Blink’s Year In Review: The True Crime Cases That Headlined 2012 Tonight On The Dana Pretzer Show (Podcast Added)

S. Christina Stoy “Blink”,  Editor In Chief discusses the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre and this year’s top true crime cases as special guest of Dana Pretzer, host of  THE DANA PRETZER SHOW on scaredmonkeys radio tonight at 9 PM.

Dana’s  featured guests will also include Retired FBI Criminal Analyst Clint van Zandt , Richard Muti and Charles Buckley – former New Jersey Prosecutors and National Authors of “The Charmer” and Editor In Chief “Red” of

Unfortunately, 2012 was a year filled with blinkoncrime’s coverage of  Jerry SanduskyIsabel CelisJoshua PowellKyron HormanEtan Patz, Christine SheddyMegan Sharpton , Jessica Ridgeway , Kelli Bordeaux and many other topics to be discussed.

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The Face of Evil In Newtown Connecticut Elementary Massacre: Adam Lanza Death Toll At 28

Posted by BOC Staff | Adam Lanza,Nancy Lanza,Peter Lanza,Ryan Lanza,Sandy Hook Elementary | Friday 14 December 2012 9:32 pm

Newtown, CT-  At approximately 9:40 this morning twenty year old Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, CT.   Lanza  With a Glock in one hand and a Sig Sauer in the other he locked-down a classroom of terrified students and by the time it was over had savagely murdered 20 children.    Adam Lanza has no criminal record.


He was also in the possession of a semi automatic rifle, believed to be responsible for the majority of the mortal wounds.

At press time, their is one known injured adult survivor.

Parents were alerted of an emergency via text message and all access point to the school were clogged with hysterical parents and family members desperate for information about their sons and daughters.

The scene reduced hardened SWAT members and emergency responders to open sobs-  As it almost did during President Obama’s press conference on it earlier this evening.

A parent attending a meeting with the principal and school psychologist, both of which are believed to be among the victims, called 911 from under a desk.

Taken into custody this afternoon was Adam’s older brother Ryan who is currently being questioned in Hoboken, NJ.

It is believed Adam was carrying his older brother’s identification which led to early erroneous reports that Ryan was the shooter.

Peter Lanza,  Father and former husband of the late Nancy Lanza was alerted to the tragedy and questioned near his home in Stamford, CT.   Mr. Lanza is a Tax Strategist executive for a division of General Electric.

Two 9 millimeter semi-automatic weapons registered to Adam’s Mother Nancy- a  former teacher or volunteer at Sandy Hook who has  also been found deceased at the pair’s  Yogananda St  residence were found with Lanza’s remains.

Adam Lanza ia believed to have taken his life  at the scene and early reports suggest no law enforcement officers discharged firearms at the scene.

Lanza was dressed in black and wearing a bullet proof vest.

Today’s mass shooting is the second largest in US history after the Virginia Tech massacre, killing 32 college students.