Sandra Cantu Investigation: Suitcase Reported Stolen By Church Member

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Tracy, CA- Blink on Crime has confirmed there is a solid link to the Clover Baptist Church and the black suitcase Sandra Cantu was found in Monday afternoon.  According to a member of the Clover Baptist Church, Fred Williams, a female congregation member reported the bag stolen the day Sandra was last seen: 

“There’s not one member there that would have anything to do with anything like that kind of situation,” Williams said. “More people should come to church and hang out with him because they would find out what a fun loving kind of guy that he is,” Williams said.

“That suitcase was to go to the church for a rummage sale with some stuff in it and the person put it somewhere, either in the back of a car somewhere. But anyway, when she came back out the suitcase was gone,” Williams said.

Williams said that the mysterious rolling black suitcase Cantu was found in, was reported stolen to Tracy Police Department.  Not True.