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San Francisco, CA– The former law partner of divorce attorney to the stars- Melvin Belli has conducted a 2 year investigation into claims made by an Orange County Realtor that her father, Guy Ward Hendrickson, is the Zodiac Killer.

Deborah Perez came forward on the steps of the San Francisco Chronicle this afternoon:

Perez claims that she accompanied her Father on some of his murderous outings when she was 7, and actually wrote the letter to police and Marvin Belli for her father. She claims that when she saw the Zodiac Killers composite in 1997, she immediately knew it was her father. It was not known why Ms. Perez waited to come forward, but she is currently making a documentary of the crimes.

McLean stated that handwriting experts have confirmed that the letters were written by Perez, she has a pair of glasses she believes were a trophy taken by her father of cab driver victim Paul Stine, and she actually embroidered the black mask described by some of his victims.

All evidence and investigation notes have been turned over to the FBI, who will launch their own investigation into the claims.

Guy Ward Hendrickson died of cancer in 1993.

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