Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: George Anthony is No Killer BUT HE IS KILLING ME Already

When can their glory fade?

O the wild charge they made!

All the world wonder’d… Tennyson

George sees the light… Baez Light Brigade that is… and yes, I do believe that jurors will think they are all drunk for such a strategy.

Not new, not novel, not nouveau. You have read my predictions that George Anthony will willingly serve up his lily liver with fava beans and a nice chianti, for years.

Well, looks like the bus he is laying down for has left the station.

George ON Stand 3311

If I am being honest, ( Editor’s note: I have a few Aussie friends, and they constantly say this to preface some sort of heinous insult that you forgot by the time this passed you by) I have no earthly idea why anyone would be surprised or remotely piqued from your Cheerios over such baffoonery.

Almost 3 years later, you would think that at some point the injustice this family has shown Caylee Anthony would cease, or at least dawn on them like some sort of loosely based Lifetime *movie*of *the*week* scene finale. 

Let’s face it. George is the perfect patsy in this case. Let’s review a short list:

1. He flat out lied about seeing Casey and Caylee leave on June 16th, 2008. We know this because Casey’s cell phone records tell us she did not leave the house until after 4PM. George called her at the house earlier first, and then her cell, so again, he expected her to be at the house, not “at work” as he told invetigators. Contrary to recent reports on WFTV espousing that George described exactly what Caylee was last seen wearing as the clothing found with her remains, let me clear this up, courtesy of contributor Kleat, from George Anthony’s deposition by the State of Florida, in pertinent part:


[Whereupon, the document referred to was

marked for identification as Plaintiff's Exhibit

Number 9.]


Jeff Ashton: Let me show you State’s Exhibit 9 and just ask you if you recognize that photograph? [Handing]

George Anthony: [Examining] Yeah. It’s a photo of Caylee.

Jeff Ashton: Have you ever seen that photo before?

George Anthony: No. I don’t remember if I have or not. I don’t believe so. No.

Jeff Ashton: The shirt that she’s wearing in that photograph, do you recognize — from what you can see of it, do you recognize that shirt?

George Anthony: Not off — no. I don’t recognize that shirt. I don’t know if it’s a pajama or if it’s a T-shirt. I’m not really sure. I’m not — I don’t know.

Jeff Ashton: Could that be the shirt she was wearing when she left?

George Anthony: No. She wasn’t wearing this one.

Jeff Ashton: Okay. So it’s a pink shirt, but a different pink shirt?

George Anthony: Yeah. It definitely wasn’t this one right here.

Jeff Ashton: Okay. Thank you. All right.


 2. He ommitted entirely 2 jobs he was working at the time of his resume and interview for Andrews International, on June 17th, 2008.

3. He has a propensity for shall we say, ladies that require service fees, and that non-existant credit card he did not have according to Cindy’s deposition, at the time of George’s deposition had a nearly $11,000 balance.

4. He purchased a handgun while Casey was on bond.

5. His attempted suicide could be construed as “guilt driven”.

To be honest there is plenty more where that came from, but I doubt the defense in this case even got this far considering they are attempting to add witnesses four months late, whose allegations were cleared by OCSO in the first place.

At the March 3rd motion hearing, where George alledged he was an agent of the State, he faced Casey from the witness stand.

Casey, full glare ahead and adorned in her her gas can red sweater with the henkel silver jacket on top, and George in his “will someone take me seriously” lavender.

He flat out testified he will even “not show up” to court if it would help his “baby”, Casey Anthony.

Jose Baez: ..”Now if I gave this hypotthetical, if I told you not showing up to court next Wednesday, and I am not telling you to not come to court, it would save your daughter’s life, would you show up to court?

George Anthony: “..If you asked me to stay away from the proceedings, if it was going to save my daughter’s life I would not be here..”


Late this afternoon, as I was prepared to ask again where in the world is George’s counsel, finally, George Anthony’s Attorney, Mark Lippman, fired back:

In the statement, Lippman said, “George Anthony had nothing to do with the death of Caylee Marie Anthony. He has been investigated, deposed, examined and cross examined by both the prosecution and the defense, and neither the defense team nor the state of Florida have maintained that he is at fault in any way.”


