Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Funding For The Defense Hearing Today

While the web and blogosphere is clogged with the latest scandal to feature Tot Pop George Anthony and his nature walks of rivers and skies-

I would like to refocus efforts on a more pressing matter; the hearing on behalf of Casey Anthony regarding the indingency petition that has recently been approved through Orange County Clerk of Courts.

J to da A to da C

Justice Administrative Commission. The organization that is funded by Florida tax dollars has the biggest dog in this fight. While they do not pay for private attorney fees, they do cover investigative, administrative, travel, and expert witness costs for the defense. It is not unheard of for the JAC to fund such expenses for a murder trial, but I could not find a single comparable case where a defendant plays the indigent card 18 months into a case where they have received outside funds directly.

Note: this is an ammended petition, meaning the first petition which was filed the day of her arrest July 17th, 2008 where she stated she had an income of $1400 per month, $600 per month in expenses and $1200 in savings, is up for grabs.

My suggested aptly framed inquiry:

Miss Anthony– were you aware when you filled out your application for a handout that stealing cash from your Mother, embezzeling from the hospitalized-ederly and scamming cash from friends is not actually considered earning capacity or earned income? 


Are you like me?

Are we all thinking that Judge Strickland has done a fantastic job in this case so far?

Yes, he bends over backward and has endless patience for Mr. Baez et al and on occasion I grind my molars while remembering it is essential to avoid appellate issues.

I would like to implore him to stay that course. There is tremendous pressure on him to progress the due process of this case.

That said, I do NOT think the burden of this trial, and undoubtedly the second trial should be paid for by the good citizens of Florida while the defense team jets the globe on book tours or Geraldo.




Casey/Caylee Anthony Case: Prosecutors Release Anthony Family Depositions

Orlando, FL– In the latest bombshell in the case against Casey Anthony, late this afternoon prosecutors released the depositions of Anthony family members George, Cindy and Lee.


In a highly unusual move, on the eve of what is arguably one of the most anticipated motion hearings to date, we will get a glimpse of exactly what the Anthony’s will be testifying to in the murder trial.

 George Interview Here

Lee Interview Here

Cindy Interview Part I Here

Cindy Interview Part II Here

Prosecutors were previously granted a motion to receive the grand jury testimony of George Anthony, as there were discrepencies between the testimony he gave in that proceeding, and his deposition.

Additionally, this Saturday October 17, CBS show 48 Hours Mystery is airing what appears to be the Anthony’s defending their daughter, and her defense team touting the latest “stranger danger” theory. will be posting the transcripts as soon as they become available.    

Casey/Caylee Anthony Case: Tattoo and Duct Tape Photos Released

Orlando, FL– The State Attorney’s Office Has released additional discovery this morning including photos of Casey Anthony’s tattoo and the duct tape found across the mouth of 34 month old Caylee Anthony’s skull.


Casey Tat


First Set Of Docs Here will be posting the images and discovery as soon as it becomes available. More Images Here.

Shovel and Duct Tape Here

Party Pics Here

Check back for updates

Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: New Discovery Released Includes FBI Lab Results

Orlando, FL– This morning the 9th Circuit State Attorney’s Office released over 1000 documents  in the latest batch of discovery previously given to the defense team representing Casey Anthony.

The documents are expected to include FBI lab reports that are critical to the case; some of which had been “leaked” to the press last week.

In the first part of the release, the information seems to focus on Dominick Casey’s report of “threat asessment” or cheat sheet as he referred to it. He specifically mentions the knife Leonard Padilla keeps in a sheath in the rear waistline of his pants. He also alleges one of the detectives in the case is having an affair with reporter Jessica D’onofrio.

In an e-mail sent to Cindy Anthony on Feb. 2 at 4:38 a.m., the private investigator tells her: “I found out tonight that Jessica Denofrio [sic] is having an affair with one of the Detectives at OCSO. Have not found out which Detective it is yet but working on finding out.”

Blinkoncrime will be updating links to information as it is released.






Monroe, MI– Sources inside the investigation into the disappearance of missing Monroe child, Nevaeh Buchanan, have confirmed to that she has been found.

In an area along the Raisin River, the FBI Forensic Evidence Recovery Team has removed the remains of 5 year old Nevaeh and transported her to the Medical Examiner with the asisstance of the FBI.



The Monroe Police Department will not publicly confirm the identity of the child, but has confirmed they recovered the remains of a female child matching Nevaeh’s description.

The staff and readers of wishes to extend our prayers and condolences to the friends and family of Nevaeh Buchanan.

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Posted by BOC Staff | Amber Alert,George Kennedy,Jennifer Buchanan,Nevaeh Buchanan,Sexual Predators | Thursday 4 June 2009 4:57 pm


Monroe, MI– Late this afternoon, the FBI Forensics Unit was called to the scene of the Raisin River following hours of search, prompted by a tip of undisclosed origin.



This development follows the first statements made by a named Person of Interest, George Kennedy, boyfriend of Nevaeh Buchanans Mother Jennifer:

 “I ain’t got nothing to run from,” he said. “I went back to the motel room to clear my name.” “I didn’t take her and I definitely didn’t kill her,” he said. “I have no clue. I wish that I did have some clue. I am hoping that she ain’t dead. I still got my fingers crossed that they are going to find her alive.” “I was a father figure to that little girl,” he said. “Because I am a sex offender it doesn’t mean I have to bury myself under a rock. I have no regrets about knowing Nevaeh, her mother, or grandmother. I care about them a lot.”

At press time, has confirmed that a mobile CSI team, and air support are on-scene and the immediate area has been taped off.

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Earlier today, James Easter, named earlier in the investigation as a person of interest but cleared by the District attorney at his arraignment on an arson charge, spoke to

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