Blink Kindle eBook Review: Only The Truth By National Criminal Profiling Expert and Author Pat Brown

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Perched atop a steep hill at the end of Makin Road, Billy Ray led a quiet existence with his furry friend and aptly-named Big Dog.   He was simple like the syrup in sweet tea you could imagine him drinking on his shabby back porch every evening come sundown.

With no proper schooling or family to speak of since his MommaAunt died and left him his house in the woods, he could not read , worked odd jobs and street sweeping for weekly groceries and beer.

Billy Ray was the John Coffey of Whitfield Glen.    Like the drink, ‘cept not spelled the same, not spelt the same at all.

That all changed when the girl with the red suitcase crossed his path.

Can I Go With You, Billy Ray?

Charlene was the first woman Billy Ray had ever made love to.  She made fluffy biscuits and Billy Ray realized what lonely was like when they was apart even for a few hours for his work or a trip into town for supplies.  He knew he would need to put some money into that ole beater pick up now.

It did not go fast enough up that hill for him anymore; Charlene was waiting on him.

When Charlene hung garlic from the porch to keep the vampires away, he should have left it right up there like she set it in the first place.  He thought it was silly.  Silly is as silly does I reckon, or more like simple.

Simple like the sugar the old guy with the same skin color as Charlene came to borrow the day everything went sideways and Billy Ray got a visit from Sheriff Hathaway.

The story of Billy Ray and Charlene, whose last name he never asked, begins like a lazy afternoon sitting next to the soft babbles of a field creek in bare feet.

As the layers of Charlene’s past begin to peel like that ominous hanging garlic, Pat Brown’s ONLY THE TRUTH has us looking up at the sky for a funnel cloud only to see that as the reader, we are already in its eye.

In Pat Brown’s freshman fiction ekindle effort, the journey of Billy Ray, Charlene and the lives one gives as well as takes away are not the simple outcomes of good versus evil.

Brown does a masterful job engaging the reader while weaving the psychological tapestry of love, loss, brutality and shame that challenges us to think we know what it will look like when completed, only to learn our lenses may need a cleaning.

 Many times, our ability to see ONLY THE TRUTH is hampered by our lack of ability to accept what that might reveal about someone we love, as well as ourselves.


Only The Truth eKindle Book is offered by Amazon for under $3, however, you do need a Kindle to read it.  You can download the Kindle reader cloud for your PC or download the Kindle reader app for your smartphone.   It is a quick and riveting read, told in Billy Ray vernacular.  4.5 out of 5 winks from Blink.

Pat Brown is the author of non-fiction titles The Profiler: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths by Pat Brown and Bob Andelman, Me, Abe, and Greyhound U , Killing for Sport: Inside the Minds of Serial Killers, Interview with a Cannibal: The Secret Life of the Monster of Rotenburg by Gunter Stampf and Pat Brown