Suspect In Rape And Murder Of Megan Sharpton Is Arrested- Donnie Frank Jones In Custody For Felony Gun Possession

Donnie Frank Jones, Jr, 37, of Tullahoma, TN was arrested this afternoon after a search warrant at his home revealed the convicted felon was in possession of a firearm.   The elementary school which is also on Bel Air Drive, was in lockdown this afternoon during the search.

Jones is the prime suspect in the brutal murder of Megan Sharpton, and is linked to her death via a CODIS match as previously reported on BOC.

Details are still emerging, check back to for updates.


Megan Sharpton Murder Suspect Declares Himself Just That: Family And Alleged Accomplice Terrified Of Donnie Jones

The prime suspect in the brutal rape, mutilation and murder of nursing student “Megan” Sharpton is outing himself.

In a police report filed Friday evening September 7, 2012 with the Tullahoma Police Department, a man named Donnie Frank Jones identified HIMSELF as the suspect in the murder of Megan Sharpton.  Jones acted out in an intimidating and threatening manner against   a female  associate to the Sharpton family as well as the local police.

The woman’s identity is being withheld by BOC.

Jones  told police he wanted the woman arrested for theft.

Jones, who allegedly extinguished  a cigarette butt  collected by the woman shortly thereafter, told police he was  fearful  the butt might be used  as evidence  to frame him in Megan Sharpton’s  murder.

It was clear at that point in the exchange that  Donnie Jones approached this woman to send a message to the Sharpton family.  He knows that they ‘know’ if you will.

A subsequent incident occurred at a member of the Sharpton family’s home on September 11th when a real estate sign posted in the front yard was peppered with bullets.  A police report has been filed with Coffee County who then requested Megan’s family NOT file a protection from abuse order.  Family members were told  it is “just a piece of paper.”

Donnie Frank Jones,  a convicted felon,  has been told he is a suspect in the sexual assault  and  aggravated murder of Meg Sharpton.   Megan or “Meg” as she preferred, was a nursing student who had been commuting daily with another student until she graduated last year.

As reported exclusively on  Blink On Crime ,  Jones was identified as a suspect in Sharpton’s murder due to a match of his DNA in CODIS.  CODIS  is the combined DNA Index system that maintains criminal database DNA submissions and the software that supports it. (more…)