Yeardley Love Murder At UVA: George Huguely Guilty of 2nd Degree Murder

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After 9 hours of deliberations,  a jury hearing the case of the murder of Lacrosse phenom Yeardley Love,  her former boyfriend and fellow UVA student George Huguely  has been convicted of her murder in the second degree.

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Beauty and The Beast: The Predictable Murder of Yeardley Love By George Huguely

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Yeardley Love

Charlottesville, VA- At approximately 9 PM the evening of May 2nd, George Huguely, V left a golf outing he drank at all day, visibly intoxicated according to fellow attendees. It was the beginning of the end of a rancorous binge drinking track record for the prodigal son of George and Marta (Sanson Murphy) Huguely.

It was the gruesome end for star athlete Yeardley Reynolds Love.

Yeardley said ITS OVER to the heir of Huguely’s family’s century old lumber business and spent the last weeks of her life in fear George would make good on his threats.

Sources inside the circle of Love and her family have stated that the most recent threats and public observation of the couple occurred at Huguely’s former frat, Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Following this incident, Yeardley left campus and stayed at her Cockeysville home where her Mother, Sharon Donnelly Love, begged her to file a police report.

Yeardley refused as she did not want it to interrupt the last weeks of both teams winning seasons. She believed because the last scene was so public Huguely would have no choice but to back off for fear of compromising his status on the UVA mens team.

For anyone unsure about the locker room brethren, as reported by NY Daily News:

A former Virginia student who was friends with both Love and Huguely described a disturbing incident in which Huguely recently reportedly attacked Love, then had no recollection of it the next day, which precipitated their final breakup. “He was really messed up and punched a window of a car on the way over to her apartment that night,” the friend said, speaking on the condition of anonymity out of consideration for Love’s family. The friend said Huguely had been seen breaking bottles at another party before Love’s death and had told people he was going to her apartment to get Love back.


While Huguely is not listed as an active brother on DKE roster, this Falls newsletter touts an impressive Rush week which rounds out the Dekes with 14 Varsity Athletes; 12 of them from the men’s Lacrosse team. The DKE roster has not been updated to reflect active brothers since 2008 and an email request to alumni affairs director Ian Graham has not been returned. The DKE facebook account has been deleted.

By all accounts, in retrospect, Yeardley’s murder was a predictable incident. Preventable.

Not inasmuch as it could have been foreseen per se, but Generation George was a time bomb. 

Incidents abound from his days in Palm Beach where he jumped ship after an argument with Generation G4 whereby he swam to shore as well as his arrest for drunken swearing and THREATENING TO KILL A COP WITH A SIDE OF RACIAL SLUR in November 2008.


There are 8 UVA Men’s Lacrosse members that have had alcohol related arrests in the last two years.

Nationally ranked 2008 Team Captain Will Barrow stunned the entire lacrosse community when he committed suicide two weeks after Huguely’s Rockbridge County arrest.

Ryan Nizolek, #24, was arrested in High School for smuggling steroids into the US from Mexico on a family vacation and brought them to school in a Rolaids bottle.


UVA Lacrosse Teammate Arrested For Murder of UVA Woman

Charlottesville, VA– Following a 2:15 am 911 call regarding a possible alcohol overdose, Charlottesville Police have arrested a UVA lacrosse player, formerly of The Landon School Team where1 of the falsely accused Duke Lacrosse team played in High School and 4 others were on the Duke roster.

George Huguely

George Huguely, from Chevy Chase, MD, has been arrested and charged with the first degree murder of fellow Lacrosse Player and UVA senior Yeardley Reynolds Love.

A source speaking on the condition of anonymity, has confirmed to that Huguely is a member of the UVA Fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Yeardley Love

Love, a 22 year old Senior at UVA, was found by EMT and Charlottesville Police upon responding to a 911 call at the apartment she shared with team and room mate Kaitlinn Duff. It is not yet known if the call was made from the apartment or another location.

Yeardley and Kaitlinn

The apartment they shared at 14th NW is one block from where the Pantera shirt, confirmed to be that of murder victim Morgan Harrington, was found in November 2009.

Police have not yet released a cause of death for Ms. Love, but say her body showed signs of physical trauma.

Huguely has been committed to the Albemarle County Jail without bond pending his arraignment.