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The Crime Review 2011

January-  David Anthony Durham shoots police officer after playing hookie from work in anticipation for an arrest, his house is located in the grid search for missing 7 year old Kyron Horman.  **Unsolved, **Unrecovered

February- “Onda” Chris George- featured in a cold case investigative report in November 2010, Chris was recovered on February 21, 2011 .  **Unresolved Possible Homicide

April 1 2011- Successful prosecution and life sentence of James Hattaway.  No April Fools joke.  Hattaway, a suspect in the disappearances of Onda Chris George,  and Tracy Ocasio, was convicted of attempted murder of Rachael Clark .

The alarming violent abduction of 20 year old student Holly Bobo.   Miss Bobo has not been located and their have been no updates by the TBI in her case for several months.  No named person of interest  in the case.  **Unsolved, **Unrecovered

May- Terrorist leader Osama bin Laden is executed upon refusal to surrender by US Navy Seals.

May/July- The trial of Casey Anthony resulting in her acquittal in all changes except 4 counts of lying to police.  Ms. Anthony has been renamed the C-word by and recently released her first video diary as a blonde with a really bad cut.

June- Disappearance of Jacque Waller, wife of former cop and general con man Clay Waller.  Jacque has not been recovered, but Clay is in prison on  unrelated charges currently and the couple’s children are in the custody of Jacque’s family.    According to Clay’s dad , he has already confessed to her murder.

June -Successful prosecution resulting in a life sentence for the murder of Christine Sheddy, a 5 part cold case series developed in 2010 and featured on BOC for the purposes of progressing her case.  Justen Hadel, one of the primary suspects in the case ending up confessing, and our information was correct that Christine was murdered on the Byrd road property.   I spent a day on in 105 degree weather followed by a mini-hurricane on this hell-hole property I will never forget.  I continue to seek justice in the hope a prosecution will follow for Clarence Jackson and Tia.

July/August 2011- Celina Cass missing, and recovery of her remains.  While it is presumed a homicide, her cause of death has not been determined or released.  Wendell Noyes, her stepfather is the only non-official person of interest. Celina’s mother left him while he underwent psychiatric care upon the news of Celina’s recovery.  It is my solid opinion that Wendell is involved in Celina’s death and disposal of her remains in a water treatment ().  There have been no arrests or indictments in this case to date.

August 19, 2011.  West Memphis Three-  Two days after I wrote a series about the murders of 3 8 year old boys in June of 1993 by 3 teenage boys known as the West Memphis Three,  all three plead guilty to an alford plea after the state agreed to a deal proffered by the defense team, funded by the Hollywood elite.  So far, Reese Witherspoon has been cast as Pam Hobbs, mother of Stevie Branch.  In November, the parents wrote a letter to the Chair of the AMPAS documentary committee asking that they not con sider the HBO commissioned Paradise Lost 3, Purgatory for an award.  We featured the entire letter as a front page on the site, in support.

September 2011-  The Susan Powell case-  The roller coaster of we found remains, wait, not remains, but former remains in burned wood chips.  The subsequent arrest of Susan’s freak in law

October 2011- The disappearance of Karen Swift, mother of four.  Karen was located on December (), and has yet to have her autopsy completed or her remains released.  Sheriff Box of the Dyer County Sheriffs Office has not named a suspect, but it is widely known that the primary person of interest is David Swift, Karen’s recently estranged husband.

Missing 10 month old Lisa Irwin- No new anything in this case, since Joe Tacopina of Joran VanDerSloot fame took the case to represent the parents.  A lead developed from Deb Bradley’s phone produced a juggalo chic whose phone was called in what is believed to be in the middle of the alleged crime, and did ping close to the Irwin residence.  Megan Wright’s former boyfriend known as Jersey was subsequently arrested for tampering with a vehicle.  She claims not to know anything in the case and that her phone was used by several members of a household she was since asked to leave.

Amanda Knox Acquittal- what many did not know about the prosecutor will change most of your opinions in this case.  Blink dubs Giuliano Mignini  “The Mike Nifong” of Perusia.

November/December: The Nittany Nightmare-

Over 40 counts of child sexual abuse are filed in an indictment against former PSU offensive coordinator and Second Mile founder Jerry Sandusky.  Tim Curley and Gary Schwartz are indicted and held for trial for perjury in their grand jury testimony.  Mike McQueary stands firm in his testimony during the preliminary hearing.  Blink uncovers a possible insurance scandal paying the legal bills.


Murder In Mexico: Tiffany Hartley Endures 16 Hours Of Interviews In David Hartley Death

Posted by BOC Staff | David Hartley,Missing and Endangered,Murdered,Tiffany Young-Hartley | Tuesday 19 October 2010 6:00 pm

..” I have nothing to hide. I Have ABSOLUTELY nothing to hide..”


