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Port St. Lucie FL– An Amber Alert  has been issued for a 7 or 8 year old little girl abducted by 2 hispanic males driving a white van on her way to school in the area of Pinero and Midtown Roads. She was last seen wearing a blue shirt and pink or purple skirt. There are many conflicting details regarding whether the shirt and skirt color are transposed, so both combinations should be considered.

FDLE considers the caucasion child with dark hair to be endangered.


The abduction was witnessed by 2 boys also walking on their way to school. There are multiple law enforcement agencies in the area for training by coincidence, and there are currently 15 bloodhounds on the ground involved in the search. The alert was issued by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Anyone who may have information related to the case can call the Port St. Lucie Police Department at (772) 871-5000, their local law enforcement agency or 911.

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Boston, MA– Phil Markoff, the alleged Craigslist killer appears to be an equal opportunity offender.  Reported this morning on the Today Show, Markoff used the email address sexaddict5385 to send explicit pictures and emails of himself to men he found on craigslist ads labeled M4T, meaning “men looking for transvestites.”  An edited picture of his account can be found on page 2 of this article. 


Markoff is accused of kidnapping and armed robbery of Las Vegas prostitute Trisha Leffler and the kidnapping and murder of 26 year old masseuse Julissa Brisman.


Sandra Cantu Case: Mom of Drugged Child- “CPS Did Nothing to Huckaby”

Tracy, CA– As reported this morning, the Mother of the first known alleged victim of Melissa Huckaby, a 7 year old girl from the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park spoke out against Huckaby in an interview with CBS13.

In a shocking development, the child’s mother, “Laura”, said not only did Police NOT investigate allegations that Huckaby NEVER had permisission to take the little girl anywhere, but Child Protective Services actually took custody of her daughter the evening she was in the Hospital to investigate her for possibly drugging her own child.  

“Laura” is adamant that Melissa Huckaby did not have permission to take her daughter anywhere, from anyone, and stated she called 911 when she returned home from work and could not locate her. She said it was almost 5 hours by the time Huckaby brought her back.

“CPS took her from me that night because they thought I has something to do with it,” Laura said. “She didn’t have permission,” Laura said. “Nobody gave her permission to take my baby.”

“I’m just kind of disappointed in them, that they didn’t look into Melissa more than they did.”

When asked her reaction when Huckaby was arrested, “Laura” was visibly shaken.

“I was shocked, but I kept telling them to look into Melissa Huckaby a little bit more,” Laura said. She says she believes if authorities investigated Huckaby more closely, Sandra might still be alive.”



Sandra Cantu Murder: Huckaby Drugged Child in January

Tracy, CA– Adding yet again to the horror of the senseless rape and murder of 8 year old Sandra Cantu, as reported originally in Tracy Press, Melissa Huckaby was accused of drugging and removing a 7 year old little girl from the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park in January.

Could the death of doe-eyed beauty Sandra Cantu been prevented?

According to Police logs, the child was with Melissa Huckaby, as identified initially as the owner of a Purple Kia Suv, from 1:30 to approximately 5:30PM on Saturday January 17, 2009.




Boston, MA– Boston Police announced they had a suspect in custody today for the Murder of Julissa Brisman, and will face other charges including kidnapping, illegal posession of a firearm, and probable others.

Phil M

Pictured above with an unidentified female from his facebook account, Phil Markoff, 22, is a Boston University student originally from upstate New York. 

Boston’s Police commissioner Ed Davis said during a news conference this afternoon Markoff had been under surveillamce for days. He was stopped on 95 in Walpole, MA and taken into custody without incident. Police received over 150 leads in their hunt for the Craigslist Killer.

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Attempted Child Abduction: Orlando Girl 9, Breaks Free

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 Allow me to introduce you to the luckiest little girl in the world this morning. I will not report her name  as she is 9. Her name is being witheld as a minor; let’s refer to her as “Lucky ” .  I am reporting on Lucky’s story in lieu of writing about the high profile cases that attract thousands to this site every day. Why?  Because I would be thrilled to never bring you another story about a missing child found in a suitcase or garbage bag, etc. I read this and thought; Maybe I am going about this all wrong. Maybe the fact that these children are splashed all over the news, every HLN program and every True Crime blog isn’t enough to give some the wake up call they need to act for our childrens protection.

Maybe the message needs to be about the one that got away for some of us to see our own children at risk. You tell me.



Orlando, FL- “Lucky”, 9, was playing with friends last evening in her neighborhood in the vicinity of S.Goldenrod and Pershing AvenueIt was a mild evening in Orlando and the children were enjoying a game of hide and seek.  Keeping a close watch on the activities apparently, was neighbor Marcus Younge. 

Younge 23, came out of nowhere, grabbed Lucky by the waist and attempted to pick her up according to the child’s statement to Investigators. She was able to break free from Younge’s grasp and fled home to her parents as she had been taught.  While she was running, she looked back to see if she was being chased by her boogey- man- in- real- life, who was fleeing as well;  in the opposite direction. (more…)