saying Kyron was excited about his project (as he did initially), he said he was nervous. Also, why would Kyron be “nervous” Friday morning? The project was already at school and from what I understand the reports were done Thursday.

    http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2010/07/horman_family_answers_question.html (July 5, 2010)

    When is the last time Kaine saw Kyron?

    “I last saw him at about 7:45 am. He was coming back to the house after feeding our cat (Bootsie) and I was heading out to the car to head into the office. I walked over to him, told him I was extremely proud of him for the effort he put into his red-eyed tree frog project, and for him to have a great and fun day at the science fair. We talked about maybe going for a special treat and playing the Wii after school, and then I said ‘I love you.’ He said ‘I love you too, Dad,’ at which point we hugged, and then he went into the house as I got into the car and left. While I have not seen him since, that moment in time is still etched in my mind as if it just happened and is a constant reminder of the joy of having him as a son.”

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38420266/ns/dateline_nbc-crime_reports/t/little-boy-lost/ (Aired July 26, 2010)

    Just a few miles away, Kyron was at home getting ready for school. He was excited, couldn’t wait to show everyone his colorful diorama about the red-eyed tree frog. He’d worked really hard on it, and his dad knew it.

    KAINE HORMAN: And just told him I was really proud of all the effort he put in on his project, he did a really great job, and gave him a big hug.

    KATE SNOW: Did you tell him you loved him?

    KAINE HORMAN: I did.


    http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2011/05/kaine_horman_endures_year_sinc.html (May 28, 2011)

    The morning of his son’s absence is etched in Horman’s mind. He often replays their last conversation. Kyron was nervous about the science fair and his dad tried to calm him, saying he did a good job on his red-eyed tree frog project. It would be a good day. He would see his friends. They hugged, said “I love you,” and Horman left for a busy day at the office. He says Terri Horman knew for weeks he would not be able to attend the event. He wishes he had gone, but he doesn’t beat himself up with guilt.


    Why did Kaine’s story change from excited to nervous and he felt a need to calm him? Big difference IMO.


    Not sure if any of the old links work anymore, but just one of the many little discrepancies that rolled off of this dude’s tongue.

    There’s one more, imo. When he discussed for the first time, ever, that he was at the gym the morning of June 4th, and returned home. I heard his account repeatedly prior to that Dr. Phil appearance, and it was never disclosed. If one wants to point fingers at TMH “changing her account” ( I have interviewed this woman over this for countless hours in total- I have never heard her do that whatsoever, btw) technically, so did Kaine. I want to know what prompted that on Dr. Phil. I was told by a Phil producer that Kaine was not aware that DY was a simultaneous guest- I wonder…


  3. erose says:

    Ladysmith, It makes all kind of sense.

    Rose, I think you’ve had KH pegged from the start.

  4. Rose says:

    after reading TRuth’s hard word in compiling Kaine’s nirbubg adhectuves descriptive of Kyron, I retract my comment “nervous” was Kaine’s word, especially seeing that article byline. My opinion was some of the local journalist ladies sat at home writing stories doing interviews by email or phone interweaving their meager now human interest quotes with regurgitating the writings of others changing a few words here and there. We have seen over and over stories which copied others thus getting facts wrong, such that nothing (except what Pitkin wrote) at the time could be relied on.

    As I read TRuth’s excerpts it seemed the ol “copy my predecessor” MO was at work. Terry wove together her current contact (in whatever medium) with Kaine with a year old story or stories. I suggest in the course of copying what Kaine had said a year before, she got right that he needed to be calmed, and heh “nervous” (an odd choice for a 7 yo) was as good a reason as “excited.” So imo his demeanor was her adjective choice, not Kaine’s. She used no quote marks, and it is my impression she was just copying old stories carelessly. There is no way to know.

  5. Rose says:

    hard word above should be “hard work” thanks, TRuth.

  6. Rose says:

    About Terri’s email. Had her emailing Porter during instructional hours about nitpicking little things gone on all year? if so, what a cross to bear for Porter. What would a working mother do? Expect the kid to bring it home on the bus, or stop by the school after work before day care ended at 6.

