New Indictments In Christine Sheddy Murder: Clarence “Jr” Jackson and Tia Johnson Face Bond Hearings Today

Snow Hill, MD- In August 2009 began an investigative series on the disappearance of Delaware resident and Mother of three, Christine Marie Sheddy.

Sheddy had been missing since November 2007 following a phone call to her best friend Jimmy Quail who offered to pick up her and her two young sons immediately.

With the help of Christine’s Mother’s dogged determination, the investigative efforts led to the recovery of Christine’s remains buried on the grounds of a Snow Hill bed and breakfast.

Murder charges were filed against Justin Hadel on the day Christine was found, February 20, 2010.

Hadel was convicted and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole in September 2011.

It was through a failed plea obligation that Jr Jackson was able to be indicted by a grand jury yesterday and is now charged with first degree murder, as well as conspiracy to commit murder.

Tia Jackson,  his long time girlfriend and cousin of Justin Hadel,  is facing accessory after the fact charges in the removal and disposal of Christine Sheddy’s remains from the Byrd Rd farm where she was murdered.

Reached at the home where she and her husband Steve are now raising Christine’s children Haylie, Isaac and Zeke, Lynn Dodenhoff was not surprised in the least.

..”I told you Christine always had one more thing to say..  and today she did.

My family and I look forward to justice being served to all parties involved in my daughters murder..”

Dodenhoff began writing to Christine upon the advice of a grief counselor  and shared her letter from yesterday exclusively: (more…)

Christine Sheddy Case:Murder In Maryland Chapter 2

Devil Went Down To Georgia Maryland Lookin For A Soul To Steal

Christine thought everybody was cool. She would say that all the time, So and So is cool. Q, their cool. Even if they weren’t, she did not really see it. I begged her not to go to Pocomoke. I think she was just tired and thought, she resigned herself sometimes that she would never get away from Levi. She was my best friend, I loved, love her.

– Jimmy Quail, “Q” Christines BFF.

Cultivating a Criminal Enterprise; now that is a feat. A family affair, you might say. Grab a Pen. Grab a moist towlette. Grab an adult beverage, I may need 2 chapters just for these introductions. In this one however, I am outlining the primary players in Christine’s case.

Tia and Clarence

TiaandwomenTia Theresa Lyn Johnson Weisenburg, daughter of Teresa Johnson and Stephen Johnson. Former wife of Shawn Weisenburg. Born of that marriage: son, Austin. Shortly after their separation, Tia files a paternity suit against Jerry Davison. She wins. Austin Weisenburg is in the custody of non babydaddy Shawn, currently. By all accounts, Shawn is a decent guy and Father. He had the sense to get a restraining order against “JR” for weed in his house.  Born later, father unknown, daughter Cierra, or CC. Tia is pictured 2nd from the left.