Posted by BOC Staff | Bernard Madoff,Bizarre Crime,Craigslist,Michelle Braun | Tuesday 12 May 2009 9:25 am

Santa Ana, CA– Michelle Braun Kellener, facing indictment on Federal Charges for an alleged 8.5 Million dollar prostitution business is prepared to be a stoolie.  After an 18 month FBI investigation, which Braun claims she was aware of,  proceedings kicked off in court yesterday after filing a plea deal on March 31st. Braun’s attorney told reporters yesterday her Client “ran an investment fund”. Here we go again. It begs the question– is Michelle Braun the Madoff of Madams?

Both Braun and her husband, Farrell Kellener, were arrested on drug charges in October 2007 while Palm Beach Police were assisting the FBI on serving a warrant for suspicion on the very charges she is predicted to ultimately plead guilty. In a post on her defunked my space, Braun claimed to “know from day one” the Feds were investigating her.


Ellen S Garofolo represented her client in court yesterday and sources inside the investigation say is the driving force behind both her plea deal, and ability to stay out of jail. For now, at least. The judge will ultimately have the ability to reject the plea bargain on the table, which currently includes Z E R O jail time.