    I don’t know about the current environment, but when my kids were in el ed, parents emailed teachers rarely about appointments or emergencies and if they emailed about an academic matter, they did not expect a reply before the dismissal bell. If 25 parents expected email responses during the day, and used email regularly, that would destroy the teacher’s instructional day and supervision of children. Student free planning period is for that: planning curriculum, grading, etc. with Terri’s vaunted teaching certification and ability, I am surprised she would email about something so pickeuny and expect a response during the instructional day. It was probably so she could cover her A with Desiree and tell her she tried but the teacher never answered

  7. A Texas Grandfather says:

    From a man’s point of view, Kaine Horman is always about himself and whatever he decides is in his and only his best interest is what he thinks and does. Public displays of being a father are for one reason only, to make him more acceptable to those he is with.

    This makes rose’s assessment of him correct.

    I really think that KH was raised in a dysfunctional family structure and never understood the duties and responsibilities of fathering children and how to do it. He is certainly not alone in that regard. It is one of the things that make our current society less moral than those of previous generations.

    Real parents make a lot of sacrifices in order to make their family a quality experience for developing children and teaching them proper behavior and virtue.

  8. T. Ruth says:

    I think the early morning gym trip was never mentioned, because he was never asked by any reporter what he did that morning. Never, do I recall a reporter asking for his own timeline. He was asked when he last saw his son. I think at one point KH was asked if anything stood out about that morning that was unusual. In which his reply was nothing was unusual. (So maybe he went to the gym most mornings at 5am?) He was asked IIRC about TMH’s demeanor, but not his own. The dismal reporting surrounding this case has in no way helped solve it. No timelines, no nothin’. (How in world can anyone expect valid tips to come in without giving JohnQ more information?)

    So perhaps on the Phil show he was asked about his own timeline, I don’t recall specifically what the question was that he was responding to at the time.

    O/T, but I heard in the news this morning that OSP is going to use Facebook to try to ID some 160 unknown human remains they have at the morgue, and encouraging people with missing relatives/friends to follow the information they will be giving (monthly) on each case, and are encouraging people to also go to NAMUS and help them solve the mystery of who these people are so they can return the remains to their families. Some go back to the 1940′s. (Not sure why it’s only one case a month, how long could it take them to introduce each Jane/John doe and tell the public what they DO know?)


    Too bad they don’t also set up all Oregon cold cases, unsolved major crimes, (murders and abductions for instance, which may or may not have ended in death) with the information they know on social media as well. (Only information, of course, that wouldn’t affect an outcome for justice.) I’d still love to see more information on the Stacy Wilmoth case, from the 70′s. She was brutally raped and beaten left for dead, but survived. Don’t they care who would do such a thing? Now there’s a perp who IMHO absolutely went on to offend more girls, unless he put a bullet in his own head or otherwise met his own demise.

    Why do you think cold cases aren’t more publicly exposed? Particularly really old ones? I don’t see a drawback, as long as they don’t give out all the info only the perp would know. Oh well.

  9. T. Ruth says:

    Re: KH not being asked pertinent questions by reporters.

    In all fairness the the media, I forgot that KH and/or TY were directing the show. You know, keeping the focus on Kyron and all that. Pfffft.

  10. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I just read a piece about the Houston Independent School District where a Hispanic school principle was caught hiring another Hispanic that had been in prison twice for improper acts with a minor. He was not hired as an employee, but as a contractor. This hire type by-passes the school districts requirement for background checks and appears that it was used to also evade the new Texas law produced by SB-7.

    Lawmakers are going to be forced to play the “what if” scene to stop leaving holes in legislation.

    This loophole may be present in other states too.

    Does anyone know if PPS has outside hires for classroom teaching?

  11. T. Ruth says:


    Do you know who gave TMH’s emails to KATU to publish?

    Yes, but not with certainty (meaning confirmation).

