Casey Anthony Bankruptcy Bust: Trustee Wants To Auction Her Rights, Has Buyers

Orlando- Fl,  In a fitting twist to the latest saga that is Casey Anthony since she was acquitted in 2010 of the murder of her 34 month old daughter Caylee,   Miss Anthony is not getting off the hook for her financial obligations as easily.

Photo Courtesy Associated Press

Photo Courtesy Associated Press

Anthony was seen for the first time publicly on March 4, 2013 at the meeting of the creditors, referred to as a 341 meeting- she is required to attend.

Since that time the attorney for Zenaida Gonzalez,  John Morgan, has filed a motion to evaluate Anthony’s estate and financial affairs after hearing that she received financial support for living expenses from her attorneys ( gee, wonder if that is from any she is claiming as creditors in the petition- that would be a bar no no.) and also from undisclosed “friends.”

Not to be outdone,  last week the trustee HIMSELF filed a motion to auction and sell the “asset of the estate”:

  1. Among the assets of the Estate are the exclusive worldwide rights in perpetuity to the commercialization of Anthony’s life story including her version of the facts, her thoughts and impressions of whatever nature, in so far as these pertain to her childhood, the disappearance and death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, her subsequent arrest, incarceration, trial, acquittal and withdrawal from society, including the rights to motion pictures, documentaries, live stage performances and any other form of performance art, any transmission of video and /or audio content, by any means of technology, whether presently existing or hereafter developed, including, withoutlimitation, standard free over-the-air television, non-standard television distribution including, without limitation, basic, tier and/or premium cable distribution; direct broadcast satellite television, subscription television; multi-point distribution systems, multiple multi-point distribution systems, local multi-point distribution systems, satellite master antenna television systems, open video system, television receive-only, closed circuit television, and radio; online including, without limitation, Internet, world-wide- web, all forms of social media, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter now known or hereinafter developed; cable modem and all other forms of online distribution now known and hereinafter developed; internet protocol television, mobile/wireless, all portable devices including tablets and /or mobile phones; all interactive forms of distribution now known or hereinafter developed; airline, theater, restaurant and hotel/motel distribution, narrow and broadband services, video dial tone, paper-per-view, high-definition format, video-on-demand, and subscription video-on- demand; literary rights including publication(s) in print and /or electronic means, including but not limited to electronic books, audio books, online magazines, and internet articles; and merchandise tie-ins (the “Property”).

Among the critical thinking Orlando environs:  James M. Schober.

  1. The Trustee has received a written offer from James M. Schober in the amount of $10,000 for the Property. Mr. Schober’s stated intention is to acquire the Property in order to prevent Ms. Anthony or others from publishing or profiting from her story in the future, and therefore his offer is not subject to any contingency based upon the cooperation or promise of cooperation from Ms. Anthony.
  2. Due to the intense public interest in the Debtor and the Property, the Trustee believes that there will be interest from others in purchasing the Property.

Could the cash cow finally be going out to pasture?

Where legal, taking bets on how quickly the bankruptcy gets withdrawn or converted to a Chapter 13.

Good citizens of Florida,  leave your checkbooks in your home office and guard your target cards until this is all over.


Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Casey Anthony’s Defense Has Gone To The Dogs

As previously reported on, the hearing last week ordering Jose Baez and his defense team to submit specific information regarding their expert witnesses, has gone to the dogs.


Dr. Fairgrieve, a forensic anthropologist and expert witness listed for the defense, intends to testify that Casey Anthony should have the right to confront her accuser.

Novel, appropriate, good news.

In this instance, one of her accusers with fur, according to her defense attorney, is named Gerus. The other, Bones. 


For starters, if the summary of Dr. Fairgrieve’s findings is accurate as presented in this filing, I recommend as a practical matter, he identify exactly what “alerts” he is seeking to debunk.

There are several, all of which are well documented.

Orange County sheriff’s investigator Carlos Padilla told reporters, “We had two different dogs from two different counties that hit on the same exact spot.”

Evidence Bay with a closed car:

Casey Anthony’s Car: Detectives reported a different dog alerted to the same strong smell in the trunk after the white Pontiac had been abandoned in a parking lot.

