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Columbia, Ill– Warrants outlining the chilling moments during the discovery of the bodies of Sheri Coleman, 31, her sons Garett 11, and Gavin 9, were unsealed today. Two letters containing threatening remarks that were sent to the Coleman home, were also released.


The search warrants were unsealed on a judges order in response to a Belleville News-Democrat request filed last week in Monroe County Circuit Court.

According to the court documents, contained within a report by Columbia Police Sgt. Jason Donjon, the first threat letter sent to the Coleman home, arrived January 1, 2009.

The contents reveal it was written to threaten an unnamed woman, presumably Sheri Coleman, and Chris Coleman’s apparent “protection” of her. Letter Excerpt:

“(Expletive)! Deny your God publicly or else! No more opportunities. Time is running out for you and your family.”

The letter, dated Jan. 1, referred to someone traveling to Asia, but doesn’t refer to anyone by name. Sheri Coleman participated in missionary trips to southeast Asia, including Cambodia.

“Have a good time in India (expletive)!” the letter concluded.

The second letter, dated April 27, 2009, also arriving at the Coleman home: 

“I am giving you the last warning! You have not listened to me and you have not changed your ways. I have warned you to stop traveling and stop carrying on with this fake religious life of stealing people’s money.”

The letter referred to an unnamed woman.

“You think you are so special to do what you do protecting or think you are protecting her. She is a b*tch and not worth doing it. Stop today or else. I know your schedule. … This is my last warning. Your worst nightmare is about to happen!”

Undoubtedly, the most grisly revelations were contained within the report from the first scene responders of the Columbia Police Department. Detective Justin Barlows account from the scene: 

“After searching the first level of the house and finding no one, we went upstairs to the second story. … As I walked up the stairs, I looked to my left and saw a white female, lying on her stomach,” Detective Justin Barlow wrote. Barlow found the body of Sheri Coleman naked, and face down.

“I saw she did not have any clothes on,” Barlow’s report said. “I yelled: ‘Columbia Police’ and she did not move. I called for an ambulance.’”

Barlow described red spray paint “…all over the walls on the first story.”

The officer said he tried to determine whether Sheri Coleman was alive, and noticed that rigor mortis had set in, which usually occurs within two to three hours, according to experts.

“I attempted to slightly roll her over in order to see her eyes and check for breathing. I noticed when I lifted her shoulder, her head and neck moved also. It appeared rigor mortis had set in. I noticed the skin of her chest and head appeared purple,” Barlow reported.

Within a few moments, according to Barlow’s report, a fellow officer shouted, “There are a total of three victims.”Barlow wrote in his report that he walked to the rear of an upstairs bedroom, “…and saw a younger boy lying on his bed. I checked for a pulse on the younger boy but found none. I also noticed his face appeared slightly purple.”

Also contained in the search warrants was a greeting card, found in the glove box of Colemans Green Ford Bronco, from a St. Petersburg, FL address that corresponds with that of the woman police have interviewed in their case against Chris Coleman. Also in the glove box, was an email for a bill for a Columbia PO Box from July, 2008, and a receipt for payment of same? (editors note: seems pretty dumb for someone who has gone to such an elaborate ruse to hide his crime to leave the proverbial smoking gun in his glove box. Perhaps Sheri confronted him with it and he forgot he stashed it in there, or perhaps he was unaware it was in there in the first place)   

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a source within the Investigative Team has confirmed to blinkoncrime that the orange twine, found by detectives at the western end of the Jefferson Barracks Bridge, as indicated in an affidavit filed by Detective Karla Heine, matches that of similar twine found on 4 hay bales in the rear of the Coleman home.


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Columbia, Ill– As announced exclusively this afternoon on, sources inside the Major Case Squad confirmed that Chris Coleman, husband and father of murder victims Sheri, Garrett and Gavin Coleman, has been arrested and charged with the murders of his family.



Coleman was arrested at his parents home in Chester, Illinois without incident. At press time, Coleman was being processed and prepped for his 3 hots and a cot.


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Columbia, Ill– Is there a break in the case of murdered Coleman family members Sheri 31, Garrett 11, and Gavin 9?

Adding to the previous evidence reported exclusively at, sources have confirmed a glove, appearing to have red spray paint remnants on the index finger as well as “back spray” was found in the area of the highway, enroute to Chris Coleman’s Golds Gym. 