I will sum it up this way. George has a better shot at drinking a 5th, than pleading the 5th in the criminal trial against his daughter.

Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Halt Your Hubristic Hubrishness Jose Baez.. We Are All Stocked Up Here

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Jose Mason

“He has lulled himself into a false sense of competence.”


Hold The Hubris Pass The Humility

The saga begins as follows:

Aging local *legend in his own mind* defense attorney gets “defendant envy” when he sees the dude he thought was the busboy at all The Florida Bar functions, making more on his first big case, with more media face time, than Or lawn do has ever seen. Seasoned barrister signs on for his professional *see alice*, if you will.

Wait, kidding, not the saga in question, my bad.

Yesterday, on behalf of Casey Anthony, lead counsel with Jose Baez, J. Cheney Mason put to “motion” what undoubtedly was screaming inside his head as Mr. Baez bumbled, err, argued, against the States motion for contempt and sanctions last week.  The reconsideration request drafted by Attorney Mason will undoubtedly come as a surprise to Judge Perry.  When his Honor asked Mason why the deadline was not met at the State’s hearing:

..”Was there any particular reason that was not complied with?..”

Mason replied, “The answer to that is I don’t know.” 

Mr. Baez was found in contempt and fined less than the cost of his ipad.

I am not an attorney, but I do know that you cannot introduce new and different bullsh*it you neglected to bore the court with previously AND when you had the opportunity to respond and argue with a new tie and pocketsquare ensemble.

Apparently Judge Perry was not swayed by Baez “.. They say they will call but they never do..” argument, insinuating all Jeff Ashton had to do was call him to work out what his other previous 4 email requests could not.

Makes sense to me now that he put it like that, right?

Everyone knows you can trust what a defense attorney says on the phone who will not commit same information to writing. Duh.

Damn this traffic jam how I hate to be late.. It hurts my motor to go so slow.. 

I have this vision of Atty Slabaugh driving down the 4 with the top down and the 300 pages he threw in the back “loose”, are flying all over the freeway behind him. So that’s the problem.. the dang clerk’s office refusing to tie up their fax, dedicate 2 folks to replace toner and paper in the middle of the 300 page and 5 hour late response, while jamming every other case and function, for Casey Anthony. Missed the memo as well, I presume.

How insensitive. First word folks.. flash-drive. Second word.. GARMIN. It does not take 5 hours to get from Kissimme to Orlando, and that’s assuming he left when the filing was already past deadline.


Moving on to the defense’s whine list:

My fave- Dr. Lee found 17 hairs in a car that is believed to have transported the victim in this instant capital murder case and therefore he should not be expected to testify about it.


To date, this is absolutely the most laughable attempt to publicly excuse a witness who Mr. Baez apparently does not consider important enough to pay his dang expenses out of pocket for.

I hear this in my head:

Dr. Lee is not going to be called to testify OR be available for a deposition, cause, like, maybe the harsh weather will not produce that case of luscious oranges, but we are not sure yet, so please wait while we ask the plant lady, who will of course be testifying about plants, but you knew that already. Please tell me you knew that already.

Not to be confused with p-l-a-n-t-i-n-g, as we plan to move to strike or suppress any appearance of the words ” Dr. Henry Lee” and the word “planting” that appear on the same page of any document or media article, as well as within the silent thoughts of any of them-there bloggin’ types.


Lest we forget, Mr. Lee, who will not be testifying anyway if his expenses are not going to be paid, was denied access to an active homicide recovery scene while CST’s were still removing the tiny bones of Caylee Anthony from her swamp tomb.. the nerve of OCSO.

I mean, who knows what Dr. Lee could have come up with in that cornucopia of specimens.

Maybe even Kronk’s Oscar Meyer weenie whistle from the third grade perhaps.

Apparently the defense team , while discussing the virtues of Jose Hubris’s new “do”, missed the free lesson on the actual designation of the Crime Scene Technician, or CST, as mentioned by Jeff Ashton as opposed to the continued reference to “CSI” in defense motions.


Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Will Expert Witness Order Reveal Jose Baez Defense Strategy?

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“I quite frankly don’t know why we are here..– Jose Baez”


In a rare 5 P.M. Friday afternoon court appearance, after attempting to gain compliance from Jose Baez, State’s Attorney Jeff Ashton successfully convinced The Honorable Belvin Perry that the defense team for Casey Anthony has been holding out. While unavailable at the time of this articles publication, the new order in essence says Jose Baez’s proffer of an entomologist “will be talking about bugs”, is not going to fly. Pun Intended.

Chief Judge Perry, after reminding the parties that discovery has been ongoing for over 2 years and the May 2011 trial date is rapidly approaching, verbally dictated a new order on the record.

As a specific example of the defense’s non-compliance, Ashton references Dr. Michael Freeman, a forensic epidemiologist who intends to charge the state $575/hr to depose him, when the application of his area of expertise to the case against Casey Anthony for murdering her daughter Caylee is questionable at best.

Or Is It?

Epidemiology is “the study of the distribution and determinants of health related states or events in populations, and the application of this study to control health problems”. It is the basic science for public health.

Admittedly, Dr. Freeman’s addition to the defense expert witness list has been on my mind for over a week. His curriculum vitae, as impressive as it is, is heavy with publications about neck injuries following various impact ratio vehicle accidents, vertebrae -spinal cord compression and roller coaster whiplash.

What is he going to testify to? Was THE BAEZ LAW FIRM really going to go with the nanny was in a car accident with Caylee and Casey was following her and they accidentally smothered her with duct tape which was meant to act as some sort of neck brace? Maddening, yes. Plausible, No.

After examining the email’s included in Ashton’s motion for the umpteenth time, I finally realized what was bugging me more than the absence of what was already ordered by the court in it’s content, or the juvenile response from the lead counsel in a murder defense and sworn officer of the court.

It was the fact that in both email’s from Jose Baez to Jeff Ashton there was only one expert witness whose name was not bolded and seemed to be sandwiched in, almost as if to demonstrate it’s lack of importance. Moreover, Jose Baez suggests to Ashton that the state depose him last, as his reports are incomplete.

Baez Email Freeman


$575 an hour rate to tell the court at trial what the statistical and probable likelihood is of a public outbreak of unemployed, Caucasian, Target-loving party girls suddenly murdering their toddlers is?

Methinks the nut is under Freeman’s shell, but how is that possible?

Chiari Malformation Type I

Almost conveniently, Chiari 1 complications contributing to the sudden death of a child, was profiled in an episode of Dr. G Medical Examiner. Jan Garavaligia, MD who performed the autopsy on Caylee Anthony is the Medical Examiner in District 9, Orange County, Florida and an expert witness listed by the prosecution in this case. Garion Barber is an 8 year old Orlando boy who passed away in his sleep in March 2008 with only a minor history with seizures. Dr. G’s office investigated his death for over 4 months before she was able to conclude Garion died from an un diagnosed Chiari 1 malformation/sleep apnea. Dr . G also had the benefit of reaching her findings on a recently deceased child, unlike 34 month old Caylee, whose remains were tossed in a swamp off Suburban Drive and were completely skeletonized at the time of their discovery two years ago today.


Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: New Discovery On The WRAY

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Orlando, FL– With the public still reeling from last weeks indigency hearing, the State Attorneys office is set to release the latest round of discovery documents this morning.

Joy Wray as captured by her web cam

Joy Wray as captured by her web cam

Speaking on the condition of anonymity to, a source inside the investigation has confirmed within the release is the latest interview by OCSO of Joy Wray.

Ms. Wray is said to have told investigators that she was in the woods on July 18, 2008 searching for Caylee Marie Anthony and has the photos to prove it.

When OCSO investigators requested Ms. Wray surrender her laptop computer to retrieve the original image raw files, among other source information Ms. Wray revealed, she headed to BestBuy to have the hard drive erased prior to her interview, which would reveal the dates on the photos had been added by her.