“They have a hypothesis that the child may have somehow passed away,” Dr. Richard Weinblatt told Eyewitness News.

It is undoubtedly the recent work of Dr. Fairgrieves in a case involving a murdered man, Robert Wone, that got the attention of Jose Baez and his Scheme-Team.

In a successful inlimine motion, Fairgrieves offered testimony in the supporting affidavit that suppressed canine evidence in the Robert Wone murder.

The three male house mates of Mr. Wone were acquitted of the charges they faced as a result, which were not for his murder. The prosecutor himself could not prove his actual cause of death. The trio are currently facing a wrongful death action by the desceadent’s family. 

“My role in the case is basically peer review,” Fairgrieve told the Orlando Sentinel. “I will be reviewing reports on the evidence. So far everything I’ve done has been remotely.”  Scott Fairgrieve, MD

The ole probative vs. prejudicial argument is not unexpected in this case, I get it.

However, two different cadaver dogs, from two different counties, hit in the same area under or near Caylee’s playhouse. This was AFTER the alerts in the evidence bay on the car trunk, and both searches were conducted with permission from the Anthonys.

That would be the car trunk that produced one latent lift from the accused in this case, Casey Anthony.

Under Dr. Fairgrieve’s theory of “necessary corroboration”, we, in fact, have exactly that.

The hairs that were found in the trunk, including the hair with the “signs of decomposition” corroborate the canine’s alert as well as the report from Oak Ridge Labs.

Let us not forget, that a statement from the car’s owner and material witness in this case, concurs with the presence of decomposition in the damn car.

Reached late this afternoon prior to his Canine Christmas Mixer, caught up with Gerus:

Seriously, that dude has my dander up daily. He needs to stay out from under my collar.

I know what I am doing at my job. And by the way, who is calling who a TOOL?

You tell that *My Cousin Vinny wanna be* that he should take his unearned legal hubris and shove it, where in my line of work, I don’t have to sniff.

Unlike him.

Speaking of hubris, a message to George-

The headline is not going to read ” Casey Anthony Not Guilty of Murder By Hereditary Hubris”

It is going to read..

“Apparent Shared Hubris Defect Cause for Casey Anthony to Blame Father in Caylee’s Death.”

Be like a burger and flip already. It’s all you got.


ps. “Shared Hubris Defect” is mine, J to the B.


Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Will Expert Witness Order Reveal Jose Baez Defense Strategy?

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“I quite frankly don’t know why we are here..– Jose Baez”


In a rare 5 P.M. Friday afternoon court appearance, after attempting to gain compliance from Jose Baez, State’s Attorney Jeff Ashton successfully convinced The Honorable Belvin Perry that the defense team for Casey Anthony has been holding out. While unavailable at the time of this articles publication, the new order in essence says Jose Baez’s proffer of an entomologist “will be talking about bugs”, is not going to fly. Pun Intended.

Chief Judge Perry, after reminding the parties that discovery has been ongoing for over 2 years and the May 2011 trial date is rapidly approaching, verbally dictated a new order on the record.

As a specific example of the defense’s non-compliance, Ashton references Dr. Michael Freeman, a forensic epidemiologist who intends to charge the state $575/hr to depose him, when the application of his area of expertise to the case against Casey Anthony for murdering her daughter Caylee is questionable at best.

Or Is It?

Epidemiology is “the study of the distribution and determinants of health related states or events in populations, and the application of this study to control health problems”. It is the basic science for public health.

Admittedly, Dr. Freeman’s addition to the defense expert witness list has been on my mind for over a week. His curriculum vitae, as impressive as it is, is heavy with publications about neck injuries following various impact ratio vehicle accidents, vertebrae -spinal cord compression and roller coaster whiplash.

What is he going to testify to? Was THE BAEZ LAW FIRM really going to go with the nanny was in a car accident with Caylee and Casey was following her and they accidentally smothered her with duct tape which was meant to act as some sort of neck brace? Maddening, yes. Plausible, No.

After examining the email’s included in Ashton’s motion for the umpteenth time, I finally realized what was bugging me more than the absence of what was already ordered by the court in it’s content, or the juvenile response from the lead counsel in a murder defense and sworn officer of the court.

