Blink On Crime Feature Previews For Next Week: Josh Powell, Jerry Sandusky, Pat Brown

Princeton, NJ-  Taking a break in observance of The Easter Holiday, previews next weeks featured articles.   Comments always open;  joyous and safe celebrations to all.


The Joshua Powell Backstory Even Susan Did Not Know

Part 2 of the backstory on Josh Powell.  Blink analyzes the analysis that should have prevented the horrific murders of Charlie and Braden Powell.  Part I featured Here.

Sandusky Pretrial Begins- Curley and Schultz To Plead The 5th.

At a pretrial hearing Thursday afternoon, defense attorney Joseph Amendola told the court if called, former Penn State Administrators Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, currently facing perjury charges, will invoke their fifth amendment rights.

Sandusky, through Amendola expects to refile a motion to dismiss all charges against him when prosecutors add to the thousands of discovery documents they have already been given.   Follow the Nittany Nightmare Series Here.


Blink Reviews Criminal Profiler and Psychological Mystery Author Pat Brown’s New eKindle Book: Only The Truth

Pat Brown,  criminal profiler,  true crime author and frequent national guest expert releases her first fiction work.

Blink reviews Only The Truth,  eKindle version of Pat Brown’s latest release.

Nittany Nightmare Takes Its Toll: Joe Paterno “JoePa” Loses Cancer Battle, Death at 85 Denied By Family

Joe Paterno,  Coaching icon of the Nittany Lions Football Club at Penn State passed away this evening at 85.

At least that is what an email announcement to an insider forwarded to stated.   An earlier report by CBS was also refuted by the Paterno family.  Check back to for this developing story.


Blink On The Dana Pretzer Show Scared Monkeys Radio Discussing 2011 True Crime Year Review LIVE

Don’t miss Editor In Chief Blink, discussing 2011′s most sensational and haunting true crime cases with national  radio Host Dana Pretzer TONIGHT at 9PM EST. (Podcast below)

Special Guest, RED, featured political columnist and owner of at 9:50 PM.


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The Crime Review 2011

January-  David Anthony Durham shoots police officer after playing hookie from work in anticipation for an arrest, his house is located in the grid search for missing 7 year old Kyron Horman.  **Unsolved, **Unrecovered

February- “Onda” Chris George- featured in a cold case investigative report in November 2010, Chris was recovered on February 21, 2011 .  **Unresolved Possible Homicide

April 1 2011- Successful prosecution and life sentence of James Hattaway.  No April Fools joke.  Hattaway, a suspect in the disappearances of Onda Chris George,  and Tracy Ocasio, was convicted of attempted murder of Rachael Clark .

The alarming violent abduction of 20 year old student Holly Bobo.   Miss Bobo has not been located and their have been no updates by the TBI in her case for several months.  No named person of interest  in the case.  **Unsolved, **Unrecovered

May- Terrorist leader Osama bin Laden is executed upon refusal to surrender by US Navy Seals.

May/July- The trial of Casey Anthony resulting in her acquittal in all changes except 4 counts of lying to police.  Ms. Anthony has been renamed the C-word by and recently released her first video diary as a blonde with a really bad cut.

June- Disappearance of Jacque Waller, wife of former cop and general con man Clay Waller.  Jacque has not been recovered, but Clay is in prison on  unrelated charges currently and the couple’s children are in the custody of Jacque’s family.    According to Clay’s dad , he has already confessed to her murder.

June -Successful prosecution resulting in a life sentence for the murder of Christine Sheddy, a 5 part cold case series developed in 2010 and featured on BOC for the purposes of progressing her case.  Justen Hadel, one of the primary suspects in the case ending up confessing, and our information was correct that Christine was murdered on the Byrd road property.   I spent a day on in 105 degree weather followed by a mini-hurricane on this hell-hole property I will never forget.  I continue to seek justice in the hope a prosecution will follow for Clarence Jackson and Tia.