Shariand boys flexing

Speaking exclusively to, a Police source inside the ongoing investigation has revealed there is more. The red spraypainted words scrawled in the downstairs of the Coleman home are NOT the only messages left by the murderer.  The surveillance video expected to be in the recording device of the recently installed closed circuit camera is missing.

Adding insult to injury in an already emotionally charged case, internal reports have the Monroe County DA’s office at odds with the Major Crimes Division over the decision NOT to file charges against Coleman prior to receipt of forensic results.

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Coleman Murders: Chris Coleman Resigns From Job with Joyce Meyers Ministries

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Columbia, Ill– Chris Coleman, Father and husband to homicide victims Sheri 31, Garrett 11, and Gavin 9, has resigned from his position in security for Joyce Meyers Ministries without explanation.


This incident is the latest report in a triple murder case that appears to be updating on the hour.

A source close to Coleman’s family has told that this latest action on behalf of the as-yet-unamed potential suspect in the case is due to a romantic hideaway property owned by Coleman’s employer that was the “love lair” of Coleman and his extramarital love interest.

Blinkoncrime has withheld Coleman’s lover “Largos” true identity.  I have learned this individual has been told not to speak to the media as she will be called as a material witness in the Grand Jury review on Coleman’s case. 

Attorneys for Coleman, Margulis & Margulis, have declined comment on behalf of their client.

Coleman neighbors reports continue to surface. I received an earlier email that Coleman did NOT call the Police the morning that Chris Colemans’ family was slain.  

However, he DID phone the police officer across from his own home at his residence. (Editors Note: Seems like a good way to not be recorded). The alleged threats leading up to the murders he had reportedly been receiving however, were in fact reported directly to Police, unlike the wellness call.

The Police Officer neighbor was first on the scene to discover the bodies.

After a meeting with the District Attorney, detectives were told the State was not prepared to file charges without the forensic results from the scene, which can take weeks, against the suspect in the slayings. While detectives feel they know positively who is responsible for the deaths of Sheri, Garrett and Gavin Coleman, they have not named Chris Coleman publicly.  



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Columbia, Ill– Chris Coleman, whose family was slain one week ago has a mistress in Largo, FL. She is also the BFF of his late wife, Sheri. Reporters attempted to contact the woman and were told she would “never be commenting.” She graduated from Largo HS in 1996 and her profile indicates she has worked in a bar and in a gentlemen’s club as a ho stess.

Last Tuesday May 5, Police were called by Coleman to check on his family and discovered the grisly death scene. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a neighbor to the Colemans has confirmed detectives told them all three were strangled. The neighbor also told that there was loud arguing at approximately 3 am coming from the home the morning of their deaths. When the coroner was removing the deceased mother and sons, there appeared to be messages scrawled on the inside walls with spraypaint.

Coleman and parents

Within the last 30 minutes, Chris Coleman arrived at the gravesite where his wife, Sheri Weiss Coleman, and sons Garrett 11, and Gavin 9, will be laid to rest today.

Their burial was postponed by court order to give Sheri’s family time to hold a memorial service in their honor over the weekend. Unmarked Police cars and several detectives have been following Coleman and his parents to their destinations since this morning. There are several police sources stating Coleman’s arrest is imminent and his attorneys, Margulis & Margulis, have requested in that event, their client be permitted to surrender.

Recently, Chris Coleman filed employer reports that he had been threatened as a result of his work in security for Joyce Meyers ministries. Blinkoncrime has also received information that Coleman purchased additional life insurance policies on his wife in December 2008, following her removal of her name from the deed to their home.

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Columbia, Ill– In the early morning hours of May 5, 2009, Columbia police were called to check on the welfare of Chris Coleman’s wife and children.


Sheri 31, Garrett 11, and Gavin 9, were found strangled in the family’s home at 2854 Robert Drive. Chris Coleman, Sheri’s husband and the boys Father, called police from his cell phone on his way home from a 5:30am visit to the Gym. When he did not get a response during the short drive, he called police expressing concern for their welfare. Coleman arrived on the scene shortly after police discovered the deceased.

Christopher Coleman, a security officer for Joyce Meyers ministries, and son of Revered Ronald and Connie Coleman has been questioned by Police and voluntarily submitted fingerprints. Through his recently hired attorneys, Arthur and William Margulis, Coleman maintains he is in constant contact with detectives, although they are not sharing any information with him.