Jacque Waller Missing: Husband James Clay Waller Tells Dad “I Killed Her”

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Clay Waller,  in US District Court today on charges he threatened his wife’s relatives in an email exchange, Prosecutors say he confessed to the premeditated murder of Jacque Rawson Waller.

Waller was subsequently indicted this afternoon on the threat charges and proceedings immediately changed to a bond hearing for the former Cape Girardeau deputy.  Waller is also currently on bond for recent charges  he made threats to his former girlfriend and her estranged husband, as well as facing economic fraud allegations involving his  failing construction business.

Federal Prosecutor Larry Ferrell stated in the  bond hearing what was likely presented earlier in the closed session of the  grand jury.  Ferrell claimed there was sufficient evidence that Waller killed his wife, and buried her in a hole he dug beforehand,  or at least, that is what he told his Father.

Ferrell went on to say there is evidence in the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Jacque Waller, that implicates her husband, including carpeting he re-sected and hid in floorboards in the family home.

Forensic lab tests  have confirmed  the samples contain Jacque’s blood.

Clay Waller has not  been charged with any offenses related to the disappearance of Jacque Waller,  mother of the former couples 5 year old triplets.

Avery, Addison and Maddox Waller have been in the custody of their maternal grandparents since their mother was reported missing.

Jason Mateos,  editor, www.blinkoncrime.com, contributed to this report

Missing And Endangered: Missouri Mom of Triplets Jacque Waller Missing- Clay Waller Person Of Interest

Cheryl Brenneke , Jacque Waller’s sister is frantic.  Jacque left Cheryl’s St. Genevieve home on June 1st, on her way to file for divorce following a recent separation from her estranged husband, Clay Waller.  Jacque announced privately to her family a year ago she would be seeking a divorce,  she was reported to be in good spirits, and thrilled to moving  to the St. Genevieve area with the three children she shared with Waller.

I wish that every reader did not have visions of Scott, Drew or Michael Peterson in their heads.  It is what it is.

Clay Waller, residing at 1121 Woodland Drive in Jackson, MO, was the last person to see Jaque when she arrived to pick up one of their children who had been placed with a babysitter.  According to Cape Girardeau/Bollinger County Major Crimes Task Force, an argument ensued about the impending divorce filing, and Waller says his wife stormed down the street, leaving her blue Honda Pilot in his driveway.

Waller claims that he then left his residence, and when he returned, Jaque and her vehicle were gone.  The Blue Honda Pilot was later found abandoned with a flat tire near Hwy 55 in Jackson.

..” I know She Would Never Leave Her Kids.. They were here reason for living, the reason she stayed in her marriage that long..”

Jacque Waller friend Amy King

Drawing another parallel to the Drew Peterson case,  Clay Waller is a former law enforcement officer.  Waller is a former Sheriff’s deputy with the Cape Girardeau Sheriff’s Office.   Requests for comments from John Jordan, CGSO, have not yet been returned.

Police have recovered and impounded Waller’s red GMC sierra pick up, and the boat they believe may be involved in Jacque’s disappearance he was seen towing the evening of June 1st.

Witnesses near the location of Waller’s residence, speaking on the condition of anonymity to www.blinkoncrime.com, have confirmed that a man matching Clay Waller’s description was seen driving the blue Honda Pilot near Neal Ave after 5PM, with a fishing boat on a trailer at a high rate of speed.  There are unconfirmed that the boat was reported missing at that time, and has since been recovered, submerged, in an undisclosed body of water.  (Editor’s note- there is an additional report it was located in a storage facility)

Police are asking the public to provide any tips that may assist the investigation.

Jason Mateos, Editor, www.blinkoncrime.com, contributed to this report.

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