July/August 2011- Celina Cass missing, and recovery of her remains.  While it is presumed a homicide, her cause of death has not been determined or released.  Wendell Noyes, her stepfather is the only non-official person of interest. Celina’s mother left him while he underwent psychiatric care upon the news of Celina’s recovery.  It is my solid opinion that Wendell is involved in Celina’s death and disposal of her remains in a water treatment ().  There have been no arrests or indictments in this case to date.

August 19, 2011.  West Memphis Three-  Two days after I wrote a series about the murders of 3 8 year old boys in June of 1993 by 3 teenage boys known as the West Memphis Three,  all three plead guilty to an alford plea after the state agreed to a deal proffered by the defense team, funded by the Hollywood elite.  So far, Reese Witherspoon has been cast as Pam Hobbs, mother of Stevie Branch.  In November, the parents wrote a letter to the Chair of the AMPAS documentary committee asking that they not con sider the HBO commissioned Paradise Lost 3, Purgatory for an award.  We featured the entire letter as a front page on the site, in support.

September 2011-  The Susan Powell case-  The roller coaster of we found remains, wait, not remains, but former remains in burned wood chips.  The subsequent arrest of Susan’s freak in law

October 2011- The disappearance of Karen Swift, mother of four.  Karen was located on December (), and has yet to have her autopsy completed or her remains released.  Sheriff Box of the Dyer County Sheriffs Office has not named a suspect, but it is widely known that the primary person of interest is David Swift, Karen’s recently estranged husband.

Missing 10 month old Lisa Irwin- No new anything in this case, since Joe Tacopina of Joran VanDerSloot fame took the case to represent the parents.  A lead developed from Deb Bradley’s phone produced a juggalo chic whose phone was called in what is believed to be in the middle of the alleged crime, and did ping close to the Irwin residence.  Megan Wright’s former boyfriend known as Jersey was subsequently arrested for tampering with a vehicle.  She claims not to know anything in the case and that her phone was used by several members of a household she was since asked to leave.

Amanda Knox Acquittal- what many did not know about the prosecutor will change most of your opinions in this case.  Blink dubs Giuliano Mignini  “The Mike Nifong” of Perusia.

November/December: The Nittany Nightmare-

Over 40 counts of child sexual abuse are filed in an indictment against former PSU offensive coordinator and Second Mile founder Jerry Sandusky.  Tim Curley and Gary Schwartz are indicted and held for trial for perjury in their grand jury testimony.  Mike McQueary stands firm in his testimony during the preliminary hearing.  Blink uncovers a possible insurance scandal paying the legal bills.


The Nittany Nightmare Continues: More Financial Incest At PSU- Accused Perjuror Gary Schultz Head of Nittany Insurance Pays First Victim Payout AND His Lawyers

State College,  PA & Burlington, VT-  In the latest example of financial incest involving PSU, The Second Mile, and a bevy of double-dipping board members and executives, we arrive at the first discovery between an accused suspect in the case and his principal interest in an insurance company that recently paid out a settlement to an alleged victim of Jerry Sandusky.  As the filing has likely been sealed as a condition of it’s settlement, it is unknown if Schultz or anyone else within PSU in addition to Sandusky was named in the civil action.

Gary C. Schultz, interim Sr. VP for Finance and Business returned  following  previous retirement from PSU this past July.


His return to the PSU payroll  around the time that a grand jury was meeting about his possible complicity, FOLLOWING his own alleged perjurious testimony begs the question-As Schultz knew he was under investigation as well as Sandusky and Curley-

Did Schultz come out of retirement in anticipation of  incurring significant legal fees he did not want coming out of his own pocket?

-Record Scratch-

You read that correctly.

Mr. Schultz, who along with Tim Curley were bound over for trial at their preliminary hearing on perjury charges and a misdemeanor failure to report summons last month,  is being provided legal representation costs through Nittany Insurance Company, where he is a paid Director.  According to Acting President Erickson,  it will also be used to cover any civil settlements and judgements in the Sandusky debacle et al.

