Blink On Location Work In Development: Isabel Celis, Jerry Sandusky, Joran van der Sloot and Kyron Horman

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Isabel Celis Abduction BREAKING NEWS: Docs Show Blood In Bedroom Police Eye Family AND Neighbor Part 2


It is not coming out in the”wash” for Isabel.  There are suspects.   She continues to be missing and presumed abducted.



Jerry Sandusky: “Touched”  His Victims, Judged By His Peers.  The Sandusky Trial Begins

9 Non-sequestered jurors chosen and  judge decides victims must  be named.

Natalee Holloway and Peruvian Convicted Murderer Joran van der Sloot’s  Not So Excellent Adventure To The US For Extortion: Is it Justice Disguised or Justice REFINED?


While the thought of Joran passing through  customs via US Marshalls on US soil skeeves me out,  Is it the home away from prison that Joran wishes to tell the truth for??   Natalee deserves justice.

Kyron Horman Missing For 2 Years Yields Civil Suit:  Parents Divided SO Who IS United??



Kyron’s mother files a civil suit against defacto suspect and step mom, Terri Horman.


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Isabel Celis Abduction BREAKING NEWS: Docs Show Blood In Bedroom Police Eye Family AND Neighbor

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After 550 plus pages of what amounts to discovery in a likely criminal case, Friday afternoon yielded a window to the world of the investigation of missing 6 year old Isabel Mercedes Celis.

Isa, according to the document release consisting of 6 packets of PDF files of police incident and timesheet reports  was last seen by her Father who kissed her goodnight and dimmed her bedroom light after showering and braiding of her hair by her Mother Becky in anticipation of her baseball game the next morning with the Diamondbacks.

Isabel’s baseball Jersey number is #4.

The “goodnight kiss” was the first time the public has heard the actual version in his words containing the account that he was the last person to see Isabel before her disappearance as well as confirm that her window was closed when he closed the door.

Certainly not unexpected to hear a loving father’s tender goodnight detail to his baby girl, but most unexpected was the revelation that on Isabel’s bedroom floor was an obvious area of blood.

While it has not been disclosed whose blood was located on the floor of the southeast middle bedroom located on E 12th St, Sergio and Becky Celis were required to provide blood samples under a warrant obtained a few days later. (more…)

Isabel Celis Breaking News: Child Services Removes Sons From Sergio Celis Care and Placed With Mother


In the latest development in the April 21st disappearance of missing Tucson child Isabel Celis,  her father Sergio has been stripped of his physical custodial rights of her brothers.

There has been no confirmation from Tucson Police about the children’s removal and placement, and CPS has only confirmed the boys have been placed with one parent.


Sources inside the investigation have confirmed to that evidence gleaned in the investigation has warranted alternative placement of the couples oldest children in the wake of the disappearance of their daughter, Isabel.


The boys, whose names have been reported previously elsewhere but are being intentionally withheld by have been placed together, not separately.


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Isabel Celis Missing Breaking News: Investigation Focuses on Celis Relative “Uncle” Justin Mastromarino- Cousin Is Also Former Houseguest

Tucson, AZ- Missing Since the early morning hours of Saturday April 21st from the window of her bedroom allegedly,  the search for 6 year old Isabel Mercedes Celis has taken a turn toward her family.


"Playing Uncle" Photo from FB

On the heels of the appearance of Sergio and Becky Celis first public interview this morning on the Today show, sources inside the investigation have confirmed that Pima County detectives are scrutinizing the prior arrest and prior living arrangements of Justin Mastromarino,  Isabel’s cousin.  Although Justin was the initial spokesperson for the family immediately after Isabel’s disappearance, he dropped out of sight when investigators could not exclude him as a person of interest.

Mastromarino lived with the Celis family for some time in 2011.   The image below was taken in front of the Celis home in June 2011.


FB photo of Jeep In Front of Celis Home June 2011


Yesterday, both Sergio and Becky Celis visited the Celis home and re-enacted the events of Friday April 20th and Saturday April 21st.


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