Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Indulgent Definately, Indigent Hardly

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Orlando, FL-


Who thought this was a good idea on behalf of THE BAEZ LAW FIRM?

Who raised their hand at the weekly status update and said:

“I’m sick of this crapp-ass coffee, I make $300 bucks an hour.

I make big bucks so I should be drinking STARbucks.

Gimme a Venti. I can’t drink this swill another 3/4 hour minimum or I will surely die before the trial.

I KNOW.. how about we figure out a way to make OTHERS pay for it??

Sound ridiculous?

That is nothing compared to the caught-on-camera cluster that took place during yesterdays  hearing to declare accused murderer Casey Anthony indigent for costs.

 Andrea Lyon, lead counsel and chronic look-of-woehaver, feels approximately $70Geeze of her “charity’s” money has been spent on this case. (Edited to add, methinks she is subtracting $22Geeze, read on)

The Center For Justice In Capital Cases 

SHUT THE DOOR. This is no charity, except perhaps to Lyon as she is a paid staff member, serving as it’s director.

It is a certification study class at DePaul, run by Lyon and paid by the defense PI Morty. 

Furthermore, as the work product developed in this case supports the curriculum and subsequent GPA of it’s tuitionable students, why the hell would the expenses be allocated to the defense of the case against Casey Anthony instead of DePaul? 

There is no charity attributable to Andrea Lyon although she testifies to fund raising efforts through various charities and corporations, and that those charities are now, “in the hole.” $70Geeze, to be exact.

Is this the part where we here her use of the word charity was a charitable way to say she imposed on her budget as a professor? 

I will say, given her penchant for hardass reporting from her students, how is it possible she has no clue what her books and billable hour are?

There are 14 students working on a death penalty case that are not attorneys, and client attorney privilege would not extend to them as their is no established agency. If I were the National Enquirer I would be finding out which of those undergrads have fat student loans and what kind of access to information they have. Catch My drift?

SanDiego Sugga Daddy

Todd Macaluso, apparently so sure of Casey’s innocence he gassed up the whirlybird, packed his lucky smoking jacket and signed on to the case.  

Jose Baez testified that Todd Macaluso gifted $70 Geeze to the trust account of Casey Anthony. Operating pro hac vice (visitors pass) as representation with his own retainer agreement with Miss Anthony, Mac has violated the rules of the Florida Bar:


(e) Financial Assistance to Client. A lawyer shall not provide financial assistance to a client in connection with pending or contemplated litigation, except that:

(1) a lawyer may advance court costs and expenses of litigation, the repayment of which may be contingent on the outcome of the matter; and

(2) a lawyer representing an indigent client may pay court costs and expenses of litigation on behalf of the client.

 As Casey had access to $275K and was not indigent 10 months ago when Todd Macaluso signed on and paid his apparent entry fee, it would be impossible to defend this “contribution” as legal under Florida law.


The Approving Bogs for Children company has paid out $200 Geeze.

“In August 2008, we licensed exclusive rights to an extensive library of photos and home videos for use by our broadcast platforms, affiliates and international partners. No use of the material was tied to any interview.”

..”The deal was done with an attorney representing several owners of copyrighted content,  ABC News spokeswoman Cathie Levine said. That attorney is Baez, she added..”

Really, not tied to any interview? When did those images and videos debut on GMA exactly? Who was on that program when they were shown?

I am quite certain I heard Jose Baez say in sworn testimony that he retained Tim Chinaris, former head of Florida Bar ethical committee to field such inquiries and all were turned down. He added that such agreements would not be ethical.  Maybe he thinks ethical is transposable with visible.

Several owners of content means multiple people were paid for this “extensive library”. If ABC is claiming that Baez brokered this transaction for all then we have an even bigger problem as he was simultaneously representing the interests of all parties at the time. The agreement that was reached between the parties is critical to understanding the income status of Casey Anthony and her attorneys. Judge Strickland may very well just deny the indigency application and alls well that ends well that these barristers will have to buck up on their own.

That is, until John Morgan gets wind. We will see a copy of the ABC contract in the civil case against Casey Anthony on behalf of Zenaida Gonzalez, fo shcizz.  He danced 2 jigs yesterday. There were witnesses.

