Casey/Caylee Anthony Case: Grams Shirley Plesea is our HERO

Posted by BOC Staff | Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony Case,Jose Baez,Murdered,Rick Plesea,Shirley Plesea | Monday 23 March 2009 12:00 pm

Orlando, FL– Finally, a relative of murdered 34 month old Caylee Anthony that I believe. Shirley Plesea, maternal Grandmother to Casey Anthony, Interview with Orange County Sheriff’s Office was made public last Friday.

If you were going to try to skate through without reading it yourself, and just count on blinkoncrime or other writers to give you the hi lights, don’t.

I only hope at some point we get to hear the audio. It is the first piece of discovery evidence I actually pseudo enjoyed reading as much as one can knowing it is evidence in a murder case of a baby.