  12. T. Ruth says:

    Not only is Kyron 7 years older (if he’s still with us), but so is his perp, SZ. Men in particular change quite a bit as they age (at least I’ve noticed it more at high school reunions over the years) more so than women. If SZ’s description were released now, what the hell good would it do? He’s aged 7 years. If in his 40/50′s he could be bald by now, and have gained significant weight, who knows? If he was in his 60′s, he could be dead, particularly if leading a crappy lifestyle. It makes me so mad that they’ve never released a description, I don’t care if he looked like many other Tom/Dick/Harry’s present that day, or if he looked like the Mayor, the President or the Pope, it should have been released!! The similarities between this case and the Wilmoth case have me steaming again, no composite was ever released in that case either!

  13. NelMel says:

    Concerning all this recent discussion about KH and the story he told about speaking to Kyron before the SF on the morning of June 4, I have believed since early 2011 and expressed it here more than once, that KH, imo, is behind Kyron’s disappearance in some way. The revelations some time ago that TMH reported the steroid issue to LE, that KH felt that only he should have “his” children once the women in his life bore him or displease him, and that he has enjoyed quite the nice life of travel and car shows thanks to his child’s disappearance, were all things that convinced me that he is a liar and is somehow the reason that Kyron is missing.

    I’ve never trusted that man. Worked with too many dishonest parents in my past career to not be able to recognize a liar, and KH is a liar. Euphemisms have no place in this story. KH is a liar. I know that DY has her moments of absolute dishonesty, but I believe that stems from her own demons and possibly mental health issues (which I wish she would not be ashamed of, but that’s how many people feel about such matters). KH, on the other hand, is a LIAR.

  14. T. Ruth says:


    ” She used no quote marks, and it is my impression she was just copying old stories carelessly. There is no way to know.”

    True dat. If that is what journalists do these days, then I have to swallow hard and agree that there must be an abundance of fake news. All the more reason for LE to release some actual facts.

  15. T. Ruth says:

    I have a post showing up, that relates to a post that is still in moderation. (I hate it when that happens LOL, makes me look nuttier than I am.)

  16. RoseRed says:

    WELL. It’s just about time, finally, that somebody started paying really close attention to Slimy Slick Kaine Horman regarding the disappearance of his son.
    Maybe somebody should sit on him (as well as Logan Storm) and squish them flat like a bug until they squeak and start telling the actual truth about what happened to Kyron.

    I guess his big plan was to get rid of TH, who never did anything except take care of little Kyron. –and it backfired.

  17. Rose says:

    PPS LOVED/loves outside contractors & no competetive contracts for a number of in school functions. And iirc a prominent no bid “nonprofit” businesses had/have their programs sited in school bldgs during the instructional day as instructional programs. iirc one supplied reading “instructors” for below grade level readers in 2010 & was run/owned by tge nonprofit of a wife of a prominent attorney associated with this case. Here’s a biggie, sited in schools https://multco.us/sun/sun-community-schools these are often “diversity” ventures foisted on the poor imo.

  18. Rose says:

    I always enjoy reading NelMel, but are we carbless these days?
    I envision penne with chipotle mayo, fresh basil,
    smoked gouda & tomato (a Whole Foods carryout plagerism)

    Read this before breakfast, your killin me Rose, lol.

  19. Rose says:

    @TRuth re “Not sure why it’s only one case a month, how long could it take them to introduce each Jane/John doe and tell the public what they DO know?)” They’re dribbling it out to increase FB readers & hits, sustained over time. OSP wants a social media following.
    Blink, I thot early gym was a rendevous
    pretext with latest affair? Did he see her that morning?
    Always wondered if he had rivals.

    I have never interviewed Kaine (denied requests) so I am not going to speculate. I have no reason to doubt he was at the gym if he disclosed that publicly and I am aware that similar to TH’s gym facility, there are cameras and I am aware of other means available to verify his whereabouts. That said, I have always found it interesting that KH “story” about TH training (fat burners, up at gym at 5 am everyday, etc) was actually his (so to speak) at the time of Kyron’s disappearance minus the fatburners but adding self admitted steroid use. Conversely, due to Kiara’s bout with an ear infection and subsequent reaction to an antibiotic, TMH had been unable to get to the gym for a previous period of about 10 days. As a Mom of babies and toddlers taking care of them while Dad was at work and all that goes with that schedule and responsibility as well as an avid runner and fitness enthusiast (no roids here lol) I can remember what it felt like on occasion to try and “steal” 45 minutes for myself in a day- I can’t imagine not having the ability to get that decompression and release for a 10 day stretch without being a very cranky Mommy. Not saying it isn’t selfish potentially, I admit I am imperfect, but I do understand it. I would not have been so understanding of Kaine similarly.


