Casey Anthony Bankruptcy Bust: Trustee Wants To Auction Her Rights, Has Buyers

Orlando- Fl,  In a fitting twist to the latest saga that is Casey Anthony since she was acquitted in 2010 of the murder of her 34 month old daughter Caylee,   Miss Anthony is not getting off the hook for her financial obligations as easily.

Photo Courtesy Associated Press

Photo Courtesy Associated Press

Anthony was seen for the first time publicly on March 4, 2013 at the meeting of the creditors, referred to as a 341 meeting- she is required to attend.

Since that time the attorney for Zenaida Gonzalez,  John Morgan, has filed a motion to evaluate Anthony’s estate and financial affairs after hearing that she received financial support for living expenses from her attorneys ( gee, wonder if that is from any she is claiming as creditors in the petition- that would be a bar no no.) and also from undisclosed “friends.”

Not to be outdone,  last week the trustee HIMSELF filed a motion to auction and sell the “asset of the estate”:

  1. Among the assets of the Estate are the exclusive worldwide rights in perpetuity to the commercialization of Anthony’s life story including her version of the facts, her thoughts and impressions of whatever nature, in so far as these pertain to her childhood, the disappearance and death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, her subsequent arrest, incarceration, trial, acquittal and withdrawal from society, including the rights to motion pictures, documentaries, live stage performances and any other form of performance art, any transmission of video and /or audio content, by any means of technology, whether presently existing or hereafter developed, including, withoutlimitation, standard free over-the-air television, non-standard television distribution including, without limitation, basic, tier and/or premium cable distribution; direct broadcast satellite television, subscription television; multi-point distribution systems, multiple multi-point distribution systems, local multi-point distribution systems, satellite master antenna television systems, open video system, television receive-only, closed circuit television, and radio; online including, without limitation, Internet, world-wide- web, all forms of social media, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter now known or hereinafter developed; cable modem and all other forms of online distribution now known and hereinafter developed; internet protocol television, mobile/wireless, all portable devices including tablets and /or mobile phones; all interactive forms of distribution now known or hereinafter developed; airline, theater, restaurant and hotel/motel distribution, narrow and broadband services, video dial tone, paper-per-view, high-definition format, video-on-demand, and subscription video-on- demand; literary rights including publication(s) in print and /or electronic means, including but not limited to electronic books, audio books, online magazines, and internet articles; and merchandise tie-ins (the “Property”).

Among the critical thinking Orlando environs:  James M. Schober.

  1. The Trustee has received a written offer from James M. Schober in the amount of $10,000 for the Property. Mr. Schober’s stated intention is to acquire the Property in order to prevent Ms. Anthony or others from publishing or profiting from her story in the future, and therefore his offer is not subject to any contingency based upon the cooperation or promise of cooperation from Ms. Anthony.
  2. Due to the intense public interest in the Debtor and the Property, the Trustee believes that there will be interest from others in purchasing the Property.

Could the cash cow finally be going out to pasture?

Where legal, taking bets on how quickly the bankruptcy gets withdrawn or converted to a Chapter 13.

Good citizens of Florida,  leave your checkbooks in your home office and guard your target cards until this is all over.


Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: George Anthony Is Under The Microscope

George Anthony can stands all he can stands and he cain’t stands no More!

George Letter

Yesterday, in an exclusive interview with Fox’s Holly Bristow, George Anthony read aloud a letter he wrote over Thanksgiving regarding his and his families plight of living “under the microscope.”

This is the same Holly Bristow that Cindy parked her SUV in rush hour traffic, ran to her news van, banged on the window and shaking her finger screamed to the driver that Holly would NOT be getting any more exclusives. 

You can find Dr. Lillian Glass’s assessment of George’s appearance here.

Apparently George feels there is plenty of blame for his strife including bloggers looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Huh?

It would seem to me that in George, Lee and Cindy Anthony’s initial 15 minutes of LAME, they begged the media, the public and Law Enforcement to look for Caylee Marie Anthony THEIR WAY and without any scrutiny of the possibilities of how she got THAT WAY.