Tiffany Hartley emerged on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 yesterday after her 16th hour of interviews at the Mexican Consulate in McAllen, Texas.

Hartley recounted the events of September 30, ending with the alleged murder of her husband David. Ms. Hartley gave both new testimony and confirmed her previous statements according to reports from the Mexican Attorney General and Ms. Hartley herself, without the presence of an attorney.

According to several statements from Hartley, David was shot “off his jet ski” while the couple was returning from the Mexican side of Falcon Lake, where they briefly took pictures of the historic church on Old Guerrerro. Neither David Hartley nor his Sea Doo watercraft have been recovered.

One of the most baffling aspect of the case, is the fact that Ms. Hartley claims the pair were shot at at as they were driving their jet skis away from alleged “pirates” they both waved a friendly hello to, seconds before.  Tiffany Hartley was uninjured in the attack, and her jet ski was not hit in the gunfire. Although media was alerted last week that tests on a possible blood source on Tiffany’s life vest were due back that afternoon, we were quickly told there would be no updates about the possible blood evidence at this time.

This afternoon, blinkoncrime Editor spoke with Chuck Smith, owner Smith Marina USA about specifics of the Sea Doo RXT.

..Your correct, the RXT has a chip in the starter that is electronically programmed to “match” the owners lanyard key. If he was wearing the lanyard, whether attached to his vest, or in some cases the arm, and he was thrown off the ski, it activates a kill switch and will not start without the key it is programmed to without a factory reprogramming, which of course, one would need the paperwork for. In short, no matter what, they would need his key to start it.

Blink Question: What if he was not attached to the key, and he was shot and flew off the unit “in motion”, this would not shut the engine off, correct?

CS: Correct. The ski would continue in the direction the handlebars were pointing and continue to throttle in that direction.

Blink: How hard are these models to sink?

CS: Virtually impossible. I have never actually heard of, or seen one, sink to the bottom. The way the Coast Guard standards are now with these, they have hulls similar to boats.

Blink: Could enough bullet holes sink it? What about if the contiuum– could that have caused it to flip? Could anyone right it?

CS: No, not unless we are talking morter rounds. I guess in theory an automatic weapon could put enough holes cut it in half if that was the goal, but again, your still going to see shards of fiberglass all over the water, remnants similar to a boat accident or crash. Again, under these circumstances, I don’t see how he could flip it, but if it were, again, harder to see because the bottom is black, but any SAR or Coast Guard deployment knows what abnormalities to look for on the water surface. It would be next to impossible to “right it” in deep water. It would be more likely they would drag it to shallow water.

Blink: Is this chop-shoppable?

CS: Absolutely. There is some after factory devices, similar to lo jack, but the engine and parts are expensive and could easily be sold that way.

Blink: He was wearing a PFD I. In your opinion is that keeping him afloat until he is located if he was left in the water?

CS: Absolutely, unless it was removed, or he and the vest were removed from the water, he would be floating, yes.

As announced this morning on Dana Pretzer commentary, Blink, Editor In Chief of will be discussing the Hartley case this evening live at 9PM EST on Scared Monkeys The Dana Pretzer Show.


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David Hartley Gunned Down On Jet Ski In Mexico : Tiffany Young-Hartley Facing Scrutiny

Posted by BOC Staff | Bizarre Crime,Blink,David Hartley,Falcon Lake,Mexican Territory,Murdered,Tiffany Young-Hartley | Tuesday 5 October 2010 10:34 pm

According to his wife, Tiffany Young-Hartley, who called 911, David Hartley, 30, was gunned down by Mexican pirates while the couple ventured across the Falcon Resovior lakes US border to take pictures of the “Mexican Atlantis” or Old Guerreo.


Hartley says her husband was shot in the head and as a result “flew” off his jet ski while the couple was returning from the landmark on the Mexican side of the lake, after taking pictures. She goes on to say she became aware of 3 different boats chasing down the couple only after she saw bullets hitting the water next to her. As she turned around to see where they were coming from, she claims she witnessed her husbands murder. 

David was driving a new Sea Doo RXT ski that can climb from 0–30MPH in 1.7 seconds and is capable of top-end speeds of over 60 MPH. has not been able to confirm which model Ms. Hartley was driving. The couple had been on at least one earlier jet ski jaunt while still in Mexico, but was cut short due to a mishap with David’s craft on June 20th.


According to his wife, David was face-down in the water, wearing a life vest, after he was shot.

Despite the horror of what she had just witnessed and astonishingly avoiding injury to her or her watercraft, she circled back around, jumped off her jet ski, and turned her 250 lb. husband upright to observe the gunshot wound to his forehead. You read that correctly, according to Tiffany Hartley, while being chased from behind, David was shot from the front. Hartley maintains this is when she attempted to load him onto her jet ski, and also when two of the three boats were now positioned in front of her.