Caylee Anthony Gram *Wanna Be* Sees Dead People- Is Donna MacLean A MacLeach?

Posted by BOC Staff | Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony Case,Diane Dimond,Donna MacLean,John Q Kelly | Wednesday 13 July 2011 7:58 pm

Recently interviewed by Diane Dimond,  a journalist I like very much but who is apparently now lacking a fact checking staff, Donna MacLean claims to believe she is the paternal grandmother of Caylee Anthony.

Nancy Grace featured her on her show as well.   (Insert snark d’jour) Perhaps her fact checkers were unavailable as well and sitting on a jury somewhere… in an undisclosed sequestered paradise.

Apparently MacLean, is not alone, as she claims to have hired famed attorney John Q. Kelly in consideration of a wrongful death suit.

Mr. Kelly, who represented the Goldman and Brown families in a wrongful death action following that particular decades monster on a leash, also dropped by it’s jury, OJ Simpson, won the families over $30Million in a verdict award.

Mr. Kelly is also the attorney for the Holloway family, specifically Beth Holloway, during her recent attempts to see Joran VanderSloot in a Peruvain jail.

His client list reads like a who is who in high profile, including the estates of Kathleen Savio and the family of missing and presumed deceased George Smith.

Admirable endeavors, which begs the question, what is he doing messed up in this soup sandwich?

Donna MacLean claims that her son Michael Duggan, killed in a car crash in October 2007, was Caylee Anthony’s father. Sarah Duggan, Mr. Duggan’s half-sister, died of her injuries sustained shortly thereafter.

It is unclear how she arrived at this conclusion which belies any offer of proof, or geographical possibilities of any kind, and Ms. MacLean left out a very important fact.  Her son’s drivers license was revoked for medical reasons in 2001.  At the time of the crash, Duggan’s last known address was in Connecticut, and in 2006 he lived in North Rutherford, NJ, not Tennesee as his Mother reported.

Donna MacLean 

In addition, Wilfred Duggan, Michael’s grandfather, had not seen his grandfather in a number of years, since a non-criminal incident in 1999. 

Mr. Duggan refused to comment on how Michael gained access to his Sebring convertible.

A source inside the family wishing to be unidentified, has confirmed that the reasons for the revocation were based on medical reasons that would not allow re-instatement by Mr. Duggan without an approved evaluation.

Repeat 2001.  Caylee was conceived approximately Fall of 2004.

As  such is the case, is it believable Master MacLean was driving through different parts of the country, in the moving business, without so much as a drivers license, which by the way is a requirement of the bonds necessary to work in the industry?

Sadly, Ms. MacLean’s own family has never heard this story previously, and I do believe we have given Ms. MacLeach the latest 15 minutes she has asked for.

The Orange County Court House is going to run out of paper by the day at this rate.  There are enough meritorious lawsuits facing Ms. Anthony as we speak, I recommend one save’s one’s energy for those.


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