The Blinkoncrime contributing editors would like to remind Mr. Anthony that to our knowledge, the only thing that landed under a microscope in the search for his murdered granddaughter was her hair with a deathband at the proximal end; removed from his daughter’s trunk. 

The rest of the scrutiny, sir, is of your OWN DOING.

You S O L I C I T E D help from OCSO.

You S O L I C I T E D help from the media.

You S O L I C I T E D help from the public.

You S O L I C I T E D help from the Padillas.

You S O L I C I T E D help from TES.

You S O L I C I T E D help from Private Investigators.

What utterly jams me about you people is your unmitigated gall that you think you can control events.

You have treated anyone in any capacity as if they should open their mouths, take the Anthony spoonful and ignore your hand in our wallets in the process.

You solicited public funds without a license to do so and misled thousands as to where your GRANDDOLLARS were going.

I would ask you how many granddollars your dignity cost you but as I have noted in an earlier “Microscope View” you were devoid of it before Caylee was murdered. 

You have openly admitted to following witnesses in this case.

You directed Dominick Casey to spend the bulk of his time trying to dig up dirt on the very people your daughter duped for years; not to find Caylee mind you, but to take the heat off Casey.

How many decent people have YOUR efforts put under the microscope?

Mr. Anthony, I began work on Caylee’s case LONG before I had ever written about it because she was M I S S I N G. I put together a research team and we busted our humps daily to help find her, and to stop you and yours from using her as your personal ATM.

The fact is, these “bloggers” for the most part, all did more to find your granddaughter than you or any member of your family ever has. 

When she was found and OCSO and the FBI spent 72 hours straight at the site to make sure they had all this baby’s bones what did you do?

You called the very people whose hands extracted almost every teensy bone of this cherub “effing flunkies” and ordered them out of your house.

What you, your family and cronies have never understood, is that THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. I don’t give a whip if you pierce your pinky toe. I don’t care about any of your proclivities whatsoever.

What I VERY MUCH care about, is justice for Caylee Marie Anthony.

My team and I will work as diligently as we always have to ensure she gets it and that her legacy is restored.

As long as you continue to publicly lie, omit, evade and demonstrate your overall inability to accept what has happened to your only grandchild at the hands of your daughter, you can expect a slot on my slide at every opportunity.

You knew on July 15. I could throw a rock from your roof to where Caylee laid in festering garbage. Shame on You.

You want out of the spotlight? Tell the truth. You might even try it before Dominick Casey cuts a deal and tells it for you.

Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Friction Ridges Duct Tape and Suds

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 Discovery Review Part II

Orlando, FL– In Part I, we reviewed the Latent Lift Myth. 

Adding to the quagmire of why Linda Kenney Baden maintains there are no prints on the duct tape, one reviews Ms. Baden’s amended motion for discovery.

Ms. Baden requests the specific 18 latent lifts and subsequent file information from the FBI reports in “this matter”. However, those tests were performed from items removed from the Anthony home by Orange County Sheriffs Office, not the FBI, thus the “THERE ARE NO LATENT LIFTS IN THIS CASE”.

How does the defense attorney entrusted to interpret the forensic evidence in a death penalty case not know with what agency that information is held? It was released months ago. 


Within the discovery, their is an email indicating a few areas of the tape were swabbed in the final testing process (CU) with methanol. This is performed on the non-adhesive side of the tape. Does it make sense if your sole intent was to extract DNA from this tape that you would be reduced to swabbing only the side of the tape NOT affixed to Caylee’s face?

It only makes sense if your goal is to preserve the integrity of what appears on the adhesive side, and exclude the possibility of DNA on areas that will not compromise the sample in that regard.  

Fibers Differ

Although the FBI has concluded  that the adhesive on the duct tape from the crime scene, on Caylee’s skull, and the Anthony home are CHEMICALLY THE SAME, Brad Conway releases the portion of the report that states that microscopically the tape fabric composition of the samples are dissimilar.

Now, admittedly I had the where- with- all to choose the smartest girl in my IPS class to be my lab partner while everybody else joked around and blew each others bunsons out. However, my guess is if you were to match conditions to the tape from the crime scene to that on the gas can and shelf from the shed, they would magically appear “SIMILAR”.

