At Risk or Endangered Missing Adult: Jason Holley Found Deceased

Posted by BOC Staff | Bizarre Crime,Jason Holley,Missing Persons,Murdered | Tuesday 24 February 2009 8:54 pm


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Colorado Springs, CO- Update- Jason Holley, missing from Colorado Springs since January 5, 2009, has been found deceased and two men are under arrest for suspicion of his murder.  Check back to for this developing story.

At Risk or Endangered Missing Adult: Where is Jason Holley? Missing in Colorado Springs, CO Since January 5, 2009


Jason Holley, 22, appears to have almost literally vanished the morning of January 5, 2009 in Colorado Springs, CO. He was a 3rd year student at Pike’s Peak Community College in the Automotive Program and by all accounts, was an extremely affable, albeit shy young man. Jason worked very hard to overcome  his learning challenges to master his studies and become an Automotive Tech; in spite of his cognitive disorder,  Klinefelter Syndrome. One of the difficulties for him is that it causes him to have short term memory loss.  Jan Holley, Jason’s Mother, with whom he shared a close relationship, has recently had to return to her work in the Medical field after exhausting her savings in efforts to find her son, costs that have currently exceeded $10,000.

“I moved with Jason to Colorado Springs in 2003 because he needed special education,  and was having an extremely difficult time with school. It was a very hard move for me  because Durango was my home for 25 years, but it was worth it, since Jason has been  happy here. With the help of his learning specialist Phil McLelland, Jason has been  attending the automotive program at Pike’s Peak Community College, taking only one  class at a time.”

His mom also says he tends to trust people he shouldn’t, and is not able to tell good people from someone who might be intentionally taking advantage of him, which had occurred recently. She fears he is with someone who could take advantage of his disability.

“This is not like him. He’s never gone from home for more than 24 hours,” said Jan Holley.

Jason Holley was sleeping in his downstairs bedroom on that Monday morning, the day he disappeared when Jan went to work. A couple hours later, she says she got a phone call from him asking if he could go to a friend’s house.  He never showed up at that friend’s house and has been missing ever since. He has not logged onto his myspace or attempted to contact any of his friends or family; which is highly unusual given his condition.


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