Adding Another To The Powell Family Death Count: Michael Powell, Brother of Murderer Josh Powell Jumps To His Death

Minneapolis, Minnesota-  The grad student and brother of Joshua Powell, suspected pedophile and murderer of his two sons Charlie and Braden Powell jumped seven stories to his death this afternoon.

Michael Powell,   also the subject of questionable mental health with Dad and Bro-  would be the second suicide in the Powell family in 12 months, and the 5th death at the hands of a child of Terrica and Steven Powell.

Michael Powell

Steven Powell is currently incarcerated for the taping of the  private bathroom activities of young neighbor girls.

Sound harsh?

Yes.  It is.  Not as harsh as a missing Mother somewhere in the desert while her freakshow husband and Father In Law run their mouths and terrorize Susan Cox Powell’s family.

Not as harsh as Powell’s sister Alina pocketing cash while her nephews are burning in an explosion set by their father while bleeding from hatchet wounds to their heads before their death.

This editor wishes to extend our deepest sympathies to Mrs. Jennifer Graves,   who by all accounts was an additional victim of her Father and brothers,  but a good friend to Susan Powell.

This editor suggests that Steven Powell and Alina Powell do the right thing and alert police to the whereabouts of Susan Powell so that her remains might rest with her baby boys.




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Josh Powell Unsealed Proof: He WAS A Murder Suspect, He WAS In Possesion of Child Porn, He WAS Accused of Incestuous Sexual Abuse, He WAS Convicted of Juvie Crimes and Incarcerated AND He Still Hacked And Burned Charlie and Braden Powell To Death

*Graphic Content Warning- Subject matter contains graphic content contained in, or referenced within police files some may find objectionable.  Expect to find it troubling. *

She knew.  No way around it ever again.  Susan Cox Powell knew her husband Josh, father of her toddler sons Charlie and Braden might kill her one day.  Eighteen months prior to her disappearance Susan opened a safety deposit box and in an almost metaphoric gesture, she stapled all the edges of her prophecy shut.

As if to insure the words sealing her fate could not escape, they remained in the cold steel secret until they rang true.

The release of unsealed warrants in the pending voyeurism and child porn possession case against Susan’s deviant father in law Steven read like a Cornwell novel.  The non-fiction version.

Unsealed, Unsavory NOT Unavoidable

If I tried hard I could not come up with a sicklier, skeevier fictional plot of an aging government corrections and furniture employee splitting time between surreptitiously taping his sons wife in her under things for his collection of “ things to jack-off to while recording it” collection and taping innocent neighbor children taking a bath through the window.

That same paternal perv was the recipient of the last phone call made on Josh Powell’s cell December 6, 2009  before it was turned off for an extended period.   In contrast, the last call made from Susan’s cell at 2:29 on the same day was to her friend Jovanna Owings, whom she invited over to an impromptu dinner of pancakes prepared by Josh.

Immediately after eating,  Susan was overcome with fatigue, went to bed by 5 PM and left her guest unraveling yarn while Josh announced he was preparing to take the children sledding.  In the dark.

In retrospective fantasy our minds create the conversation as we wish it had played.

Hi J, It’s Susan.  Come for dinner.   I am having Susan’s sleepcakes.    Come save my life.

Or, should have been, so as to unravel the other yarn that seemingly bound the fate of Susan and her beloved boys.


On June 28, 2008 Susan wrote what she titled The Last Will and Testament of Susan Powell with express instructions that whoever located the document in her safety deposit box, it was not to be shown to or shared with Joshua Powell.

Susan went on to describe the couples marital strife over the last four years  and threats made to her should she divorce him.  Susan requests the reader speak to her sister in-law Jennifer Graves and cautions if her death appears to be an accident, it most likely is not.

According to the Interpleaded suit filed by New York Life in an effort to have the court decides it’s beneficiary designation and obligation, that letter was written exactly one year to the day after Susan became insured by a $500,000  5 year term life policy on June 28, 2007.

The policy had an additional rider to increase the face value of the policy added on May 15, 2008 to $1,000,000.

On August 7, 2007 Joshua Powell became covered under a separate NY Life police for $1,000,000 with 2 additional riders on both Powell children totaling an additional $500,000.

On February 4, 2009, also according to NY Life, Josh and Susan Powell executed a revocable trust and designated same as the secondary beneficiary on both policies with Susan named as the sole trustee. Only a portion of the Declaration of Trust was provided to NY Life, the details of the entire revocable trust have not been made public.

On February 5, 2012 Joshua Powell attacked his sons Charlie and Braden with a hatchet after locking the court appointed social worker out of the house, and set the home he was renting ablaze, killing all 3. (more…)