Without question, Mr. Baez should be REQUIRED to produce this agreement in response to proof their is no recurring revenue or subsequent earnings to his client based on the structure of the agreement. It is not uncommon for such agreements to include royalty clauses, which would mean that someone is getting paid every time a photo or image from that collection is used. 

ABC newsroom laid off 1/3 of it’s news staff earlier this month. Nice.

Billable Hours

Perhaps the *thud* moment for me yesterday was when Mr. Baez admitted in open court that he does not track his billable hours on this case.


Apparently, the reaction is sticking with me.

Under the rules of the Florida Bar, there is a very stringent set of requirements when determining reasonable fees for clients.

Short Version:


(b) Factors to Be Considered in Determining Reasonable Fees and Costs.

(1) Factors to be considered as guides in determining a reasonable fee include:

(A) the time and labor required, the novelty, complexity, and difficulty of the questions involved, and the skill requisite to perform the legal service properly.

How can you bill someone $90Geeze, and have no idea how you got there, or whether or not such activities are reasonable to the client and or case?

Judge Strickland ruled that by end of business today the defense team needed to provide a full accounting of requested trust account disbursements.

I am thinking they will take the rejection of her indigency status before another trip to the dunk tank, but that’s just me. 

 Can you imagine the car ride home with Cheney Mason?

Role play:

“You effing stupid carpetbagging imp..

Do you even know what the eff IN CAMERA means??

It does not mean that information is sealed forever like the shalac on your hair, you moron..”

AL: Yep, I already told him that. Can I offer you some starbucks?



Caylee/Casey Anthony Case Bombshell: TotPop George Anthony Gets a Paycheck

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Orlando, FL – It has happened. In my 18+ months of work on the Caylee Anthony case. It’s The Big One.

JoJo CAN make bring home the bacon, FROM his bacon.

Who Knew?

We Did.

Good Ole Excell. It is in all those spreadsheets, people. 

All that is left is whether it was incall, last call or outcall status.  

From Sister to Mister, I always say.

George has a serious Whorge fetish. He puts the SM in smarmy.

As reported exclusively on, George is no stranger to friends by appointment. However, how does he have them PAYING HIM?

Isn’t it too much to even calculate?

My attempt at an algabreic metaphor-

EEW+Never+Are You effing KIdding+Can you knock me out first= $$$$$$

Fetish* frenzied*Father and grandfather is able to turn cash from intimate visits, from a woman, following the arrest of his daughter for the murder of his granddaughter, Caylee Marie.

I am thrilled to learn of further selfless altruism in this case on the heels of their foreclosure, their daughter’s indigence and need of public funds for counsel.

They really do think of everything those scamdamnthonys.

Apples and Trees. 





Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Andrea Lyon Shows Her Thought Bubble

Orlando, FL– At a Defense Attorney Peer Lecture in Orlando, Florida last year, the self appointed “Angel of Death Row” lead defense attorney in the case against Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter Caylee Marie, shows the world her thought bubble, courtesy of Bill Scheaffer, Legal analyst for WFTV.

It is unclear how Mr. Scheaffer attained the recorded audio which has since been removed from the WFTV site, but what is clear is Ms. Lyon knew her segment was being recorded.

..My Client is human, it’s the jury I’m worried about..” ..Sometimes ugly is presiding… or do you have really great judges in Florida?.. “I have a case right now where both the crime and my clients confession are on on videotape.. I just think that’s unfair.. I mean, one or the other, but both?..




I wonder if anyone has asked Alton Logan what he thinks about it?

Casey/Caylee Anthony Case: Prosecutors Release Anthony Family Depositions

Orlando, FL– In the latest bombshell in the case against Casey Anthony, late this afternoon prosecutors released the depositions of Anthony family members George, Cindy and Lee.


In a highly unusual move, on the eve of what is arguably one of the most anticipated motion hearings to date, we will get a glimpse of exactly what the Anthony’s will be testifying to in the murder trial.

