Casey/Caylee Anthony Case: Duct Tape, Father’s Day and Hopkins

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NO Detectives, I mean THE OTHER Zach Hopkins

Orlando, FL– Where did we first hear the name Zach Hopkins in the case of missing and eventually found murdered 34 month old Caylee Anthony?

He was the non-existent son of Casey Anthony’s former schoolmate, Jeffrey Hopkins. He was the non-existent grandson of Jeff’s parents who got the phone call from the Anthony home about 5 AM July 16th, and follow up from brother Lee that he did not believe his sister.

The other Zach Hopkins, who is not a toddler, is in no way affiliated with this case, is an actor.

Zach appears in this Video created for Blue Fish TV and launched June 14, 2008 in honor of FATHERS DAY.


 Yes, it says what you think. A duct tape instructional releases the day before father’s day, which is the last corroberated sighting of Caylee Anthony, starring a person with the misfortune of having the same name of an alleged witness in the investigation of her disappearance/ murder. (more…)