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Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Brad, Baez and Baden Can’t Read

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 Discovery Review Part I

Orlando, FL– In the last 2 weeks in the case against infamous tot-mom Casey Anthony, The defense appears to be in an all out media blitz to support their recent motions for dismissal. Most legal analysts feel they have  missed the deadline for such tactics, and that could very well be the reason for the affront on public opinion recently.

The editors have been scouring the recent discovery release. 

There are some very compelling facts the Spin Twins de Baez have conveniently overlooked.

The Duct Tape


Reported exclusively  at last June, the Henkel Duck tape industrial grade was located on the skull of Caylee Marie, the  gas can and the shed at the Anthony residence. Today, WFTV after rifiling through some old footage, reminds us what we already knew.

Caylee Tape

(Editors note: Say what you will about Kathy Belich, that Dom Casey cheat sheet with her picture and “disseminating hatred towards the family” remark had her in that news room with a whip and a hot iron all day until they found it– I don’t blame her.)

Yesterday at Brad Conway’s client driven press conference, he specifically referenced there are no fingerprints on the duct tape. I heard it again this morning by Linda Kenney Baden.

Brad Conway

Let’s break this down folks, shall we?

On NO document, that we have seen, does it state anywhere that there are no prints on that duct tape. Specifically, I am referring to FBI Evidence ID Q62, Q63 and Q64.

In fairness to the defense, with a combined experience mean of 2o years in the “expert” fields, less Jose “” Baezs’ token 3 years, I can see how such academics could come to that conclusion for the time being.Jose

Within the response to Kenney Baden’s discovery request from the FBI, this statement appears:


It does not say “latent impressions”, which in the forensic “speak” means all friction ridge detail images.

Seriously? With a woman’s very life hanging in the balance we are expected to believe such a panel does not know the difference between a latent lift and a friction ridge image in 2009? Not to be glib, but as a practical matter, as a layperson, just imagine when your scotch tape slips off the cutter and you stand there for 10 minutes trying to thread it again with your fingernail. If that did not immediately furrow your brow, you will be wrapping all the christmas presents this year.


 These assertions by the defense team are nothing more than an attempt to double dare the State to open their Kimono. Insert euphamisms at will. 

As a matter of fact, a close look at the examination protocol used by the FBI,  tells a very, very different story. 

Tape Q62, Q63, Q64 is originally presented  NOT to be tested for DNA. Who gets it first? Latent Print U and Chem. Why is this important? Because the two work together when we are talking about applying chemically based “lifting” techniques such as sticky powder, for example.  



Orlando, FL– Appearing in court today, in advance of an approved pro hac vice motion, Casey Anthony’s lead defense counsel Jose Baez introduced the latest addition to the Baez Bevy of Barristers: Andrea Lyon. Baez took the opportunity to introduce Ms. Lyon in the form of a impromptu commercial, as pointed out by Prosecuting attorney Jeff Ashton.


Lyon is an associate Dean for Clinical programs and Professor at DePaul University School of Law. From her profile, Ms. Lyon claims to have defended over 30 potential capital cases at the trial level, and of those 30, 19 through the penalty phase, winning all 19.

(Editors Note: If a case is in the penalty phase, wouldn’t the term “winning” be an oxymoron? Perhaps a more succinct explanation means “19 of her convicted clients will not fry.”  Does that mean she tossed the other 11 losers right after conviction because she knew she had no prayer of saving their hides?)  

Baez delivered a 16 page amendment last night following court filing hours and expected the media, who has not as of yet been served, to appear and argue their request for the video of Casey Anthony in the prison infirmary following the news that remains of a small child had been found a few blocks from the Anthony home. Judge Strickland ruled they would have 7 days to intervene and he will hear their arguments to Baez amended motion late next week if requested. Counsel for the county objected several times as to specific incidents contained therein, and deposition transcripts they have not yet received.

Next up, attorneys for Roy Kronk, Jesse Grund and Amy Huzienga argued against the outstanding duces tecum motions surrounding their clients phone and text communication records as an invasion of privacy.

Collectively, a strong case presenting the lack of a good faith basis and materiality for the motion in the first place was argued by all.

Baez responded by alleging Jesse Grund, “for all intents and purposes,” was a suspect in this case who took a polygraph; the good faith basis has been established by the state in available discovery. He went on to say the OCSO should have requested this information from Roy Kronk; at which time Judge Strickland interrupted and informed him he was “straying” and that he did not wish to hear what “they” may have done wrong, but only what the defense good faith basis entails. 

Motion stayed pending attorney agreement, motion granted for non- present parties.

Enter Stage Left; Macaluso. I admit it, this is what I was waiting for. As a professional, I feel compelled to acknowledge I was not disappointed. I am on record from the announcement of his potential involvement on the defense team I felt he was the strongest chance Casey Anthony has at an actual defense strategy. Still do. His current embroilment in millions of dollars in civil litigation and looming California Bar charges notwithstanding. He is engaging, charismatic, said “um” the least and bar none had the coolest watch.

(editors note: I couldn’t get a tight enough shot but I’m pretty sure it was the un-affordable to most, Big Bang model Hubolt. Sweet.)