This would seem to be in violation of the Vermont Captive Insurance Regulations Section 12, or conflict of interest.

In a letter sent to Penn State Interim President Rodney Erickson,  Senator Michael Stack (D) Philadelphia,  expressed his concern that taxpayers and donors should not be footing the bill for the Universities necessary legal representation for the various civil and criminal issues  and potential settlements.

In a response to Senator Stack,  President Erickson assured him that such costs would be accommodated by it’s liability insurance.  Nittany Insurance Company  is listed as the professional liability insurance company of record on the PSU site as well as the provider for PSU students in programs including the Hershey Medical Center.

President Erickson did not reference Mr. Schultz’s directorship position within Nittany Insurance Company although was able to confirm with the Vermont Secretary of State that as of this afternoon, there are no pending changes to its registration.

Gary Schultz’s co-director at Nittany Insurance Company, is Allan Anderson,  Former VP and Chief Executive Officer for Hershey Medical Center.

While the captive insurance firm is self-administered, as Director,  Schultz would be in a position to review,  award, accept, negotiate or reject settlements within the framework of their contract with PSU and appropriate regulatory requirements.   Captive insurance companies are often developed as part of a risk mitigation strategy and as an entree to the reinsurance market for payouts exceeding a fixed amount.  Registered in Vermont, Nittany Insurance Company was formed in 1993.

It would seem a good starting point for questions on the regulatory  and compliance matter might be how the bid is/was awarded for initial self-administered liability coverage directed by a potential party and what the premiums, which are deductible to PSU,  were and  are?

What adjustments to same have been made in relation to the known incidents and corresponding dates alleged against Sandusky, Curley and Schultz?

What else is Nittany Insurance funding it may have had ample heads up about?

Does Schultz have a poster of Ken Lay in the top of his humidor?  Bernie Madoff?
 poster erose contributed to the research of this article.




Ending The Nittany Nightmare: Penn State Pre-Game Plea, An Open Letter To President Rodney Erickson

An Open Letter to Penn State University President Rodney Erickson

With much respect -Do what I say, and do it today.

Hire the best Public Relations firm in the country for PSU’s needs.   I am redacting that recommendation for the publication of this open letter, but it is included in my email to you.  Don’t spend the time or manpower to run through the approved vendor lists and bid it out- not that kind of gig.  The Board of Trustees can WebEx if necessary and this is the kind of emergency proxy was invented for.

Once retained, have the agency facilitate meetings through their agents with Bill Parcells and Bill Cowher immediately.  Specify no leaks to the press until after they occur and by mutual agreement.   Cowher may be the low hanging fruit on this one,  he is returning to CBS next year.

If neither is interested in a head coach commitment of an 8-1 Big Ten team, follow their recommendations about who to contact next and ask them; beg if necessary, if they would be willing to consider a consulting gig for the recruitment process.  Urban Myer is a fine coach and leader, but regardless of who PSU ultimately chooses, efforts to rebuild the PSU brand must start with a nationally recognizable face of a trusted and respected winner, like yesterday.

Champions attract champions and without that, it is like asking collegiate coaching candidates to walk into the lion’s den (pun intended) wearing a raw steak necklace.  You will not even get one to tour Lasche, trust me on this.

This strategy would likely also include a public facing spokesperson effort, and worth every penny if that is all you can get a commitment for from either coach.

Pay them to sit in the lobby.  Pay them to ride the elevator a few times, but get them on grounds.  Pay them to have a motivational meeting with the team.

If you have some strong players they could attach to quickly and produce an  “I remember when I was a young fig on the tree” memory synapses, it couldn’t hurt.

Instruct all team members never to roll the eyes should the phrase “When I was your age we played ball with pads made of glass and never wore cleats in the snow”;  if they told me that I would believe it.

This is the kind of benchmarking that will revitalize wilting spirits of a young athlete, and the parents with the trembling hand over the eject button.

