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Hillsboro, Tx– Exactly one year ago today, Debra Janelle Jeter slit the throats of both her tween daughters, Kelsey and Kiersten, one day after the restraining order against her expired. Kelsey died in the attack.


According to family friend Robert Miller, Debra, who used her middle name Janelle, told her estranged husband Lee Jeter that she had a surprise waiting for their daughters that evening when she picked up Friday evening June 5, 2009.


Janelle had been in court the week before to request visitation after a failed suicide attempt on May 21, 2009, while her daughters were in her home.  Following the attempt, Janelle was sent to a mental health facility in Waco Texas. Lee Jeter filed a restraining order against her in the meantime expressing concern his wife might harm the children when she was released.

Hill County Judge, A. Lee Harris, granted the UNSUPERVISED visitation request of a woman who had attempted suicide in front of her children less than 3 weeks before.

However, on a positive note, Judge Harris did RE-ISSUE a restraining order following the murder of Kelsey and the attempted murder of Kierstan. Helpful follow up considering one was deceased, one in ICU and the other in a jail cell (snark alert).

Four hours after Janelle Jeter picked up Kierstan and Kelsey, Hill County Sheriff received a 911 call from a woman refusing to identify herself,  alleging she killed one of her children, and the other was asking to be saved. She refused to give her name, and never referenced either one of her daughter’s by name. At one point, Jeter calls the 911 operator a bitch.

*GRAPHIC WARNING* Listen to the 911 Call of Debra Janelle Jeter Here.

Although Jeter was living with her Mother in Corsicana, cell phone records indicate she drove there from Lee Jeters residence and back, in search of an abandoned house location.

In an abandoned farmhouse in on 77 off route 35 in Hillsboro Debra, who goes by her middle name, Janelle, began her knife wielding attack, where Kiersten attempted to shield her younger sister and sustained stab wounds to her back. Janelle continued on to cut the throat of Kelsey in the bathroom, and then Kiersten in a bedroom.

When Police arrived, Jeter had placed the knife on top of her vehicle in the garage, and surrendered without incident.

After filings by her attorney that Jeter was mentally incompetent to stand trial, and a psychiatrists affirmation that she was indeed competent, Jeter pled guilty to the murder of Kelsey to avoid the death penalty.

As part of the plea agreement, on June 2nd, the 911 calls were released to the media.

Prior to moving Jeter to her new cell, where she will spend the rest of her natural life without the possibility of parole, Janelle Jeter met with her former husband and Kiersten Jeter to apologize.

To date, Ms. Jeter has refused all media requests, and refuses to reveal the motive for her attacks on her daughters.

Rest In Peace Kelsey “Bella” Jeter.