  20. Rose says:

    So glad the Sec of State is auditing PPS, but for what? They need contracting and other mgmt procedures, promotion procedures, termination procedures, no bid contracts, specific sampled bid contracts, myriad personnel issues (admin leave long term with pay), procedures re reported sex offenders in the worksite etc etc. And then safety and security if students in practice using kyron as a starting point.

  21. Rose says:

    @NelMel. His chief and most consequential lie was representing to successive gullible Judges the degree of Terri’s fulltime parenting, Kiara’s attachment to her, and her parenting skills and competence. That totally dwarfs the steroids, the affairs with both wives, and so on. I find it unimaginable that the “psychologist” evaluator did not do projective testing. And, that the “evaluator” or at a minimum the elderly lady who proclaims herself a “social worker” did not interview both sets of grandparents as to Kiara’s attachments nad Terri’s parenting skills, because both sets of gps were involved in the home. Moreover, the molestation in Kaine’s family of origin should have been explored. Speaking of grandparents, Kristi reminds me of Arlene Snitzer sitting in the Courtroom observing her son seek to terminate the mother’s parental rights wrt her designer grandson. What’s with these old ladies? I am glad the hospital (which his dad did a big funding for) “found” the contract he perjured himself over signing in Court testimony. Personally, I thihk it controls. Next after she wins we’ll find Oregon’s version of “best interests of the child” and barred visitation based on the “evaluator’s” say so. Maybe he’ll hire Billie.
    After months of a dry spell, Kelly’s fund has raked in 3 donations in short order. Maybe they’re soliciting from that private email list Dy referred to from time to time when planning events.
    Thinking back to Tony (who reminds me of Winnie the Pooh’s adjectives), he said the first night he lectured the Hormans as though he were a police officer (that really was’t his role; he seemed quite intrusive) that their lives would be an open book and nothing would be secret. He knew little about Terri then, more about Kaine–affairs, history of family molestation, and perhaps the steroids as Terri allegedly vented about a lot to Desiree. So, it feels like he was mainly cautioning Kaine. How did he switch so quickly to blame the woman who did nothing but parent Desiree’s child very well and wisely?
    Kyron did live in a house of secrets: affairs, intergenerational molestation, divorce talk, James’ shipped out, steroids.

  22. Rose says:

    Not getting the kids ready for school so Mom, who’d not been to a gym or had personal time in 10 days, but going himsek while she as usual did all the kids/housework all day, would be characteristic of rigid narcissists who lack the capacity for empathy. My son with I believe FAS who sadly gyms daily and is rigid about it is far more flexible and sensitive to vary his gym schedule to meet others’ needs than the household member with that syndrome. That member must be at the gym TuThSun at a particular time and schedule if I were laying on the floor with a heart attack. Kaine similarly has trouble with transitions & adjusting to life changes. I think that adjustment difficulty and rigidity is a reason he has not sought an fbi case review. Change in case investigation personnel would threaten him imo.

  23. T. Ruth says:

    The Portland school board hired a hand-picked team of investigators, including two former prosecutors, Tuesday to take a deep look at the case of a veteran educator who evaded sexual misconduct allegations for years.

    The board’s unanimous move came in response an August Oregonian/OregonLive investigation, which found that top district officials protected the accused teacher, not students.

    The tone of Tuesday’s meeting was grave.

    “The Mitch Whitehurst case represents a systemic failure to protect students,” began school board chair Julia Brim-Edwards, who teared up when talking about how troubling she felt the matter was and what she felt the district owed the public.

    The board picked Amy Joseph Pedersen of the law firm Stoel Rives to oversee the investigation. Her outside team is made up of Bob Weaver and Joy Ellis of the law firm Garvey Schubert Barer and retired Multnomah County Chief Deputy District Attorney Norm Frink, who worked as a prosecutor for more than 35 years.