Half the free world is digging old milk cartons out of the recyclables to see if they recognize any kids they may have seen with Sandusky or on the sidelines of a game- they need a new visual association.

As you already know, if you are lucky enough to get this far, they will advise you to release every staffer from the interim athletic director to the water boys that were ever part of Paterno’s camp or rolled up his pants before the game. Do it.

This might be a good time to allow a try before they buy scenario if either are willing, as “guest coaches” to finish the season.

While I am at it, I might suggest a reality miniseries of the process- I know some folks from HBO familiar with the Hard Knocks of football, I would be glad to make a connection.

Donate those proceeds to Coach Parcells or Coach Cowher’s disadvantaged children’s charity of choice which is vetted in advance by a specially appointed member chosen by the new Ethics officer.

Point is, you need immediate public support and that will require immediate damage control or your Titanic does not even have the measly lifeboat option.

The public perception is that there is more to this horror movie after the commercial, and the commercials are disappearing as well.

Your job is to employ the resources that can change the channel when the public is not looking, and forget what they were watching in favor of the new programming, which includes sponsors aligned with that audience.

It is about as transparent of a plan as I can offer- with hope and promise to the innocent victims of this tragedy.

The Nittany Nightmare: Paterno Fired- Sandusky’s Recorded Sting With Victims Mother Went Missing With Prosecutor Ray Gricar In 2005


The thorn in the paw in the largest criminal scandal in recent NCAA history, feels more like a railroad spike today.

The  winningest collegiate coach in American history got sacked yesterday in his 46th year.

The iconic former Penn State University head football coach leaves his legacy shamed by the alleged sexual assaults by Jerry Sandusky, the former defensive coordinator of 23 years, on his watch.

Graham Spanier, president of PSU was also fired.

According to the Pennsylvania Attorney General, Paterno is not facing criminal charges, no word yet on Spanier.

Charged in the scandal to date are:

Gerald “Jerry” Sandusky- 40 counts of felony child sexual abuse, released on $100,000 bond

Tim Curley- PSU Athletic Director and 1976 alumni- charged with perjury and failure to report

Gary Schultz- PSU Senior VP of finance and Business charged with perjury and failure to report

Not charged, but in my opinion, should absolutely be under moral indictment:

Mike McQueary-  Current PSU recruiting coordinator and wide receiver coach who witnessed the sodomy of a child by Sandusky as a 28 year old grad student. He ran home and called his daddy instead of police,leaving the child in the clutches of that monster.

(UPDATE 3:37PM The PSU Board does not plan to fire McQueary, but want him off the field although interim coach Bradley says he will be on the sideline.    Are you people nuts?  I really think the players have enough concerns without wondering if some radical will rush the sidelines to get at McQueary.  Not worth the security breach.)

Yes, that is correct, he witnessed the act in progress of the rape of a child and did nothing to stop it.

Earlier in the week, Jopa announced through a prepared statement that he would be retiring at the end of the season after 46 years at the helm of the Nittany Lions Division 1 dynasty.

While PSU alumnus roars turned into wails for the past week,  it appears this nittany nightmare is just the beginning of the story.

The sexual assault of a 10 year old boy by Sandusky in the shower of the Lasch Football Building during Spring Break  2002, witnessed by a graduate student was never reported to Ray Gricar , Center County Prosecutor on the record.

But was he made aware of it under the radar?

Anthony DeBouf, a district attorney working under Gricar,  says Gricar reviewed evidence and files privately and did not share any of the information with him, in 1998.

You read that correctly, in 1998, when the first alleged incident of Sandusky in the field house shower with a young boy was reported to University Police and the Centre County DA’s office.

According to Graham Spanier, recently fired PSU president,  an investigation was completed by a “child protective agency”  and University Police with the blessing of then PSU counsel Wendell Courtney.

Courtney was and is still an attorney of record for Second Mile.

Spanier said he thought the director of Second Mile, the grass roots charitable effort founded by Sandusky, was alerted through those efforts. (more…)

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