James Hataway Convicted of Attempted Murder

Posted by BOC Staff | Chris George,Colt,James Hataway,Onda Chris George,Rachael George,Tracy Ocasio,Tyler Watters | Friday 1 April 2011 7:02 pm

Seminole County, FL-  After a brisk trial, the suspect in the disappearance of Tracy Ocasio, and suspected accessory after the fact in the disappearance and death of  Onda Chris George,  James “Jimmy” Hataway has been convicted of attempted murder and burglary this evening.

Hataway has been found guilty in the attempted murder of Rachael Clarke.

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Chris George Recovery: Remains Sent For DNA Testing, Drivers License And Jewelry Found

Apopka, FL- Missing Winter Garden man, Onda ” Chris” George, is believed to have been recovered from the Carter Lake area of Apopka.

The location is not far from where the primary person of interest in his case,Tyler Watters, as reported exclusively by blinkoncrime.com, was last seen by a witness that picked him up there, and dropped he and Jimmy Hataway off again, within 30 minutes.

Chris DL

In the fourth day of recovery efforts by Apopka Police, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and The Orange County Medical Examiner, George’s wallet containing his FL drivers license and jewelry he had been wearing at the time of his disappearance has been retrieved.

Both were  identified by Chris’s Mother, Rachael George, who has stood vigil at the site alongside Liz Ocasio, the Mother of Missing Ocoee woman, Tracy Ocasio.

..I think Chris has been found, and for the most part, after over 2 years, we wait for DNA results to tell me what I already know.  I continue to ask Apopka Police to request Orange County Sherriff’s Office detectives to participate in this case, as is protocol.  I cannot disclose the investigative reasons for same, but we feel it is appropriate and I am hopeful my request will be acted upon, finally. – Rachael George

Yesterday afternoon Rachael George identified jewelry that her son Chris is believed to have been wearing the evening he was last seen, as shown previously exclusively on www.blinkoncrime.com.  Ms. George was shown a cell phone image from one of the detectives on the scene.


Chris George Search: Human Remains Recovered Was Tip By Orange County Felon On Sentencing Day

Posted by BOC Staff | Adam Vied,Chris George,James Hataway,Rachael George,Tracy Ocasio,Tyler Watters | Tuesday 22 February 2011 7:57 pm

Today, Apopka Detectives are confirming a substantial amount of remains have been found, but as www.blinkoncrime.com reported last evening, a source close to the investigation speaking on the condition of anonymity, has confirmed a cell phone matching the model of that last in Chris George’s possession was also found. Crews are likely to remain for as long as two weeks for a full recovery effort.

At the scene before 8:00 a.m., Chris’ mother, Rachael George, stood vigil at what likely may have been her son’s burial grounds before the search and recovery teams arrived to excavate the site.

Ms. George was escorted to Apopka Police for a briefing this afternoon. In her absence, mother of missing Ocoee woman Tracy Ocasio, also linked to Jimmy Hataway, stayed as a show of solidarity between the two women and their missing children.

On February 11, 2009, Chris George was last known to be in the company of Tyler Watters, currently awaiting trial on trafficking heroin charges. Earlier that day he was known to have been with Jimmy Hataway. Hataway is awaiting trial in Seminole County on an attempted murder charge.

Although there is a pending motion for the disclosure of a confidential informant in Watters case, it is not known if there is any relevance to recently reported tips in Chris’s case. Neither Watters nor Hataway has been charged in relation to Chris George’s disappearance.

What prompted the search of the area previously searched over a dozen times by Apopka detectives?

Sources say, the tip comes from a friend and neighbor of Tyler Watters appearing for sentencing yesterday in drug trafficking charges.

blinkoncrime has learned that the tip to cause Apopka Police to head back to Carter Lake likely came from Adam Vied, who was due in court yesterday in Orange County.

Vied was arrested on trafficking in Dilaudid and Oxycodone charges in November 2009 along with Raymond Meeks, an Ocoee man who is currently incarcerated following his sentencing for the charges in January, 2011. Vied spent 7 years in prison for what was originally an attempted murder charge, which he successfully plead down to aggravated battery in 1997.

The night Chris George went missing, Watters told detectives Chris took him to his Grandmother’s house on Caballero In Ocoee so Watters could shower and change clothes.

Chris was never seen again and both Watters and Hataway have admitted to removing and cleaning Chris’ truck from the scene, only to stage it’s position to resemble an accident the following morning.

Remains recovered at the scene have been sent to the Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office, and await identification confirmation.

Blinkoncrime.com Editors Madeline Tanner and Jason Mateos contributed to this report