    The scope of the investigation is wide. The board has charged the team with identifying who knew what when as well as what policies failed, why they failed and what should change.

    (snipped, more @link)

    The Frinkster is interested in public school disclosures these days?

  24. T. Ruth says:

    This is a pretty thorough investigation, **IF**they do it right, who knows what they’ll turn up. This is just part of the pdf instructions, as to what will be investigated (link posted above):

    Did any PPS employee(s) fail to comply with mandatory reporting requirements or
    violate any policies, laws or ethics rules? If so, who and when? Were there any consequences
    for those failures? Did any of those failures have licensure implications?

    • Are there provisions in the union contract that impact the District’s ability to adequately
    address complaints?
    • Do PPS employees receive adequate training in recognizing possible predatory behavior
    and how to respond appropriately?
    • Are there other complaints about sexual misconduct by other employees or agents of the
    District that have not been adequately addressed?
    If the investigators think new areas of inquiry should be pursued, or some of these abandoned, they must
    confer with you.


    Too bad there was no investigation of PPS when a little boy went missing.

  25. A Texas Grandfather says:

    The audit of PPS by the state should be a complete financial and operations audit that covers every aspect of their operation. The problem with most audits is they often do not have people doing it who really understand how the operation side functions. This leaves avenues that are not audited and problems hidden from view.

    This type of audit is exactly what Rose is describing.

  26. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Rose’s link is all about a Multnomah County sponsored activity. The linked flyer is very slickly put together. If one looks at the map of locations, it indicates that the primary purpose is to help Latinos in the community. Rose correctly points out that this activity has an inside connection to the county monies.

    I am a firm believer that dad’s have equal responsibility regarding the care of children beginning with birth and all their years in the household. All mom’s need a break each day if possible. If dad is out of town on business, then it is not possible. Otherwise,dad pitches in to help with whatever is required.

    A funny story about a great-grandchild born last year. We were having a birthday gathering in FT. Worth for one of the great-grandchildren. We also had a new arrival that was ten days old. She dirtied her diaper and new father began to look for mom. I stopped him and told him that it was time to learn to change a diaper and not depend on mom to do the task. All the women began to laugh when they heard what I said. He and I took the baby to the bathroom and he cleaned her up and changed it while I watched and instructed. I told him that he was lucky that the paper/plastic diapers were available rather than the cloth ones used when his mother was a baby.

  27. Gwen says:

    A Texas Grandfather says:
    September 20, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    Thank you for sharing that story!

    I’m the oldest child (56), and when I was born my father worked days and my mother worked second shift which meant that my father would have to take care of me (later on it was me and my sister), and that included laundry and feeding. My parents had no washer or dryer so clothes (dirty diapers!) had to be hand washed. My father washed diapers with a scrub board in the kitchen sink.

  28. Gwen says:

    NelMel says:
    September 19, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    100% agree with you, NelMel. My hinky meter overheated when KH kicked out the state’s largest newspaper from one of the early press conferences. I’ve only alluded to my opinion of him here at BOC since there wasn’t much to go on in the early days. After all, only LE such as TY can make assessments from their “gut” ;)

    Now we see more, not much, but more.

    First of all,there has been almost no scrutiny of his timeline that day;
    -he may have been carrying on an affair during the time Ky went missing;
    -his story of that morning is not consistent;
    -his odd statement about the amount of time it will take to find Ky;
    -when the family meets the press, TY does the talking;
    -do we suspect he’s the one who manipulated TH’s phone re: M Cook?;
    -he paints himself as something he was not (parent wise);
    -he brings another woman into the home with children;
    -behavior in the home (doors open with bedroom noises), etc.

    What I found interesting, also, is at the very beginning, there was what appeared to be a concerted effort to defend him at places like the comment section of the newspaper.

    He appears to be guilty of something. What I can’t understand is what it could be that is so important that the courts and LE are covering for him.

  29. Rose says:

    Well, kiara’s dad was smart enough to take her over just after she was likely potty trained.

  30. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Yes Gwen, I know about washing cloth diapers. Beginning families did not have funds to buy expensive appliances like washers and dryers which meant hand washing and hanging them on a clothes line to dry. Rub boards sold for as little as 75 cents while a washing machine was 200 dollars.

