Lottery Winner Urooj Khan Victim Of Homicide: Wife Cashes Check Issued Day After His Death Payable To “Bank Of Me”

Posted by BOC Staff | Lottery Fatality,Shabana Ansari,Urooj Khan | Tuesday 8 January 2013 8:57 pm

Chicago, IL-  Urooj Khan,  business owner and self-professed lottery junkie finally hit it big.  He won a cool Mill on a scratch- off ticket after a recent  pilgrimage.

The day after his check was issued,  which was a lump sum payment after taxes- Khan was dead.   Double scratch.


How Ya Like Me Now?

How Ya Like Me Now?


Shock A Con- I Feel For You

Standing next to his wife and jumping for joy- Urooj,  in the US for 12 years,  committed to sharing his windfall with infirmed children- a noble and altruistic choice.  Non-citizens of the US may participate in state lottery.

Urooj recently returned from a Muslim pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia where he swore off gambling for a few weeks.

After several requests from Khan’s family, further toxicology testing has determined that his death was no accident, and he died from cyanide poisoning.  Khan’s initial examination at the scene was thought to be hardening of his arteries although no autopsy was preformed at that time.

Urooj Khan’s wife, Shabana Ansari was not deterred by her grief.  She cashed the check in her husband’s name on August 15th as the legal recipient of his estate and promptly wrote a check to the closest children’s hospital.

-Record Scratch-

Of course she did not,  you know snark when you see it and this woman is insulting your intelligence as a follower of true crime cases involving idiots with access to biohazards.

Paging Carrie Matheson.. Consult please.

The investigation into the death of Urooj Khan continues.