Difference between quantitative and observed, no? If that is the defense teams idea of junk science, I might agree. This brand of duct tape has not been manufactured since 2007.

How hard do we think it is going to be for the State to locate this exact production batch? They are as close to an MSDS report away.

Weed Eaters

Weed control

In the CSI notes from OCSO, initial responders, we note 4 different areas where Agent Bloise marks 4 areas; 3 are under wood chips and the 4th is under the platform of 16×16 pavers from the July yardscaping.

Buried within the FBI contact logs from the latest discovery, we learn that OCSO has at least one of those, if not all, in evidence. Where were they sent and what are the results? Could they be in the company of the much anticipated soil samples taken from the Anthony yard?

The examination and testing of soil samples from the trunk have also not been disclosed to date.

The OTHER Laundry Bag 

As reported exclusively at, the original report of the laundry bag had the incorrect model. WhitneyLaundryBag

The rectangular laundry bag, referred to as K33 in the most recent report, was recovered at the Anthony home on a top shelf in the East side of the garage.

In the latest FBI report, K33 appears under the “additional items from the vehicle” category. Not in the items from the residence and is examined with the items found with the Dora backpack or diaperbag as it is sometimes referred to.

What does that mean? Category oversight, OR, did OCSO find out that laundry bag was removed from Casey’s car?

To be Continued:

Part III The Disappearing Lingering Stain  


Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: New Discovery Released Includes FBI Lab Results

Orlando, FL– This morning the 9th Circuit State Attorney’s Office released over 1000 documents  in the latest batch of discovery previously given to the defense team representing Casey Anthony.

The documents are expected to include FBI lab reports that are critical to the case; some of which had been “leaked” to the press last week.

In the first part of the release, the information seems to focus on Dominick Casey’s report of “threat asessment” or cheat sheet as he referred to it. He specifically mentions the knife Leonard Padilla keeps in a sheath in the rear waistline of his pants. He also alleges one of the detectives in the case is having an affair with reporter Jessica D’onofrio.

In an e-mail sent to Cindy Anthony on Feb. 2 at 4:38 a.m., the private investigator tells her: “I found out tonight that Jessica Denofrio [sic] is having an affair with one of the Detectives at OCSO. Have not found out which Detective it is yet but working on finding out.”

Blinkoncrime will be updating links to information as it is released.




Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Baez Motionfest in Court This Morning

Orlando, FL– If yesterday’s antics at the press conference of attorney for the search group Texas Equusearch, Mark Nejame, were a precursor to this mornings motions hearing, it should prove to be a long day.

Exactly what pending motions are slated to be heard as there are several before the court at this time, remains to be seen, however, all have been initiated on behalf of the defense team Jose Baez and Andrea D. Lyon.

It is presumed the court will hear: Motion to delay the economic charges against Casey Anthony, motion response on behalf of TES Founder Tim Miller to be certified as a witness in the criminal case, Motion of 90 pages regarding evidence tested by the FBI (insert yawn). Motion regarding Anthony Lazzaro phone records, motion regarding Dominic Casey records and motion to preclude Leonard Padilla, Tony Padilla, Tracy Mclaughlin and Rob Dick from testifying as prosecution witnesses. Motion for anything I forgot.

Strap in. Ride starts at 9:30AM EST, live feed here:

Mark Nejame, Todd Macaluso, Andrea Lyon Argue TES Motion 

First Up-Mark Nejame vs. Andrea Lyon TES motion 10:18 AM

White shoes. Repeat. White shoes in court. Got the petty out of the way, thanks for indulging me.

Mark presents to his Honor, Stan Strickland, the vast problematic issues with a broad request, which could encompass 4000 different individuals.

Andrea Lyon argued this is not a fishing expedition, it is the equivalent of the defense relying on the “Trust Me”  argument on behalf of the state. They are not looking to expose people’s personal information. Ms. Lyon went on say the defense is willing to hang out at Mark’s office until they get what they need.

Judge Strickland in recent receipt of the answer, deferring ruling upon review in short order. 