    Baby girls are a lot easier to potty train than boys. Most do not like being wet or dirty and will appreciate learning to use the potty beginning as early as ten months.

  31. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Kain Horman was not going to do the tasks for taking care of babies and young children. He immediately found a woman to do those tasks. He thinks that housekeeping including yard work belongs to women.

  32. T. Ruth says:

    The Frinkster is interested in public school disclosures these days?

    LOL, IKR? I was and am, scratching my head on who chose this man for this investigation and why? Was he involved in prosecuting a significant number of sexual abuse cases over his career? Why him?

  33. Rose says:

    Fink? The lavish contractor’s fee, name in the paper repeatedly, rubbing shoulders with “the powerful.” Nothing to do with sex abuse by employees in schools. Brimful of tears Brim is a smartie. He touts his Republican County and State connections, a delegate to Trump convention. And Brim needs someone on defense networking informally with pull with Republican Dennis Richardson on the $money investigation thing. Richardson apparently responds to words in his ear. The sad thing is this employee investigation matter wrt retained employees accused of sex abuse should have been handled by an ad hoc committee of the BOE itself, such that the accountability lies with them for its design, execution and results. They could hire a lawyer, hire a retired DA, but best of all they needed two or more retired LE, preferably FBI investigators residing in Multnomah. They’re there. Because this is an “investigation” as first and foremost, and Frink disdains investigation or farmed it out to his DA investigators, and the lawyers ain’t got the skills on the ground. Stoel Rives is the leading County political go to firm besides Miller Nash on the PPS stuff. So, anyway Brim has contracted out accountability rather than establish a controlling ad hoc Board committee with a defined purpose.

  34. Rose says:

    oops, Fink should read Frink. may be interchangeable.
    Haven’t read it well, but Richardson’s State audit of PPS seems limited to use of State and Federal funds–how employed, and results. Probably gets to P Anthony’s complaint that Title I Fed comtribution for schools with 40% poverty were disbursed only to schools with 60% poverty. So, it’s hardly a broad audit because it seems while PPS says the State/Fed contribution is “not much,” it appears to be roughtly 30% of the total expended. So, whatever is audited, it’s only gonna related to about 30% of the money spent, and not mgmt. procedures.

  35. Rose says:

    Pederson and Brim have at least one backstory. Pederson reps Nike where Brim is an Exec:

    Amicus Nike, Inc. represented by Amy Joseph Pedersen Stoel Rives LLP 900 SW 5th Avenue Suite 2600 Portland, OR 97204 503−294−9408 Fax: 503−220−2480 Email: ajpedersen@stoel.com LEAD ATTORNEY ATTORNEY TO BE NOTICE https://www.clearinghouse.net/chDocs/public/PB-OR-0004-9000.pdf
    Actually I was looking to see if she had kids at Northwest Academy like the incrowd Underhill and Snitzer, etc. Imo it’s always either the synagogue, Northwest or Caitlin, or Episcopal Sch undergirding friendships and political power.

  36. T. Ruth says:

    The thing about Kaine for me is I’m not sure he’s an out and out liar, or if he is just deceptive to meet his own goals. From the beginning he just seemed to leave things out of interviews. Some of the things he never mentioned in the beginning of this case caused a whole lot of speculation to be raised on TMH. For instance:

    Never mentioned that he was with TMH meeting the bus.
    Never mentioned that yes, TMH had the baby with her on June 4.
    Never mentioned that the baby had an ear infection.
    Never mentioned that Kyron was to go to Medford that weekend (instead talked of ice cream and after school activities).
    Never mentioned that there had been prior discussion about Kyron’s odd behavior.
    Never confirmed that yes a dr. appointment had been made for the following week.
    Never mentioned going to the gym that morning.

    Some of these missing things did not come out until months/years later. I’m sure I’m forgetting other things, after all, it’s been 7 years, but why was he leaving certain things out? None of these things make HIM look bad, so why? It’s like he was trying to make TMH look bad from the get go.

