Morgan Harrington Case: Are Police Closing In?

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Charlottesville, VA– Missing since the evening of October 17, 20 year old VT student Morgan Harrington had a vast circle of both friends and interests.

Could that circle be the key to where she is and what happened to her?


I have been reporting exclusively at that we believe that Morgan Harrington was lured outside the John Paul Jones arena by someone she knew.

Dr. Harrington stated on Nancy Grace’s October 29th show that Morgan had been texting with a guy friend.

GRACE: That`s what I don`t understand. If she was just going to the bathroom, then why did she go outside the arena? Have they looked at her cell phone? Did anyone contact her and lure her out?

HARRINGTON: It does not appear there were other calls to Morgan during that period of time. There was some texting of Morgan to a young gentleman that she was friends with, but it was no one in Charlottesville. It was further away and so — but he`s not a suspect at all at this time.

GRACE: Right. So they were just probably texting about what, the concert, that she was at the concert, stuff like that?


GRACE: OK. And he was in a different city?

Not a suspect at this time? The only other person to communicate with Morgan Harrington at the time of her disappearance on the cell phone that is located the next morning without it’s battery, is not a suspect at this time?

I would agree with that classification then, but sources inside the investigation are saying this investigation is moving closer to the VT campus, as well as “The Noke”.

Happie “Roundhouse” Hippie

Round house

Pictured above, you see the fine tie dye work of James Herndon.

The Tiedye Guy, as he refers to himself, is well known throughout Morgans peer group. In fact, Morgan and many of her friends are also friends with Herndon on his myspace.

In addition to his roadshow vending business, he owns a store Jamesjeanellecalled Beandawg Art, in Rocky Mount, VA with his partner, Jeanelle Myers.

While researching Herndon’s many pastimes, it is clear that his newest endeavor, “body painting” is taking off.


BeandawgAccording to Herndon, he was just in a Video shoot, doing the bodypainting of his bff, *Jeni*, the weekend of October 17 at the Motel 6 in Virginia Beach. He wants us all to know that, as a matter of fact, from his myspace:


         Oct 28 2009 2:06 AM< ?xml:namespace prefix ="" o />

For those concerned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I know Morgan and I TOO WISH FOR HER SAFE RETURN! Not that you should KNOW, but I’ll tell ya, I was involved with the shooting of a music Video on OCT. 17 in Va. Beach. I stayed at a MOTEL 6 there and Jeni herself was in the vid. I was doin’ a BODYPAINTING for it. Get on with finding her and NOT assuming (ASS U ) that just because she is a friend and I’m older that I would Hurt ANYONE. FU That “TIE DYE GUY”



Hip n' Trippy experience- laundry at Aaron's Jeni

Jeni, a Waynesboro, VA native, is an operating room nurse. She is the frequent subject of Herndon’s art ,apparently, and recent music video star.  

 She was not on Morgan’s myspace or her immediate friends but she did have one thing in common with her.

Jeni touts she works as a nurse for Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital.


Morgan’s Father, Dr. Dan Harrington, is the Vice President for Academic Affairs for the Carilion Clinic.

Gil Harrington, Morgan’s Mom, is also an RN. By all accounts Dr. and Mrs. Harrington have a pristine reputation in their fields and as a solid family couple.

How does *Jeni* factor?

Although Jenis myspace reflects a last log-in date of October 21, she sends this comment to happy hippies myspace, on October 22: 

Oct 22 2009 1:54 PM 

Hello there FoG MaChInE MaStEr!!!!!! Holla…. (ahhhh!!!) You are such a ray of sunshine, glad you could be there for the fun (and the cold and the rain and the Motel 6…) Love ya so very much, I’m sure our paths will cross again soon…

*Jeni*, has a multi- mutual friend James Herndon, who is also myspace friends of most of Morgan’s friends. Add-in the Hospital connection; it begs the question– did they know each other?


J & J Midnight HikeI mean no disrespect, but If saw an operating room nurse myspace like this one, there is not a chance in Hiznich this girl would be scrubbing in on any procedure I might need. Seriously? The caption of the pic to the left was midnight hike.