Haleigh Cummings Case: Misty Croslin Confession.. “He took her away in a Black Bag”

As 18 year old  Misty Croslin pleaded no contest to another drug trafficking charge today, Defense Attorney Robert Fields told the court his client, Misty Croslin, former wife of Haleigh Cummings Father Ron, also serving time on drug charges, that she knew what happened to 5 year old Haleigh the night of February 10, 2009.

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“According to Misty, Joe took Haleigh while Misty was laying in bed and covered herself up with a blanket,” Fields told Channel 4 Tuesday morning outside the courtroom. “They were there for like seven minutes, appeared to be on drugs and Misty says she saw Joe put Haleigh in a black bag and she heard Haleigh scream.”

Joe Overstreet, who is Misty Croslin’s cousin from Tennesee allegedly came to the Mobile home with Misty’s brother Hank Croslin following a drug arrest in January, looking for an assault rifle.  When the assault rifle was not found, Overstreet allegedly covered Haleigh with a blanket and then removed her from the home in a black bag.

Misty Croslin claims to have heard Haleigh scream, and did nothing to stop the abduction.

Joe Overstreet was recently arrested on drug charges in Tennesee, although authorities do not believe that crime is related to Haleigh’s disappearance.

Today is Haleigh Cummings 7th birthday.

Haleigh Cummings Case: Sources Say “WE ARE CLOSE”


Putnam County, FL– Since Monday, breaks in the case of  5 year old Haleigh Cummings, missing from her home since February 9, 2008, have caused a search team to be stationed at the St. Johns River.


Sources tell blinkoncrime they are close to making an arrest in her murder.

HaleighSearch041410LgVanLeaveLate this afternoon sources inside the investigation have confirmed that Misty Croslin, the former step-mother and last person to see Haleigh alive, was brought back to the scene a third time.

Image to the left, courtesy of scaredmonkeys.com poster grnlizard, is of Misty Croslin leaving in the white SUV.

.. We have been hopeful that we could gauge her reactions from the scene, as well as the possibility she might actually tell us the truth, as we have been straight up we are not leaving without what we came for..

“.. The consensus is she is more interested in what was told to us by an unamed individual..”

-source speaking to blinkoncrime on the condition of anonymity

The recent developments are the work of a 10 month investigation by a retired FBI agent, Steve Brown, who is working for Crystal Sheffield.

“Monday was the culmination of this 10-month investigation I’ve been doing,” said Steve Brown, now a private investigator working for Haleigh’s mother, Crystal Sheffield. “We presented this to the Putnam Country Sheriff’s Office and the FDLE, and with their cooperation, finally got the final details of what transpired in that trailer on Feb. 9th (2009).”

While many are speculating that the search teams are poised to locate the remains of little Haleigh, it is this editors opinion that they are searching for something related to what is missing from the scene, a blanket.

Brown believes the presentation he gave to the Putnam County Sheriffs Office and the FDLE leaves nothing left to interpretation as to what happened in the trailor that night.

“There may be other people culpable, but as to who killed Haleigh, that’s not going to be a big surprise,” Brown said.

Joe Overstreet, Misty Croslin’s cousin who was in town the night Haleigh went missing, but has denied any involvement, was questioned last night at 11 PM for the third time at FBI offices in Tennesee, according to his attorney, Shawn Sirgo .

Sources close to the investigation believe an arrest in this case is imminent, and that Misty Croslin is expected to testify in exchange for a reduced charge in the drug charges against her.

Ron Cummings and Misty Croslin have been incarcerated since January 20, 2010 on drug charges.

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Haleigh Cummings Case: Ron Cummings Files for Divorce From Misty


Ron Cummings, father of missing Haleigh Ann Marie Cummings, has filed for divorce from the last person to see his daughter alive, and his wife, Misty Croslin Cummings.


Ron Cummings will be giving an exclusive interview this evening on the Nancy Grace Show, 8PM EST on the HLN network.

This news comes on the heals of major developments in this case over the last 2 weeks.

Misty Croslin’s Mother, and brother, have both been arrested on unrelated charges recently, as has Ron Cummings and his brother. 




Haleigh Cummings Case: Pond in Putnam County Drained


Satsuma, FL–  In the latest developments in the case of missing 6 year old Satsuma girl Haleigh Cummings, deputies are searching the woods and draining a pond on Stokes Landing Road.


Neighbors have reported the roads to the pond have been blocked off, and the crew draining the pond have been on scene since Police dive teams were deployed to the pond Friday morning.

 This development comes on the heels of the arrest of Hank Croslin, Misty Cummings brother less than 24 hours earlier on an unrelated firearms charge.

Hank Croslin’s wife Lindsay, his sister and Haleigh Cummings step-mother, Misty Cummings, were at Satsuma Police HQ Friday morning.

There are unconfirmed rumors that Misty Cummings is in police custody. Recently, Misty Cummings sought the help of Texas Equusearch founder Tim Miller. Through the efforts of TES attorney Mark Nejame, Misty took a series of lie detector tests Miller said she failed miserably.

Reached for comment this morning, Mark Nejame told blinkoncrime.com the pond was in fact being drained, but had no new information. 

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Contributing Editor Kate Mills


Palatka, FL– Talk about a change in circumstances. The bounty hunter had to turn himself into Police today on charges he falsely imprisoned a man  awaiting trial on sex offenses to a child. William Snodgrass alleges Cobra Staubs handcuffed him and detained him against his will for one hour while questioning whether he had anything to do with the disappearance of Haleigh Ann Marie Cummings. It is not known at this time if Kim Picazio, attorney to Crystal Sheffield will represent Staub’s in these charges, but the pair are admitted friends. Bail is set at $5004.00




Haleigh Cummings Case: Gramma Neves Snakes and Hogpens

Satsuma, FL– Did Haleigh Ann-Marie Cummings Gram try to set up William “Cobra” Staubs by leading him into a remote area of the woods about a mile from her son Ron Cummings home? Teresa Neves, is the grandmother of Haleigh Ann-Marie Cummings, missing from her Satsuma home since February 10, 2009

In the most bizarre video footage yet, captured by artharris.com, Teresa Neves appears to brazenly lead Cobra and his team into a backwoods area resmebling a scene out of deliverance.

Ms. Neves was sobbing when she called Cobra Staubs on his cell phone from her red pickup truck and asked him to meet her at the Citgo Sation on 17. She told him she had been by herself searching out there for the past 4 hours.

..”I was just walking and I got lost.. there was a trailer and it sounded like a squeaking door from deep in the woods..”

Cobra and his son Matthew, attempted to locate the owner of the trailer by knocking on the open door and calling out “Investigations Here, Anyone home?”

As they began wondering into the woods looking for clues, they abruptly lost Neves and could not locate her. Deep within the woods they had never been in, Staubs gets a call on his cell. It’s Neves.

..” Where you at.. You on the Road? You ran into a six foot  Moccasin..? Who did you all up and leave us out in the woods, was this part of the plan?  

As Cobra and son headed towards the road, they ran into a former marine who was local. He stated that what Neves may have thought was underground prisons was his innocent hog pens.

It appeared that Ms. Neves, who works as a dispatcher for the Sheriff’s Office was wearing flip flops when she met up with Cobra and would not be appropriate or footwear one would be sporting to go trouncing through the brush and soggy ground for 4 hours. Cobra thinks she set him up. For what purpose, remains to be seen.

It was later discovered that the area had been searched three times previously with 168 officers, a fact that Ms. Neves would have been aware of.