  37. Rose says:

    OMG Daddy’s credentials. No wonder she’s in the catbird corporate outside counsel seat and tapped for significant political work, whether she’s worked hard or not. http://www.reed.edu/reed_magazine/in-memoriam/obituaries/november2003/george-m-joseph-1951.html

  38. T. Ruth says:


    One of our nephews had their first child recently. ( This nephew has always had one heck of a low tolerance for odors and a strong gag reflex.) His wife sent a video the other day of him changing a diaper, when he turned around to the camera he had on a nose/mouth mask! LOL

    Thinking of things that have pretty much disappeared from the younger folk’s vocabulary: Diaper Pins. Diaper Pails. Plastic Pants. Ivory Snow Laundry Detergent.

    (I have a pet peeve about constant use of disposable diapers and landfills, so don’t get me started. :) They are a convenience when traveling, though.)

  39. T. Ruth says:

    Why is the PPS school board hiring lawyers to investigate the failures of PPS regarding a possible district-wide coverup of criminal sexual offenses? When I look at these attorneys backgrounds, it looks to me like they are being hired to look into the situation for one reason and one reason only: trying to prepare PPS for an upcoming lawsuit. JMO


    And why FTLOG isn’t PPB looking into PPS? Crimes were committed. Where is PPB?

  40. Rose says:

    ot (I didn’t mean to imply she had not worked hard, rather the converse). Yet every govt & corp door woukd’ve opened to her partnership firm. Dad was appointed by Straub, OR’s ne plus ulta Dem gov.

  41. Rose says:

    ot obviously Un read 19th C English novels at his Swiss school:
    “According to Merriam-Webster, a ‘dotard’ describes a person
    who is in a state of “senile decay marked by decline of mental poise and alertness.”
    Can’t think of any dotards in Multnomah.
    Every act whether by Kitz, Carol, Frink, Staton, Krafve,
    or Kantor seems willful.

  42. Rose says:

    Well, TRuth, Brim & husband are just old Packwood staffers, good enough in OR to get her an inhouse lobbyist lucrative job for Nike. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randall_Edwards_(politician) imo she & Pederson chose the team members. Imo Frink was chosen for having Richardson’s ear, but the girls coukd’ve chosen him for his rugged looks or his investigatory prowess.

  43. Rose says:

    btw like frink & richardson, packwood was a Republican.
    Imo Brim & Frink likely go way back together in the County
    Republican organization.

  44. Rose says:

    I bet Frink bombastically dominates the group and the younger lawyers defer to him. imo Brim chose him to ensure the current Board looks good. The irony is she was on the BOE a decade ago when lots of this was happening without consequences.

  45. Rose says:

    amy pederson copresents in an OSB CEU course
    sited in a synagogue & tailored to attorneys of the Jewish faith.
    I live in say a 75% jewish neighborhood, & imo this is unheard of–
    mixing a State licensing function & agency with a religious temple & Rabbi
    talk. Gimme a break, Portland elites.

  46. Rose says:

    OT A decade ago Brim was on the BOE (or whenever) & was/is inhouse gov’t lobbyist for Nike. Some reporter needs to check out whether in that decade Portland HS coaches (some on the sex list apparently) got free Nike say shoes or clothes that in effect were advertising. Maybe Nike was tied to some of these HS coaches. Maybe she knew this scandal was unfolding (say from Frink still connected to DA office gossipwise) and that knowledge & desire to control the scandal, rather than nobility, led her to run for the BOE again, and dominate it. a block attempted to discredit Anthony too.

  47. Rose says:

    ” Tales of Packwood’s exploits as a masher, often involving members of his staff, had long been served up for the delectation of insider” http://www.nytimes.com/1993/08/29/magazine/the-trials-of-bob-packwood.html?pagewanted=all I’d say Brim as Packwood’s press aide was used to working with men who sexually assaulted females under his power, but she worked for him in the 80s long before his behavior became public.

  48. Rose says:

    ot Duin writes about instability at Roosevelt with successive effective coaches who reach out to and care for poverty kids yet have fled Serbian principal Filip Hristic (numerous program staff, in succession) from his appointment in 2014 to present.
    Gives meaning to PEPP’s motto, fix the principal problem in PPS.

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