Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Halt Your Hubristic Hubrishness Jose Baez.. We Are All Stocked Up Here

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Jose Mason

“He has lulled himself into a false sense of competence.”


Hold The Hubris Pass The Humility

The saga begins as follows:

Aging local *legend in his own mind* defense attorney gets “defendant envy” when he sees the dude he thought was the busboy at all The Florida Bar functions, making more on his first big case, with more media face time, than Or lawn do has ever seen. Seasoned barrister signs on for his professional *see alice*, if you will.

Wait, kidding, not the saga in question, my bad.

Yesterday, on behalf of Casey Anthony, lead counsel with Jose Baez, J. Cheney Mason put to “motion” what undoubtedly was screaming inside his head as Mr. Baez bumbled, err, argued, against the States motion for contempt and sanctions last week.  The reconsideration request drafted by Attorney Mason will undoubtedly come as a surprise to Judge Perry.  When his Honor asked Mason why the deadline was not met at the State’s hearing:

..”Was there any particular reason that was not complied with?..”

Mason replied, “The answer to that is I don’t know.” 

Mr. Baez was found in contempt and fined less than the cost of his ipad.

I am not an attorney, but I do know that you cannot introduce new and different bullsh*it you neglected to bore the court with previously AND when you had the opportunity to respond and argue with a new tie and pocketsquare ensemble.

Apparently Judge Perry was not swayed by Baez “.. They say they will call but they never do..” argument, insinuating all Jeff Ashton had to do was call him to work out what his other previous 4 email requests could not.

Makes sense to me now that he put it like that, right?

Everyone knows you can trust what a defense attorney says on the phone who will not commit same information to writing. Duh.

Damn this traffic jam how I hate to be late.. It hurts my motor to go so slow.. 

I have this vision of Atty Slabaugh driving down the 4 with the top down and the 300 pages he threw in the back “loose”, are flying all over the freeway behind him. So that’s the problem.. the dang clerk’s office refusing to tie up their fax, dedicate 2 folks to replace toner and paper in the middle of the 300 page and 5 hour late response, while jamming every other case and function, for Casey Anthony. Missed the memo as well, I presume.

How insensitive. First word folks.. flash-drive. Second word.. GARMIN. It does not take 5 hours to get from Kissimme to Orlando, and that’s assuming he left when the filing was already past deadline.


Moving on to the defense’s whine list:

My fave- Dr. Lee found 17 hairs in a car that is believed to have transported the victim in this instant capital murder case and therefore he should not be expected to testify about it.


To date, this is absolutely the most laughable attempt to publicly excuse a witness who Mr. Baez apparently does not consider important enough to pay his dang expenses out of pocket for.

I hear this in my head:

Dr. Lee is not going to be called to testify OR be available for a deposition, cause, like, maybe the harsh weather will not produce that case of luscious oranges, but we are not sure yet, so please wait while we ask the plant lady, who will of course be testifying about plants, but you knew that already. Please tell me you knew that already.

Not to be confused with p-l-a-n-t-i-n-g, as we plan to move to strike or suppress any appearance of the words ” Dr. Henry Lee” and the word “planting” that appear on the same page of any document or media article, as well as within the silent thoughts of any of them-there bloggin’ types.


Lest we forget, Mr. Lee, who will not be testifying anyway if his expenses are not going to be paid, was denied access to an active homicide recovery scene while CST’s were still removing the tiny bones of Caylee Anthony from her swamp tomb.. the nerve of OCSO.

I mean, who knows what Dr. Lee could have come up with in that cornucopia of specimens.

Maybe even Kronk’s Oscar Meyer weenie whistle from the third grade perhaps.

Apparently the defense team , while discussing the virtues of Jose Hubris’s new “do”, missed the free lesson on the actual designation of the Crime Scene Technician, or CST, as mentioned by Jeff Ashton as opposed to the continued reference to “CSI” in defense motions.