Friends and Family Concern Fuel Missing Ft. Bragg Soldier Kelli Bordeaux Investigation: Did Seeking Divorce And A New Man Cause Her Disappearance?

Fayetteville, NC- Ft. Bragg, NC- St. Cloud, Fl-

For those superstitious types out there, it came as no surprise that Friday the 13th yielded a tragedy.

PFC Kelly Bordeaux, an Army medic with the 44th Medical Brigade stationed at Fort Bragg, NC  had been “going through it”.

While she was away at boot camp, just about the two largest shocks to the system one can get, with no ability to do anything about, landed at her doorstep.

Kelli’s Father Paul passed away unexpectedly on Friday May 13th, 2011 and her husband Mike Bordeaux cheated on her with a mutual friends wife in the couple’s marital bed.

Kelli’s family and friends decided not to tell Kelli about her father out of concern it would hamper her ability to complete basic training- a move she made as a newlywed to advance her ability to train for work in the medical field.   A few days later she got the dreaded news.

While Kelli was at “basic” the knowledge that her husband Mike cheated on her and had begun drinking heavily caused her Mother Johnna to do some booting of her own.

Mike was given a one way ticket to California to return to his Mother’s home- and out of hers.

As Kelli settled into Army life, she decided to give her marriage to Mike another shot.

Perhaps her status as a soldier empowered her to think her increased level of discipline was transferrable via osmosis.

Mike and Kelli moved into an apartment in Meadowbrook and for a while the couple struggled to overcome the obstacles infidelity and Mike’s prior felony conviction for cocaine possession presented.  Mike worked a part time job in construction in Spring Lake while Kelli was on base.

Kelli realized that she married Mike as somewhat of a “transitional guy” after a long term relationship with a fellow St. Cloud man, Justin Thompson.  Kelli was committed to her career choice with the Army and while she believed he loved her, Mike was not ready for the level of responsibility she needed to support both her and their vows. (more…)

Missing Soldier Kelli Bordeaux: Bar Owner Froggy Bottoms Where She Was Last Seen Arrested, Has FBI Warrants

Fayetteville, NC-  Stephan Wayne Cantrell,  believed to be one of the bar owners of the Froggy Bottoms Bar, where Ft. Bragg pfc Kelli Bordeaux was last seen with Nick Holbert, has been arrested on local and Federal charges that are not related to Bordeaux’s disappearance.

Cantrell was arrested for for failing to appear at a 2001 court hearing for driving while impaired and has several warrants issued by the FBI for failures to pay over 0,000 in child support to different women.

As previously reported exclusively by,  the alcohol permit issued to the Froggy Bottoms Bar lists the name of Mandy Rai Murphy as it’s owner.   Cantrell is listed at an address along with Murphy at 317 Lynn Avenue in Fayettville.  Murphy is also listed as the principal owner of Poindexters Saloon.

Kelli Bordeaux was last seen early Saturday morning April 14 with Nick Holbert, an aggravated registered sex offender who is currently incarcerated for failing to register his change of address behind the bar.

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