Lisa Irwin Missing: Cell Phone Call Made From Mom’s Phone At 2:30 AM, Taco Quotes Donald Trump, Kids Under Subpoena

Kansas City, MO- In what appears to be the latest revelation of contradictory information coming from the parents of Lisa Irwin, directly- there WAS a call made from Bradley’s cell phone at 2:30 am the morning of Lisa’s disappearance October 4, 2011.

Megan Wright,  apparently ready for the breakfast Halloween mixer or the Strawberry Shortcake weekend reunion, was caught outside her home by surprise yesterday.

Ms. Wright was interviewed by Kansas City Police detectives at least four times,  and states that she does not know Deborah or the Irwin family and was only “through the neighborhood” with her ex-boyfriend.  It would seem that the former suiter in question has Ms. Juggalette changing her Facebook status from “it’s complicated” to single.

Ms. Wright does not know who called her phone and had a 50 second conversation with whomever called from Deborah Bradley’s phone,  but she certainly did not say it was stolen,  and to my knowledge detectives do not need to interview folks four times if they have no information.

The cell phone call occurs almost to the minute of the dumpster fire a few blocks from the Irwin residence on NE 37th St.

Sources inside the investigation have confirmed to that Wright has an association with an extended member of the family, but to their knowledge has never met Deborah, Jeremy, or the couples children.

Ms. Wright’s clown family can be found here.


In the words of our affectionately dubbed, double-thatch comb over king,  Donald Trump, Joe Tacopina, attorney for Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin gave Cynthia Short her walking papers.

Citing exhaustion, Ms. Short, before coming up short last night, cancelled a media tour and press conference at the Irwin home at 3620 N. Lister Ave yesterday morning.

Taco then cancelled the interviews of the two young boys scheduled to meet with a pediatric specialist to answer questions about the night Lisa went missing.  Although Bradley and Irwin’s original story was that one of the children was in bed with her,  it has changed to include both boys sleeping in the couple’s bed.

To further complicate matters, Tacopina in a conversation with Judge Jeanine Pirro announced that he had retained the world’s foremost expert on cadaver canines, and was told that a dog trained to alert on human decomposition will also alert on human feces.

Where are Bones and Gerus when you need them, I opine..

What is not clear, is how Taco is practicing law in Missouri in the first place.  He is not currently licsened in the state of Missouri so he would have to be operating via an approved pro hac vice order of a local member of the state’s bar.

Let’s hope he gets up to speed quickly, as he is about to run into a learning curve in the road. has learned that although Taco et al has reported that Bradley and Irwin have consented to allow the children to be interviewed after declining for weeks,  they had little choice.

While not subject to public disclosure,  it is believed the children are the subject of an investigative subpoena.

Missouri is a unique state  in this regard, as it has the power to use this investigative tool in lieu of an actual grand jury if the state sees fit, and has little drawbacks- including the fact that it allows the prosecution to compel witnesses and evidence prior to filing any charges, and in some cases, prior to seeking an indictment.

Taco says he will call police next week to reschedule the children’s appointment for an interview, and buccal swabs.

Images by Klaasend

Contributing Editors:  Jason Mateos,  Jacqueline Beaufort