Chris George and Tracy Ocasio Missing: Will New Witnesses Be The Tell Tale Heart To Find Them?

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The last verifiable interaction with Chris George was at approximately 6PM on February 11, 2009.

Apopka Police came upon Jimmy Hataway, Tyler Watters and Brandon Losik in the area of Ocoee Apopka rd emerging from the woods, with Chris’s white Xterra in full view from the road.

Watters and Hataway were cuffed at the scene and questioned separately for 6 hours.< ?xml:namespace prefix ="" o />

Their stories did not match.

The officers were satisfied. My manner had convinced them. I was singularly at ease. They sat, and while I answered cheerily, they chatted of familiar things. But, ere long, I felt myself getting pale and wished them gone.

Tyler Watters Account (Abridged):

Tyler Watters and cousins Hutto in Back - Copy

At about 1:30AM February 12, 2009, Chris drove into the woods off of < ?xml:namespace prefix ="" st1 />Ocoee Apopka Rd. He was high and the pair had been doing drugs earlier.

He ran out of the truck, yelling “If you wanna be a G you gotta roll like a G.” He said that Chris dropped his phone, his keys, the pair stopped for a second to look on the ground for it and then Chris kept running.

Tyler said he ran after Chris until the area got marshy, he stopped, turned around and started walking back to the truck.  He said he could not find the keys or Chris’s phone, so he called a friend to pick him up. The girls at Sun Resorts had passed out early, they slept through the whole thing until morning when they dropped him and Jimmy off at the “wrecked truck” to look for Chris.

Jimmy Hataways Account (Abridged):

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Tyler called him and told him that Chris wigged out and ran into the woods leaving him stranded.  He said he borrowed one of the girl’s vehicles to go pick Tyler up and the girls dropped them off the next morning at the truck to look for Chris. The girls crashed early and slept through the whole thing. The next day they packed snacks, waters and headed out into the woods to look for Chris. Next thing he knew, cops were on the side of the road.

There are several versions of these, but you get the idea. What is astounding to me is that these two were well aware there was a guard shack at the entrance of the park, and a closed circuit camera trained on cars entering and exiting. I guess they figured out they had some time before Apopka PD would learn that.

They were right.

They would not be questioned again for months. In fact, not until after May 28, 2009.


The Truth

Focusing specifically on the events of February 11, 2009 and Chris George’s arrivals and exits from Sun Resorts

Chris arrives at Sun Resorts about 2:15PM, leaves about 2:30PM with Jimmy Hataway.

According to Hataway, Chris leaves him at a location of a person he did not know for about 3 hours. They are back at the park at 5:10PM.

The group hangs out together for about 30 minutes and Tyler Watters asks Chris if he would take him to his grandmother’s house for a change of clothes if he pays him $20 for gas. Chris’s truck pulls out of Sun Resorts at 5:40PM.

At approximately 10PM, Watters calls one of the female residents of Lot #269 announcing Chris left him stranded in the woods and he needed a ride. He said he had been walking a while, and would be on Keene Rd. Hataway and the girls picked him up a few minutes later on Keene.

Watters was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans without a smudge on him, not a burr or a scratch. It was not what he wore when he left and is presumed to be the “change of clothes” after showering at his grandmothers. His boots were not muddy and he was carrying the duffel bag he left with.

Rosemary Watters has been interviewed and stated that Tyler definitely was there and showered, however, she never saw Chris. She went on to say she was aware of the truck parked outside, but did not notice if someone was sitting in it.

After the foursome arrived back at Sun Resorts, Tyler made several calls discussing the incident with animated detail. Although he had his own phone, he was using one of the female witnesses, which again, LE was not aware of until months later.  

Within 15 minutes, Hataway and Watters requested the girls take them back out to the scene to look for Chris.

At this point, both the pickup of Watters and the drop off of both he and Hataway, occurred on Keene Rd.  At no time during either, was the White Xterra visible to anyone from the road and had been described as “deep in the woods” by Watters.

At approximately 11:30PM the truck was spotted pulling into the space at Lot 269 at Sun Resorts where it would remain until the next morning. 

The female witnesses, who had been visiting a relative of one of the women within the park; noticed upon their return to Lot #269 Chris George’s white Xterra was parked outside. Both heaved a sigh of relief.

As they bounded in the door to participate in the “crisis averted” celebration they expected to be walking into, they quickly learned that was not the case.


Chris George And Tracy Ocasio: A Investigation Uncovers New Witnesses

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“Ay, that I will; and I’ll be wise hereafter, And seek for grace. What a thrice-double ass Was I to take this drunkard for a god, And worship this dull fool!” – William Shakespeare, The Tempest, 5.1

Onda Christopher George’s ruggedly handsome looks, warm smile and charisma made him the quintessential “boy next door.” If you grew up in one of the wealthy Windermere, Florida subdivisions, he may have been just that. Continuing our exclusive investigation into the disappearances of Chris George and Tracy Ocasio has developed new sources, new evidence, and new leads in both cases.  Read Volume I Here

In December 2008, Chris George had managed to pull himself out of a recent relapse with mild drug use through one of the oldest tried and true methods.  The Love of a woman he did not want to lose.

He was in a committed relationship, making a clean living and had left bad associations behind. Following an unfortunate physical attack (sucker punch) at a Holiday outing, to which Chris did not respond at the request of his girlfriend; Chris suffered a concussion and hernia.

His injuries kept him out of his work at Custom Metal Designs for a week. Upon return, because he had been out and still under a physician’s care, Chris was first on the list for his pink slip due to cut backs.  Not to be deterred at the major setback, after consulting  friends, family and a possible business partner, Chris decided he would start his own mobile detailing business.

“Though with their high wrongs I am struck to th’ quick, Yet with my nobler reason ‘gainst my fury Do I take part. The rarer action is In virtue than in vengeance.” – William Shakespeare, The Tempest, 5.1

The employment pool for convicted felons was a known hurdle, and Chris knew a few guys in the business that had been successful in a short period of time. Paul Adam Hutto, was one of “those guys”.

Paul Hutto whiteboyp44

In fact, it may have been exactly where Chris got the idea.  According to a source speaking to on the condition of anonymity, Chris had recently run into Jeremiah Hutto, released from prison weeks earlier from a parole violation on a battery charge, thinking it was his brother Paul . Paul threw a Christmas Eve Bash to celebrate his homecoming in the woods behind the Gotha Superwalmart.

Chris hung out with both Hutto’s during his troublesome teens. Paul had  convictions for armed burglary and stalking pled down from felony kidnapping and sexual battery  with other Hutto family members including older brother Ernest “Dustin” Hutto.  He has also been charged with 33 traffic related offenses since 2000, including revocation of his drivers license at least 6 times.

The pair caught up as they made their way through the store and into the parking lot where Chris admired the “tricked out” burnt orange truck Hutto was driving. 

Chris commented to mutual friends afterward that whatever business Hutto’s were in , it must be good to afford that truck.

With the name H U T T O in large orange letters on the windshield, it did not appear they were concerned who knew about it.

While riding with a friend about a week later,  Chris made an abrupt U turn in the middle of the highway after spotting a similar truck at a gas station on the opposite side of the road.  Chris’s passenger asked what the problem was,  and he answered, ..” I need to talk to him about something..”.  As they got within 30 feet of the truck at the gas station Chris said ..”Nevermind, not him, the idiot has him damn name on the truck..”  When pressed about who Hutto was and what Chris needed that was so important he gave them both whiplash to talk to him, Chris replied tersely, “Business”.