 George Interview Here

Lee Interview Here

Cindy Interview Part I Here

Cindy Interview Part II Here

Prosecutors were previously granted a motion to receive the grand jury testimony of George Anthony, as there were discrepencies between the testimony he gave in that proceeding, and his deposition.

Additionally, this Saturday October 17, CBS show 48 Hours Mystery is airing what appears to be the Anthony’s defending their daughter, and her defense team touting the latest “stranger danger” theory. will be posting the transcripts as soon as they become available.    

Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Will a Conviction in Fraud Case Hemorrage the Defense Fund?

Posted by BOC Staff | Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony Case,Cindy Anthony,George Anthony,John Morgan,Jose Baez,Murdered,Tot Mom | Tuesday 6 October 2009 3:04 pm

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Orlando, FL– Since the State Attorney’s office filed their motion to proceed in the forgery, theft and fraud case against her, I have been positive this legal maneuver was the equivalent of bringing a bazooka to a thumb wrestling match.


Doesn’t it appear that that bell just re-rung when the motion to proceed to trial on the economic crimes was granted?

Casey Anthony is facing 13 felony charges of forgery, petty theft and ID theft; to be scheduled for trial in the near future per Stan Strickland’s remarks in his motion response.

The ripple effect most consider “chump change” when weighing the murder indictment and possible death penalty conviction; I disagree.

The outcome of her economic charges trial may very well seal the fate of the murderl trial. Precisely the resounding defense’s worst nightmare for a bevy of reasons.


Son of Sam Law  

Florida Statute 944.512

944.512 State lien on proceeds from literary or other type of account of crime for which convicted.

(1) A lien prior in dignity to all others shall exist in favor of the state upon royalties, commissions, proceeds of sale, or any other thing of value payable to or accruing to a convicted felon or a person on her or his behalf, including any person to whom the proceeds may be transferred or assigned by gift or otherwise, from any literary, cinematic, or other account of the crime for which she or he was convicted. A conviction shall be defined as a guilty verdict by a jury or judge, or a guilty or nolo contendere plea by the defendant, regardless of adjudication of guilt. The lien shall attach at the time of the conviction in county or circuit court. In the event of an appeal, the funds will be held in the Revolving Escrow Trust Fund of the Department of Legal Affairs until the appeal is resolved.

Sweet Mary. Regardless of how the court arrives at “guilty”, the second she is, the State can slap a lien on her “ASSets” . It does not matter who they may have been transferred to ( George, Cindy, Lee, Jose).

The beauty is, the State already knows what they are looking for based on the in-camera portion of the State’s motion for Judge StricKland to review the possibility of a conflict of interest. You remember the one– where Jose Baez got the side bar lashing at it’s conclusion and Jeff Ashton was telepathically repeating “Wipe that smarmy smug off your mug” to Jose Baez.

Casey Anthony would only be entitled to what her “account” of the crime would have been worth PRIOR to her criminal act/ conviction. As she was really only known to the Club Scene and Target, good luck with that.

So, now your saying- well how does the State extrapolate the profit from the convictions PRIOR to the murder trial? You Can’t!

Not really, especially if you factor if one is “in the commission of” concealing the other. The State will be in a serious strength position to freeze Casey Anthony’s cash and the defense will be off like a prom dress.


Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: New Discovery Released Includes FBI Lab Results

Orlando, FL– This morning the 9th Circuit State Attorney’s Office released over 1000 documents  in the latest batch of discovery previously given to the defense team representing Casey Anthony.

The documents are expected to include FBI lab reports that are critical to the case; some of which had been “leaked” to the press last week.

In the first part of the release, the information seems to focus on Dominick Casey’s report of “threat asessment” or cheat sheet as he referred to it. He specifically mentions the knife Leonard Padilla keeps in a sheath in the rear waistline of his pants. He also alleges one of the detectives in the case is having an affair with reporter Jessica D’onofrio.

In an e-mail sent to Cindy Anthony on Feb. 2 at 4:38 a.m., the private investigator tells her: “I found out tonight that Jessica Denofrio [sic] is having an affair with one of the Detectives at OCSO. Have not found out which Detective it is yet but working on finding out.”

Blinkoncrime will be updating links to information as it is released.




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