James Hataway Convicted of Attempted Murder

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Seminole County, FL-  After a brisk trial, the suspect in the disappearance of Tracy Ocasio, and suspected accessory after the fact in the disappearance and death of  Onda Chris George,  James “Jimmy” Hataway has been convicted of attempted murder and burglary this evening.

Hataway has been found guilty in the attempted murder of Rachael Clarke.

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Tracy Ocasio And Chris George Disappearances: What Does Hataway Know?

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*Major Developments in Chris George and Tracy Ocasio Cases On The Horizon.*

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A man tormented by the guilt of murder will be a fugitive till death; let no one support him.

Proverbs 28:17


As brought to you exclusively last Spring by blinkoncrime.com, the unsolved disappearances of Onda “Chris” George and Tracy Ocasio from Ocoee, FL had more than a few commonalities worthy of exploration.

For the last 9 months the blinkoncrime team has conducted hundreds of hours of witness interviews, investigation and research ending in one conclusion:

The disappearances and presumed murder of Tracy Ocasio and Chris George are linked.

In an exclusive 4 part Series as a continuation of our earlier coverage ,we learn how the fated paths of these individuals may have come to pass.


Tracy Ocasio Case: Breaking Developments Cast Doubts on Hataway – Explores Hutto Circle

Ocoee, FL– Tracy Ocasio has been missing since May 27th following an Tracy1evening at the Florida Tap Room where she was last seen with person of interest James “Jimmy” Hataway. In the initial days of the investigation, there were multiple reports that Hataway was a suspect in Ocasio’s disappearance, a suspect in the disappearance of Apopka man Onda “Chris” George,and as many as 5 other assaults on women.

To date, only one of those allegations has resulted in new charges against Hataway. In Seminole County, Hataway is facing charges for his alleged assault against Rachel Clarke, 23, for a Casselberry, FL incident  last August. Rachel Hataway is charged with Burglary of a conveyance with a battery, robbery, false imprisonment and battery. Uncovered exclusively at blinkoncrime.com, there is new inside information on this pending case. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, Jimmy Hataways’ closest friend told blinkoncrime police actually entered the residence he shared with Hataway shortly after the incident and cuffed him, thinking he was Jimmy. Once it was determined he was not and that he did not know his immediate whereabouts, police left the home.

Although they continued to reside in the same location for another 2 1/2 months and police had Hataways cell phone number, police never contacted Jimmy Hataway about the alleged incident. They did not interview the roommate either. In the almost 10 months following the alleged battery against Rachel Clarke, investigators never interviewed the suspect in a case which now carries a bond of $250K and a lengthy prison stint if convicted. 

Other than Jimmy and Ms. Clarke, there is only one other known witness in this case whom LE also elected not to interview until after Hataway was arrested on the paraphanalia charge in Orange County. Where did they find this prospective witness almost 10 months later? Across the Pod from Jimmy Hataway in the Seminole County Jail; he is attempting to cut a deal to get out of charges stemming from his chronic crack cocaine addiction.


Tracy Ocasio Case: Blink on Crime Interview on Dana Pretzer Show

Ocoee, FL– The following is my radio interview July 9, 2009 regarding the developments into the case of missing 27 year old Tracy Ocasio.

Tracy Ocasio Case: LIVE on Dana Pretzer Show Scared Monkeys Radio


Tracy Ocasio Case: Pleas For FDLE and FBI Reach Governor Crist

The Following Is an update to the Tracy Ocasio case. Blinkoncrime and contributing editors are currently working on an inside look at Ms. Ocasios’ disappearance, and perhaps some of the reasons many may feel Ocoee Police should be requesting outside asisstance in this case. Check Back to Blinkoncrime.com for our exclusive expose based on witness statements.


Ocoee, FL– The disappearance of 27 year old Tracy Ocasio seems to have hit a wall. Tracy was last seen leaving the Tap Room Bar in Orlando after 1:30am on May 27th, with James “Jimmy” Hataway. Late this morning, I received a copy of a letter sent to Florida Governor Charlie Crist:

Office of Governor Charlie Crist
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Dear Governor Crist:

I write to you today as a voter, and a Florida resident, but most importantly I write to you as a parent. We have a situation going on in a small suburb of Orlando called Ocoee, that needs your immediate attention, and action. On 5/27/09 a beautiful young woman by the name of Tracy Ocasio went missing. Her parents Joe and Liz are living every parent’s worst nightmare, they know that something terrible has happened to their beloved daughter, but as of today she still hasn’t been found. The police have a person of interest in jail on another charge, but there are other people involved that have not been investigated by the police, and no one seems to know why. Sir, please ask the FBI, and the FDLE to step in and take control of this case, Tracy’s parents deserve that and so does Tracy. I’m afraid if another agency doesn’t take over this investigation that, Tracy will never be found, and justice will never be served.

Please I implore you, help Tracy and her parents, get the FDLE and FBI to Ocoee today.

Thank you,

Hataway is currently in the Seminole County Jail awaiting a preliminary hearing on July 28 on charges stemming from an incident last August that prosecutors originally declined to file. When Hataway surfaced as a person of interest and arrested on a paraphenalia charge while Ocoee Police were searching his home, his alleged victim, Rachel Clarke, returned to the States Attorneys’ office to again request that charges were filed.

 Requests for comments from Gov. Crists office were unreturned as of press time.