Jose Baez Argues Tony Lazzarro phone records 

Baez argues Lazzarro was served, and that the motion has been narrowed and only received response yesterday at 4PM.

AttorneyJay, for Tony Lazzarro, argues he was not served either, was notified by a third party as to ammended motion. Jay agrees to requesting the 6 week period of records from AT &T, but is not optimistic he will be able to. Furthermore, the materiality of the defense request post July 15, 2008, has not been shown. All communication had ceased by then.

Judge Strickland grants a portion of the defense request, June 1 through September 2008, within 30 days.

Jose Baez Argues Motion to Preclude Leonard, Tony, Tracy and Rob

 Baez calls George Anthony. Casey begins weeping openly. George discusses his interaction with the team.

Linda points out Mr. Padilla puts up $50k  bond, so how is it he was unaware that his intention was to find his grandaughter. George is doubletalking that they volunteered to provide security only once she was out. Jim Campbell, was the retired LE officer was staying at the home at the time. Mr. Baez had to be present when any person spoke to Casey or was around her, if he were not, a family member had to be present at all times.

George states he knew nothing about the privacy arrangements they agreed to. Linda pointed out there were several people that could have transported Casey back and forth, and that they requested this service. 

Ms. Drane Burdick presented the audio interviews of Leonard, Rob, and Tracy, about 3 hours worth which the Judge will review. She requested an original copy of the signed agreements for all parties.

*Secret*.. What Baez presented as the true and correct copies of the executed agreements by all parties is NOT.. Ms. Burdick is aware of this

Judge Strickland points out that Baez has had well over a year to file a temporary restraining order as Padilla as he has been “breaking that agreement” all over TV under this argument.

Ms. Drane Burdick argued Baez motion is essentially a gag order, and their has been no agency established, they posess the burden to establish privlege in the first place.

Oral agreement was hatched upfront between all parties, and prior to the written agreement. The agreement to provide security was a condition of posting the bond in the first place.

BAM… What I eluded to, Tony Padilla did not SIGN that agreement in the motion.  Hello, Florida Bar, please hold… 

I am intentionally shortening this segment, The State ate his lunch, and I have no clue why, but ruling deferred.

Motion to Determine a Trial Date Check Fraud

The state argues the check issues are relegated to specific dates and feels although witnesses may overlap, there is not an issue as to hearing testimony in the murder case. Baez is the only attorney on the docket of the case. The victim, Amy Huizenga, is asserting her right as a victim for the matter to be concluded. As an alternative, the State advises they are willing to go the bench trial route, which would allay the concerns altogether.

Ms. Lyon argues it is not their position it should never be tried and it is the states fault for seeking the death penalty in the murder case. Ms. Lyon sugested the state postpone the check fraud charges 60–90 days behind the murder charge.

Judge Strickland is considering this ruling as well

Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Baez Blasts Team Padilla

Orlando, Fl– Late last week the latest motions in the defense of Tot mom Casey Anthony for allegedly murdering her 34 month old daughter Caylee were filed. Talk about your average ingrate. The very team Jose Baez called on for help to bail out his client is the latest target in Baez defense teams attempt to restart the bilge pump in Casey’s sinking ship. 

Baez latest attempt to un-ring the Padilla bell may as well have arrived at the clerks office on a cocktail napkin; it will be taken exactly that seriously.

There is no expectation of privilege where there is no attorney/client relationship in Florida. The question is, did Jose Baez sufficiently disclose that information to his client, Casey Anthony? Is this motion really designed to stave off the current Florida Bar complaints under investigative review?


Sources inside the investigation have confirmed to that Baez is attempting to head the testimony of Padilla et al “off at the pass” for multiple reasons. It is expected that the backyard babblings of Casey Anthony to Tracy Mclaughlin will corroborate some of the evidence at the scene where Caylee Anthony’s remains were found. That’s not all. Baez is indirectly looking to block Leonard, Tracy, Rob and Tony from the civil case against his Client filed by Zenaida Gonzalez by blocking them from allowing their testimony as witnesses for the state in the criminal trial.