Detectives were tipped off by a savvy Geek Squadder and when Joy arrived to retrieve her blank computer and copy of it’s former contents, they were waiting for her.  Joy sniffed out the Five O, and turned on her heels out the door without the computer; only to be interviewed by Detective John Allen in her lawyers office about the incident, shortly thereafter.

Ms. Wray has been baker acted 6 times, and claims to be friends with and corresponding with former President George W Bush on the Caylee Anthony case.

The discovery is also expected to include interviews with members of Texas Equusearch, as a follow up to statements by Laura Buchanan and Joseph Jordan.

The discovery has been received and is being reviewed, check back to for updates.

Links to Discovery transcripts here.

Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Indulgent Definately, Indigent Hardly

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Orlando, FL-


Who thought this was a good idea on behalf of THE BAEZ LAW FIRM?

Who raised their hand at the weekly status update and said:

“I’m sick of this crapp-ass coffee, I make $300 bucks an hour.

I make big bucks so I should be drinking STARbucks.

Gimme a Venti. I can’t drink this swill another 3/4 hour minimum or I will surely die before the trial.

I KNOW.. how about we figure out a way to make OTHERS pay for it??

Sound ridiculous?

That is nothing compared to the caught-on-camera cluster that took place during yesterdays  hearing to declare accused murderer Casey Anthony indigent for costs.

 Andrea Lyon, lead counsel and chronic look-of-woehaver, feels approximately $70Geeze of her “charity’s” money has been spent on this case. (Edited to add, methinks she is subtracting $22Geeze, read on)

The Center For Justice In Capital Cases 

SHUT THE DOOR. This is no charity, except perhaps to Lyon as she is a paid staff member, serving as it’s director.

It is a certification study class at DePaul, run by Lyon and paid by the defense PI Morty. 

Furthermore, as the work product developed in this case supports the curriculum and subsequent GPA of it’s tuitionable students, why the hell would the expenses be allocated to the defense of the case against Casey Anthony instead of DePaul? 

There is no charity attributable to Andrea Lyon although she testifies to fund raising efforts through various charities and corporations, and that those charities are now, “in the hole.” $70Geeze, to be exact.

Is this the part where we here her use of the word charity was a charitable way to say she imposed on her budget as a professor? 

I will say, given her penchant for hardass reporting from her students, how is it possible she has no clue what her books and billable hour are?

There are 14 students working on a death penalty case that are not attorneys, and client attorney privilege would not extend to them as their is no established agency. If I were the National Enquirer I would be finding out which of those undergrads have fat student loans and what kind of access to information they have. Catch My drift?

SanDiego Sugga Daddy

Todd Macaluso, apparently so sure of Casey’s innocence he gassed up the whirlybird, packed his lucky smoking jacket and signed on to the case.  

Jose Baez testified that Todd Macaluso gifted $70 Geeze to the trust account of Casey Anthony. Operating pro hac vice (visitors pass) as representation with his own retainer agreement with Miss Anthony, Mac has violated the rules of the Florida Bar:


(e) Financial Assistance to Client. A lawyer shall not provide financial assistance to a client in connection with pending or contemplated litigation, except that:

(1) a lawyer may advance court costs and expenses of litigation, the repayment of which may be contingent on the outcome of the matter; and

(2) a lawyer representing an indigent client may pay court costs and expenses of litigation on behalf of the client.

 As Casey had access to $275K and was not indigent 10 months ago when Todd Macaluso signed on and paid his apparent entry fee, it would be impossible to defend this “contribution” as legal under Florida law.


The Approving Bogs for Children company has paid out $200 Geeze.

“In August 2008, we licensed exclusive rights to an extensive library of photos and home videos for use by our broadcast platforms, affiliates and international partners. No use of the material was tied to any interview.”

..”The deal was done with an attorney representing several owners of copyrighted content,  ABC News spokeswoman Cathie Levine said. That attorney is Baez, she added..”

Really, not tied to any interview? When did those images and videos debut on GMA exactly? Who was on that program when they were shown?