It was the fact that in both email’s from Jose Baez to Jeff Ashton there was only one expert witness whose name was not bolded and seemed to be sandwiched in, almost as if to demonstrate it’s lack of importance. Moreover, Jose Baez suggests to Ashton that the state depose him last, as his reports are incomplete.

Baez Email Freeman


$575 an hour rate to tell the court at trial what the statistical and probable likelihood is of a public outbreak of unemployed, Caucasian, Target-loving party girls suddenly murdering their toddlers is?

Methinks the nut is under Freeman’s shell, but how is that possible?

Chiari Malformation Type I

Almost conveniently, Chiari 1 complications contributing to the sudden death of a child, was profiled in an episode of Dr. G Medical Examiner. Jan Garavaligia, MD who performed the autopsy on Caylee Anthony is the Medical Examiner in District 9, Orange County, Florida and an expert witness listed by the prosecution in this case. Garion Barber is an 8 year old Orlando boy who passed away in his sleep in March 2008 with only a minor history with seizures. Dr. G’s office investigated his death for over 4 months before she was able to conclude Garion died from an un diagnosed Chiari 1 malformation/sleep apnea. Dr . G also had the benefit of reaching her findings on a recently deceased child, unlike 34 month old Caylee, whose remains were tossed in a swamp off Suburban Drive and were completely skeletonized at the time of their discovery two years ago today.


Caylee/Casey Anthony Case Breaking News: Rumors That Roy Black Joins Forces With Jose Baez False

Posted by BOC Staff | Blink,Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony Case,Cheney Mason,John Morgan,Jose Baez,Murdered,Roy Black | Tuesday 14 September 2010 8:24 am

What was expected to be announced at the 9am scheduled press conference this morning, that Roy Black, of William Kennedy Smith and Rush Limbaugh acquittal-fame, had signed on to join the defense team representing Casey Anthony in the charges against her for allegedly murdering her 34 month old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony was apparently a false rumor. Sources inside the case have confirmed to that the rumor started from within The Baez Law Firm.

Roy Black

Watch the Press Conference at 9am LIVE here.

Jose Baez did announce the addition of 2 new lawyers to the case, Ann Finnell and Dorothy Clay Simms.

Baez refused to answer any questions about attorneys not currently with the defense team when asked about the rumor swirling Mr. Black’s possible participation.

There has also been a substitution in the civil case against Casey Anthony brought by Zenaida Gonzalez through her legal team headed by John Morgan.

Caylee/Casey Anthony Case:(Updated Podcast) Blink Discusses Discovery on Dana Pretzer Show



Tonight Dana welcomes special guests:


Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: New Discovery On The WRAY

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Orlando, FL– With the public still reeling from last weeks indigency hearing, the State Attorneys office is set to release the latest round of discovery documents this morning.

Joy Wray as captured by her web cam

Joy Wray as captured by her web cam

Speaking on the condition of anonymity to, a source inside the investigation has confirmed within the release is the latest interview by OCSO of Joy Wray.

Ms. Wray is said to have told investigators that she was in the woods on July 18, 2008 searching for Caylee Marie Anthony and has the photos to prove it.

When OCSO investigators requested Ms. Wray surrender her laptop computer to retrieve the original image raw files, among other source information Ms. Wray revealed, she headed to BestBuy to have the hard drive erased prior to her interview, which would reveal the dates on the photos had been added by her.

Detectives were tipped off by a savvy Geek Squadder and when Joy arrived to retrieve her blank computer and copy of it’s former contents, they were waiting for her.  Joy sniffed out the Five O, and turned on her heels out the door without the computer; only to be interviewed by Detective John Allen in her lawyers office about the incident, shortly thereafter.

Ms. Wray has been baker acted 6 times, and claims to be friends with and corresponding with former President George W Bush on the Caylee Anthony case.

The discovery is also expected to include interviews with members of Texas Equusearch, as a follow up to statements by Laura Buchanan and Joseph Jordan.

The discovery has been received and is being reviewed, check back to for updates.

Links to Discovery transcripts here.

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