Sandra Cantu Laid To Rest

Tracy, CA-  This morning, Family and Friends of murdered 8 year old, Sandra Cantu, gathered for a private funeral service.

An invitation only funeral procession, and memorial service for Sandra’s family, classmates, and select Tracy Police Department Officials was held today at Fry Memorial Chapel. There were approximately 1000 in attendance.

Sandra’s aunt, Angie Chavez, read a poem written by the bubbly, doe-eyed princess we all saw for the last time skipping down her street. Sandra’s classmates were then invited to say goodbye to her at her casket.

The funeral proceeded to Sandra’s final resting place, The Tracy Mausoleum.

Tomorrow afternoon, a public memorial which is expected to draw thousands,  will be held in Sandra’s honor.  The public service is scheduled for 1 p.m. Thursday at the West High School gym, 1775 W. Lowell Ave. While the facilities will accomodate almost 8000 guests, there is only parking for 500.  Several shuttles have been contracted for the event and is expected to stave off the parking issue.

The Editor, Readers, and staff of Blink on Crime wish to offer our prayers and condolences to Sandra’s friends and family.

 AND, to us.  We never got the opportunity to meet this special young lady; but we love her and seek justice on her behalf  regardless.

Sandra Cantu Case: Huckaby Swallowed Razor Blades- On Psych Meds

Missing GirlTracy, CA- One day after Melissa Huckaby’s arraignment in San Joaquin County court on murder, kidnapping, rape and molestation charges, new search warrants are issued and troubling new information is surfacing. Yesterday afternoon two additional warrants were served in the case against Huckaby; one at Clover Baptist Church, and the other at the home of Connie and Lane Lawless where the defendant lived.

As previously brought to you exclusively by Blink on Crime, it has now been officially confirmed that Melissa Huckaby was hospitalized for a suicide attempt immediately after Sandra Cantu was found. Huckaby, in an attempt to end her life, swallowed three Xacto blades. What is not known, is how she got there. Did she present herself after swallowing them? Did she tell her grandparents? We do know for certain that she did not call an ambulance. The treatment of ingested razor blades varies greatly based on when they are presented and where they are in the digestive cycle.  Sources within the investigation have also confirmed this is not the first time Huckaby has attempted suicide, or the second.  Blink on Crime has also learned that Melissa Huckaby may be on disability benefits for a psychologial condition, receiving $600 per month.



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