I am quite certain I heard Jose Baez say in sworn testimony that he retained Tim Chinaris, former head of Florida Bar ethical committee to field such inquiries and all were turned down. He added that such agreements would not be ethical.  Maybe he thinks ethical is transposable with visible.

Several owners of content means multiple people were paid for this “extensive library”. If ABC is claiming that Baez brokered this transaction for all then we have an even bigger problem as he was simultaneously representing the interests of all parties at the time. The agreement that was reached between the parties is critical to understanding the income status of Casey Anthony and her attorneys. Judge Strickland may very well just deny the indigency application and alls well that ends well that these barristers will have to buck up on their own.

That is, until John Morgan gets wind. We will see a copy of the ABC contract in the civil case against Casey Anthony on behalf of Zenaida Gonzalez, fo shcizz.  He danced 2 jigs yesterday. There were witnesses.

Without question, Mr. Baez should be REQUIRED to produce this agreement in response to proof their is no recurring revenue or subsequent earnings to his client based on the structure of the agreement. It is not uncommon for such agreements to include royalty clauses, which would mean that someone is getting paid every time a photo or image from that collection is used. 

ABC newsroom laid off 1/3 of it’s news staff earlier this month. Nice.

Billable Hours

Perhaps the *thud* moment for me yesterday was when Mr. Baez admitted in open court that he does not track his billable hours on this case.


Apparently, the reaction is sticking with me.

Under the rules of the Florida Bar, there is a very stringent set of requirements when determining reasonable fees for clients.

Short Version:


(b) Factors to Be Considered in Determining Reasonable Fees and Costs.

(1) Factors to be considered as guides in determining a reasonable fee include:

(A) the time and labor required, the novelty, complexity, and difficulty of the questions involved, and the skill requisite to perform the legal service properly.

How can you bill someone $90Geeze, and have no idea how you got there, or whether or not such activities are reasonable to the client and or case?

Judge Strickland ruled that by end of business today the defense team needed to provide a full accounting of requested trust account disbursements.

I am thinking they will take the rejection of her indigency status before another trip to the dunk tank, but that’s just me. 

 Can you imagine the car ride home with Cheney Mason?

Role play:

“You effing stupid carpetbagging imp..

Do you even know what the eff IN CAMERA means??

It does not mean that information is sealed forever like the shalac on your hair, you moron..”

AL: Yep, I already told him that. Can I offer you some starbucks?



Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Funding For The Defense Hearing Today

While the web and blogosphere is clogged with the latest scandal to feature Tot Pop George Anthony and his nature walks of rivers and skies-

I would like to refocus efforts on a more pressing matter; the hearing on behalf of Casey Anthony regarding the indingency petition that has recently been approved through Orange County Clerk of Courts.

J to da A to da C

Justice Administrative Commission. The organization that is funded by Florida tax dollars has the biggest dog in this fight. While they do not pay for private attorney fees, they do cover investigative, administrative, travel, and expert witness costs for the defense. It is not unheard of for the JAC to fund such expenses for a murder trial, but I could not find a single comparable case where a defendant plays the indigent card 18 months into a case where they have received outside funds directly.

Note: this is an ammended petition, meaning the first petition which was filed the day of her arrest July 17th, 2008 where she stated she had an income of $1400 per month, $600 per month in expenses and $1200 in savings, is up for grabs.

My suggested aptly framed inquiry:

Miss Anthony– were you aware when you filled out your application for a handout that stealing cash from your Mother, embezzeling from the hospitalized-ederly and scamming cash from friends is not actually considered earning capacity or earned income? 


Are you like me?

Are we all thinking that Judge Strickland has done a fantastic job in this case so far?

Yes, he bends over backward and has endless patience for Mr. Baez et al and on occasion I grind my molars while remembering it is essential to avoid appellate issues.

I would like to implore him to stay that course. There is tremendous pressure on him to progress the due process of this case.

That said, I do NOT think the burden of this trial, and undoubtedly the second trial should be paid for by the good citizens of Florida while the defense team jets the globe on book tours or Geraldo.




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